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BMW 6-Series



  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    According to my dealer, you can order any exterior color that is made across any BMW platform regardless of interior, and regardless of what colors are listed on the web and in the catalogs. So if you want a 7-series color that is not listed for the 6, you can get it at no additional cost. There are also certain interior/exterior color combinations that are not listed. You can get them.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Yeah I know how that is going. We're taking sailings lessons out of Marina del Rey, taking diving classes to become a dive master, and I'm working on modding my Wrangler.

    Kinda stinks that the funnest activities end up being the most expense. :/

  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    I see tons of these around (I live next to Beverly Hills now) and I must say they are getting prettier and prettier over prolonged exposure. The best of the new BMWs styling imo.
  • 6fanatic6fanatic Posts: 16
    Guys, I did not like the black and hated the red interiors but wanted the Titanium Silver exterior (this color absolutely GLOWS in the sun and stays looking new a LONG time) so I ordered the cream beige interior with it.

    My dealership, Irvine BMW, tried to talk me out of it because even though I put down a $1,000 deposit at time of order they were concerned if I backed out of it when seeing it they would have a car on the lot that might not get the full $5,000 over invoice. I put a lot of thought into my order an think the combination will look good. I also like that it seems no one else has ordered this combo and it will be unique.

    Anyone else out there with this combo?

    Currently the only non special order combo beige int is silver,black,white combo' s. I thought the Mineral Silver was a very soft color and black is so hard to keep looking good (I salute those of you who are going to be trying to keep them looking new). My 6 arrives at my dealership in 2 more weeks. Can't wait!

    Irvine BMW has been a great dealership to buy from and I would recommend them to anyone. They were truly concerned about me liking the car and even steered my away from ordering some options that I really did not need. Very straight forward, no games.
  • edkunkeledkunkel Posts: 26
    I would hate to pay over the invoice. It is against my religion. Can you get a 6 series in a timely manner with overseas delivery?

  • 6fanatic6fanatic Posts: 16
    Unfortunately Eric European Delivery in not currently available for the 6 series, that's what I wanted to do. The 6 is such a low production high demand car that if you want one in the near future it's over invoice and buy it here. I hear ya, it's against my religion to but the car is just such an awesome vehicle I did it anyway.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    It seems that his religion prohibits him from driving new BMWs too. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • 6fanatic6fanatic Posts: 16
    Hey Dale, have you decided to pull the trigger on the 6 or is the airplane draining your 6 cash?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'm leaning toward the plane. I just found not one but two mid 1950s Cessna 170Bs that I'm looking at. Unfortunately, once you get that tail-dragger thing in your blood, it's hard to get it out. ;-) Maybe the 6er can be had in 2006 or so.

    Best Regards,
  • 6fanatic6fanatic Posts: 16
    Cool, good luck on the Cessna, flying is definetly the rush that driving is if not more. And, in 06 you will be able to get a decent deal on the car. I'll watch here to see what happens!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I hear on ya on getting things in the blood. Our new boat is really taking our time. It is the 8th hull laid for a new model. It is getting the anti-fouling paint and the mast stepped up this week (after installing the radar and meteorology equipment). It goes hull wet for the first time ever this weekend. :)

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    The only thing that has always bugged me about launching a new hull was how to get the Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame into your champagne glass after the bottle broke. ;-)


    Best Regards,
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    hehehe I hear ya, I just don't want to have to pour so much champagne to the gods of the seas, when I could really use it. :) heheh

    Good luck with your plane. :)

    Funny, we're both pursuing toys that run based on the principles of lift. :)

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Yeah, let's just make darn sure that our piloting skills continue to be good enough to keep said lift where it belongs. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Yep, nothing like having the keel facing up.

    We had some f-22's buzzing over the highway the last couple of days. They were smokin! Man was it great, but they came from nowhere. That could cause a wreck if you're not used to jets screaming at 300 ft. :)

  • garrygarry Posts: 3
    Hi merc1!
    Can put you straight on a couple of things mentioned in your email.
    Mercedes had a historically quick update for the 140 series S class to rectify customer rejection of the slabsidiness and barge-like proportions of the car. Ironically, the 140 series was probably the last of the traditionly well built Mercs, they have not been the same since production of this series stopped in 1999.
    And, shock horror for all the 7 series critics and Merc fanatics. Have you seen and read about the next soon-to-be released S-class????? Well guess what - it has i-drive AND an enlarged bob-tail style trunk lid, aca Maybach!!!! So who got it right, heh???
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    That is true they did facelift the W140 quickly but it was the size of the car that people thought was too much, the styling change only helped this in perception, not demensions. Long as you know that.

    Unfortunately everything is indicating that the next S-Class will have an idrive type system, but knowing Mercedes they'll get it right or at least improve upon in from BMW's original mess.

    BMW surely didn't get it right. No Mercedes S-Class has ever been called ugly, so far.

    I'll wait until the new S is shown before drawing any more conclusions.

  • garrygarry Posts: 3
    I took delivery of my Stratus Grey/Black 645 2 weeks ago. Early impressions - overall body finish? 9.5/10 (almost Lexus-like, near perfect mica-metallic paintwork and panel shutlines, after 3 hand washes I cannot fault the interior or exterior fit and finish). I am 53 years old and fly a Baron B58, are not an academic and can't cope when there's a problem with my computor and like to keep things simple (Simon). I, so far, have no problem with this latest version of iDrive. After 2 weeks of driving a couple of hours a day at best, I can glide through the system as required, even on the go. What is all the fuss about?? The car has a sensational exhaust note, engine 1st class although the fly-by-wire accelerator pedal takes some getting used to - very sensitive when moving off. Active steering, dynamic drive, in fact all the BMW engineering and mechanical options (standard on all Australin spec. cars) seem to work in perfect harmony with each other. The ZF 6 speed auto works seamlessly. The ultra-low profile run-flat tyres on the optional 19" alloys seem a little harsh to me but this is a sports coupe and I'll have to get used to that I guess.
    Overall handling - 9/10, soooooo direct and precise. Very masculine stance on the road, wide track, wheel/tyre combination that fill the guards, sensible ride height. Magic optional Logic 7 sound system. In-car phone system is taking some time to master! I like the individual body styling and, surprisingly, the roadside and carpark remarks have been VERY positive. It is a very recognisable vehicle - you don't confuse it with anything else! This car is definately a 2+2. I am 6'3" and no one is going to sit behind me while I'm comfortable!
    Huge trunk - 2 sets of clubs with buggys, no problem, beautifull.
    So far I'm VERY impressed - and hope I stay that way. Cost in Australia, fully optioned, is still quite expensive - AUS$223,000. A CL500 will set you back AUS$295,000 although in my opinion these cars do not compete, in fact, I don't know what the 645 really competes with.
    I invite any questions as I feel I can give some genuine honest answers, if you want them.
    Some of my previous cars - all new - Renault 16TS, Nissan Skyline, Volvo 760, BMW 535i, 300E with full AMG conversion 124 series Merc, Lexus LS400, S300 140 series Merc, 3 Range Rovers, 2 Porsche 911 C4's.
    My wife drives a '98 BMW 528i, 23 y.o. son a 2003 model Holden Commodore SS Ute with your beautifull 5.7 Chevvy Gen 3 V8/6 speed manual and 20 y.o. daughter a s/hand '96 BMW 316i Compact. I also have a 2004 Holden Maloo R8 ute (285kw Gen 3/6 speed man. built by Holden Special Vehicles as a hack vehicle. And, no, I don't have shares in BMW AG or G.M. Holden!!
    Oh, Mr Edmunds, can I have a little Aussie flag beside my name too please??!!
    Love your website - takes my mind off business things - very theraputic!!
  • 6fanatic6fanatic Posts: 16
    Garry, I just took delivery of my 645ci two weeks ago also and my opinions mirror yours. I found the iDrive easy to use, I also don't understand all the fuss (after all, if you are smart enough to make the money to buy this car your probably smart enough to operate it :). It handles like it is on rails, love the active steering. I also agree that the ride is somewhat harsh but as you say, this is a sports car. The ride does have to do with he run flat ultra low profile tires and the sport suspension. I applaud BMW for not making this car a shopping mall poser.

    I also have exactly the same feeling with throttle response. A little hard to modulate the power band from stop at low end RPM's (I received a call from the BMW engineering department wanting my impressions of the car and I reported this) they said they had not heard that observation before and I thought it was just me.

    About the impression this car makes:

    First off, I live in Orange County, California. There is a lot of people with money here and a lot of nice cars on the road. EVERY time I have taken this car out on the road heads turn big time! I am approached in parking lots, valets freak, cars parallel me on the freeway then orbit my car to get a look at all angles. You are absolutly correct NO mistaking this car.

    I am not embarrased to say I bought this car for a few primary reasons: performance, status and to stand out in the crowd. This car has exceeded my expectations in all these areas. Very satisfied!
  • pvh3pvh3 Posts: 15
    Hey guys and/or gals, I must agree with you on both the iDrive system and the 1st gear. I think the reason so many people are anti-iDrive is because when it was first introduced on the redesigned 7-series, it was a mess. It was improved for the 5-series redesign and I believe that's the version we have in the 645. I have had an itty-bitty problem though. Whenever I have a CD playing from the CD changer, when I return to the car after shutting the enigine down, the iDrive display shows the wrong CD number even though the correct CD is still playing, e.g., cut the car off playing #5, the display shows #6 when I return.

    As for 1st gear, I have the SMG tranny and starting from a dead stop almost killed me a couple of times. I find the throttle response in 1st gear very erratic. I wrote to my friend Warren Brown, the automotive editor of the Washington Post, and he said he had the same problem with the test car he drove. He described it as being "1st gear interolerant" so he always started off in 2nd gear.

    With all that said I absolutely love, love, love this car. My last two cars were an MB E500 and an MB SL500. I don't think I'll be looking back!
  • rnfrnf Posts: 1
    I've had my 645Ci Coupe for five weeks. Fantastic performance. I've adjusted to the accelerator, but still find the ride a bit too harsh on our city streets. Highway driving is great.

    I have the same problem with the CD changer as Gary. I pointed this out to the dealer. He says it's a software problem that BMW is working on. My major complaint is no satelite radio and no bluetooth phone. Does anyone know when those will be available?

    The only repair that I've had to deal with is loss of battery charge. Seems the alarm system was draining the battery. The temporary fix was to unplug the alarm system until a replacement module could be shipped from Germany. It finally arrived last week, and the defective module is being replaced today.
  • texbmwtexbmw Posts: 25
    Has anyone asked the dealer about installing the Bluetooth module? I have a 2003 540i, a model which is not even supposed to be Bluetooth compatible. I had the dealer install the BMW Bluetooth module and it works flawlessly. It mounted in the armrest and operates through the steering wheel controls. It seems that some dealers are unaware that this is a possibility unless BMWNA informs them so.
  • schowschow Posts: 15
    Hello. New to forum.
    Have had 645 since May, with SMG/sport package and premium sound.
    Car is fantastic! Opinion mirrors the forum.
    As far as the SMG goes, 1st gear there is a lull at around 1700 rpm. Becomes very noticeable on hard throttling. Had the dealer service manager take a ride with me. He had very little (none) experience with the SMG shifter, but believes that it is a clutch fade that I'm feeling. Been starting from 2nd gear many times.
    The "automatic" mode for the SMG is not very good. Too abrupt, lurches. Much rather control manually.
    Also, the CD changer does not display the accurate disc when the car is turned off and restarted. I figured it's a software problem, doesn't bother me that much.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    You know Warren Brown? Wow - tha man is perhaps my favorite auto reviewer!
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    I like the trunk design. The rear view gives the car a look of substance and it was blended in very well. This is of course subjective. Functionally, the deck design was engineered to provide stability at high speed. Audi had to redsign their TT with a spoiler because of complaints the rear end got light at high speed.
    Remember driving 120+mph is normal in Germany if you have the car that can do it. The 645ci is limited electronically to 150. BMW wisely chose to integrate the spoiler while providing welcome trunk space - much preferable to a small trunk with a spoiler tacked on.
  • ajroseajrose Posts: 29
    I just read Edmunds' follow up review of the 6 convertible and noticed that the interior was a bone colored leather. I have not seen this option at any dealer or in any brochure. I remember someone saying any BMW color is available, however my dealer seems to disagree stating that German engineers know what combinations look good.

    I am getting close to taking the plunge but have not decided on a color scheme yet. I will not get a black interior and I do not like the maroon.
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    Check out the bmwusa website. A creme beige leather interior is offered. The site allows you to view different combinations. Some combos are not allowed i.e. light birch trim with the red leather.
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    I find it hard to believe you really drove this car. I have driven the 645 with both sport and normal suspensions. The 645ci is quantifiably quieter than a CLK500 and the seating is better. Excellent steering feel? If anything the BMW seems a bit numb. You are correct about the handling which blows the CLK 500 away. The 645 has a better ride than the 545i with sport suspension and the M3. The 645 has top in class comfort compared to cars of comparable performance. There is no need to soften the suspension - just don't get the sport package, DUH. The 330ci is not remotely comparable to the 645ci except they are both coupes. The 330ci is entry level, a decent car but crude in comparison. A 330ci is a German secretary's aspiration, the boss drives the 645ci.
  • ajroseajrose Posts: 29
    The interior pics shown in Edmunds' review are definitely not cream beige. more like bone. They do not appear as a choice on the website.

    In looking back through posts, getting any BMW color (int or ext) is possible. Has anyone else been successful in getting something that is not a standard combination?
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