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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Has the $2000 incentive been ended?
    I didn't see it mentioned.

    karenc88: where are you at? Did you get 2003 or 2004?
  • I bought 2003 235i. I am in Ornage County, CA.

    I saw some of the posts saying that $2000 incentive ended at the end of Nov.
  • mitrismitris Posts: 14
    I'll offer my experience and then maybe the host can chime in. I had been shopping all year and until October never could get anyone to go more than a couple hundred below MSRP. Bluegray, I believe that you and I got pretty much the same deal. If I did a tiny bit better I think it was just timing. The dealer had like 8 2003's and at that point the dealer incentive was 3000 off invoice on the 330's. They told me that someone had just turned the 2002 I bought in and paid over msrp for a 2004 5 series so they were pretty good on it?? Still you never know but it sounded good to me. Checking around though it seems in line as does your deal. Karen, I think you got the whole deal. it sounds like they tried to keep some back and may have still gotten a hundred or so that you could have talked them out of but it sounds to me that you got a great deal. I had heard that the incentive ended in November as well, but the only 2003's left that I can find are weird colors that I wouldn't want to own. BTW, so far I love driving this car. I had to spend another $1100 on snow tires which I hope will make it as enjoyable in the winter...Happy thanksgiving to all
  • Hello all,

    I am just in the very beginning stages of considering buying a new car, and one of the vehicles I'm considering is the 2004 325Ci coupe. The invoice for this car is (without options) $27,550 and MSRP of $30,100. For comparison, I got the blue book on a 2003 325Ci and it is $32,530. Why on earth is the used price $5,000 more than invoice and $2,000 more than MSRP of a new one? Is it not realistic to get a base 325Ci below $30K?

  • Offered Invoice minus incentive this morning for a 2003 325i - Dealer would not bite? I was hoping he would counter at $1500 under invoice, but not. I ended up walking out with the usual sales banter. Many 2004 3 series are on the lots!
  • I own a '02 330i and am thinking about trading up to a '03 ZHP.
    The sales manger, where I bought my 330 from, is currently leasing a ZHP (one year lease) it will expire next May.
    The car stickered for $45k, has the following options: navigation, roof, fold down rear seats,
    met. paint, and leather.
    The car should have around 14-15k miles on it when lease is up.
    He's offering the car to me for 80% of original
    sticker price, so $36k is the price.
    Would be about $1200 more to certify it and
    get 100k warranty.
    Is this a good deal? Or should I stick with my '02 330i?
    thanks, ron
  • dgp2dgp2 Posts: 2
    Thanks to this message board, I learned about the $2000 incentive still being in effect. Armed with this information and the invoice pricing, I was able to deal with confidence. I called about 10 dealers within a 150 mile radius to check inventory and feel them out. Some tried to play dumb on the $2000 incentive. Anyway, I found the color I wanted, and offered $1500 below invoice (giving them a $500 profit). I said take it or leave it, I found other dealers that would sell for this price. The dealer called me back in 5 minutes and accepted the offer. I said you will throw in the floor mats, right. They hesitated and then said OK. Feel very good about my deal.
  • Went to 2 dealers.
    First dealer didn't want to deal, firm at MSRP.
    2nd dealer went alright. Got $2,000 off MSRP.
  • I have a quote from a dealer for a new 2004 325xi Steel Blue Metallic, Tan Leatherette, AT, PP, Xenon, Heated Seats, Universal Tranceiver + Destn. for $34,474. This is 1K over the invoice price of the car and above options. When I negotiated this, I hadn't read the posts about the $2,000 incentive. Where can I get more details? Has anybody struck a better deal than this in MN?
  • Does anyone know if the $3000 incentive for the 2003 330i will be carried over to December?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    There is no incentive on 2004 models


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    I visited two BMW dealers on Saturday. One had no '03s left.. The other had three '03 325i.. He said the incentives ended on 11/30, but that they would "punch them" as service loaners, and be able to offer the same price on the cars after December 1st. Invoice minus incentive plus $700 is what he said. I wasn't thrilled with any of the three he had, so no idea how accurate that is.



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  • Thanks kyfdx!! I tried dealers in MN, WI, PA and IL but nobody could match this deal of mine. Just returned from ordering the above config. Am excited!!!! Looking forward to the mid-Jan. delivery....Car is for my wife ;-( so I won't get to drive it so often....she is going to be in PA and me in MN!
  • I can get a 2002 330xi with the following for 34,500 CPO from a dealer:

    Sports Pkg
    Premium Pkg
    Heated Seats
    16,500 mi
    Titanium Silver Metallic paint

    This came off of a 1 yr lease that they made for a good customer of theirs. So, this would come with the remaining 100,000 mi warranty.

    I think the original sticker on the car was around 44,000

    What do you guys think of this deal with all those other incentives going around on new 03's ?
  • Hey everyone:

    Do you think a driveout price of $38,800 on a 2003 330i with the following options is a good deal?:

    Metallic paint
    Premium package
    Automatic Transmission

    MSRP = $40645
    Price that the dealer is selling the car for w/o TT&L - $36,285

    Do you think that I can get a better deal? The dealer is "passing the November incentive" on to me.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    I almost picked up an 03 330i with the same options plus the ZCW package for 35,870 before ttl on 9/30/03. I believe the dealer can do better!
  • Are there incentives on the 3 series still?
  • Edmunds had posted that incentives were through 12/1. I'm counting on them offering incentives again. I called around on Monday 12/1 looking for a 3 series. Most dealerships in the Boston area had automatics left in 325i and 330i. It seems surprising that BMW wouldn't be trying to clear them as we get deeper into the season.
  • mitrismitris Posts: 14
    Based upon what I've seen that is a pretty good price, although if it's manual it could be a little high +/-500. in the ballpark anyway. Most importantly is that it's a nice package with sport and Premium. Look at the original sticker msrp. I would think that you are about 25% Less. The way I look at it, you get a great car and the previous owner too the depreciation.
    I love mine...
  • optiopti Posts: 2
    My 2001 330i lease is up,deciding whether to purchase at $31735cnd.+2000 for x-warr.or lease 2004 325i. 330i has been just great and has lots of options but 2004 325i includes warr and lower monthly pymts. 2004 is 42800.+freight 1295. Which would you choose?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    If you already owned the 2001, and could warranty it for $2K, I would do that.. but, you don't own it, or even have any equity in it. You can buy any car you like on the planet.

    That said, for what I think is about $7K USD difference, getting the new one seems to be a no-brainer vs. a 3 year old car. Assuming you can live with the 2.5 liter engine.



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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A tv reporter is looking to interview a recent carbuyer who had to sign an arbitration contract at the dealership. Please respond to or by 12/12/03 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your experience.
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  • My car just got stolen and I really need a car soon!

    I came across with two 3'ers:

    99 328i Sports/Premium, Blk/Tan, 28k miles, $20k
    01 330i Sports/Premium, Silver/Grey, 35k miles, $25k

    What's you guys opinions? Is the extra 30hp on 330i really make a different? Thanks for the advice.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,328
    Did you come across these cars at a BMW dealership? Are they CPO BMWs? You should have them checked out by a BMW specialist. Get the VIN numbers and find out the original in-service dates for these cars. The '01 330i might still be under free maintenance and B to B warranty.

    Are the cars stick or automatic?

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  • Made my third offer on a 2003 325i, different dealership for invoice minus the incentive and they countered with 32,700? I was doing better three weeks ago?
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    I have noticed that the ZHP performance package is available with steptronic (Why?) but not SMG. The SMG(SMG is only available with ZSP sport package but not on the 330xi) is supposed to offer performance comparable to a manual tranny.Has anyone met a brick wall in vehicles equipped with the SMG or Performance package pricing?
  • I have finally decided to purchase a 2004 325i;struggled with the new 5 series, just can't get comfortable with the new body style. Any ideas on what i'd expect to pay? I thought of trying for a 2003, but supply seems to be dwindling. The resale market for these cars always seems strong and i will put extremely low miles on this car, so that if I change my mind about the 5 series in a year or two , I feel can still get a reasonable deal. Also, any thoughts on using an auto broker. I have heard all kinds of success stories about buying below or near invoice and less hassle factor. Enjoy the great feedback of this forum. Thanks.
  • Just took delivery of a new 2004 330xi, silver gray with black leather. MSRP: $43995. PAID: $41995. plus $50 doc fee and tax. Price included floor mats!
    Very nice car and just what my wife wanted. Yes, it's hers.
  • I am being offered a 2003 325XiT(left over and brand new) with premium, leather and cold weather package for under 35k? Is this a good deal? thanks for your input.
  • Hi, all. My sister wanted a 325xi sedan with a manual transmission, but only automatics seemed to be available in our area (New York City / Long Island) so she had to order it. She ordered one with metallic paint, premium package and cold weather package. These are the numbers she got for the lease: 36 months, 10K miles annually, MSRP $34,820, "selling" price $33,575, residual value $21,240.20 (61% of MSRP), money factor .00215.

    She thinks she got a great deal because's TMV is $34,497 for our area, and couldn't beat those numbers. She went to the dealership she did because of recommendations from friends and didn't shop any others, reasoning that surveyed a number of dealers itself.

    One thing gives me pause, though. On our first visit to this dealership, the salesman originally said the residual value would be higher (62% of MSRP, if I remember correctly). When we went back to make the deal, he gave her the lower number. He kind of brushed off the difference, saying that was what the residual value was "now," i.e., the day of our second visit, Dec. 12. I'm not certain that he tricked her; I'm open to the possibility that he made an honest mistake. Maybe the resdiual value of a car, as a percentage of MSRP, with a manual transmission is less than that of one with an automatic, and he originally quoted her the latter because he's so used to dealing with buyers who want an automatic?
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