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Nissan Maxima 2004 Redesign



  • I agree. Nothing wrong with US made vehicles. I've owned 3 consecutive American made Japanese vehicles (Avalon, Galant, Altima) and have had almost no problems whatsoever with quality. There are people unfortunately who have this elitist attitude about foreign made cars.

    As for GM styling, its one thing to make a good looking concept and another to transfer it over to production vehicles. Until GM starts accomplishing that transition they'll remain mostly a truck seller.
  • I have no problems with the new Maxima being built in the states and I'm sure that Carlos G. is not going to let the build standards decline. I have not had a problem with any of the Nissans cars and I have owned three Nissan models in succession with my current car being a '01 Maxima GXE, which I love dearly. I choose this over a '02 Altima 2.5 SL only because the V-6 with minimum options was out of my price range and I already was in a four banger Altima and wanted to upgrade. I do not regret anything about my Maxima purchase. Althought the more I look at the profile of the '04 Maxima, the more it grows and grows on me.
  • My '03 SE is an automatic.....Dark Gray, Titanium Edition Pkg., w/leather. I just love it - such a joy to drive. My other Max that I traded was an '00 SE Sterling Mist, very pretty, but I wanted a change of color, so I went with the darker gray.
  • Was a rattle infested, mis-aligned body gap nightmare! And IT was built in the U.S.!! I will never buy another American made Honda because of it.

    So, when I say I don't trust American reliability, I have a reason.

  • alexxxalexxx Posts: 7
    I have nothing against US made Japanese cars. It is just a matter of how much I am willing to pay for them.
    Nissan moved Maxima production to US in order to cut costs (shipping, taxes, its.) But what the consumer will get out of it? $28,000 to $34,000 car?

    Would you pay Rolex price for Timex watch?
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    Aren't US made Japanese cars demonstrably better made than German made German cars? Isn't that what the JD Power and other surveys are saying?
  • alexxxalexxx Posts: 7
    Did you mean better than Audi, BMW, Mercedes?

    Or regular everyday German cars like Opel, VW ?

    If second, than I agree US made Japanese cars are better.
  • mehuljmehulj Posts: 15
    Hello All,

    It seems the US made Japanese cars is becoming hot issue. I've driven Honda Odysee which was made in Canada and also driven new Honda Odysee which is made in Alabama. To be honest. I will not buy new Honda Odysee again. It has lost the touch what it had. My brother is trading it for Acura as Acura is still coming from Canada. The interior of new Honda Odysee sucks.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I see ... now an issue is raised regarding the quality and reliability of US vs. Canada made Japanes cars. That is an interesting switch.

    While most people get pretty passionate and opinionated about Japan vs. US made Japanese cars (probably due to the more diverse in culture between the Japanese and Americans as opposed to Canadians and Americans), I don't think there has been any empirical study or statistics comparing or validating the superiority of US vs. Canada made Japanese cars. If you know, please advise.

    On the other hand, I venture to guess that most people might agree that US made Japanese cars are better than Mexico made Japanese cars (unless you are Mexican). Funny how nationalism affects how one may perceive things even though there are no facts backing up the perception. Just my thoughts ... and I am not Japanese or Canadian :)
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    So a Rolex made in the USA instead of Switzerland automatically becomes a Timex? The BMW X5 I buy that was assembled in South Carolina is inferior to a BMW that was made in Germany?
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    There was a big brouhaha a few months ago because CR dropped every German car sold in this country from its recommend list, save for one Bimmer. Those were German made cars!

    Virtually every initial quality and long term survey is in agreement, German cars, most made in Germany, do not have the reliability of Japanese, no matter where they were made.

    If you know of a survey that says otherwise, please tell us, because I don't know of any.
  • I was eagerly looking forward to the Maxima redesign - what a disappointment! I don't know how these Japanese manufacturers are doing their research on what the U.S. consumer wants. Don't they realize we don't want such big clumsy looking cars? Most cars on the road contain the driver only,and we want a Japanese car to be "made in Japan". Nissan you have just lost another sale; you are forcing me to look to Lexus ES300, which is still made in Japan with comparable pricing. I was so looking forward to trading in my 98 Maxima for a newer model, but alas, this is my last Maxima.
  • for those of you Nissan enthusiasts who are dissapointed with the Maxima(dont know why, i luve everything bout it....except the thingy between the grill), why not just get the new G35? they're priced the same, but why get that when you can have all this:

    quoted from caranddriver:

    "The four-door sports car lives on. At least Nissan would like to believe so. While we wouldn't go quite that far, we do recognize that the Maxima represents significant improvement over its predecessor. Foremost is an all-new multilink independent rear suspension that should improve ride and handling. The Maxima's 3.5-liter V-6 gets boosts in horsepower and torque - up to 265 hp and 255 pound-feet, respectively. Transmission choices range from four- and five-speed automatics to an optional six-speed manual. Differentiating the new Maxima from all other sport sedans are a Skyview roof - a fixed glass window that runs nearly the length of the roof - and an optional Elite Package that replaces the rear bench seat with two bucket seats. Moving the front-wheel-drive Maxima more upscale are standard xenon headlamps (3.5 SL), 18-inch alloy wheels with 245/45R18 tires (3.5 SE), vehicle dynamic control, dual exhaust with four ports, and an eight-speaker Bose audio system with in-dash six-disc CD changer. Safety features are abundant, and include front, side, and curtain airbags, front-seat active head restraints, and seatbelt pretensioners and load limiters. Maxima will be built at Nissan's Smyrna and Decherd, Tennessee, plant, and will go on sale in March for between $28,000 to $34,000. Which begs the question: why buy a Maxima when the same money will get you a rear-wheel-drive Infiniti G35?"
  • I would buy a G35....Hands down. But then again, I promised myself that my next car would be RWD. I am tired of FWD, although I still love my 02 Maxima SE and plan to keep it a coule more years.

  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    some of us live in snow country and don't want a RWD car though I seriously love the G35. If they ever offered AWD with it, I'd seriously consider it over a new Maxima anyday.
  • I wonder if the '04 Max will have the same "Spirit" as the previous Maxima's. I love the G35, especially the coup. Sweet. I would take that over a Z. But I guess the thing with a Max is, it has a charm to it and it's more than just the mechanics involved.
  • tastetaste Posts: 37
    Rolex watches are not meant to be sold in mass quantity like the autos mentioned above. It would be more accurate to compare it to the sales of auto's in the $100K + range which are auto's (like Rolex watches) for a select audience; and before anyone gets there nose bent out of shape it has nothing to do with elitism...if you want and can afford to buy these things that is your choice. It doesn't make you a better or worse person however if we are going to make comparisons we should make it apples to apples.

    As for US versus Canada versus Japan production etc... If I understand the argument correctly the premise be states is that if automaker "x" takes a car produced in Japan and makes it in another country (e.g. Canada, USA, etc...) then the quality of that product goes to crap? What a load of crap! That makes the assumption that all of the quality control and manufacturing standards that this automaker has put in place to win their hard EARNED reputation for excellence and for some unknown reason they are going to toss all of that out window and are now going to produce an inferior product and destroy their reputation; I don't think so. Rather it seems this is a case of someone who "perceives" a better value because of a known reputation. These are the same people who buy an "expensive" wine or champagne because of name or inflated pricetag on the bottle when they could have purchased something much better for half the price.

    Hey to each their own. If it helps you sleep at night because you bought a name that works for me. However spare me the xenophobic arguments unless you can back up your statements empirically.
  • windywindy Posts: 7
    Assuming that the assembly plants are laid out the same in a 3 countries, and assuming that they are using the same materials, why is there such a drastic disparity in quality? or are one or both of those assumptions false? just curious.
  • hello everyone - first time visitor here due to the 04 maxima, which i was curious to know opinions about.

    on car quality by location, couple of major factors affect it, such as plant management (mostly dyed-in-the-wool managers who enforce the quality standards and manage the production processes subject to those standards), the plant workers (mostly if not all local residents) and the various car components and materials (many supplied by local contractors and sub-contractors).

    by process of elimination, 1) it's reasonable to say that the veteran plant management can be as good as any within the company, and thus can account for only so much of the quality deviations, 2) the workers are trained in the carmaker's quality philosophies. while a learning curve is involved, eventually these workers can be as good as any worker from the carmaker's home country, and 3) the local component and supplier vendors, while they must pass meet specifications, are farthest from the carmaker's management control.

    the big differentiator is that, as more the rule than the exception, a car made in japan has behind it a supply chain (contractors, sub-contractors, shipment companies, warehouses, etc.) who think and execute in concert with the carmaker's goals. collectively, this system and all the businesses make up a "japan inc." whose products - cars, videocams, televisions, etc. - are consistently of high quality.

    thus, a car plant that doesn't have this infrastructure can produce cars that have more defects than those made in the home country.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    As I suspected, Nissan has priced the Maxima out of the price range of a lot of current Maxima owners, who are looking to pay $22-25K for a car. So what's left? The Altima. Which is an okay car, but the major advantage it had was it's 240hp. Now the Accord has the same power for as much or cheaper, plus it has a nicer interior. Finally, the $30K price point is filled to the brim with competitors, good competitors, including Nissan's own G35. I just don't understand the logic of this.
  • neither do i. the maxima is bumping acura tl territory, which it has the infiniti i35 for.

    looks like a rare carlos goshn misstep.
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    I feel the same way. My hope is to find a very good deal on an 03 model when the 04 models appear. I am hoping dealers will be greatly discounting the 2003s to clear their inventories for the new models. (This is what happended to the Accords when the new 2003 models came out.) However, this may not happen if there is no big demand for the 04s.

    Otherwise, I guess I will be looking at the Mazda 6s and the Accord. Other than a terrific engine, I am not impressed with the Altima. It really is too bad to see Nissan make what appears to be a big mistake.
  • We, "the people" are telling you that you have made a mistake on the '04 model. The front is just not acceptable, and the price is too high.

    Do you think they visit Edmunds, Townhall? I hope so, they would learn a thing or two.
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    Some time ago I sent a message to Nissan USA re my displeasure with the 04 Maxima. There is a "Contact Us" area on the site. It can't hurt to send some messages.
  • Very cool, will do. Thanks
  • I agree with those that don't like the grill with the filled in center piece. I like the side and rear view of the new maxima. I think we should all hold final judgement until we get a chance to drive one. The new features on the SE sound great.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    to those of you disappointed with the new Max (styling and pricing) I predict Max sales to slip, And as mentioned above when you are talking $30k the G35,TL are better choices.
  • G35 is RWD, and is more performance oreinted with 280 hp, while the new Max seems to be more leaning toward the comfort side with all the new features.

    Each car has its own niche. Max does to. As long as it is better than the last gen Max, i think it will do just fine,
    tho i do agree with most of you about the styling
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    that we should hold some judgements back until it is either available in march, or until some car magazine "experts" :) have a chance to actually drive it. Styling opinions of course can be done without driving it but if it is worth the increased price waits to be seen.

    maxxed out: the G35 coupe has 280hp., while the sedan has 260 hp, actually less than the 265 in the max.(might not be as bad of a comparison with the G35 as most seem to think?).
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    I personally like the styling, inside and out, as a whole, but the front grill needs to be altered (maybe just take away the center section and replace it with a mesh type grill?). I like the sound of some of the new features such as the glass roof panels and four person seating option, that are not available on other models. Believe it or not some people do not like the rear lights on the G35, just like the front on the max.
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