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Dodge Ram - II



  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Member Posts: 98
    With or without a plow, this is a highly desirable option. IMO, any pickup needs the additional traction that comes with a Limited-Slip rear end.
    ...and it doesn't cost you much.

  • dtlawledtlawle Member Posts: 9
    The brakes on my '00 2500 diesel squeal pretty loud after I've driven a few miles (when I"m not on them). anyone else have this problem. My engine always chirps when I shut it down too. Dodge sez these are both normal. It's not the end of the world, but I don't buy their response. Any thoughts or comments..??
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    Don't know about the brakes. Maybe still breaking in? The chirp noise is (from what I've read about this in the past) is the belts squeaking against the pulleys. It was explained that a 16:1 compression ratio engine stops 'right now' when you shut it off, and the belts and pulleys are in a sense skidding to a stop.

  • bmckenziebmckenzie Member Posts: 118
    The brakes on my Y2K Ram have never squealed, do you have the Dana 80 rear also? I have 8000 on my Cummins without a problem. That makes sense about the Pulleys, the only sound mine makes at shut down is the turbo whining down and that is barely audible.........Bill
  • dtlawledtlawle Member Posts: 9
    What's a Dana 80 rear..??. A different rear end..??. I think maybe the belts may be loose, causing the chirps, but dunno about the brakes. It seems to be getting more intense, better make sure the dodge guys fix it I guess.

    Hey, I traded my factory steel wheels, and the 245's that were on them for a set of 285's mounted on the SLT polished aluminums. cost me $350, and it looks better, but kinda wished I had held out and gone for the 33/12.5's and offset rims. I guess I need a leveling kit for that though. Is it true that 285/75's are the biggest tires you can put on without modifying the suspension..??
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    That's the rear end you get (or at least I'm getting) in the 2500HD and 3500 trucks. It has an 11" dia. ring gear. Whenever my truck gets here, it will have to have a really bad major problem for me to make a trip back to the dealer for warranty work. I'm afraid of less than average workmanship. After all, it's not the mechanic's truck, right?
  • jperry2jperry2 Member Posts: 1
    Just dropped off my 99' Ram 1500 for 20K service.
    Noticed that the brakes were soft and asked them to check it.

    Well they are telling me that I need new Pads and they will need to resurface the Rotors ???

    Now keep in mind that I have never towed - No heavy hauling either ....

    Is this normal ???? Any recourse with Dodge ???

    Look forward to any insights
  • jcmdiejcmdie Member Posts: 594
    My '98 went out at 13,000 miles. The dealer said it was premature and covered it under warrantee. He then warned me that the rear brakes MUST be readjusted every oil change or I will continue to have this problem. The self adjusters don't operate well enough and the rear becomes non-functional. With the fronts doing all the stopping, they wear out prematurely. Regular adjustment will help but be aware that Dodge is known to have smaller pads than ford or chevy and to do the same work they will wear out quicker.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Member Posts: 98
    jcmdie is correct. Change the oil and adjust the rear brakes. I do it more often when I feel the front end starting to dive a little, indicating the front pads are doing almost all the stopping, which wears them quicker, and heats the rotors more. It's not difficult to do, if you have two hydralic jacks, or one jack and two stands to block up both rear wheels at a time. Takes about a half/hour tops. Have your mechanic show you how the next time you're in for this.

  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    Dodge engineers must hang their heads in shame. To be unable to design drum brake self adjusters that work after the countless good (and bad) designs that precede them is shameful. To let customers do this adjusting in the field is so sad . Reading about this will not change my opinion of Dodge that was formed in the 70's
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    ...blame the accountants. Ram brakes are not Mopar products - they're Delco, aka GM.

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  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    That comment deserves an "Atta-boy!!"

  • mrquestionsmrquestions Member Posts: 1
    I have been looking at Dodge Rams for about 2 months.
    I have been waiting for a Ram 2500 5.9 cummins TB quad, 4x4 SB, Auto, Sport, Other standards opts.
    I have never owned a diesel before so all I know is what I am told. I have a few friends that say they get 17 to 21 mpg depending if they are in town or on highway. Is this true? Also some people tell me that you can even get better mpg just with some simple upgrades and increase the performance. is this true?

    I have two many questions to ask, I would just like any advice anyone has about these trucks with the Cummins TB.
    I read a bit about the 98,99, I plan on picking up a 2001 any changes been made in thee last few years that are for the better?
    also I have heard that this cummins can easily push 285hp with 550+ torque with some mods is this true and can it kill your mpg or warranty.
    And will the truck hold up?
    should I look for a used 12V or pick up this new 24V what is a better way to go????

    I know its allot, any info would help
  • jcmdiejcmdie Member Posts: 594
    With a truck that weighs in approximately 500 pounds heavier than any of the competion, the Ram should have been first with rear disk brakes, eliminating the need for adjustment. I own Dodge and I like Dodge but they need serious updates in thier engines and brakes for me to consider them on my next purchase. Let's hope they're covering thier bases for the 2002 model.
  • davidd1davidd1 Member Posts: 9
    I'll give your questions a shot.

    I get anywhere between 16 and 18 mpg with my 98 24v 3500 4x4 5 spd and 4:10 gears. Not bad in my book.

    They upgraded front brakes in 2000 to bigger rotors and dual piston calipers.

    You can upgrade the Cummins by many different methods. I upgraded mine with a Van Aaken CPC that takes 2 min to install/de-install. Connects inline between injection pump and ECM. Good for 60 rear wheel hp and 160lbs rear wheel tq. Other computer upgrades are more powerful but use scotch type connectors to piggy back onto existing injection pump wires. You can also install different injectors, boost modules, propane, NOS, etc. As with all diesel upgrades, you should monitor EGT's so you don't end up running too hot.

    With my VA, at 63k miles total on the truck, I just recorded 17+ mpg on my last four tanks. I'm still on the original brakes, tow at a combined weight of about 16k for about 14k of those miles.

    Hope this helps you out,

  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    Whats gives ? sounds like what AMC used to do
  • meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
    For purposes of efficiency....

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