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Dodge Ram - II



  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    You don't have to have it in Autotrack. If you choose to have it in, like on a rainy day, and need to hit the gas hard to avoid an accident, the Autotrack can save you. Right now we have a mix of icy and bare roads around here, too much bare pavement to keep it in 4x4, but enough ice to be a hastle and a little dangerous . . . perfect for Autotrack. If I'm going off-road, sure you manually lock it up. But, hey, take advantage of the technology. Dodge should be offering this now.
  • miked555miked555 Member Posts: 27
    I ordered mine 12/28/99 the dealer told me 6 to 8 weeks (Ya RIGHT HA! HA!) it will be 4 weeks Tuesday. As of now they told me there still isn't a build date. Can anybody tell me how long it took to get there's, form order date, and from when they got a build date??? I ordered the 3500 SLT, 2CG, auto DGB,Trailer tow AHC, Camper special AHJ, anti-spin diff. DSA, Cummins deisel ETC, Sliding rear window GFD, Keyless remote GXM, Tires on off road TST, Stereo with CD RBR, $30,880 before tax.I'm from N.J. Bought it thru Autobytel.There was no price change for 2001 if ordered before the increase, when you put a deposit on the truck the price should be locked in. Impatiently waiting now without a truck Mike
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    I ordered 9/14 and still no build date. Latest excuse is hold on V10 engines. Any bets on excuss next Tuesday when I call again? It will be 19 weeks then. .... Rich
  • eric16eric16 Member Posts: 38
    I ordered mine on the 26th of Nov. Never did get a build date only a est. ship date and that date was right. It shiped Jan 11th.

  • wiz1wiz1 Member Posts: 18
    I ordered my 2001 Cummins ETH 6 speed DEE on 12/20/99. It is already built, in Mexico, and on the way to the dealer in Medina Ohio. Expected travel time, almost 2 weeks.
  • mrjustinjmrjustinj Member Posts: 3
    I have a 99 Ram 2500 4x4 quad cab. I have 23k so far,with these problems:
    Replaced the tires due to cupping (my fault; I should have rotated them)
    The truck would occasionally pull to the right when braking. The nimrod service guy told me the right front tire was low on air...I had just aired them up when I put the new tires on. Liar! Has to go back.I heard there was aTSB on this problem.
    I also get pinging with regular unleaded when under a load.
    Biggest problem so far- I feel binding when turning- like the rear axle is binding or a wheel is falling off.No, I do not drive in 4 wheel except in deep snow.I have to take it in for this, but it keeps snowing here and I need this truck for farm work in the snow...
    Also, I only average 11 mpg on the highway, driving about 65-70. Does this sound normal? 4.10 gears, 5.9 gas engine.
  • mrjustinjmrjustinj Member Posts: 3
    I ordered my 99 in January; it came in mid-May
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    After today, I'll be on vacation for two weeks, and will be back on Mom\nday october 11th. The Ram and I are making a road trip from NJ to Dallas to visit some friends - 1500 miles each way, so stay tuned for "Anecdotes from the Interstate" in the Road Trips topic (#376) in the News & Views conference here at Town Hall.

    Catch you all later!

    Community Leader/Smart Shopper Conference
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    take a look at the inside of the thermostat neck casting . If it was incorrectly cast the neck may be blocking coolant flow resulting in overheating .
  • treevestreeves Member Posts: 3
    I am new to the pickup world, just traded in my SUV for Dodge Ram 1500 Sport, Offroad 4x4.

    I am looking for aftermarket parts, plus bulletin and chat boards. Anyone got any info for me.
  • miked555miked555 Member Posts: 27
    This maybe off subject I don't know. But since I ordered my 3500 deisel to save money. The deisel fuel prices have gone nuts, from 5 cents less than regular,witch was $1.20 a gallon to $1.72 a ga. for deisel. Whats going on? Is this all over? or just here in N.J. It went up 50 cents a ga. in 2 days. My truck is still not here and all ready sorry I bought a Deisel.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Here in Kansas I noticed last night on a short trip regular unleaded was about $1.25 and deisel about $1.33. Deisel had been about .02 less than unleaded. So it has went up a little faster here than unleaded. No, its not off topic to me as its something to consider when figuring cost of operation.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    Here in Massachusetts diesel at the local Texaco station is now 2.10 the rise in price is out of control .It take away and then some any mpg advantage that the cummins has. unbelieveable
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    Home heating oil is in the 1.75/1.85 range
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    Todays price for diesel here in Massachusetts .......2.25
  • miked555miked555 Member Posts: 27
    At this rate it's alot cheaper to go V-10 and I can't do anything about it. I got a ship date of feb, 17 I guess I'm stuck. When deisel fuel goes up like this everything we buy will go up because of the increased shipping cost does anyone have any ideas why this is happening and what us voters can do about it. Or is it just because of the cold winter and it might go down. YA RIGHT HA HA
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Member Posts: 118
    It just depends what part of the country you are in, I just got back from Oklahoma yesterday and Diesel was $1.23 pg and here in MO. it is $1.33 pg. I understand it is suppose to start going back down again, I thought I heard something about it on CNN last week. Here in MO. the price for Diesel is comparable to Mid-grade Gas...Bill
  • miked555miked555 Member Posts: 27
    Bill on TDR web sight, go to discussion forum then general deisel topics, finally to deisel prices in your neck of the woods. They are saying that the prices are going up all over (extremly fast) saying possibly to $3.00 PG at that rate our new trucks will be worthless I'll have a 32,000 dollar lawn planter. MIKE
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Member Posts: 118
    It seems that Diesel prices are pretty cheap where I live, I am glad I am not buying fuel in some of those other places, $2.00 a gal. For that much I would start carjacking Diesel Fuel trucks LOL. Are you a TDR member? I am considering it.........Bill
  • eric16eric16 Member Posts: 38
    Fuel prices in Indiana were I live are 1.39/gal

  • bcarwellbcarwell Member Posts: 10
    I have a '98 quad cab, pearl blue and it seems like the clear-coat is missing. The slightest touch scratches the paint. I wash the truck every other month or so. I didn't notice the problem until now. There are discolored spots on the hood and top. The truck is always under cover (garaged at home and work). In Phoenix, our main problem is dust. Before I talk to the dealer about this, I wonder if anybody else is having this problem.

    Bob C
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Member Posts: 118
    I think read a TSB about that problem, paint surfaces were probably not properly prepared. I had some surface scratches from dust on my 98 Ram, and I used a product called Body Scrub by Maguires, it removed swirls and small scratches. After that I had to re-apply wax, Zymol is about the best I have used........Bill
  • miked555miked555 Member Posts: 27
    Bill I joined TDR last night waiting for number
    it seams the north east is the worst with the deisel prices. They are saying that the barges are haveing a hard time geting to ports, because of the weather, causing a shortage, there even talking rationing of heating oil .This was on the news last night. Sounds like alot of bull to me.There reasoning on TDR (New Take On Fuel Prices), sound more like it to me. these are non-member read sights.
  • cantrell2cantrell2 Member Posts: 1
    Here in FL fuel is at 1.49 and higher no sign that it is going down anytime soon. Makes me want to consider a gas burner after all these years.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Regular unleaded 124.9 Diesel 139.9
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Called the Dodge 800 number this morning and they were going to do some checking and get back. Ordered 9/14/99. 5:25 and still no call. Truck is 2500 SLT+ Quad 4x4 V10 Auto 4.10 and a few other things. Dealer is Don Schmit Dodge of Wichita Ks who had no allocation and did not tell me (I should have asked but I thought Chevy dealer were the only ones with allocation problems.) About 12/1 I found out from the 800 number the truck had no allocation. After that the dealer called the regional sales office and got me a special allocation. This took another 2 weeks. Then a hold for lack of paint (pearl forest green). We tried to change but no luck. Then a short hold for 4x4. Then the plant shut down for the holidays. Now for the last three weeks I am told its on hold because of the engine but no one can tell me why the engine is on hold.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    Diesel prices here in Massachusetts Diesel 229.9 per gallon, unleaded 135.9 .....get this home heating oil 2.05 per gallon's killing us
  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113
    I can't believe you're still waiting. What's odd to me is how similar your truck is to mine (even the color). I experienced no holds at all and was in D1 status almost immediately. I did order early though. I was originally trying to get a '99 but couldn't locate one so I ordered a 2K. Whole process was 2 months just about to the day.
    Don't know if you followed Pat Murphy's (v-10,5spd) saga. He actually had to write letters to Germany to get the darn thing built but he got it. He seems quite happy with it too.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    was yours built during decemeber / January? If not its possible you wouldn't have had the same hold I have (if they are realy holds). I feel trapped. Don't like the Ford Super Duties, Cann't get a Chevy 3/4 ton (dealers won't even take orders) and besides their tow weight limit is 10,800 (less than the Dodge I ordered) . I also have towing and camper package. We have three nearby Dodge dealers. One offered us $2500 less trade on this deal and the salesman really didn't want to be bothered. I might go back there but not that salesman. The third dealership I am considering going to. ... Rich
  • miked555miked555 Member Posts: 27
    Well last week deisel fuel was $1.72 went to $1.92
    This week started at $2.00 went to $2.10 now $2.20
    It's almost getting to the point that I'm better off forgetting about my deposit and odering a V-10
  • treevestreeves Member Posts: 3
    Anyone know where I can get larger tires for my 2000 quad cab sport + off road. The factory are 17x8 with 275x70's.

    The off road package sets the truck up so high that these tires look small.

    It does not seem that there are too many larger tires for the 17" wheels, but I do not want to spend money on new rims.
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    Check on diesel prices 'round the country at:
    Or check on wholesale prices at:
  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113
    Actually mine got built in August/September. I'm glad I ended up ordering when I did. I have the tow and camper pkgs. also. What I ended up doing (because I too was turned off by a local dealer who wouldn't look for a V10 or even take an order for a 2k) was to go to and put in a request. The next day I had a response from a dealer about 15-20 miles away who was great to deal with. Might be worth a shot for you to deal with someone who may be a little farther away but might end up being much more responsive. Good luck.
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Member Posts: 118
    If I am not mistaken, Pro Comp is or is going to make a P305x17 (33x12.50x17) Mud terrain and All terrain tire. I read an Ad about it....Bill
  • miked555miked555 Member Posts: 27
    Terry I think larger Rims is the answer has 19.5's that I think bolt right on check it out
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Last Tuesday I called the 800 number and the gal was going to call the dealer, do some research and call me back. I never received a callback. so instead of waiting till 22 weeks (next Tues) I called again today. My truck is still on restriction in the backup file and the order does not show in the current file. The guy I talked to called the dealer while he had me on hold. The new truck salesmanager was out but he talked to the new car salesmanager. The new car salesmanager told him to tell me that I would receive a call today to see about putting me in an alternate truck as mine is still on restriction. That gives me a bad feeling as I feel they will try to get me into a truck off their lot not like I want. What can the problem be that my truck as ordered cann't be built? The only options I may compromise on is color and sliding window. I need the 2500 quad, 4x4, auto V10 4.10 I have drove the 3.54 and am not impressed with acceleration. And with the larger tires of the SLT+ it will be even worse. Even though my 5th wheel is only 9,000 gross I am planning to get a larger one before I trade this truck so I want the extra capacity. Even if I swap to a diesel I want the 4.10 and all I have seen on lots are the 3.54. ... Rich
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Well yesterday is gone and no call back. Just as well. I really don't want a substitute, unless I might get a substitute price, naw I want the truck I ordered. . ... Rich
  • treevestreeves Member Posts: 3
    I tried the ricsontrucks, they only deal with 2500 or larger trucks. I really don't want to spend the money on rims,

    I like the idea of the 305 tire, where can I get them?
  • tobuyornot2tobuyornot2 Member Posts: 1
    i am looking to buy a 1996 dodge ext. cab 4wd with 138,000. and im looking for any information i can get on the durability of this truck with that many miles on in. the asking price is 11,995, is this price fair? and should i worry about this thing falling apart?
  • bfanneybfanney Member Posts: 1
    Don't fret 22 weeks. I ordered my 98 Ram V-10 in Oct. 97 and got it the first week in March 98. Seems they don't build the v-10's in Mexico with the rest of the trucks, they build them here at the same plant they build the Viper, so I am told. So you have to wait until all the stars line up properly for all the different options you've selected. But be patient, when you get that V-10 with that 4.10 under your butt your right foot will have total control over how much you smile every day, assuming gas milage and tire wear are not important to you. I love mine and it only has a 3.55 rear end. Maybe you should try another dealer. Have you tried optioning one out on line. I'm sure someone would love to sell you one.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Member Posts: 202
    Up here in Canada (ontario)diesel price on avg., is 70cents a litre, which works out to $2.80 a gallon, now thats bad. Also I have a 2000 4x4 qc diesel and Im getting 16mpg mostly hwy with a little city, and was wondering if 16 cdn mpg was normal or not, I think it isn't considering that cdn mpg should be more. Is there something wrong with the truck 3.55 gears, 265 tires.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Interesting comment about V10's only being made it the US. 10 weeks or so ago they told me the truck would be made in Fenton, Mo. and I wondered how that could be known when they had no idea when it would be made.
  • miked555miked555 Member Posts: 27
    A friend of mine is a crude oil electric trader and told me the U.S. oil reserve is not as full as people think. He also said releasing some of the reserve into the market will not bring the prices down the whole problem stems toward OPEC. last year there were major political problems brought on by the warm winter which the OPEC nations never had to deal with before. My friend claims that the only way to bring the prices down NOW is for Govenor Whitman and other North east govenors to lift the deisel and home heating fuel tax until the winter ends (YA RIGHT). He said by doing that the fuel prices would be more in line with the rest of the country He also said that the prices should start to come down with in the next few weeks.
    Still waiting Mike
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Still waiting on V10 engine. Mike at 800 number is trying to get hold of distribution to see when they expect v10 engine shortage to be resolved. My research indicates Dodge makes the V10 engine at Mound Road Engine Plant. Is that true? does anyone know if they are on strike, had a tornado, flood? ... Rich
  • tentxtentx Member Posts: 3
    Does anybody sell inserts to go in those openings in the bumper, that matches the "honey comb" stuff that is in the grill? Thanks,Tom
  • waynewalwaynewal Member Posts: 6
    Does installation of any of this void the Dodge Warranty? Thanks! Wayne
    [email protected]
  • dntwodntwo Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 99 Dodge 4wd club cab. I have to say that I love this truck. I have 30k miles at this point and no troubles. I have owned Dodge trucks before and had a lot of trouble with them, but I stayed away for 10 years and decided to give them another shot. I had an 86 Ram Van (bought new) that the steering box went at 24k miles and the dealer told me "They all do that." like what is the big deal, not under warranty(not part of the drive train). Apparently, there were no bearing in there, just bushings. When used for city driving they go fast(the dealer even went so far as suggesting that I replace the steering box with a Chevy steering box). I then bought a 87 Ram Van (also new) with the fancy interior, towing package, etc. Worked fine for 60k miles, then fell apart. (torque converter, transmission, distributor, etc). I am hoping this new truck hangs in there. At this point, if I hit the lottery for 50 million, I would keep this truck. I like everything about it. My last truck was a Toyota 4WD 1994. I traded it in on the Dodge with 130,000 miles. I only did normal maintenance on it, but it did have a couple of small annoyances. Hope Dodge has learned from the competition. If this thing pukes on me, it will be the last time I ever consider Dodge.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    Hi gang

    Sorry about my lack of appearance, but I've been promoted here at Town Hall (see below), and have been really busy.

    I'm going to try to answer a whole bunch of questions in one shot - I'll try to pop in here as often as time allows.

    Current Ram/ETH:
    We don't have the darn price listed here at Edmunds and I don't know why, but the ETH is priced at $4441 invoice/$5225 MSRP - a premium of $110/600 over the ETC (3931/4625). Surprisingly, no change has been announced officially regarding the Cummins/automatic combo :( still shipping at the 215/420 power rating.

    Redesigned Ram:
    Info is starting to trickle in. Some of you may
    have heard the fight between DaimlerChrysler and
    Dana about noisy axles in the Jeep Grand Cherokee
    (annoying high pitched whines), and the switch has
    begun. The redesigned Ram will use axles from
    American Axle & Manufacturing.

    Huh? Who?

    Don't panic. AAM axles have been underneath every
    Chevy and GMC for ages. It's the old GM axle
    division - they were spun off independently a short time ago, similar to Delco becoming the
    independent Delphi.

    Unlike the MAXXcab concept which was shown as\t
    this year's Detroit Auto Show, the next Ram is
    expected to be a design blend of the current Ram
    and last year's Power Wagon. Dodge will also split the lines the way Ford and GM have into light and heavy pickups. The light pickups will be more "consumer", the heavy (which will look even more like a semi, supposedly) will be the

    The Allison 1000 is appearing on dealer info
    sheets for the Ram behind both the Cummins and the
    V10, and a new 5 speed automatic will be used in
    the light-duty trucks.

    Introduction is expected like this: light duty
    trucks will appear in the first quarter of 2001 as
    early 2002s, the heavies will remain the current
    body for MY2002 and will get their new chassis and
    skin no later than the 2nd quarter of 2002 as early 2003s.

    Cummins makes no secret about redesigning the B5.9
    for the summer of 2002 (great timing, no?), but
    only Dodge seems to be claiming that the new
    Cummins will be a 6.0L instead of 5.9L. As for the remaining engines:

    old new
    3.9L OHV V6 3.7L OHC V6
    5.2L OHV V8 4.7L OHC V8
    5.9L OHV V8 5.7L OHC V8(light)
    6.1L OHC V8(heavy)
    5.9L Cummins 5.9L Cummins
    8.0L OHV V10 new OHC V10, rumored 6.5L to 7.7L

    The 4.7L will be of a higher rating than that used
    in the Dakota/Durango and Jeep GC (245hp vs 235),
    and because of their head design, the other V8s and V10 will be marketed as "Hemis" - a nice blast
    from the past to grab the old Mopar fans.

    I will try not to be so infrequent between visits, but have two conferences of my own now; it's a big job :)

    Co-Host - Smart Shopper & FWI Conferences Town Hall
  • y2kramy2kram Member Posts: 5
    Hey Gang!
    I have been lurking since last fall, when I thought I was going to get a 2000 Ram. Well, yesterday, I picked up my 2001, 2500, LWB, Cummins ETH with six speed manual and SLT+, minus the heated seat. It has the towing package, the camper package, the limited slip rear axle, 4.10 axles, 4WD, Michelin lt265x16 tires, etc. The MSRP was a tad under $40,000 and the autobytel price was a little over $34,000.

    I have driven the truck for two days and am absolutely delighted. The thing drives like a sports car. I haven't towed with it yet, but the acceleration is fantastic. The 4.10 rear end and the 265x16 tires mate up real well. In 6th, 1600 RPM is 50 mph and 2600 is 75 mph. Thus the optimum range of engine rpms pretty well span desirable highway speeds.

    I have been waiting for the ETH engine and six speed manual since last summer, and the wait was worth while. I placed my order on Jan. 1, and the truck was ready for delivery on Feb. 17.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    whats with the minus heated seat? It was left off or you ordered a SLT plus all SLT+ features except for the heated seat which you can only get with the SLT+ package? ... Rich
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