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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • beamer06beamer06 Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    I am looking for 325Xi with automatic,prem package and Navigation.( Includes metallic,sat prep)
    i am quoted a price of $40,720
    finally they gave deal for $38,600...

    Is that good price?

    Please suggest

  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    is this a good deal?
    325i MSRP 36,270.00
    10k mile a year.
    Due at signing 2000 (down) + 400 (security) + 500 (dealer fees) + 390.00 (monthly payment including tax etc.) = 3,290.00
    Monthly paymen including tax etc. 390.00. Will this be a good deal?

    Residual is 64%
    MF 0.00225
  • brianm4brianm4 Posts: 33
    I leased a 325ci from Brecht a month ago. I contacted the Internet department and was quoted $950 over invoice (I believe the non-convertible modules are $450 over invoice). They tried to mark up the money factor and acquisition fees but I got these reduced during negotiations.
    I would also check with Beverly Hills BMW with an Internet request. Be careful with a bait and switch if you decide to purchase from them, I have heard they give you a very low quote via e-mail, but then add on extras when you come to purchase. If you are negotiating via phone or e-mail, request the final payment and drive offs before going to the dealer, if the numbers change, walk.
  • Any suggestions on dealers?

    We are looking for a 325i or 325xi with preminum package. Is it now a good time to buy or we should wait for a month or so till Sep?

    appreciate any suggestions! :confuse:
  • Just want to make sure that the MACO listed by a dealer was not excessive -- anybody know how much it is in the SoCal area for 3 series?

  • sueatoptsueatopt Posts: 22
    In regard to low-balling - every dealer does it. In order to look lower next to the next guy. I get tons of people that email - just send a quote on BMW whatever. "I'm just looking for a quote." Why are you calling me? they say. I want just email, Hello people... you actually need to speak to a warm body most often, to get the 411. A quote is such a VAGUE term - anybody could quote a base car with no options in a manual, and then when you show up - "oh well... Internet Mgr, emailed me wanted a quote on 325i and I gave you one.. it is called getting you in the door... then I add on premium, auto, heated seats, metallic, etc..does not include security, bank fee, tax, 1st month,> It's perceived that the car is that low. We want you to show up, and sell you an actual car. If you ask for a quote with a navigation car..chances are it has other options in it. Most cars with Nav. will have this and that in it. Occasionally, you'll find a car just with nav and leatherette, but be real it might need to be a factory order (10 WEEKS MAYBE). This car may be in CA. and you are in NY - be flexible.,

    Listen...a quote is easy, anybody can do that - we might not have a car equipped that way,'ll get a low-ball quote from most dealers.. ask for the availability of the car. Ask questions, take calls from Internet People - put the correct phone info in so we can actually speak to you - alot of dealers will not take you seriously until they hear a voice. I have just recently found myself on both ends - buying a car, etc..I put in my real phone # and ruled out several dealers by just speaking with them. Sometimes it has to be a gut feeling, by talking. Everyone is offended when you call - as if...I am being intrusive when all I want to do is my job and do it honestly and straight-forward and actually assist you and sell you a car perhaps> And not LOW-BALL like the next guy. Car business is not all scammers - there are some legit - people out there. but with High-Line cars it's hard - don't expect to go under invoice, over invoice by $500, etc. It is a BMW!! - try and be real!! The price will only go sooo low!! Sorry for sounding off.& please actually go somewhere close to you and DRIVE THE CAR - MAKE SURE YOU EVEN LIKE IT BEFORE YOU PUT IN QUOTE REQUESTS FOR 10 BMW Dealers, when all you really desire is a Mercedes. :cry:

    Thanks! and good luck!
  • BMW will be moving from the 325/330 configuration to the 328/335 configuration with the 2007 model year. Many buyers are holding off for the 2007. On the other hand, if you are looking for a good price on a 2006, this is a good time to buy. Dealers in Chicago are offering $500 over invoice. Don't listen to the last poster, buying a car should be like buying a refrigerator, regardless if its a Kia or BMW.
  • sueatoptsueatopt Posts: 22
    Hey, I am just being realistic! & definately pay attention to what every poster on forum have to say - If you've found a dealer to go $500 over on the BMW - God Bless! take it and run and stop shopping a $ - make sure it is what it is before you make the trip, make sure thay have that car in stock or can at least get it for you. & If the deal is that good on the front end, beware of the back end - ie, tacking on additional % on finance, aftermerket goodies, etc...& refrig/car - it's a whole different ballgame! I just got both... :)
  • moose123moose123 Posts: 15
    I received my 325i in June, and paid 1 percent over invoice. It was a car that I ordered, and came the way I wanted it. There were no aftermarket goodies, no additional percentages on finance, etc. While the price will change each month depending upon demand and other factors, there is nothing wrong with a buyer shopping agressively for the lowest price.
  • Hi all,

    I am considering buying 325i, with Auto Tran, Sport Package and Xeron headlight. MSRP is $35,820, and Invoice should be $32,890. Can you guys tell me what is the fair price for in car in S. Cal?
  • I am also looking for the same car in Philly. Except I want the automatic.

    I requested price quotes to all the dealers around here, and the lowest I got was $1000 under MSRP. I am probably going to buy my car this week though.

    Have you bought yours yet?
  • BMW Novice here:

    Should I accept this lease offer?

    '06 325i Sedan = $30,900
    Green = $475
    Automatic = $1,275
    Radio prep = $75
    Net = $32,725
    Dest Charge = $695
    Total = 33,420

    36month, 12K miles, sign & drive (no $ down) = $511 + tax

    Does anyone know if this is a good deal?
    thanks a million
  • Nope. I heard that you can get it for $500 or so over invoice in NJ. So, I'm consideration a trip :D

    did you get yours?
  • No, I am thinking about going tonight, and if I get the right price I will buy, but I dont have a problem walking.

    The quotes that I have been getting are really high, about $800 OVER edmunds TMV.

    If I could get $500 over invoice, I would be really happy.

    Good luck, and let me know how it turns out for you.
  • I'll wait, maybe, toward the end of the month. I'm working with dealers from NJ to see if they can get me a better price.
    will update the progress...

    Same good luck to you!
  • I just got my 2006 325xi, but I dont think I got that great of a deal...

    Anyway, mine has the premium package, sparkling graphite metallic, cold weather package, automatic, and satellite prep. I was told it was $500 over invoice, and stupidly, I believed them, mainly because I had forgotten what the true invoice was. Anyway, I paid $37,200.

    Hope you have better luck! Shoot me an e-mail if you want to know where I went (it was in NJ as well)
  • can anyone tell me a fair price for these two options after purchasing a car?

    how much should lojack cost and how much should a paint treatment and leather seat treatment cost?

    are the treatments even necessary?

    Thank you for any responses
  • I made my first trip to a dealer last night and this is what they offered:

    2006 330xi Manual Transmission
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Sirius Satellite Radio
    Metallic Paint
    MSRP: $43,115

    Lease offered for 3 years, 15k miles/year:
    $41,115 base price
    MF 0.00215
    Residual: 61%
    Due at signing: $551.23 first month, $600 deposit, $572.75 title registration etc., $825 acquisition, $1,301.26 sales tax
    Payment: $551.23

    What do you guys think?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,807
    Hi, mahalo99..

    You can name the dealership right here, so that it benefits everyone...

    Just note the message printed in red..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • tdbrphtdbrph Posts: 32
    base MF is .00175 they are marking that up plus $200 on the aquisition fee. Otherwise it looks good consider using multiple security deposits to lower the MF down by .00007 for each security deposit up to a max of 7 which is returned at the end of the lease.
  • mathew1mathew1 Posts: 42
    Hi Everyone,

    We are trying to negotiate a new car purchase for a new 2006 BMW 325xi in New England. Is Invoice + $200 for 325xi + automatic+heated seats a good deal going with the invoice numbers. In addition do we have to pay MACO and training costs mandatory or do they waive them.

    Thanks for your help.

  • bbydadbbydad Posts: 58
    is it confirmed that BMW is moving to the 328 for the sedans? I know this is true for the convertible --
    anyone heard of any other changes for 07? the body style is supposed to be the same -
  • bbydadbbydad Posts: 58
    Mat -
    what is the exact price you're getting? any other options? cold weather package? premium package?
  • mathew1mathew1 Posts: 42

    being offered 33200 for 325xi + Auto + heated seats (basic paint not premium) +TTL+DOCFee etc. What do you think. It doesn't exactly match invoices on Edmunds etc but I figure they have other charges like someone mentioned in earlier discussions around MACO+training. BTW as it is the last model month for 2006, is under invoice possible.


  • mathew1mathew1 Posts: 42
    It is confirmed that 2007 is going to be 328i and 328xi for sedans as well. Body style remains the same. Just extra HP 15 in this case for 328 as opposed to 2006 325. All option packages remain more or less the same.

    Hope that helps.
  • I think that is a really good deal. Better than what I got.

    Where are you located?
  • hey all,

    Just came back from my local dealership in ny, and the salesman told me the 2007 328i model base cost costs $2500 more than 2006 325i. Is this possible or is he trying to rip me off? Thanks.
  • mathew1mathew1 Posts: 42
    It is more the latter. Not exactly sure about a 328i but the difference in price from what I know is more like utmost $1500.
  • bbydadbbydad Posts: 58
    Mat - I think that is very reasonable. I had a similar configuration but with a few extras and they qoted me about 2000 under MSRP about a month ago. I think there may be more flexibility now as we get into september. BMW tends to really try to clear out inventory by September with lease specials. did you get a sense that there was still a significant amount of inventory? Did you have pretty good selection still?
  • bbydadbbydad Posts: 58
    yes, I've heard only about a 2% increase in price. Also, keep in mind the 2007 include a 4 year subscription to BWM assist which I think is something like a 600 dollar option
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