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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • Has anyone seen better prices for HondaCare than those of College Hills Honda? It would be great if someone could share!

    Thanks all - this board is the shizznasty!!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Um, yes - just back up a couple of messages where we are talking about Bernardi Honda and their blow-out prices. When I checked, they had not updated their web page to reflect the new (9/1/2005) prices and plans - but prior to today they were $75-100 cheaper than any place else I checked.

  • Um thanks,

    Looking for new plans.

  • Hi Im new to this chat room.I just purchased an 05 odyssey EX about two weeks ago,paid 26,800.Im very happy with the vehicle.I also own an accord ex 2dr that has 168k on it.Unfortunately I did not educate myself enough before buying this vehicle.I think Ive learned more in the last two weeks about buying a car just because I felt like I was taken on a lot of things,some of which Im embarrassed to mention right now, and I wanted to learn from my experience. Im not totally bitter though because I really only have myself to blame.I feel the selling price was ok but not great.What Im really worried about and hoping that I can get out of, is the price I paid for the honda ext. wty.I paid 1,600for the 72/75 $50 deductable.From what Ive seen on this forum this is almost double what I should have paid .From what Ive read in the contract agreement I can cancel on or before 60 days with a full refund if I havnt used the service.If this is correct I should be able to cancel and repurchase somewhere for a normal price.Can any one comment on this?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I paid 1,600for the 72/75 $50 deductible. From what I've seen on this forum this is almost double what I should have paid

    Yes, WAY too much. As I posted the other day, Bernardi was selling the 7 year (84 month), 75k $50 plan for $681, so you paid close to a grand too much - and you got 1 less year!

    As of 9/1/2005 you can no longer get the $50 deductible plan, but if are still under 6,000 miles then you can get a $0 deductible plan - else you have to get the $100 plan.

    CollegeHills Honda is showing a 6yr/80k/$0 for $785 and the 7/80//$0 for $875 and the 8/100/$0 for $1,260 .

    It looks like Bernardi is selling at the old price and plan through Monday, the 5th - so you might want to get a quote from them and get it done before Monday.

    You can cancel now for a full refund if you have not used the plan. Call HondaCare customer service TODAY (800-999-5901) and tell them you want to cancel. They can fax you the cancel form so you can get it signed and returned right away. If you financed the HC plan along with the van then it gets a little more complex. They will refund the plan cost to the loan bank (no matter if it is Honda Finance or your credit union) and what happens then just "depends". I think AHFC takes it off the back end of the loan, so you pay the same payment now until there is $1,600 owed and then you pay now more. Other banks could re-do the deal so you get a lower payment. If you paid cash or charged the plan then they refund the money to you.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Bernardi is still selling the "old" plans through Monday. Unless you wanted something more than 7 years or 100k miles this would probably be your best bet. For sure if you have more than 6k on your Honda, since you could only get the $100 deductible under the new scheme.

  • What is the coverage period of the extended warrenty? Does it start from now or does it start from the end of 3rd year? I think it does not matter for the coverage on the car itself, but it matters for things like roadside assistance.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It starts from the day you buy it. This is good if you need the trip interruption or car rental stuff, otherwise it just means you would get less money back on the pro-rated refund should your Honda get stolen, totaled, or you trade it in :( .

    The benefits are shown here, but the REAL benefit does not kick in until the normal warranty is up:

  • Has anyone seen the new HC extended warranty prices? I was planning on buying the wife an Accord LX this weekend but for some reason all Honda dealers in the area are closed on Saturday and Monday. Talk about crazy. Monday would be a great day to sell cars.
  • Im new to this board, and not sure how it works exactly... I am used to forms.. anyway

    I am looking at buying a 03 Civic EX, my first Honda, with 45391 miles on it. All these sites listed on this board ( for example) that sell HC EW say I have to many miles on it to get it yet I see people telling other people with more miles on there cars to buy a HC EW. How is this possible??? And if they sell ones for used cars, how much more will they cost? Where do I get them?

    I want a 6/100,000 mile warranty. If I am understanding right that six years would start from the date I buy the EW, not the cars year and that the 100,000 miles is total Odomiter reading. Is th is correct?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Too many miles on that car.

    Before 09/01/2005 the limit was 42k miles, now it is 36k miles (note that some dealers might date your contract 8/31 to get a car under the wire). The 45k on the Civic you are looking at is too many in any case.

    I guess the good news is that Civic MUST have been highway miles, right? To get so many so quick? Those are typically easier on the car than city miles.

  • Looks like the new plans now include oil changes and tire damage...stuff that used to be covered under the Sentenial plan at an exta cost
  • "Looks like the new plans now include oil changes and tire damage..."

    Watch those "tire damage" provisions. If it's a prorated arrangement, it's usually prorated from an inflated "adjustment price" that's significantly more than the same series tire would cost at any tire shop that carries that brand. Prorated battery adjustments are also subject to those shananigans. When my '96 Accord's original Delco battery tanked (shorted cell) with seven months to go, my Honda dealer's adjustment price after prorating was still $27.00 more before installation costs than I payed outright for a higher capacity Delco battery that included installation at a local tire/alignment shop that carried batteries as a sideline. (I had to call AAA to come to the dealer to give me a jump - the dealer weanies wouldn't even extend me that small courtesy!)
  • Scratch my post..I think Im mistaken
  • Big Ups to Dennis for this find. I think Im going to the 7yr/100k/0 for 746 (saving me about 125 from CollegeHills) but I want to see what they can do for 8yr/120k/0. Ill post the price if they offer it...hoping it's around $950!
  • Concerning Warranty prices - pricing for discretionary items are generally set by the consumers; price it too high and no one will buy your product. What happens is that a happy medium is arrived at when the seller (Honda) is making a reasonable profit and the consumer (Honda Odyssey owners) believes they are getting a good value. Capitalism at its best!

    In every state EXCEPT Florida, a 7 years/100,000 miles warranty for a Honda Odyssey via the internet is going for about $1050 which indicates its fair market value. However, in Florida and because of the “protection of its citizens” by the Florida Insurance Commission which DOES NOT ALLOW purchasing this warranty from out of state Honda dealers, Floridians are forced to pay $1880 or $800 MORE for the same product for our local dealers. This was the price I found when calling at several dealers last week.

    For all non-Floridian Odyssey owners, raise your hand if you would be comfortable paying the higher amount for the same warranty…didn’t anyone hear me?…..I’m not seeing any raised hands. Of course you wouldn’t as the market has already established the price; around $1050 for a 7 years/100,000 miles warranty.

    I would consider paying a grand for this warranty but paying much beyond this amount indicates a HUGE PROFIT for the dealer and a HUGE GOUGE for the consumer. For this Floridian Odyssey owner, I am keeping my $2,000 in my pocket. I would recommend other Odyssey owners living in Florida do the same.

    By the way, for those who have paid for this warranty at the dealer in person, did you charge you tax? Florida does (perhaps more salt on the wound.)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I hear the same complaints from all Honda car and motorcycle owners who live in Florida. Love to get a plan, but some Florida law says they can't be discounted.

    I ASSUME it is some law to protect all the elderly from being taken by some scam or other, but I am not really sure what the logic is behind it or the reasons for it.

    If I were a Florida resident, I would spend some time finding the law that denied me a discount and set about getting it fixed if I could.

  • What ... about ... ordering the extended warranty online for "delivery" to your new location in another state (conveniently the same address as a relative you'll be living with until your new house is ready for occupancy) and then conveniently "moving" back to Florida because your spouse couldn't take the climate? I question whether the Florida law had anything to do with really protecting the elderly unless the "elderly" are the established insurance interests in that state looking to maintain a legislature-sanctioned extortion lock on Floridians.

    (Children, can you say, "soft money campaign contributions"?)
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Could you provide a link about that Florida law? I live in NY and could potentially purchase a Honda Care warranty some time within the next year, after which I will be a resident of FL. I would be interested in understanding whether my coverage would be impacted.
  • Hi,

    I was wondering what the best price anyone has found for a Honda 4cyl accord sedan 8yr/120k/$0 hondacare plan. I found $1055 @ college hills honda. Has anyone seen chaeaper???

  • hondawarrantyinfo said they should be set with the new HondaCare prices tomorrow. I'd wait atleast to see what they have to say.

    I'm in the same boat. Just got the Wife an '05 Honda Accord 4cl today and looking for an extended warranty. The dealer wanted me to buy some third party warranty 6yr/75k/$0 for $1700. Thanks to this board, I knew to stay away.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    I've lived in FL for the past 24 years. The Florida Insurance Commissioner regulates prices of vehicle extended warranties not to protect just the elderly but every citizen (state resident or not) who purchases a vehicle and extended warranty in Florida to avoid haggling, gouging, undercutting and yes, good ole' Uhmerkin competition on what is truly an insurance policy. This prevents a state wide no holds barred Geico-Roman (+5 pts for blending these terms) wrestling match. Each dealer must charge the same for identical coverage and register those prices with the commish or heads roll , huge fines are assessed, charges filed, etc. Other states honor FL polices, but no out of state dealer can sell one to you if you reside in FL. I believe if you move here it voids any out of state warranty but you may be able to get a prorated refund.

    I like the way it is handled here as it keeps the players honest, a rarity among car dealers, some of whom pose as consumers on forums just like this. Just so you know, it does NOT jack up the prices beyond reason. I'm buying an '06 Ody Touring in GA and if I want an extended Hondacare warranty I have to get it locally before 15K miles or I get a used vehicle warranty. As of today, in FL, a 6 yr, 100K mile zero deductible Hondacare OEM extended warranty costs $1,530. It makes no difference if I buy it in Pensacola or Miami; same Honda coverage = same price. Programs go up to up to 8 year, ZD, 120K miles and that is just over $2K or down to about $600 for something like 5/60, $100 ded. Like any other state, length and deductibles vary relative to price. Regarding the salty wound of tax on warranties, yes, we pay it,so what, 6% here. We also don't pay income tax and from what I've seen online, we are only paying slightly more than the risk of, "what's it gonna take to get you to drive away today with the peace of mind yet you have a worthless aftermarket warranty that makes me rich?" other states are subject to. This Floridian likes big brother looking out for my well being, don't knock it until you're been ripped off like one poster in this string (msg #572). Dealers still make money on both OEM and aftermarket programs here so this remains a viable yet equal sales tool for all. Soap box now stowed, thanks.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    To each his or her own.

    You do yourself a disservice, however. Obviously you are an educated consumer and you don't NEED the state to watch your back. You could save $500 or more on the warranty if your state didn't have this law. So while it may save SOME folks some money it costs YOU - the educated consumer - money and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I would never buy a Saturn because I don't want a "one price" deal. I DEPEND on those before and after me to pay too much, then the dealer can afford to give ME a super deal. If I have to buy a one price car I will pay more than I would if I can deal.

    To your way of thinking the state (AKA Big Brother) probably should pass a law and mandate all cars should be sold for MSRP? That way dealers could not over charge for them?

    While it may help some folks, the smart shoppers like you are just paying way too much.

  • Any word on prices on the Honda Care 8yr/120K/$0 from

    I'm still waiting for a reply from them...
  • Still waiting to hear back. Will post when i hear something.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Did you try calling them? The number is right on the web page - which has not been updated to show the new prices and warranties.

    BTW, these folks were NOT always the cheapest - just in the last few weeks when they were "blowing out" the prices did they become the best . Prior to that HondAcuraWorld or CollegeHills or other places had better prices. So no guarantee that Bernardi will be the best price - once they get around to posting the price.

  • has the 8yr/120K/$0 for $1025.
  • please post a link. i only see an 800 # on their site. guy quoted 1295 on the phone for a 2005 4cyl accord
  • Odd, their worker on AIM quoted me $1025.
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