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Welcome, Toyota Tundra - II

meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
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  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Had to get this in BEFORE the Tundra bashers arrived.
  • toytundramantoytundraman Member Posts: 19
    I picked up my SR5 (access cab 2wd-V8) white
    tundra on June 3rd and I have to say I could not be
    more pleased with my purchase. Factory options
    are: CQ, DZ, LF, and RE. The port installed options
    are: L2 (leather), A1 (port aluminum wheel
    upgrade), SL (spare tire lock), SB (chrome tube
    step bars), CB (The extra mile option-pkg C/
    includes floor mats, permavin glass etching, custom
    pin stripe, Securikey Plus (Keyless Entry/Alarm), Under Rail Bedliner,
    Coler-Keyed Fender Flares, Road assistance) and DH
    (Receiver Hitch and Wire Harness). I then purchased
    the Factory 5-spoke alloy rim to replace the port
    aluminum wheel upgrade (I liked the look better).
    The sticker for my tundra was 28,655 and I
    negotiated a price of $27,112. I was pleased to pay
    that for this truck. I have only one complaint and
    that is the seat console rattling-it is really a
    problem but I have gotten used to it after 1800
    miles. I use the pullout cup holders if I need to
    use a drink holder. I have noticed no vibration
    which some have reported at speeds between 40 and
    55 mph. It is really a smooth ride at all speeds
    for me so far. Family loves it!The tundras are really rare in
    Louisiana as I have not seen but one since June. I
    hope this info has influenced someone to realize
    that the tundra is a pretty good purchase if you
    need a decent size truck with a great engine that
    responds with smoothness that only the big three
    can hope to build in the years to come. Enjoying
  • jcm1jcm1 Member Posts: 48
    Just ordered a SR5. I really want fender flares. Does anyone know if I can get them from Toyota??
    Were can I find all the options that people talk about from the port installed options. Dealer didn't mention it. I would love to hear from the experts before I call talk to the dealership...you know how stupid they can be..
  • volfyvolfy Member Posts: 274
    Citroen7 said: "...Buy from the yellow peril,
    your grandfathers are proud..."

    You know you ran out of argument when you have to resort to racism to boldster your ranting. But hey, it's you right as an American to get a Swastika tatooed on your butt, just be sure to remove your pointy white hood before you climb into your GM truck - it must be difficult to look through those peep holes.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Here in North Carolina, our dealers get vehicles through Southeast Toyota Distributors, Inc. in Jacksonville, Fl. This is the "port" where these options are installed. Fender flares are $385 retail($275 INVOICE), Reese Hitch is $225 INVOICE(do not remember retail price), alloys are $679 retail($519 invoice). I had all three added by the distributor when I placed my order. My truck came from the factory with the convenience package, cd system, and fog lights.

    Excellent response above!
  • deltoid1deltoid1 Member Posts: 26
    After all this time, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE as to why GM, Ford and Chrysler can't produce vehicles with the same reliability as Japanese cars and trucks.

    I just got rid of my Ranger because of numerous problems.The last General Motors product I owned was a '95 Lumina with a transmission that went south at 72,000 miles with my wife going down the interstate in rush hour traffic.

    No UAW built junk for me.It's kind of hard for me to feel any obligation towards a fat slob on the assembly line who makes probably three times the paycheck I do and constantly complains about it by threatening to go on strike.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    There are probably 25 american big 3 trucks for every 1 toyota truck built,simple arithmetics tells you there are going to be problems.I've never had 1 problem with any ford or mazda product I've owned 18 years worth and I don't know to many people who have.You toyota people must be fabricating your stories.I do know people who have had problems with toyota's,and that fat slob you are talking about probably made your tundra they are made by UAW worker's in the USA.My sister has a toyota avalon 3 days ago backing out of her driveway the rear axle snapped that sounds reliable to me.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Ford or mazda product? FYI. mazda is a japanese co. Talk about making up stories...that one about your sister's avalon and its self destructing axle sounds pretty out there.
  • james24james24 Member Posts: 17
    since everyone here seems to be off the topic, let me put my 2 cents worth in. I have owned 2 ford rangers, both were excellent, with only interior quality my gripe. volkswagons, ive had 2, both excellent cars, not a single problem, and that includes my 98 passat, 1 chevy monte carlo, traded it after 10 months it was so bad, and GMC didnt care at all. 4 Toyotas, 94 4x4, 96 t-100, 99 Tacoma, and 97 Avalon. Not a one has been in the shop for anything other than routine maintance except for the T-100 which had to have the head gaskets replaced. However, Toyota is replacing them all at no charge. I feel however that anybody at any time can get a bad auto from any manufacturer, and alot of people who are happy with the cars and trucks, do not have the same expectations as I do alot of the times. I have been in peoples cars where all they do is rave about what a great car they have, and all I can do is see 20 things wrong with it they I would never put up with. I have also seen people who abuse their cars and let them fall apart and them blame the car company for not building it better. It is a no win situation.
    However, every time a test drive cars, I still over the last few years sense a higher quality in the imports. I test drove a new Blazer. The dash rattled so bad, I turned around immediatly and said no thanks. I feel if this rattles that bad, than eventually they all will. The only problem with imports I see now is content. Things that are common on domestics is still not available on imports or is an option, and alot of imports, especially Japanese cars are very boring and plain. Just a thought.
    By the way, I most likely intend to lease a new Tundra early next year.
  • deltoid1deltoid1 Member Posts: 26
    Unlike your Avalon story,I haven't fabricated a damn thing. I'm simply tired of spending my money on junk.

    As for the guy on the assembly line, I'm pretty confident the Toyota worker is not hitting the time clock with a chip on his shoulder after just buying a bag of dope out in the parking lot, like the lazy, overpaid UAW slob.
  • tboydentboyden Member Posts: 5
    3000 mile update:

    Well honestly not much to say. My Tundra still is going strong with 20 MPG on 89 pump gas, no vibrations detectable (and I have the split bench), over-all just an awesome truck. All my friends want turns driving it, and I get compliments from everybody. Will post again at 5000. See ya.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Thanks for the update...I hope to be able to report my experience soon! This wait is killing me.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    #14 should be Limited.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    Take a look inside the doorjam of any mazda pickup it says made by ford in the usa. Ford owns mazda,jaguar,volvo,aston martin,Lincoln.

    As far as the avalon goes I will go as far as to post any info you'd like to see maybe the tow reciepts or the toyota repair invoice.I think james24 summed it up prety well anything mechanical can break down. Ford produces 800,000 F series pickup while toyota is going to produce 100,000 tundras,and I've read about more problems with the 99 tundra than about the 99 f series just from these different posts,gimme a break knocking american workers you probably hide in the closet and pick your nose during lunch.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    So we're back to the usual lame "I owned a GM/Ford 10 years ago, and I can tell you as an expert that GM/Ford makes crap...,"


    "You must be a racist for not buying the Japanese product."
    Here are some more objective notes:

    The reason for raising the cargo box floor with the cross-member beams on top of the frame rails is the same as the reason for making it 4" shallow. They had to for two reasons, to keep the top of the side-rails from towering above the ground, and so they could widen the space between the wheel wells, and accommodate the all important 48 inch ply-wood.

    These are FULL size trucks, after all. Not!
  • james24james24 Member Posts: 17
    I am a fan of ford trucks, and Toyota trucks, have owned both at the same time. Regarding your statement about the problems in the Tundra, dont forget it is the first year, you should expect some cliches, and if I remember right, the new f-150's had several recalls and problems of its own, and I would expect FORD to have rememdy most if not all of them by now. Give Toyota a year, and you should see the same from them. As for all the bashing of the automotive workforces, you all should give it a rest. with the way autos are designed and built today, the assembly worker is really limited to what they are in control of. True Quality really starts at the design process, and the engineering. The amount of time and money being spent to update factorys, stamping processes, and the engineers being allowed to design what works, not what creates the most profit. And trust me when i say, No car company is truly hurting for money. Just look at the salaries of the executives. Nuff said.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Hey deltoid --where do you think the Tundra is made and by whom??? Do some research before inserting foot into mouth. You might want to consider the Tacoma instead.
    I'm not a Toy fan but I do doubt your story. If true, it would be such a freak incident that I don't know if I would necessarily paint the company red.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Yes! Please show us the bill for the exploding avalon axel. Also, it seems a little suspect that you would spend so much time on the tundra site given your obvious slant towards ford. Are you trying to discourage potential tundra buyers? Your a ford salesman, aren't you! ....Busted!!!!
  • deltoid1deltoid1 Member Posts: 26
    I know the Tundra is built in Indiana.I'm not bashing American workers in general.

    I'm bashing lazy overpaid slobs who know no matter how bad their work is,they've got a stiff-arm union protecting their sorry butts.

    I'd rather support the paycheck of the American worker building Toyotas who probably is damn proud of his job and the company he works for.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Tundra people,

    Let's keep this site a forum for those interested in the TUNDRA. Tundra owners--please continue reporting your personal experience with the truck. Tundra buyers--please keep reporting your experience with the buying process(evaluations of various models and price quotes). Ford and Chevy
    zealots--please go to the forums that discuss your vehicles or, if you have to bash Toyota, start a new forum called "Why I hate the Tundra". I am sure you guys can have fun THERE.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    I do own a ford product, its a 99 svt lightning along with an 86 subaru gl hatchback .and I did make a mistake with my sisters car she had it in reverse and slammed over a curb going backwards so it was her fault and not the cars.

    I work for the electricians union local 103 in Boston.they have one of the best training facalities in the country and we all take pride in our work.I would very much appreciate it if you would not knock american workers.Enjoy your tundras.
  • jcm1jcm1 Member Posts: 48
    ok....I looked at Tundras for two months now...Called tons of dealers, visited many places.
    Got internet quotes (waste of time) Finally had enough and went down a hour before they closed on Friday. I can honestly say I burned myself out with Tundra on the brain. I couldn't get into a Limited I wanted so I settled for a SR5. I was so tired of the looking and talking It didn't take long to make a deal. They threw in the Tonnneau cover and remote alarm....oh 3\4 of way into filling out the sales agreement after they had the numbers down. I said "[non-permissible content removed], I forgot the floor mats, they just threw them in at this point.
    So my point is if your really need to get the best price, don't burn your self out. Go to the dealer with a fresh head.....I was at the point of "I can't take it anymore!!!" now all I got to do is wait till it shows up.....is that the phone?
  • deltoid1deltoid1 Member Posts: 26
    I appreciate your honesty.

    Sounds like your union is okay.I just get pissed trying to make payments on something that's giving me headaches while seeing UAW workers on the news hiding behind the flag and bitching about how bad they have it.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Thanks for the comment above. I agree with you about the American auto worker. We should not condemn all of them. There are good and bad employees at all manufacturers...whether they are foriegn or American, unionized or non-union. Let's hope the competition that is developing in the Truck market creates better trucks for all of us regardless of the manufacturer. We are all in this Pickup topic because we love our trucks...let's let our similarities dictate our discussions instead of our differences. Enjoy your trucks everyone.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Details...we want details! Color? Options? Price?
    2WD or 4WD? Delivery date? Btw, I was kind of burned out on looking, too. I had been following the Tundra since I first heard about it in October 1998(I think). I lucked out and found the right dealer contact and all went well from that point. The only problem I have is the waiting! Congratulations on your purchase.
  • jcraycheejcraychee Member Posts: 23
    I remember someone writing about the tundra needs premium gas? Is it so? Gas prices are total ripoff where I live in San Diego $1.45 for regular right now. Any of you tundra owner been using regular? how is the milage?
  • gofish2gofish2 Member Posts: 2
    i live out west and spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. i own a 91 toy x cab 4x4 that i bought new and now has 108000 miles. motor blew at 88000 due to head gasket problem. dealer replaced motor and it did not cost me 1 penney, thats what sells vehicles, service after the sale. i have ordered a new tundra sr5 with offroad option and expect delivery in mid august. i would like to hear from others that have this option and if they like or dislike. also if anyone has experience with towing boat with the tundra. dealer sticker on mine is 29020 with OF,CK,DZ,AB,CQ,CF. does this look right and how much luck in getting price down .
  • capt2capt2 Member Posts: 57
    The owners manual calls for 87 octane for the V8, been using it for 1000 miles with no knocking at all.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Thanks for the honesty about your sisters avalon. I do believe your story now that you've included the important details (i.e. she slammed it over a curve) Also, I'm not a union worker but support your efforts. The unions have their faults, but overall, they are the only power american workers have against the slave labor wages found in many other countries.
  • tboydentboyden Member Posts: 5
    Here are some truck facts: (this is going to be long winded sorry)

    1.) It gets better gas mileage than the big 3.
    (no matter what the EPA says!) I said I use 89 gas. I only use it because my Tundra likes it better and gets better gas mileage with it. It's about $1.25 a gallon where I live and plus anyone buying a truck should know and be able to pay a little extra for gas. (Though that hasn't been a concern for my truck)

    2.) Yeah, the bed is 2" shallower, but the wheel wells are also 2" lower so it's actually not shallow after all and you can fit the same amount of stuff in the Tundra's short bed as any of the other big 3's short bed trucks.

    3.) Trying to compare the Tundra to the Dakota is just trying to detract attention away from the crappy Rams. It obvious that the Tundra is bigger than Dakota, just park one next to the other. My work has Dakotas so I should know. We also have an extra-cab Ram with the short bed and when you park the Tundra next to it guess what... the Tundra is longer, and wider. The roof height however is lower and perhaps that's why people think it's smaller.. but it's not.

    3b.) Full size Vs. Compact, the is not only bed size but engine selection. A compact truck is a truck that has a four cylinder engine as it's basic engine, and a smaller width and wheel-base than a full-size truck. A full-size truck is a truck that has a V6 as it's basic engine and width and wheel-base that is larger than a compact pick-up. The Ranger, S-10, and Dakota all have as their basic engine. Dodge in a sales scam, has tried to market thier Dakota as mid-sized by offering a free upgrade from the 4-cylinder engine to the V6, and they get away with it because they know people won't want a 4-cylinder when they can get a V6 for no extra charge.

    4.) Interior room- anyone who says their extended cab full-size truck (not crew-cab) is larger is full of crap. I love the Chevy commercial, anyone see it? Notice how the front seats are pushed way up to make it look like the extra-cab is bigger and then notice how they never actually show someone sitting in the front and back seats at the same time because it would look cramped which it is- in any truck including the Tundra.

    5.) Problems with the truck intially- Now someone said earlier that the people should'nt pick on big three truck owners for problems with their trucks because Tundras have more problems according to this site.. HELLO! have you been reading the posts?! The only real mechanical problem with Tundra is been a vibration in the front end and that has only been on a few isolated vehicles. There is (to my knowledge) no mechanical problems in the all of the Tundras requiring a massive recall. And that should be considered amazing for a first year vehicle, and a tribute to Toyota quality, whoever it's made by.
    The big three can not even come close to this with any of their vehicles.

    6.) Sure the intial offering of variations is limited for the Tundra, but it's a first year vehicle, how many options did ford, chevy and dodge have when they first came out? (one?) and they have had how many years to add to their trucks and still don't have the perfect truck? (some where like 90 years?) So lets give Toyota and the after-market a chance.
  • doughowarddoughoward Member Posts: 20
    OK, enough union bashing.
    heres some substance for you, because i'm one who's out ACTUALLY DRIVING a tundra, and not one who's bashing them without even testing one:
    i already have 6000mi on my jade v8 sr5 (with all the goodies, $29K)...believe me, the truck rips -- on and OFF road. a rock broke my windshield, but better than body damage, right?
    the console stopped vibrating after i rotated the tires at 4000mi. keep in mind this truck frame is STIFF! over twice as stiff as the comp (see the frame integrity #'s). glad i didn't get the TRD shocks... the ride is stiff, and i'm not an engineer, but that's where you get the performance. when you hit the gas, it goes, without hesitation. not like my blazer. same situation in the corners, the tundra carves, predictably and without twist.
    i agree the door hinge stoppers should be stronger (doors close too easily on a slight hill)... but, sorry to say, that is my only beef!!!
    i suggest a bug guard $70 well spent, and get a rhino coat instead of a bedliner...the liner will rub off the paint.
    i'm curious to hear more about the raised bed frame, also.
    i'm getting 19mpg with 87oct on the oregon hiway (read: hills), and i have hauled 4000lbs of pavers sans problem. torque a rama.
    does anyone know how big a tire i can fit in those tight wheelwells for this winter?
    gotta run. i'm going surfing.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Tundra handles better, because of less weight, and a tighter turn radius. Parks easier, less work at the car wash bay. I've had small, I wanted bigger. These are trucks, designed to carry. Domestics are more generous in capacity. In Japan, the people are small, and people live in high density. That's great for many, and their influence is carried here.

    From what you are paying, my GM 1500 LS 5.3L cost $4,500 less. Money in the bank, up front.

    The Z71 off-road suspension on the GM is stiffer, and there is less body roll. Check it out.
  • truk1truk1 Member Posts: 1
    Anyone experienced any problems when driving on the freeway? I test drove a Tundra the other day and the truck seemed to "bouncing" a bit.
  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338
    >a great engine that responds with smoothness that only the big three can hope to build in the years to come.<

    You just proved that you never drove a Silverado.
    Enjoy your rattling center console...(I thought Toyotas never rattle)...
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Hey...out of curiosity where in OR...I am a resident currently living out of state, but I bought my Tundra in OR. Thought maybe we could compare buying experiences. I bought in Springfield/ Eugene area...and you?
  • jcm1jcm1 Member Posts: 48
    Details on my buy......Black\gray SR5 access 4x4,conveinience pk,fog lights,alloys,captain chairs,running boards,tonneau cover,bed mat,receiver hitch,floor mats and the RS 3000 remote alarm( which has adds keyless entry to the truck). Also calling them back on getting fender flares added at port. So not much discount at 29k but the big thing for me was they gave me $16,800 for my 96 pathfinder which had about $7000 worth of damage repaired on the front end a few years back. So was I going to complain to much?? No way.....They haven't givin me a date yet... but your right..the waiting Sucks!!!!

    Does anybody have any performance data like 0 to 60 for the 4x4.....yes we all have seen the 2x2
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Thanks for the info. I went to another dealer's lot in my hometown to confirm my choice of thunder gray(After seeing the white Limited friday night I was having second thoughts). Fortunately they have one exactly like the one I ordered only 2wd instead of 4wd. Still luv the gray thank goodness! I looked behind the building and inside the fenced lot was the first REGULAR CAB Tundra I've seen. I could not see the sticker or rear of the truck...do not know cost or whether it was 2wd or 4wd. It looked kind of strange after seeing access cabs up till now. Has anybody else seen the regular cab? Driven one? Oh yeah, the 0 to 60 time is 2.8 seconds in the 4X4! At least I'll pretend it is until mine arrives.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    Good Luck with your trucks and I hope you enjoy them.

  • toytundramantoytundraman Member Posts: 19
    Yes I have driven a 1999 GMC Sierra Xcab. A friend let me borrow it for a day (in May-99) to move some things. He had even installed an aftermarket "chip" one week before I got to drive it. The "chip" is supposed to increase the horsepower 10% (from 270 to 297).
    This really helped me make my decision to buy the Tundra. I had been negotiating with a GMC truck dealer in Baton Rouge, LA for about 2 weeks on a X-Cab Sierra. The power was definitely there in the Sierra-it just wasn't as smooth and comfortable a ride as the Tundra was (this is MY opinion). The only reason I am saying this about the GMC is to rebuke rwagoner's suggestion that I've never driven a Silverado---sorry that is not true. Overall, I'm very pleased with the Tundra> Good day!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Hey, you were right about at least one thing, the option axle on the Silverado/Sierra is a true locker, an Eaton locker. Rather than torque sensing like a conventional limited slip design, when one wheel slips, the mechanism locks the axles together. There is a video feed you can download at this site. That would be money well spent because it has off-road benefits in addition to the usual small benefit afforded by a limited slip carrier on boat ramps, etc.
  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338
    I'd just like to point out that the ONE truck you drove was one that had the chip changed. Then you state that it (the engine) isn't as smooth as a Tundra. Gee, I wonder why ...

    Once again proves my point that you really didn't drive one before you made the comment (typical of most import buyers ... and American buyers who trash imports, by the way). Driving one modified for increased performance doesn't count ... it would be rougher from the change.

    Please enjoy your Tundra anyway (as I'm sure you are). I'm not here to trash anything, even though I am happy to read about rattles and things that Toyotas supposedly never have. I just moved up to a '99 Silverado LT from a '91 S-10 (rattle-free at 120,000 miles, by the way) and really enjoy the feel of the full-size truck. The vision is great, and I can carry far more people and stuff (I bought a SnugTop shell too).

    I am a bit curious as to how many people buying the Tundra and moving "up" from a previous Toyota small pickup, moving "over" from a previous domestic full size pickup, or are purchasing their first truck. Perhaps this isn't the right topic, but my hunch is that the Tundra will take more buyers from Toyota itself rather than the domestics' full-size line. At least for the first few years. I'd like to see the sales numbers for Toyota's smaller pickups as the months go on.

    And to everyone with a factory stereo: buy a Bazooka tube subwoofer. Makes the stereo sound even better!

  • hindsitehindsite Member Posts: 590
    Why not start a topic All Domestic Trucks VS Tundra and leave this topic specifically to Tundra.
  • jcraycheejcraychee Member Posts: 23
    Well by Dodge Dakota is in the shop again, what a surprise - not. I heard that the silverado 2000 will not have a forth door yet - what are those guys smokin? That leaves me with two options - ford or toyota.
  • tuck4tuck4 Member Posts: 25
    Go with the Toyota.
    I traded my Expedition in on the Tundra Limited
    Thunder Grey with all options except ABS and two tone paint. You will not be sorry. I bought a first year Expedition, traded in a 1994 4-Runner. I couldn't wait to get rid of the Ford, was back at the dealer many times for recalls.
    I have had my Tundra now for three weeks and have no complaints what-so-ever. I have the captains seats and have not seen the vibration other people talk about, maybe it's limited to the bench seat?
    Again go with the Toyota resale down the road will also be much better.

  • swampthingswampthing Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of a website with pictures of the 4X4 Limited with the off road package. Haven't seen any yet in East Tennessee and wondering how the looks differ
  • doughowarddoughoward Member Posts: 20
    OK you big 3 freaks who haven't even driven the tundra but are convinced your domestic is better... If you're going to continue bashing or create a debate, where's your argument?
    Does it come from a diehard love of your truck that drives like a tank, eats fuel like a boat, is difficult to park, makes more noise than any other vehicle on the road, pollutes the air, and loses its value like Amazon.com...
    or are you pissed that Toyota has finally nailed it with a V8 truck that isn't overpriced and can embarrass your truck in any important testing category, including towing?
    I'll take a vibration in the center console (which passed when I had the tires aligned) over a vehicle that will have far worse problems, won't hold its value, and, basically, just doesn't compare to a Tundra.
  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338

    >eats fuel like a boat<

    Since the Tundra gets lower mileage (with less power) thank the Silverado (just as the 4-cylinder Toy gets lower mileage than the V6 S-10), where does that leave YOUR arguement? The Tundra also costs far more than the Silverado comparably equiped.

    All the other "comments" apply as well to the Tundra, since it is large, pollutes, etc. Plus you get the added advantage of Toyota's wonderful head gaskets!

    I'm going to leave this topic alone since I am not interested in making this topic an anti-Tundra topic anyway. You bought your truck which I'm sure you'll like. You have also never owned an American car in your life, so it is not worth au=rguing with you. At least I (through my wife) have owned imports, and I can honestly say that my maintainence and repair costs have gone way down since she sold her last one (an Integra).

    With the money I save buying domestic, I'm planning to retire early.

    Enjoy your trucks, everyone. See ya.

    PS: You had to have the tired aligned on a new truck? I thought Toyotas never need service!
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Swung by the local lot and investigated the regular cab I saw Sunday in the fenced lot behind dealer. It is a 2WD regular cab V6 5-speed. Sticker was a little over $19,000. The bed looked like it was 12 feet long after seeing access cabs so much. I prefer the Access Cab's look by far. Salespeople were swarming everywhere so I didn't hang around too long. I am interested in knowing if anyone has driven the V6 yet and what your impressions of it are. The dealer received 2 thunder gray 2wd access cabs, one "red" 4x4 access cab and the regular cab on Saturday. All had sold stickers except the regular cab. They seem to be selling well despite what some of the domestic lovers will lead you to believe.
  • powercatpowercat Member Posts: 96
    Swampthing, check out the August edition of Off-Road magazine, they have a couple of pics of a Tundra with the Off-Road package. The Limited comes with color keyed fender flares and the SR5 has black fender flares.
  • powercatpowercat Member Posts: 96
    Right on Doughoward, you da man!
    Rwagoner; DIPSTICK! , quit dreaming about the Tundra, buy the junk, quit trying to justify your mistake here, go whine at the dejected GM owners site.
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