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Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



  • Just got an '03 Accord LX 4 cyl. Thinking of the extended hondacare warranty. Would be about $800 for 6yr/100K $0 deductable.

    I notice it comes with free oil change (up to $25) per the maint schedule which for this car is every 10K miles. Thus I figure I save $25 * 9 = $225 in oil changes. Bringing cost of warranty to $575. Sounds like something to consider. I bet you'd recove the $575 if you see the car privately while still under warranty.

  • Honda is also doing something new w/ their warranty. If you don't use it , and your extended warranty expires, they give you your money back...

    Sounds to me like a great ploy to get people to keep their cars longer... =o) Of course, using Hondacare can be as easy as getting a loaner when you take your car into the shop (even if still under original warranty)

    Overall, sounds like a great deal, though... "We all buy insurance hoping that we will never use it, but are glad we have it when we need it"....
  • gunturguntur Posts: 19
    I just realized that the CD player is not is not pulling in the CD as it is supposed to. In the past 3 years I probably used the CD player about 3 or 4 times and the last time was several months ago. Today I discovered the problem.....does Hondacare cover this problem ? I bought the 7 yr/75,000 coverage through Eric Strodered and thanks to folks on this forum who recommended him. I got an excellent price. Thanks in advance for your answer!
  • Hi guntur. According to the HondaCare section of American Honda's Web site, this sort of policy covers "Factory or Dealer-installed Audio, Cellular Phone, Security and Navigational Systems." So it certainly sounds as though your CD player would be covered by your policy as long as it has not been abused, and it certainly does not sound as though that is the case. Check with the dealership that you usually have your van services at to find out for certain. I'd love to hear whether they will cover this repair or not, so please come back and let us know. Thanks.

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  • Hi,
    I just bought EX-L (see in other section for details)
    Which is good warranty to buy?
    Honda Care (for $ 850 from Eric)
    Warrnaty Direct (for $ 950)
    they say that they ALSO cover wear and tear that Honda care DOES NOT cover?
  • tastetaste Posts: 37
    Hello All:

    Just wanted to thank everyone on their postings as it saved me ~$700.00 over their initial quote.

    I would also like to toot the horn of OHare Honda as I had already signed off on the 7/75K Warranty for $1,550 and then I came to this board. Once I showed them the quote they came down to $850...and this was AFTER we had signed all of our papers. Quite frankly I was happily surprised. I am not an attorney however once you have signed the contract usually your options are limited. OHare Honda however did the right thing, tore up the old HondaCare agreement and Financing and we just went in and gave our signatures to a new agreement. Very nice and I have had a very good experience with them. It is my expectation that Dealers will and should try to maximize their profit (as long as it is not done unethically) but when presented with the numbers the good ones will negotiate in good faith and take of customers like me (even after a deal was signed). I know they have earned my business when I look to purchase a Pilot in June...(as long as nothing changes ;-)
  • Does anyone know if Eric Strodered is still involved with Extended Warranties at the dealer in La.? I sent him a message at the E-Mail address provided in an earlier post some time back and it was returned? Thanks
  • gunturguntur Posts: 19
    Thanks to Car Man for the info on coverage which I later confirmed at Honda website. Yesterday I finally got the CD player replaced and thanks to the zero deductible I didn't have to pay anything. From this exercise I learnt that Honda Care doesn't pay for 'new' equipment but does for a 'refurbished' unit. Lookswise it really doesn't matter, I guess, so long this works fine. I signed paper work for about $240 dollars (I didn't have to pay)for the refurbished unit and was told a brand new one would cost $1000 if you belive the dealer. It came with 12m/12K warranty according to the local delaer and he was not sure if the replacement will be covered through Honda Care past this period. Does anyone know ? Thanks in advance for the information.
  • rbb181rbb181 Posts: 3
    With Hondacare if the vehicle is stolen during the warranty period, does one get prorated refund ? Raj
  • I have just received a quote of $900. for a Honda Care Extended Warranty for 7 year/or 100K/0 deductible from a dealer in Louisiana. Anyone know of a better price anywhere?
  • hvenhven Posts: 1
    Hi I talked to Eric at Moss as suggested but he said that he can not sell the warranty to people in Florida. Does anyone know of someone that will sell to florida residents (at a reasonable rate) and why can in not be sold in Florida? Thanks
  • they should be able to issue you a refund. The only hard part is that they may want to know what the mileage was at the time of the theft..
  • Does anyone have any experience with API vs Honda Care? Which is better? Also API is offering 100% refund if no warranty service from end of original to end of extended. Does Honda care offer a similar deal?
  • One dealer quoted me for a 2003 EX $25,663 plus a FREE 5 yr/100,000 Powertrain Warranty, FREE 5 yr. Roadside Assistance w/ 4 yr. FREE towing. Pluse an interest rate of 3.8 for 60 months

    The other dealer for the same vehicle is offering $27,995 with FREE 7 yr/100,000 PT Warranty, 4.14 interest rate and ohhhh, Free carwashes for Life. The other dealer also offers this.

    So what do you all think. I've been getting some really great quotes, but these two are offering the warranties.
  • is it worth getting a extend warranty 7/100 for $900 alot of my friends have stated that it's just not worth paying for it, because it's a honda and one will rarely use it, please help
  • I took delivery of my 2003 Oddy Ex-L last week and intended to wait to get warranty recalling references to out-of-state offerings in the Oddy Prices Paid board earlier last year. I was a bit frazzled by the time we got to the warranty discussion and let him add it for $982. About $80 too much, but I bookmarked the Prices Paid discussion and forgot to even check these other spots as purchase time came. Due to potential sliding door problems, I thought it would be a good gamble to have coverage. Even getting regular window motors replaced in old sedans ran into money over time. Another Mom in my kids preschool got the Oddy last April. Transmission shot this October. Oddy at dealer for 30 days getting parts and repairs. Good car, but bad things can happen and dealer service ain't cheap. With 2 small boys that will grow with this car, I like the idea of having the investment protected.
  • Just received an email from a local dealer and for a 7yr/100,000 bumper to bumper warranty he quoted $775. LOVE IT!!!!! Plus he's going to give me a rate of 3.74% and an EX model for $25,600. I'm doing the happy dance.
  • I found Warranty to be considerably less expensive than Honda Care Warranty for any given plan and I'm wondering if anyone in this forum has had any experience with the company. The Better Business Bureau site has no problems with this company, which is based out of Austin, TX. Anyone?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Hi odybody

    Type "warranty gold" in the search box to the left, and you will get all the current and previous discussions regarding this company.

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  • I just paid $279 for a 10yr/100K miles Bumper to Bumper warranty from for my 2003 Odyssey EX-Leather. It covers the engine, transmission, A/C, Brakes, Radiator, Emission, and some other things.
    This is for a brand new Odyssey. If I had waited for my Odyssey to reach 3 years or 36,000 miles, the same warranty would be about $900.
    The only things it does not cover is the high-tech stuff like Navigation, DVD RES, Traction control, Airbags, Anti-lock brakes, power sliding doors.
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    Hi, Andrew,

    How did you get such low quote? I went to the web site and for a 10 year/100K miles warranty with $0 deductible, it's $1199 for me in CA. I know it's different cost by state, but the gap seems extreme to me.
  • Well, the $0 deductible was $579 for 10Y/100K and the $200 deductible was $279 for 10Y/100K with the Emerald-100 Plan. The Diamond 100 Plan (which covers just about everything) with $0 deductible for me was $899 (after $100 discount). I would have gone with the $899, but my wife insists that nothing will go wrong with the Odyssey and she initially said "No Way" to it until I told her about the $279 one. Basically, the plan I enrolled in will cover engine, transmission, and A/C (compressor, drain valve, etc.) which is what I worry about since these things will cost over $1,000 to repair or replace. I wonder what else can cost over $1,000 to repair?
    Actually the usual price was $379 and $679 (Emerald 100), but the Odyssey (and Sienna) just got the price discount (price cut due to reliability) of $100 which makes it now $279 and $579.
    And right now you should also get free Titanium Package (road side assistant, windshield dents, etc.) and Emissions Plan at no extra charge.
    Yeah, I think the post says the Honda Care Warranty (7Y/100K)is around $750-800, isn't it? So no way would I get anything above that!
    But I guess the only good thing with 1sourceautowarranty is the 10 years part, which will benefit me more since I will not be driving the Odyssey every day so I am more concerned with the years than the milleage. yeah, I cannot believe the price difference between California and Oklahoma.
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132

    Thanks for the info. I went back to the web site and for your package that you mentioned, it's $200 more here in CA. Amazing how warranty costs can vary so much by state.

    I haven't bought the Ody yet, still doing price comparison, but just was doing some prelim work on the warranty as I'm sure the local dealer will try to sell me one, so it's better to know ahead of time what third party warranty would cost.
  • med28med28 Posts: 17
    well, I got the ex-dvd for 28,200. Now he wants to add 7/100,000 warranty for 1395. It started at 1795. Also, the interest rate started at 5.7 and now all of the sudden got to 4.24. I see others saying 700-900, though.
  • mikeinnymikeinny Posts: 2
    We're looking to buy a 2001 LX. At this point, the dealership will charge an extra $500 to upgrade the Ody to a Honda Certified. That would make it $19,300. (I've posted another question to the "Prices Paid" board about whether that's a good price.)

    My question here is: Is buying a Honda-certified Ody enough coverage, or should we investigate whether an extended warranty is an option, to cover the million items not covered by Honda Certified.

    I'll confess I don't know whether a used, err, pre-owned Ody with 47K is even eligible for an extended warranty.

    Enlighten us, pls.

    Thanks all.

  • Did you buy the Honda Care Warranty anyway for that much money? I wouldn't pay more than $800.
    You can get 3.99% finance from on the internet.
  • med28med28 Posts: 17
    Well, we have the quote for the vehicle and placed a deposit. I have been calling daily for a price on the Honda warranty after doing research here for the past week. I'm still waiting to hear back and getting a little upset. Feel like I'm getting blown off. So, tomorrow is it. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow and I have other financing at peoplesfirst with a better APR and a warranty thru another dealer, if needed.
  • joyluckjoyluck Posts: 2
    Hi, canesfan4ever, you have got a very good deal. Could you post the contact info of the local dealer you got the deal from ? Thank you !
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    No ways am I an expert at this warranty thing as I just bought my Ody few weeks ago. But I believe you can still get warranty up to 7 years/100K on the regular extended Honda Warranty.

    No idea what the pre own "certified" Honda warranty policy is. have you asked them for a copy of both contracts and see the difference in coverage?
  • joyluckjoyluck Posts: 2
    Hi, canesfan4ever, you have got a very good deal. Could you post the contact info of the local dealer you got the deal from ? Thank you !
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