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    Thank you so much. What you said is entirely true. But the two hundred dollar etching job by the dealer incloses a money rebate if the car is reported stolen with the glass etching. I mean it comes with a seperate money back warranty.

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    I am now the happy owner of a Silver Pearl Metallic 06 Odyssey EXL-RES. My purchase was painless with no hassle. I mentioned that I was shopping around and that I had previously dealt with another local dealer. I was presented with a $300 under invoice deal. Invoice with $550 destination charge, $29,696 - $300= $29,369,+ $199 doc fee, $52 title, $0 taxes (military exempt) OTD price $29,647. I was happy with this deal :)

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    Congratulations! That sounds like a great deal.

    You may do better, though, to post this in the 'Prices paid and buying experiences" thread for Hondas.
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    Could someone clarify about these services. Are they included in HC? I read that it may cost extra for some, that some dealerships refuse to give loaners. Any comments?

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    I got the Lojack retrieval and alarm from my dealer for my 05 element for $575.......Your dealer is trying to get more money on the "back end of the deal"
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    Oil change: different program than HondaCare.

    Tires: different program, a dealership in the 'big city' has a program called "Tires 4 Ever" where they will replace your tires "free" for as long a you own your vehicle and get all maintenance (according to their schedule) done at their shop.

    Loaner car: most contracts pay for a loaner in a limited way. each contract is different. Most are along the lines of paying $25.00 for a day when 8 hours of labor are billed. This would be a job like a transmission, and engine might get you paid for 2 days.

    Getting a loaner car is usually also dependent upon availability. If you want a loaner, ask for it when you SCHEDULE your appointment. You'll know then whether or not you're getting one. We have free loaners for service customers, but it's first come first serve and we only have a handful of vehicles. There's not a spare car with your name on it waiting for the day you need it.

    I believe Hondacare has roadside assistance, but be sure it's in the contract BEFORE you sign it. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. Also be sure you know the $$ they will pay per tow.
    Some service contracts will tow to the shop of YOUR choice, some with tow to the NEAREST shop. Some will honor a bill from any tow service, some have their own wrecker system.
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    Just to add:

    Basic lo-jack is $550 through my local Honda dealer. Add $250 for the lo-jack 'early warning system' (bascially alerts lo-jack if the car moves without the EWS dongle being in the car) If they are asking $900+ dollars for the basic setup you are getting ripped off.

    If you want better than lo-jack protection, get a GPS locator (not navigation, a locator) which will allow you to track you car real-time if it is stolen. These can be had for as low as $300, however, a montly fee, or usuage fee may apply.
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    I bought my Odyssey in May and just closed on a Hondacare warranty after reading many posts here. I got the warranty at Jim White Honda in Ohio after making an offer of $50 over dealer cost. They accepted even though I didn't buy my van there. 8yr, 100000k for $1180.
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    I just bought a 2006 Civic EX AT and I opted to get the 6yr/120,000 mile Hondacare warranty with zero deductible. I found a competitive offer on it and was able to get it for $885, which I think is an okay deal. I figured that it's a first year model and now I shouldn't have to worry about it for 120,000 miles at least (or a year beyond when it's paid for if we get to that first)

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    We just have bought our new Honda Civic LX and are considering whether to buy warranty now (before 6K) or maybe 3 years later. I have reviewed the posts but did not see the answers to my questions, so if anyone can answer, please, do.
    - Besides $100 ded what is the difference in buying today or 3 years later? Whould it be more expensive to buy 7/120 3 years from now than today?
    - Is it true that new car warranty starts from the day you buy car and old from the day you purchase warranty?
    - Will you be able to have the same number of years/miles covered? (let's say todays 7/120 should be 3 years later 4/xxx, not 120 but less since 3 years have passed ?)
    My reasoning here that it is better to pay cash tomorrow than today.
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    With Honda if you wait pass 6K to purchase a warranty it will be close to double in price. I would do something before 6K or pass unless the price comes way back down again.
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    As many have said already, thanks to everybody for the incredible help in sorting out all the confusion over prices, options, opinions that surround EWs. This forum is unbelievably helpful!

    My dillema is as follows. I bought a new '05 Ody in Feb. I'm no longer sure this is really the car I need -- it's just too big. I used to have the original Ody w/ 4 regular doors and that was a perfect size. Anyway, I'm thinking that I may sell the car in the next couple years and I'm unclear what makes the most sense with regard to an EW.

    If I sell the car before the 3/36 original warranty is up could the person that I sell it to buy an EW? Or are EW only available to the original purchaser? I've searched this forum but haven't found anything one way or another.
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    As many have said already, thanks to everybody for the incredible help in sorting out all the confusion over prices, options, opinions that surround EWs. This forum is unbelievably helpful!

    My dillema is as follows. I bought a new '05 Ody in Feb. I'm no longer sure this is really the car I need -- it's just too big. I used to have the original Ody w/ 4 regular doors and that was a perfect size. Anyway, I'm thinking that I may sell the car in the next couple years and I'm unclear what makes the most sense with regard to an EW.

    If I sell the car before the 3/36 original warranty is up could the person that I sell it to buy an EW? Or are EW only available to the original purchaser? I've searched this forum but haven't found anything one way or another.

    I don't think you need to be the original's all based on mileage. One thing to think about is whether you will change your mind and get used to the larger sized vehicle and decide to keep it longer. One nice thing about the Hondacare warranties is that if you don't use it all, you DO get a partial refund when you trade the vehicle in (or you can pass it along to the new owner as a benefit which should get you more money should you decide to sell). The zero deductible warranties appear to be only available if there are less than 6,000 miles on the vehicle, however. Here is the link to a site that sells them and I would expect that they could answer any detailed questions that you may have about them. Although I didn't buy my warranty from them, I did use their price to negotiate the same deal with my dealer. (I did order some all-season floormats from them which arrived promptly and exactly as described). I hope this helps clarify.


    College Hills Honda
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    your EW will apply to the new owner of the vehicle untill it is valid.
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    That's not what I'm asking, I understand that the EW is transferable. My question was whether a new buyer could purchase an EW themselves if I don't. If I sell the car before the original warranty id up then I have no incentive to buy an EW...but only if a prospective buyer can buy the EW themselves. If they can't then I may just buy the EW to help with marketing the car as a safe deal.
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    Yes, the second owner can buy a service contract. If you buy one, it would have to be transferred (via $$ and paperwork) to the second owner.
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    I bought a Pilot LX today, price is good, $23884.
    but the dealer then offered me an extended warranty, $1330 for 8yr/120K with no deductible from high cost repairs on most major components, rental car and towing allowances, but it buddled with a exterior-telflon fortified sealant and interior protect for $1475

    He sounded like the whole warranty can be canceled within 60days. but actually the protection for $1475 is not cancelable, it counted as cash accessories.

    You guys have any comments?
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    sounds more expensive for their Californian MBI (including wear and tear) but is highly recommended by carbuyingtips
    any comments, I am thinkin of cancelling the car warranty from Honda dealer.
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    There are a number of Internet Honda dealers selling genuine Honda Care warranties for way less than local dealers. I bought a 6/120 $0 deductible warranty for my 2006 Odyssey for $1,025 from Bernardi Honda. Do a Google search for "Honda extended warranty" and you will have a choice. I highly recommend Bernardi in MA because they are very reputable.
  • artgpoartgpo Member Posts: 483
    I had two third party warranties that became worthless after the company went belly up. If you can find a genuine Honda Care warranty for a reasonable amount that would be the way to go. It is almost like Russian roulette when you buy a third party warranty these days.
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    There are a number of Internet Honda dealers selling genuine Honda Care warranties for way less than local dealers. I bought a 6/120 $0 deductible warranty for my 2006 Odyssey for $1,025 from Bernardi Honda. .

    .....adding to Art's EW info:

    ...I paid circa $585 for a HC 6/80 $100 deduct EW - - 05 Accord coupe 6M - - using (Ray Laks Honda)

    season's best, ez.....
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    As some others have mentioned the online quote from Curry, College Hills, Bernardi, etc., can be used as good negotiating tools with your dealer. I brough in the quotes I got from the above folks when I bought my new Civic Si and the dealer agreed (reluctantly perhaps) to match the quotes for an 8/120.
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    looking to buy a Pilot.

    I have some questions. Does the warranty requires regular oil change at the dealer (expensive) and 30K, 45K, 60K, 75K, 90K (timing belt change) at the dealer (expensive) ? Transmission service at dealer (expensive) ?

    Also, let's say a water hose broke at 80K mile, and the engine becomes overheated, will they fault you for wear and tears and say you didn't maintain the car properly ? Thanks. Meaning you will have to take on all reccommended service by the dealership ?
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    Warranties and service contracts both require that you do all maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. You don't have to get work done at a dealership, but you should keep all receipts. If you do your own work, keep your receipts for supplies and take a picture of your odometer with a current newspaper in front (to prove date and mileage when work was done), and keep a logbook. If you have a warranty or service contract dispute, you can prove you took care of your vehicle.
    If a water hose pops at 80k miles and you've never replaced the hoses, you might have a fight on your hands.
    Some service contracts don't cover overheating of any kind, many don't cover hoses.

    You do not have to do DEALER-recommended maintenance. Many dealers have engine flush, brake service, transmission flush, and other services that are not recommended by manufacturers. Your owner's manual will tell you what needs to be done.
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    This is very interesting. I bought a Honda Odyssey EX *today* at Bernardi Honda in Natick MA. Their finance person tried to pitch us on $3,791 in "add-ons" that included a 96mo/120k extended warranty for $1,880. We told her that we were didn't drive that much (<10K per year) and she offered a 96mo/100K "deal" for $1,500. I thanked her but said we weren't interested, and she explained that we had until Tuesday (when we pick up the vehicle) to change our mind. She also said that as of Sep 1, 2005 Honda was no longer selling extended warranties after purchase -- no more waiting a year or two to get one -- and that third party warranties wouldn't be honored. Very much a take it or leave it approach. I still declined, and that was that.

    Come home tonight and start Googling around for "honda extended warranties" and find myself here. Lo and behold, various posters are extolling the virtues of the "Bernardi warranties" -- so I check out their website (which I hadn't done, even though we bought our Odyssey there) and find a "Honda Care" discount coupon for 30% off!! Then I check out (a Bernardi site) and get a quote of $1,181 for the exact same warranty (I think) that they were ready to sell me for $1,500 just three hours ago...

    Should make for an interesting conversation when I call them back tomorrow... ;-)
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    I bought my Odyssey on October 3, 2005. About six weeks later I cancelled the Honda Care warranty I bought at the time of sale and purchased another from Bernardi via their web site. The person at Bernardi was full of you-know-what. I found the Internet warranty guy from Bernardi to be straight up. The HC from Bernardi was send directly from Honda about three weeks later.
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    I paid $696 at the end of August from Bernardi for my '05 Pilot. I avg about 27K per year so 3/36 would only last about a year and a half for me. The HC warranty will almost last me until the the 4 yr note is paid off. The dealer where I purchased started at $1495 and I said no thanks. For a $700 dice throw, I'll take the chance and see what happens. It is a form of insurance, plain and simple. I think you can even get a refund if you have no claims at the end. Can anyone illuminate this aspect a bit more? Happy New Year!
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    re refunds on honda care, there are no complete refunds except in the first 60 day period after purchase of warranty, subject to certain conditions and $25 fee, after that time period you can get a prorated refund if you want to cancel and no claims were made, at least that'w what i was told by the dealer and the fine print on the contract seems to say the same thing
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    Purchased a new 06 Pilot EX-L with RES a few weeks ago
    and purchsed the CNA extended warranty for 7yr/100k
    (the Preferred-auto with Special Sports Option coverage).
    This is almost the same coverage as Honda Care but $300
    less. It includes towing, rental, etc.
    Any experiences with CNA? Did I make the correct choice or not.
    I spoke to a few friends who bought Honda's at the same dealer and
    they purchsed the CNA plan as well, since it was cheaper
    and had the same coverage...
    Comments please?
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    Please be bold and post what you paid for this CNA warranty including the deductible per warranted repair so we can scrutinize further. While coverages may be similar there are minor differences between what CNA considers a covered repair and Hondacare. Think, "We'll stand behind it because we built it" versus "hey, we don't build cars, we sell warranties for profit, what did you expect?"

    I had a CNA warranty on another vehicle (Volvo) and the next day the Service Manager talked me out of it and into OEM because some repairs left out of pocket residue and I chose a zero deductible. After just one recent customer brake repair it turned out CNA was $300 less of a bargain (closing the $600 savings gap). In the long haul (7yr/100K) it was almost assured to be more expensive than OEM i.e.- save now pay later. Usually aftermarket warranties give dealers a higher percentage of profit versus OEM and that could explain the good salesmanship for the preferred super sport turbo extra warm fuzzy option package you chose.

    If you compare the low price for Hondacare from say Bernardi, you probably will beat the CNA easily and your dealer might hesitantly match Bernardi without you losing any/much money if you file for a refund in the first 30 days. Check another dealer or CNA directly if you don't like the refund answers you get from your dealer as no one likes to give money back after payday.

    Note that Hondacare is simply an extension of the OEM 3/36 warranty (longer on '06 powertrain) with towing, trip planning, and rental car added from day one of purchase. CNA coverage probably won't kick in until original warranty expiration I believe. That means you might have out of pocket rental car expenses for overnight repairs for the first 3/36 vs. Hondacare paying it all (let the rip-offs begin?).

    Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm in FL where the state gets involved in extended warranty pricing so there is no haggling. Here you will pay the same for identical coverage statewide and you can't buy an EW out of state and use it in FL. We chose $7/100K/ZD for our '06 Touring Ody and had to pay $1440 for it. The insurance commish's concept is that no one will be gouged, not a bad idea for the novice, stinks for the educated consumer. In the other 49 states I believe our Hondacare coverage would have been at least $300 less, bummer.

    Good luck as no matter what you choose to keep the most important factor is surely peace of mind.
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    Very good post! I think almost all third party warranties are never quite as good as the ones that are factory backed.

    BTW: Honda Care can be cancelled within 60 days without penalty.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastMember Posts: 858
    Very good post!

    I second Art's comment: that was a good post.....

    FWIW: (Ray Laks Honda, upstate NY) laid a 6yr/80k/100D on me for $583.50 OTD........

    ..there are bargains out there....

    best, ez..
  • jimzopsjimzops Member Posts: 39
    It has the exact same coverage as the Honda Care.
    I read the warranties and the fine print and it was read by my insurance broker brother in-law.
    Honda Care here in St. Louis/Stephen Vincel was 300 more.
    And Honda Care is not backed by Honda the manafacturer.
    They are separate entities.
  • jimzopsjimzops Member Posts: 39
    The deductibleschedule is as follows:

    repair cost = deductible
    $1-200 = $0
    201-400 = 25
    401-700 = 50
    701-1000 = 75
    1001 and over = 100

    The one thing I'm not sure of is if the CNA is only for beyon the 3/36 factory warrnaty. I will find out.

    Either way I think I have piece of mind with a reputable
    insurer. Extended warra nties are simple insurance policies. I repeat Honda Care is not back by Honda the manafacturer.
  • mentoromentoro Member Posts: 11

    Please take a look at the following link:
  • artgpoartgpo Member Posts: 483
    Please don't EVER compare a third party warranty to a "factory" extended policy. As you can see, Honda does indeed back their warranties just as GMAC is behind GM's EW.

    I had two third policy warranties from the same company, Warranty Gold. When WG went belly-up I was stuck with worthless paper and was out 18 months of a five year policy and $520 down payment on the second's down payment. Total loss to me: $1,600. Now I am certain CNA is much better backed than was WG but I learned my lesson.

    Can you CNA be used at any Honda dealer or only the selling dealer? Having a factory EW makes repairs seamless. A third party warranty usually requires preapproval from the insurer prior to repairs. Sometimes a tear down is required before approval.

    Speaking as an experienced third party EW owner I can say I will NEVER buy another. Factory backed EW is the only way to go.
  • jimzopsjimzops Member Posts: 39
    I'm not sure what you're talking baout.
    CNA is large and reputable and used by hundreds of dealers nationally
    for decades.
    Repairs can be done at any Honda dealer with CNA..
    Third party warranties, and even Honda Care, require approval before repairs. No one, not even Honda Care, will pay if you have not followed the maintanence schedule. If you have not done the required
    scheduled transmission service not even Honda Care will help you if your tranny falters.
    Remember, ALL extended warranties are "Insurance policies" period.
  • jimzopsjimzops Member Posts: 39
    Maybe this is why 3rd party warranties are outselling the like of honda or Toyota Care. Glad I purchased the cheaper CNA policy...
  • mitzijmitzij Member Posts: 613
    Yeah, nice article! If you're a dealer!

    That survey was aimed at dealers, not customers. It has nothing to do with CUSTOMER satisfaction. Of course dealers like aftermarket service contracts-there's more $$$ in it for the them. It's right up there with rust protection.
    I can just about guarantee sales/finance people answered those surveys. The service department cringes when a customer says 'I have an extended warranty!'

    Sales departments love service contracts. They sell 'em and that's it.
    It's my job (service department) to deal with the service contract companies. I get the 10 minute wait on hold, I get the 20 questions before I find out if the repairs are covered, I get the funsy job of telling the customer "sorry, that isn't covered", I get to explain that there's no such thing as a 'bumper to bumper extended warranty'.

    I'm no fan of service contracts to begin with, but I'd much rather have a 2 minute call to GMPP than wasting time haggling with an aftermarket service contract company and the back-and-forth fax party that comes before I get paid.
  • davantdavant Member Posts: 294

    Of course dealers like aftermarket EW's better than OEM, they're a cash cow, don't bite the hand that feeds you (insert your cliche' here).

    Perhaps you are a dealer of just play golf with one? That survey has a strong aroma of green Treasury ink. Any educated consumer would evaluate the choices with more of a 'what's in it for me' attitude. I congratulate you on making an EW purchase that you are happy with. Just like Warranty Gold, CNA could go belly up as it's happened to larger corporations in recent history. I seriously doubt that Hondacare backed by Honda (even under another division) will go under as long as they keep building fine automobiles. If you're so sure of this, please post a similar link to a survey that shows CONSUMERS where more satisfied with aftermarket warranties than the manufacter's, this I gotta' see. JD Powers won't help you out on this one...


    Davant out
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    Good point about following the maint. schedule to avoid denials. But, in your favor, the manufacturers have made so many items unneccesary that there really isn't much to do.

    Change the oil when the light tells you to is about it. Every thing else is just visual inspections usually. I don't think Honda calls for a tranny service (changing fluid) for instance.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

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    i am not sure what exactly is "follow the schedule", i have a HondaCare for my 05 CR-V and i am thinking about if i should schedule a 7500K minor maintenance now or wait until the light is on or until 10K according to user manual.

    Any suggestion exactly what should i do such that later on if i need to apply my warranty my request will not be denied.

  • jimzopsjimzops Member Posts: 39
    I have been told by many that you must perform
    the, for example, 7.5K, 15K, 30K, 60K, 75K, 100k
    servicing as laid out the owners manuual for your car
    or you will void warranty for any particular item.
    If you do not have the item serviced close to the required mileage,
    and that item falters, the warranty will not cover it.
    If, for example, your car is required in the maintenance schedule to have a transmission service (fluids, etc) at 75K, it must be done.
    If you don't an the tranny fails at 90K, there is no way the extended
    will cover it.
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 43,169
    But, that is the plus side to the manufacturs obsession with eliminating all required services (tranny, coolant, etc) for "normal" use. They do it to make the car seem cheap to maintain I guess, but how can you not do a service that isn't called for? Other than oil changes of course.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 197,883
    The maintenance schedule on all CR-Vs since the 2002 model year is 10K, 20K, 30K, etc...

    I change my oil (who am I kidding? The dealer changes my every 5K, but I stay on the recommended schedule for everything else.. Almost 58K on my '02..


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  • rekhrekh Member Posts: 47
    Hi, I have just bought a Honda Accord VP 2006 and an extended Warranty 6 years/80K for $1872.I live in NY. Can anybody help me to know if it's a good price, please? How is the manintenance schedule for this car? (every 10K miles,or... I couldn't find it in the owner's manuual)
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 43,169
    not a good deal. Check out the board here, and also at a popular honda dedicated site. There are a number of dealers that sell the plan for a little over cost.

    One at least was recently offering plans for the Odyssey 9which should cost more than the Accord) of ~$1,100 for a 7 year, 100K, 0 deductible policy. Obviously a 6/80 will be less.

    The maintenance schedule on the Accord is pretty basic. Not much to do in 6 years other than oil changes. The Accord is also one of the most reliable cars made, and the VP is a more basic model, so an ESC is prebably not really worth it.

    And, for 2006, the powertrain warranty (aka the expensive stuff) is 5 years/60(?)K, so you are really buying a very limited window of extra coverage.

    In any case, make sure it is Honda Care and not aftermarket. Then, do some digging on the boards to get a better deal (lower price/longer term). You have a certain amount of time to cancel the contract you got and get a new one.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastMember Posts: 858
    ......and an extended Warranty 6 years/80K for $1872.I live in NY.

    ....not sure where in NY y'all hail from BUT:

    ..a 6year/80k HC EW from Ray Laks Honda in upstate NY( cost me just under $584......

    ...if you paid 3 times the $584, that's no 'deal'....

    ...consider canceling the $1800+ and repurchasing.....

    best, ez..
  • rekhrekh Member Posts: 47
    thanks so much for your comment
  • drnick5drnick5 Member Posts: 27
    I tried to do a quote from bernadi ( but it's not send me any E-mails. teh cheapest I found so far is 1055 for the 8/120 0 ded. plan on an 06 accord 4cyl. can someone tell em if bernadi is cheaper? thanks!

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