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Nissan Maxima 2004 Redesign



  • Some clues are here

    scroll down to "2003 Nissan Maxima Early Order Cutoff"

  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    If I am reading this right, the above site says the 03 Maximas stopped being produced late last year so the Smyrna, TN plant could start making the 04's. I am hoping there will be a fire sale on the 03 models soon so I can pick one up at a very low price. This is what happened to the 02 Accords when the 03 model came out. I am hoping to get a GXE for around 20K or less.
  • I would look for an SE model at that price. I think it would be possible to get something like that for about 20 grand. I am waiting for that sale too.
    Good luck!
  • However, if you find one that cheap, please let us all know.

    But, I did just purchase an '03 SE last weekend - she is dreamy! Anyway, they are slashing prices already. They took $3300 off the sticker, plus the $1000 rebate! Also low interest thru Nissan right now.
  • I too have been looking at the '03 Max SL with xenon lights, heated steering, power & heated driver & passenger seats. All the make up besides the navigation sys. The dealer has quoted $25700 w/ 7.9 financing for 6 mths. I am not too sure. Any suggestions? Thx
  • I too am waiting until early March for an 03 GXE if they can be found. What was the sticker price prior to the $4400 off ?
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    They cut back Maxima production altogether and GXE drastically for 2002 and 2003. Only 5 percent of Maximas made for 2003 are GXEs. I think you'll have a hard time finding one, esp next spring. Why a GXE over an SE just curious?
  • ive been thru all the posts on this and i ve seen many sites for pics, BUT, i didnt see any specs, anyone know where i canfind them. I ama big Max(hint:MAXxed_out)fan and hope to get one, and to tell the truth, i didnt like new design, but then it grew on me, and know i am hoping to one day get the new Max, but still didnt know the specs, can anyone give ma a clue?

  • $29,744 with Leather and Titanium Package. Yes, they knocked off $3300 and also $1000 rebate. Also got 3.9% thru Nissan, they are offering 3.9% for I think 3, 4 or 5 years.

    This was our 6th Nissan purchase from this dealer. They know we keep coming back. Plus our salesman is really great. I couldn't pass it up.

    Did I do good?
  • I just took delivery on a 03 Titanium Edition today and have all of the packages including the Meridian, Titanium Edition with the Leather package and Traction Control and sunroof. The only things I didn't get was the splash guards and sunroof wind deflector. They even thru in the carpeted trunk mat and the side sill spoilers and moldings. The sticker was $30,343 and I paid 27,600. In NYC thats not a bad deal!
  • Isn't it exciting! They are such a joy to drive. And it's sounds like you got a good price on yours also.

    Enjoy the ride!
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    Got the GXE over the SE for a few reasons. First, my previous car was a little sporty roadster whose sport suspension bounced around on Michigan roads like a pogo stick, so I was ready for a softer ride and didn't want to pay extra for the SE's sport suspension. Plus, I didn't want leather, and to get anything I DID want (side air bags, traction control) on the SE I had to get leather. So GXE it was. So I miss out on the spoiler (not a big fan anyway) and fog lights (which I used about once a year on my last car). No big deal.
  • I've had my 03 SE for about a month now, got Meridian package (heated seats and wheel) Titanium edition, ( 200 watt 6 disc Bose, side airbags, compass in mirror, stainless steel sill plates, floor mats)Leather, splash gaurds, traction , sunroof. MSRP sticker $30,472.00.
    got it for $28,209 pretty comparable to bobby 1361 in post # 72. Car is awesome, got 2 coats of Mcguiers carnuba on the polished titanium paint, and shines like new money! Nissan has already quit producing the 03 so it wont be long and this will be a classic, last year made in Japan. The 04 will be in made Tenn.
  • thats great that every one is getting a forgotten 03 Max, but what about the redesign, and what about the specs??!??
  • I sure hope it's ugly and over priced. Then I won't regret purchasing my '03.
  • Mamiman made a good point about the 04 because my dealer told me that they will be made in Tennese costing hundreds of millions of dollars to retool the plants to make the car. None will be made in Japan only parts but not the car! The price will be anywhere from $35K to $42K. That is a big step up in price and takes the Max into uncharted waters. He alos said it will look like a larger altima with a V8 at about 315-325 horsepower. I still think as Maximan that the 03 is the last bet before the price skyrockets. Its best to get one soon because the dealer was going to charge me $500 to locate a 04 Titanium color one with black leatehr because he had none in the local area! I too beleive that they are finished making the 03's and it is going to be hard for people to get them in another 3-6 months!
  • Sounds like Nissan is taking the Max way upscale in price-- 35-42K!! thats the heart of the Mercedes, Lexus, BMW and dare I say Infiniti lines! Sounds like a lot of HP under the hood, no way they could do that with FWD, it's hard enough keeping those 17"'s glued to the pavement with 255hp, would have to be AWD, but you can bet this will be an attractive looking car, Nissan will be sure of that as evidence of all Gen's of MAX's
  • I was just cheking out the Nissan web page and the only thing(pictures) you see are 02's. It makes you wonder how soon they will run out of the 03's. I am with Maximan, the 03's may just become a hot car to keep! As much as I love Maxima's and the 03 is my fourth, it maybe out of the price range for me in a few years. And it the prices do go so high, I've said it before that my garage will have a Mecedes sitting in it!
  • exbyexby Posts: 11
    To be saying that the new Max will be priced from 35K to 42K is a little drastic. It does Nissan no good to price their car that high considering the Altima only goes up to 28K. It will probably start out at 27K so there is a little overlap with the high end altimas and go up to 33K or 34K. To start out at 35K is ridiculous. Why buy a Nissan when you can buy luxury makes for cheaper. I mean come on. And thats not even mentioning the g35.
  • rghesselrghessel Posts: 122
    Probably too early to know, but does anyone know if a Navigation system will be offered in the 2004 Maxima?
  • exbyexby Posts: 11
    why are you believing that site??? it a bunch of bull crap. everything is photoshopped.
  • exbyexby Posts: 11
    You've always wanted to see it...... Then go to and check it out. A link to the picture is on the front page.
  • exby-

    You beat me to it! I just came in here to post that same link :-)

    My opinion? I like the side treatment better than that of the Altima. But what's with the rear end? From that angle, it looks like Attack of the Misplaced Cutlines. I'll have to see some more pics to figure out what's going on back there.

    -Andrew L
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    It looks a little hunchback-y, in a Lexus GS sort of way. Overall shape resembles the Altima. Looks quite good, thank God they didn't follow the clear taillight look of the Altima.
  • exbyexby Posts: 11
    Yea, the back end is different. But I love it. It's so different than anything out there. Thats what nissan is starting to do. Instead of just following Toyota, it's treading it's own water now. It's just soo sleak man. Look at the lines. I can't wait to see more pictures. I just checked and they have the same picture too. I think this is all they aree going to give us until January 5th. I can't wait to see the interior. I pray that it is similar to some of the cool innovations in the Teana. Check out the rims. They have more angles than the current ones do. Ahh, I love it. And also.... that picture that someone got on a highway in california that was supposed to be the Max - was.
  • I just hope I haven't screwed up with my recent '03 SE purchase.

    The side view looks good, I wonder what the front will look like. And what's up with the back, is that a spoiler that hasn't been spoiled yet?
  • WoW! I just saw that picture! Gorgeous! I love Nissan and seeing this new Maxima only makes me love it THAT much more! Nissan is a trendsetter. They are not going with bland dull and boring, they are going with spicy, eye-catching, and pretty damn sexy IMO. Cant wait to see more pictures of this bute!
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    Hard to tell only by this one picture, but, my first reaction was "ugly" ! What in the world have they done to the rear end. Nissan just can not seem to finish off the car design in the rear. The current Maxima's (and Sentra's) rear takes some getting used to, but this looks worse. Wonder what the prices are. I am still hoping the 03 models will be heavily discounted when the 04s are coming out.
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