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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm probably the wrong person to make the following statements - since I'm on the list to get an M5 at $90,000 +/-.

    However, I fail to understand the value of a 2006 U.S. delivery 530i at $55,000+ when, as "habitat1" pointed out above, a 2006 550i can be purchased for well under $60k though European Delivery (from a dealer that discounts ED prices / not all do). Several excessively priced 530i options are standard on the 550i and the choice of transmissions is essentially a no cost option.

    Don't get me wrong, the 530i is a fine car, I just don't believe it is a good deal anymore, at any of the prices posted above. If I were really on a budget, I'd drop down to the new 330i and save a bundle. If I could afford a 530i, I'd check my spare change box and figure out some way to jump up to the new 550i.
  • sharplab10sharplab10 Posts: 2
    New to BMW and considering 5 series b/c enjoy the 8 cylinder performance. Will most likely consider purchase in next 3 months. Question whether to go for 2005 545 or 2006 550. Conventional wisdom tells me I should be able to negotiate a better deal on 2005 (about 2K over invoice price). Any thoughts appreciated.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Your conventional wisdom of getting a better deal on a leftover 545i sitting on a dealers lot (if you can find one to your specs) is probably right, vs. the 550i when it first appears at the dealerships.

    However, going the ED route, my only difference in price will be the actual invoice increase of the 550i vs. the 545i. The best I could do on either would have been $1,200-$1,500 over ED invoice - and the 545i was discontinued for ED pick up a couple of months ago. Not to repeat myself, but my discounted ED price on a 550i will likely be about $3,000 LESS than your $2k over US invoice on a leftover 545i.

    The sales manager at my hometown dealership deterred me from the 545i the day he drove the first 750i they delivered severla weeks ago. He had expected the difference in the new V8 to be minimal. He now believes that, equiped with a 6-speed, the new 550i will approach the former M5 in both actual performance and engine responsiveness. I drove a 2002 M5 for a weekend a couple of years ago and that analogy was music to my ears.

    So if your passport has expired or your averse to flying to Germany for a long weekend, a leftover 545i may be the best you can do. But I would look for MUCH better than $2,000 over invoice. I could have purchased a former 540i in 2003 for $4,000 UNDER invoice when they had dealer incentives to make way for the new 545i. The 550i is not a redesign, but the difference may still warrant some factory incentives to move out leftover 545i's.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    I think you can still do ED on an '05 545i, so that part will be a wash...

    If you are leasing... the '05 545i will be hundreds per month cheaper.

    And, they aren't leftovers, yet... There isn't an '06 V-8 5-series available until this fall.. They are still producing the '05 545i.



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  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Hey kyfdx. Do you know the current residual and money factor on the 2005 545 for 3 years, 36,000 miles?
  • frank310frank310 Posts: 45
    kyfdx & Sergey:

    Thanks for your help, I finally signed an order for a 2005 545i with:
    NAV System
    Cold Weather
    Premium Sound
    Sport Package
    Rear Side Airbags
    Rear Sunshades
    Fold Down Rear Seats
    Rear Seat Heating
    SAT Radio
    Heads Up Display

    MSRP: $67,525.00
    Invoice: $61,700.00

    36 months, 10k miles p/year, $2555.00 total out of pocket, $730.33 per month including 6% NJ tax. I got pricing from 2 dealers here in NJ that were only $10.00 apart on the monthly payment.

    Based on my original negotiations it looks like I did alot better, as I was originally looking at a 545i with a $64,??? MSRP, $2700 out of pocket,36 months 12k miles per year, $776 per month. Is BMW giving dealers a rebate on the 05's? According to my figures it looks like I'm getting this car very close to invoice.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    59% residual.. .0010 money factor..


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  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Thanks. That's what I figured.
  • 550i550i Posts: 1
    habitat1, I am in pursuit of a 550i @$1500 over as well. I have called 4 dealers and told them exactly what I wanted and have had zero returned calls. I would be interested in the name of your dealer if you are willing to share.
  • I went to the dealer today and the salesman offered me $1,500.00 over the inovice for an 06-530i. But after reading the several posts from different members, I've decided to wait for 06-550i and go through ED.

    The dealer in So. Cali told me that he still doesn't have any information on the
    06-550i, but he would give me a call when he did receive any info.

    habitat1, I would appreciate the name of your dealer if you're willing to share.

    I would appreciate if any members has any additional info on how ED works. Is there any other websites that offeres in-detail info would also be nice.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665


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  • Thanks alot...very helpful.
  • isabelleisabelle Posts: 3
    ...has anyone placed an ED order for a 2006 550i in the Houston, TX area? I have tryied to talk to (2) dealers and received very little information...

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    I don't think the 550i is even being built yet.. You can still order an '05 545i... So, I doubt they have much info to give you, or can even place an order yet.. Certainly, they don't have pricing information..



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  • petppetp Posts: 43
    how much is due at signing on a typical E60 zero down lease?
    (do not want to pay the taxes up front)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    On any lease, you can roll the acquisition fee and taxes into the payment.. You can also waive the security deposit in exchange for an increase in the money factor (not recommended), and probably roll in all the other registration fees and costs, as well..

    In fact, this is the way I like to do it... Nothing but 1st payment and security deposit upfront.. That way, my monthly lease amount reflects the exact cost of the vehicle.



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  • kyfdx
    can we negotiate the money factor? i called a dealer looking for 530i 2006 they are asking MF of 0.00310 i told him that i heared that in june will be 0.00195 he reply its up to the dealer to decide how much charge the monet factor>>

    is it true?
  • ho much is the invoice price? where in so .cal

    called 3 dealer in my area here what i got in 100 mile radius fresno

    on 530i premium pkg and sport pkg only 36 month 15k 2500 down

    1- valley bmw 850/month

    2- bakers field 750/month

    3- Visalia 825/month

    is it possible get deal under 700/month???

    also i mentioned the new june factors 0.00195 they told me that BMW decided not to because the 530 selling very fast???
  • from what i read in this nice forum that the best deal is 1500- 2000 over the invoice , where can i found the invoice price???
    im looking to lease 36/12k

    530 i 2006 prem pkg. sport pkg , in california>??? can i get a deal 650/month
  • petppetp Posts: 43
    those numbers seem insane to me. 850 a month???? get a 545...its cheaper.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    If the dealer uses BMWFS for the lease, they are given a money factor, which they can then mark up.. The maximum markup is .0004... You can have the security deposit waived, which will add another .00015, and you can have the acquisition fee waived, which would add another .0003.. On top of this, if you opt for European Delivery, you have to add another .0003... I don't recommend doing any of the waivers..

    So, the dealer is correct only insofar as they can mark up the rate by .0004 for extra profit. I'd try to find a dealer that was forthcoming about money factors, and insist on the base rate.

    Your salesperson might have just been spouting a money factor number he saw on one lease deal.. some salespeople leave the finance details to the finance office... Last month, the 3-series had a base rate of .00255.. If they marked it up the maximum, and added .00015 for the security deposit waiver, that would equal the .0031 that he quoted.... I'd guess that is where he got that number.




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  • Guys...I need your input in this one. I broke down and purchased 2006-530i w/ prem. pkg, sprt pkg, sound pkg, sat radio, and nav for $1000K over the invoice.

    During finance, they wanted me to pay $300.00 for vehicle prepration fee, the dealer told me that it was a normal charge and all the dealers charge that fee.

    I had an argument with the sales manager, since it was not disclosed to me during the negotiation...they ended up not charging me the fee afterall.

    Wanted to find out if this is a legit charge or the dealership was trying to con me into it???

    Thanks guys.
  • kyfdx
    thank you very much very valuable info, i called another dealer he sais the MF now 0.21 but he said next week they will have new rates?

    so to get good deal for the 530i 2006 target <700/month 36/12k MF 0.021

    from another forum::
    invoice 42495 + PREM PKG 1710 + SPORT 2070 = 446275 + 1500(OVER THE INVOICE) + 675 = 48425
    IS THE 48425 is this the purchase price that many people getting or the dealers have different invoice price???

    also how many additional fees I missed :confuse: ??
    NO MACO FEE good news its only in LA

    so iwill start faxing my final offer to dealers within 100 mile radius :P
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Vehicle prep fee... aka additional dealer profit.. No different than a $300 document fee.. Just another way to jack up the price that you thought was already agreed to...

    I don't know if they were trying to con you into it... It is probably SOP for them.. they probably add it to every deal.



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  • matt5matt5 Posts: 6
    Just purchased a 2005 545 (3/05 production), sport package, premium audio.
    The car comes with a spare tire (not run flats) and I'm told by the dealer that run flats are an option. Also no CD changer, although it does have Logic 7. Is this right? O/W, the car drives great.
    Tks in advance
  • so
    1- ask them about there hidden fees upfront
    2-what is there invoice price?? and compare it to mine


    do u think they will show there invoice price or they go by the MSRP only from BMW WEB SITE??

    thanks again
  • mexibecmexibec Posts: 114
    I plan to buy a new 05 545i with Sport pkg, and a few extras, like chrome wheels, etc. When I bought (new) my 99 528i, I negotiated 3% above invoice. Back then, the 528 was moderately in demand, and not a new model, which helped keep the price low. I **believe** that the 545i is selling so-so (I see plenty of 525 & 530, but few 545), and since it's on its way out for the 550, I'm thinking 2-3% above invoice sounds good, and two dealers I visited are willing to sit down and negotiate (at least, so they say). I would appreciate any opinion/feedback on this. Thanks much!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Try Passport BMW in Maryland (outside of Washington DC). I know several people who have gotten ED discounts from them in the past. They went as low as $1,200 over invoice on a business associates 530i about two years ago. I haven't yet contacted them on the 550i, as I will likely go through my hometown PA dealer. They don't generally discount ED, but have agreed to the $1,500 over ED invoice for me based upon some other referrals.


    Depending upon where you are, I would think 2-3% over invoice on the 545i is very achievable. Word is beginning to get around on the 550i and, according to my hometown dealer, if they have any 545i's left by mid summer, they will "give them away" at $0 profit. That's $1,500 under invoice given the holdback, assuming no additional facotry incentives. I believe them, as they offered me an outgoing 540i 6-speed a couple of years ago at $4,500 under invoice.

    However, for anyone considering a 545i, why wouldn't you wait for the 550i? If the answer is "the extra power doens't mean that much", then get a 530i and save even more. But if you really want V8 performance, everyone at my dealership over Memorial Day was counting the days until the 550i arrives. It comes close to matching the former M5 in power to weight and the 7-series difference between the 745i and 750i has them all extremely impressed.

    For those that said the 545i isn't discontinued, it is for ED and my dealership is not taking any more 545i's for the rest of the year. They are a small dealership with 3 in stock and they don't want to get burned.
  • Sorry,

    I didn't check the price on 550i, since the dealrs I talked to didn't have any info on it. I just bought a 06-530i for $1K over invoice in Irvine, Ca.

    Thanks kyfdx for your input. I want to thank everyone on this board for making me a ejumucated buyer..... :D
  • duke6duke6 Posts: 1
    I am looking to lease either a 525/530 in the next couple of weeks in Texas. I am considering putting nothing down and rolling all fees and taxes into the lease. Lease term 36 months and 15K miles annually. I am a complete leasing novice. Can anyone give me pricing and process information so I can negotiate the best possible deal? Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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