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BMW 6-Series

fst1fst1 Member Posts: 18
edited August 2014 in BMW
The CLK has been one of Mercedes most successful models as of late, but it never had any really strong competition in the midsize luxury coupe segment. Will the release of the all-new 6 Series suddenly make the CLK seem bland?

Ed Hellwig
Road Test/Future Vehicles Editor


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    donmbmwdonmbmw Member Posts: 2
    I can't find out much info on this future car. How big is it? Does the "6" designation mean that it is sized between the five and seven series, or is it something else entirelly. Inquiring minds need to know!
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    musafirmusafir Member Posts: 27
    The 6 series will be a sports coupe/convertable built on the new 5 platform. BMW is adopting a new scheme for numbering the cars. All even #s will be sports coupes and odd #s will be sedan. I am hoping to buy one when my lease runs out in 2005, provided the styling is good, otherwise it may be CLK 500. Performance wise I am sure it will blow the MBs away.
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    verozahlverozahl Member Posts: 574
    that lame I-Drive system?
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    whothemanwhotheman Member Posts: 169
    They say it'll be less lame though. And the 5-series will share this improved iDrive.

    Will the 500 HP V-10 really be offered in the 5 and 6?
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    bmwf1bmwf1 Member Posts: 3
    Looks like a Gran AM to me. I hope they do some serious improvements before launch.
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    dohphddohphd Member Posts: 1
    I previously owned the 630 BMW. It was the best car I have ever owned. When the 840/850 came out it was too expensive and really did not seat four people comfortably like the 6 did. I hope if it is on a 5 frame that the back seats become reasonable for those times when you must carry 4 adult persons. I would hope the new 6 series is not in the either of the 840/850 price but somewhere perhaps in the 7 series price range.
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    revdrluvrevdrluv Member Posts: 417
    I found some spy shots of the new 6. Thought I would post them.




    Even with the masking it looks like a CLK beater to me.

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    venturawestonventuraweston Member Posts: 23
    a friend of mine just leased a 3-series and his dealer told him the M6 was coming out next year, but couldn't give him any specs or info.

    anyone have any info on this future beast? if it's an M5 in that body, SOLD!
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    idletaskidletask Member Posts: 171
    the M6 will share its engine with the next M5. V10, Valvetronic, 5.5l disp., 500hp.

    A computer image appeared here in an automotive magazine, and I really hope it doesn't look like that. I quite like the 7 series and Z4 but the image (and the spy shots confirm this) shows a really, really plunging front hood which destroys the balance of the lines, and headlights look really strange.

    OK, that computer image is just a guess of what it will look like, so there's hope that they're completely mistaken... And anyway I'm waiting to see the car in person. Not that I'll buy it, I don't have the means to.
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    zachmbenzfvrzachmbenzfvr Member Posts: 25
    The Trunk though, It's so yuck
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    texasyestexasyes Member Posts: 1
    There have been a number of different spy photos and artist renderings of the 6 series posted on the web. Some of the designes are down right flawless and I would go put a deposit on a car TODAY if it were to look like that. But everything points to the spy photos listed on this site being the correct one and, I for one, think it is the ugliest car that BMW has ever made (next to the tl). It not only has the ugly trunk from the 7 series but it has lights that look like lobster eyes.

    Check out the January 2003 issue of Automotive magazing for a confirmation on these spy photos and and article on the 6 series.
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    snagielsnagiel Member Posts: 750
    Other rumors suggest BMW has put the M6 idea on hold, since they're strapped for resources with all of the other models coming out in the near future.

    Either way, the M6 definitely won't be out next year. The M5 will appear sometime in late 2004, probably, as will the new 6 series (initially offered with the 4.5L V8 from the 745 and 545). Potentially in 2005 or 2006, they may come out with a 635i (and even 630i?), as well as an M6.
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    pecclespeccles Member Posts: 52
    The new M6 is to get V10 500Bhp engine and will be BMW's most powerful car
    to date.

    Reaches the UK in 2005 & will be priced to take on Porsche 911 Carrera,
    Aston Martin DB8, & new super-coupes from Mercedes & Audi. The new
    aspirated engine will be upped to 5.5 liters, will acknowledge BMW's F1
    involvement as well as competing with rivals stratospehic power outputs
    without resorting to either Turbocharging or Supercharging.

    6-Speed manual or Automatic gearbox, with BMW's third generation version
    of the SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox) will also be on offer.

    Weight is likely to be 3700lbs, but expect a 0-60mph time of under 4.6secs.
    Top speed will be electronically limited to 155Mph, but unlimited it
    should be capable of over 186Mph.

    Aluminium underpinings, with a combination of struts & multilink
    suspension at the rear. It shares it's basic geometry with the forthcoming
    new 5-Series due in Sept 2003, but many components will be unique to the M6.
    BMW's Active steering are also being modified to suit the hardened performance.

    The cars more muscular appearance hints of 7-Series with Z9 Concept. Setting
    it apart from the standard 6-Series is a deeper front air dam with larger
    cooling vents, 19" Alloys, flared wheel arches, chunky side sills & lower
    rear valance with a diffuser-style duct, the M6 styling changes will also
    reduce downforce at speed.
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    gdevinneygdevinney Member Posts: 20
    I've been wondering about the new 6 Coupe -- any word on price?

    Based on the 5 platform, will it be a re-styled Coupe version of the 5, and take the legendary (regretfully dropped) 6 Series name? Then what, a few grand more than a 5 like you have comparing the 3 series Sedan/Coupe? It's sure not a successor to the 8 series, as interesting as that car was.

    Maybe the 5-6 Sedan/Coupe is targeted like Accura does with the TL-CL --- but to satisfy the growing number of Coupe lovers who like BMW, but want more than a 3 series?

    Accura compares theirs with 5's, but except for size they're more like a 3 series. It makes ACCURA seem a better value if compared to the 5 than to the 3.

    I've had an '87 BMW635 for nine months, and love the car. I gather it's more a Coupe version of the 7 series from the 80's. Sticker price was over $50K, and the size and features seem to be a lot more than the 5 series from that day. Many of the 6's technology and features seem to have carried over to my 1997 3 Series, but the new 3's go past it in many ways.

    I'd love to wait for the new 6, but am afraid it's going to be too expensive for my means. Maybe if I get a 325 Coupe now, I can trade (lease??) a new (or used??) 6 in a few years after we see how well it works out.
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    shanem462shanem462 Member Posts: 1
    Your 1987 6-series was based on the 5-series of the day. Your car and the upcoming 6 will cost a hefty premium over the 5 it is based upon because of the limited production of the coupe body. I believe only about 3500 6-series a year were sold in the USA during it's '80's run. Do you want to shock yourself? Find out what a taillight lens costs for your car.
    The Acura CL costs slightly less than the TL, but most of the parts are the same. The German coupes share no body parts. The Mercedes coupe version of their sedans typically cost about ten grand more. How do they do it? Lack of volume, volume, volume.
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    wsag26wsag26 Member Posts: 124
    I have heard alot about BMW's new releases. Not a big fan of there convertibles, they look so bland just like Mercedes Benz. The 6 Series, with its 230 horsepower Inline 4 looks exciting and very new. Even though I am not so hot with the headlights, I like the car. It looks like a practical BMW. Since BMW gets alot of sales in the United States, I am not surprised that there finally focusing on there entry level vehicles. Hope this won't blow the BMW 3 Series Coupe....
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    zachmbenzfvrzachmbenzfvr Member Posts: 25
    I am confused as to where the 6 will fit into the BMW line. It seems like it would fit into the same category as the CL Mercedes. It looks big enough in the picture(s). the M6 would be direct competition to the CL55. Perhaps I'm wrong, but that makes the most sense IMO.
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    portknoxxaportknoxxa Member Posts: 69
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    portknoxxaportknoxxa Member Posts: 69
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    zachmbenzfvrzachmbenzfvr Member Posts: 25
    The Cl600 and the S600 are the flagship cars of Mercedes-Benz. They have a lot more ammenities that are standard and you get the image that doesn't come with the 55's. The 600 is for the customer who wants more luxury, and the 55 is for the buyer who wants a more performance oriented vehicle.
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    bmwdriver02bmwdriver02 Member Posts: 46
    They finally have 6 Series pictures (4 of them, 3 exterior, 1 interior)


    I myself do not like it!
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    raychuang00raychuang00 Member Posts: 541
    Having seen pictures of the new BMW 645Ci, I actually LIKE the design of the new car. The lines are surprisingly beautiful, and the front and rear ends aren't overstyled like it is with the new BMW 530i saloon.
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    thenebean9thenebean9 Member Posts: 37
    im not really thrilled with it either...BMW is trying to be more modern and cutting edge with their designs, but it doesnt seem like they know how to do that successfully. you would think that after all the criticism they received for the 7 series redesign, they'd know better than to make every other redesigned bmw look like it! the 5 series has that same weird trunk, and now the 6!

    i am definitely not a fan of the exterior styling of this car, too bad!
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    andys120andys120 Member Posts: 23,400
    I've seen a number of 6 series pix. I think it likes very cool but I'll wait until I see the actual car (Spring '04 intro).

    I've liked Beemer coupes since the old 3.0CS.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

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    bmw_dudebmw_dude Member Posts: 1
    Interesting that so many people make such strong claims about the design of the new 7 series. How many of you are aware that the 7 series is outselling the Mercedes S class at a 2 to 1 ratio. Obviously there are a goodly number of people who like the new shapes, lines, and technology of the new 7. The 5 is going to be even more awesome than the 7. The interior room is tremendously improved. The overall styling is impressive, modern and pushing other manufacturers to rethink their product line. Did you know that Mercedes is hurrying up their redesign of the S class to finally compete with the 7? It takes daring to step out from the crowd. BMW did it. Yes there were some issues. But heck with the amount of technology, these problems have been rectified quickly.
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    merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    "How many of you are aware that the 7 series is outselling the Mercedes S class at a 2 to 1 ratio."

    I guess none one would be, since that clearly isn't the case in the U.S. YTD sales for the 7-Series are 11,530. YTD for the S-Class is 12,318. Both numbers through July. Hardly a 2 to 1 ratio there. BTW, the 7-Series is down from last year, while the S-Class now in it's 4th model year in the U.S. is up compared to 2002.

    "Did you know that Mercedes is hurrying up their redesign of the S class to finally compete with the 7?"

    Really? I would have thought since the current S-Class was introduced in 1998 for 1999 (Y2K model for U.S.) that in 2005-06 it would be due for a re-design anyway. Where are you getting all this incorrect information from?

    Did you know that the current 7-Series was pushed back a year due to how well the current S-Class turned out? Rumor, just like the above, but it's been reported by more than a few industry folk, unlike the above..which nobody has heard anything about.

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    courtney11courtney11 Member Posts: 77
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    courtney11courtney11 Member Posts: 77
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    sphinx99sphinx99 Member Posts: 776
    I am in love with this car. RX-8? Blah. Mercedes CL? Euthanize it. Aston Martin? Ferrari 456? BOOOORing.

    What a lovely looking car! This is my ideal car... unfortunately it'll likely sell for about three times my ideal price :(
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    sdattasdatta Member Posts: 24
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    qibbleqibble Member Posts: 26

    I'm not really a BWM fan but this car is really good-looking. Here's a site with great pictures.\

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    bigdawgmbigdawgm Member Posts: 1
    Not a BMW fan ...until now - this car is hotter than the 7 series. Considering the fact that 7 series sales are dropping this machine is going to take over the market, but that depends on the MSRP - anyone dare guess what the 6 is going to go for--my guess- 55-60K
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    bmwsellerbmwseller Member Posts: 200
    Expect the 6 series to have base price about the same as a 7 (mid 60's). I would expect a typically equipped unit to be in the mid-upper 70's and the loaded with all the goodies price may approach 90. The convertible will be un-freakin-believable. I've seen both the cars through bmw simulcast. Everyone always seems to want to speculate about M versions. I wouldn't say that we'll see one for sure at this point but an M6 cabrio might exceed 100. Get in line. We've had clients want to secure allocation spots on these already as well as the next generation M5.
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    sandeep5sandeep5 Member Posts: 15
    Has anybody reserved a spot for a 6-series yet? If yes, what have you been told as the arrival date and price? Does anybody know if this car will be available through the european delivery program and when?
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    bmwsellerbmwseller Member Posts: 200
    We expect the car in the Spring and that is word from BMW. So, it's close!!! I don't know about the whole market but just guessing I'd said that there may be dealers that have already promised there initial allocations. We haven't. Just hints at pricing as I have alluded to previously and I'm confident that it will be available for European Delivery.
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    sandeep5sandeep5 Member Posts: 15
    I'm considering the 645 for ED next year. Any suggestions how I should pursue it. The pickup should probably be around late summer, when the kids are off to enjoy europe. I suppose I could contact my local dealer in my state.
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    sandeep5sandeep5 Member Posts: 15
    Any word on the cab version availability. I'm on the waiting list for CLK500 cab but have heard alot of negative comments and concerns about MB and its lineup.
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    sandeep5sandeep5 Member Posts: 15
    I'm considering the 645 for ED next year. Any suggestions how I should pursue it. The pickup should probably be around late summer, when the kids are off to enjoy europe. I suppose I could contact my local dealer in my state.
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    bmwsellerbmwseller Member Posts: 200
    No way to get the ball rolling on the car just yet. Dealers don't have allocation or pricing yet.
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    dbs8dbs8 Member Posts: 13
    According to my local dealer, the 645ci will be priced at $60k to $75k. This car is available now in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book for $75,170.00.

    The original 6 series was slotted between the 5 series sedans and the 7 series sedans in price. They were based on the five series just as this one will be.

    In my opinion, the "eighties" 5 and 6 series cars were two of the most beautiful cars ever made. The new one, like all new BMWs, have morphed into a higher-wasted more "bubble" like machine. I like the old ones better, but I also understand that this is a cutting-edge manufacturer. We will eventually get used to the styling and appreciate the machine for what it is intended to do.

    With that said- My sixty+ year-old boss has leased three 7 series models as his last three cars. The dealer gave him a new 2004 to drive for a few days as his lease is ending, he hated the i-drive. He's now looking at a Jaguar XJ8.
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    ndmdndmd Member Posts: 27
    Why is the 645ci so d*** expensive? What is the $10,000-$15,000 difference between it and the 545i?
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150

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    hangnmeatn38ddhangnmeatn38dd Member Posts: 1
    In the first drive pictures I can see the SMG shift buttons just inside the steering wheel rim but also see a stick in the center console. Why is there still a stick?
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    mckennamdmckennamd Member Posts: 11
    The stick is for forward vs reverse and also must be placed in a certain way to start the engine. I think I am correct on this at least.
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    erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    Okay, I know BMW... but what other manufacturers offer either coupe or sedan RWD, lux sport. Here is what I have:


    What other ones can you guys think of?

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    shoesshoes Member Posts: 131
    Robb Report was shooting photographs in the Napa Valley of what they said was the only 645 in the US. It was black and looked very good in person, lots of presence.

    I have to be honest, it still looks vaguely Pontiac in the front and vaguely Chrysler in the rear. Still I am sure the driving is all BMW.

    The best news I heard from my dealer was that the pricing will start around $62,000 base MSRP.

    I have a CLK 55 Cabriolet on order and should receive it in January and wondering which I will enjoy more. I think AMG has just about made BMW irrelevant.
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    i_drivei_drive Member Posts: 35
    i have decided to replace my wife's '99 ML320 with either a new 2004 MB S430 or 2004 BMW 645Ci (decided to drop the Cayenne S)

    do you have go to to your local dealership to go on the waiting list? knowing how popular this car is going to be, i would think so (recalling the '98 ML320 wait; 9 months!).
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    shoesshoes Member Posts: 131
    I have been told by two dealers that there will be gouging on the initial 6 series cars. Given the teething pains BMW had with the 7 series in the first year, I would say a 2005 is the better choice. Also, at first I heard the base price would be just a little more than the 5 series, now I hear it is a little more than the 7 series which puts a loaded coupe in the high $70's and a loaded convertible in the mid $80's.
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    ajroseajrose Member Posts: 29
    Just received pricing info on 2004 645Ci and 645 CiC.

                      Coupe Conv
    MSRP $69,300 $76,300
    Euro del 64,450 70,960


    Active cruise $2200
    Heads up disp 1000
    Sat Radio 595
    Cold pkg 700
    Prem sound 1800
    Sport pkg 2800

    That's it.
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