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Chrysler Crossfire



  • Marc,

    Glad to see you are here!

  • Check your gas cap!!!
  • hiflierhiflier Posts: 1
    Been having too much fun driving to write the forum...

    Picked up my 05 Black SRT-6 Roadster last Friday...
    Sticker was for $51,320 with Nav Radio & All Season Tires,
    81 dealer miles on the odometer, paid $39.5K.

    I had the dealer install the illuminated sill plates & the wind blocker, got the slush mats & the Chrysler Winged Badge mats too which I swapped in for the originals 'cause they look better!

    Have only put about 400 miles on the car so far, but have averaged 22+mpg to this point (half & half, top up & down).

    Initial impression... one of the best purchases I have ever made!
  • I am so glad to find this forum. picked up an 05 Limited Roadster in Feb, paid about 30K, 12K under MSRP (otherwise I'd be in the Miata forum right now). For the dollars spent, an awesome ride. I've loved the design since it came out, and to drive on every day is wonderful. I'm in Indiana, so we're getting more top down days now. I did get the recall notice, and dealer has to order the part then call me for appt. Has anyone else had the recall work done?
  • squat6squat6 Posts: 5
    I am looking to replace the inserts in my base frontend with foglights - possibly with smoked lenses. Does anyone know where to get foglights that will fit like originals other than ordering directly from Chrysler?
  • xfire2xfire2 Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2004 Crossfire 3 weeks ago. I noticed when I'm at a stoplight with my foot on the brake, a whirring noise comes from the engine. When I take off, the sound goes only makes the sound when I'm in drive, with my foot on the brake. I took it in to the dealer yesterday, and they told me maybe a bearing got in the alternator, and replaced it. They said it still makes the noise (it does), and they said they tested other Crossfires, and they make that noise too, so that must be the way they all are. Does anyone else have this noise problem? Any ideas what this could be?
  • mrmoparmrmopar Posts: 2
    The Crossfire has several "air system" on it. Under the hood, you have an air pump for emissions. In the cabin, there is a separate air system that is used for the locking system. I hear a whirring sound from time to time, it is nothing to worry about unless it never goes away. It seems to be more noticeable on a vehicle not frequently driven than one driven everyday.

    Enjoy the car!
  • mrmoparmrmopar Posts: 2
    IF there is a 2006 built, it will be built in very limited quantities. Chrysler is already in negotiations with Karmann for idled plant capacity.

    That said; think about this for a minute. With a 17K unit max production per year, you’re talking maybe 51K units total produced so far for the US. Chrysler builds 16K 300's alone a month for example. It is a very limited production run overall. Plus, they were able to revamp a majority of the former SLK320 platform which no doubt helped Daimler overseas with it's suppliers.

    If Daimler lost $5K for the last 20K units built, that would be $100 million dollars. Their goal with the Crossfire was to elevate the Chrysler image. I think they have done that and more. How much publicity has this car had since its concept debut? I am not talking advertising, but media exposure. You certainly could not purchase anywhere near the media time this car has experienced for the amount that Daimler might lose. I think they are doing exactly what they intended, the Crossfire was a big advertising venture for the Chrysler Group, and I think it has done rather well in that regard for DCX.

    I love my car; it is fantastic, unique, fun, reliable, and just plain looks better than anything else on the road. I don't care if they never build another one, I have mine, and I'm gonna keep it. Why, unless they build the Firepower, I don't think there will be anything as artistically styled for a very long time.

    Mr MoPar
  • rhp1114rhp1114 Posts: 1
    I did something really stupid and don't want my husband to know. We recently purchase a new 2005 Crossfire Roadster and being the good wife that I am, I decided to wash the car. Decided to leave the convertible top part way up to make sure it dried and everything else dried before putting the top completely down. Now a day later,I tried to make the top go down or up and it won't do either.
    The light on the switch on the console to raise and lower top is flashing. Can anyone tell me what to do? Yes, I am a Blonde. LOL I tried calling the dealer and all they said was bring it in...even a dumb blonde knows she can't drive the car to the dealer with the top part up.
  • Thought you might be interested in the outcome .. original guy had a "Velocity Performance Module" put on engine; somehow this was causing the mass air flow sensor to misfire (?) - mechanic remarked it looked like a 'kid' did the install as they cut into one of the hoses. Cost me $142 to diagnose/remove/repair; all done in one day. Not a problem since then! Followed up with original owner; said he 'forgot about it' and it never caused him any problems. He added that the Chrysler mechanic in GA did the install 'on the side'.
  • foilfoil Posts: 1

    Just bought a crossfire and have just noticed the left hand side of the interior light is not working properly, could be a loose connection or needs a new bulb, can someone tell me how to open the cover to get to the bulb.
    many thanks
  • squat6squat6 Posts: 5
    Just as a follow up...turned out to be an oil seepage problem - the valve cover gasket on the left side of the engine. I noticed it because the smell turned into smoke. Chrysler had the car 3 times and could not find it. I finally did. It is getting fixed (hopefully).
  • xfire2xfire2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the helpful info!!
  • Answers sound very disappointing. Just ordered a 2005 Crossfire Limited with GPS. Shocking to hear that a visual mapping screen is not included. No wonder there are no pictures on the www, I wouldn’t have spent $1200 for just text and voice. What a rip-off!
  • srtbeemsrtbeem Posts: 8
    First,make sure the windows are all the way down.Also check to make sure the divider in the trunk is up in its locked position in the slots on both sides.
  • mprice1mprice1 Posts: 1
    Live in the UK, just bought a 2004 crossfire, love it. But need to think with my head for a minute - I would like to know if anyone has fitted the luggage cover? If so, is it a good aftermarket part? Does it fit well and did you have dealer fit it? Again if so how long did it take them? Car is pretty rare in the UK and local dealers cannot answer any of these questions - just want to be sure they wont rip me off. any avice would be greatly received
  • Use a jewelers screwdriver and pry the lens cover off, there are 2 screws that need to be removed and the light will come off but will still be attached by the wires. If the bulb is blown consider your self lucky (more likly to be a short/defect), had mine changed under warranty at a cost of $185.00 to DChrysler. I had the same problem that you describe and I also know of others also, all changed/replaced under warranty. If your XFire is still under warranty you are covered, check with Allpar to see if there is a TSB for this problem.
  • What do you mean by part way up?.....Just unlatched or part way retracted with the tonneau cover open? If it was just left unlatched there should be no problem. Now if was left partly retracted with the tonneau cover open and you engaged the switch, the top should have closed (up position) itself, and the tonneau cover should have closed after 15 minutes to the point right before latching itself and your switch will flash. Here are 2 things that might help: 1)Start the car and try to close the top rather than retracting it. 2) disconnect the battery for 15 minutes and then reconnect the battery and then try to retract the top. I some times leave my top partly retracted at car shows and after 15 minutes the top will close (the up position) itself to point right before latching the tonneau cover.
    Hope this helps!!!
  • dobrodobro Posts: 9
    My tire warning light worked like a charm. I was shocked to learn that I had a cracked rim . $320.00, back in business. I just wanted to gripe.
  • beebababeebaba Posts: 1
    I bought the luggage cover. I plan to install it myself. It comes with templates for cutting the holes through the cargo liner (and I presume there are threaded holes for the bolts underneath the liner). It's hard to tell because the instructions are all illustrations, without any words. I haven't installed it yet, but it seems like it's foolproof for someone with even rudimentary mechanical skills. By the way, my local dealer here in the states is as mystified as yours might be by Crossfires.
  • dhernand10dhernand10 Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a pre-owned 2005 Crossfire Limited w/ navigation stereo combination. Since it was a pre-owned vehicle navigation cds were not included. Does anyone know where I can purchase the navigation cds? I have checked the mopar website and they are not listed on there. Otherwise the car is running great!
  • scentedscented Posts: 1
    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows the proper way to replace the headlight. The light seems to be jammed and I can't really take it off. Trying to avoid any damages by forcing the light out. Not sure if there is some type of trick or kit I have to purchase to replace the headlights. I would appreciate any help offer. Thanks.
  • buckyrobbuckyrob Posts: 8
    Sorry to have to ask a dumb question but I just picked up my new Chrysler Crossfire Roadster and it came without a user's manual. HOW DO I OPEN THE GAS DOOR? HELP!
  • cem1952cem1952 Posts: 1
    You need to unlock both passenger doors with the key button, then just push down on the gas cap cover and it should just pop open. When finish, put cap back on and push cover down and it will lock in a closed position.
  • buckyrobbuckyrob Posts: 8
    Thank you for your help.
  • I would take it to the Dealer, our headlamps are not easy to remove, especially on the passenger side. Just my humble opinion.
  • They are on Ebay from time to time.
  • superbee1superbee1 Posts: 1
    I'm seriously interested in purchasing a new Crossfire with a MSRP of $51000. Anyone have an idea on a fair price?
  • dhernand10dhernand10 Posts: 3
    Thanks, I will check out Ebay.
  • If thats a dealer price, its not the best. Check around and check on Ebay, I have seen SRT6's for $39,000.00. There are plenty of them sitting on the docks as we speak. DChrysler is also giving them away to employess on 1 year short term leases. That Dealer will never get 51k, do yourself a favor and check around, there are deals to be had.
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