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Volkswagen Passat Maintenance and Repair



  • reidkreidk Posts: 46
    See note following your Other post...

    Good Luck!
  • kenm33kenm33 Posts: 3
    My 1993 Passat has about 90,000 miles on it. The car has an intermittent problem, which I would like to figure out. Sometimes the engine bucks rather violently (as if it is temporarily losing ignition or fuel). This happens most often when pulling away from a dead stop but does happen during cruise speeds. Sometimes it does not happen for several days other times it happens all day long. Any ideas?
  • Yorgason and Kenm33

    Check your cat. converter. A burned up converter will cause blockage preventing your exhaust to escape. do you have a gas smell in the cockpit?
  • We have a recurring problem with the emissions control system on our 2000 Passat Wagon. In Jan. 2001, we had to have the secondary injection pump replaced. It was replaced again in Sep. 2001, Feb. 2002, and now needs to be replaced again in addition to a broken vacuum hose. VW will pay for the secondary injection pump again, but are sticking me with the vacuum hose. My logic was that if they are all related (pump and vacuum hose), shouldn't VW pay for everything. They said the vacuum hose was a new problem which caused the pump to go again. I'm told that it's quite unusual for a vacuum hose to break at 39,000 miles. Do you think I'm getting the whole story? VW customer care seems to think so.
  • yanniyanni Posts: 4
    I bought a 03 passat GL with manual four month ago. When I up shift gear (from 1st to 2nd or from 2nd to 3rd, 4th etc,), I press gas pad first, when rpm reaches 2500 –3000, I am off the gas pad, then immediately press clutch down. After clutch down, rpm keeps going up to 3000-3500, then drops down. If I am off gas pad for a whole, then press clutch down. rpm goes down right away. I took car back to service department. They told me there was an internal problem in transmission and they would change a new transmission for me. However, after I told to salesman and we took a drive. He said I shift gear to early. I should not shift the gear until the rpm up to 4000. I am not sure what he said is right. Does anybody have same experience?

    If I want the transmission to be replaced, I am not going to send my car to VW in Wellesley, MA where I bought my car. Today, I sent my car to this dealership for first service at 5,000 miles. On the way to home, I heard very stranger noise when I applied brakes. After driving car home, there were very strong bad burn rubber smell. Two months ago, they changed my car’s heating ventilation unit but they installed new one ugly. The technicians in VW in Wellesley, MA, are terrible. Dose anyone have good one for recommendation? Thanks lot!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    What you are describing has nothing to do with the transmission. I cannot understand why they would say that the transmission is faulty. What you are experiencing -- the engine RPM not falling immediately -- is possibly the engine computer maintaining the engine RPM to reduce emissions. My car has a different engine, so I don't know for sure. But I've had plenty of previous cars that did that. It's part of the emissions control package.

    Regarding shifting, you can shift at 4000. You can shift at 2500. You can shift at 3000. It won't hurt the engine either way. You'll likely get better gas mileage shifting at lower RPMs.

    I'm curious, are you relatively new to manual transmissions?

    Regarding Wellesley VW, I did not like my experiences with their service department. No, I haven't found a better dealer.
  • I too have been less than pleased with the quality of this car. My other car is an Acura and comparing the ownership experience between the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

    I love my Acura. I don't totally trust my Passat.
    I think my Acura was a great deal (bang for the buck). I feel like I was ripped off when I bought my Passat ($32k).

    The problems have all been minor annoyances and are finally fixed (almost 2 years later) but the biggest "problem" I've seen with VW is the service and the treatment that VW imparts on its customers. VWOA, in my opinion, just doesn't care. As long as they sell you a car their fine. You want something in return, you're screwed!
  • yanniyanni Posts: 4
    Thanks nedzel (Jared),

    What you are saying makes sense to me.
    Regarding to manual transmission, I drived manual transmission when I learnt to drive in Australia. It is very difficult to get manual license over there. I normally shift gear at 3,000 rpm and I can get 30 miles/galon when I drive on route 9 (45-60 mile/hour) with this car.

    Thanks again

    Yesterday when I posted my messages, they did not show up right away. I thought I did not do it properly, so posted them again and again at different location. I am apologizing for this.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    Volkswagen/Audi in Massive Recall

    More than 850,000 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles --
    about 530,000 sedans and hatchbacks sold in the
    U.S. alone -- are being recalled for a faulty
    ignition coil. Volkswagen announced the recall last
    week, noting that the problem could cause spark
    plug failure and rough running, which is usually
    indicated by the vehicle's "Check Engine" light.
    Most of the cars affected carry the VW corporate
    1.8-liter turbo four (which includes the Audi A4
    and TT coupe; the VW Golf, GTI, Jetta, New Beetle
    and Passat), the 2.8-liter VR6 and the 3.0-liter
    V6 engines, as well as the VW Passat's W8.
  • I have a '99 Passet 1.8 Manual. It has 80k miles on it. Here is a list of the "failures" outside of normal wear and tear:
    1.Replaced a house cost:~$100
    2.Oil Cooler Pump blew out cost: ~$400

    Not fixed yet:
    1. Back left window doesn't roll down from driver controls
    2. Wind noise from driver side window
    3. Slight rattle in engine (had mechanic look at it, but says it is nothing to worry about)
    4. Brakes have squeeked since day 1. Also, had to replace pads and rotors at 50k miles
  • I have a 97 VW Passat GLX V6 and am suffering with cold morning starts. The car starts immediately and all seems fine, but once I put it in drive or reverse, the car will not engage in gear. If I slowly press down the accelerator, it will finely move forward. Once the car has heated up, I do not have the problem again. It also does not happen when the weather is over 70 degrees for two or more days. I have contacted an independent mechanic as well as the dealership and no one can tell me what the problem is. They both suggested that I have the transmission serviced, which I did, but I still experience the same problem. Any ideas? I am at a loss.
  • trilogy1trilogy1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 GLX and the small light cover on my left front fender came off. I am not sure how it occurred, but I was wondering has anyone had this problem and if so, what was the cost to replace the small cover? Also, is it something that I can purchase and snap on myself. Presently, the small orange bulb is exposed.

  • lauriplaurip Posts: 1
    I have a new 2003 Passat GL and from the second week I had the vehicle when the temperature is below 40 F. The care does not start. You turn the key the dash lights info. comes on it dings, but nothing in regard to the engine. I try again, and usually after anywhere from 3 to 8 tries the car starts and sometimes a click click sound is heard. I have taken it to the dealer two times and have heard the classic we can't replicate the problem. any suggestions, anyone else had the problem? thanks
  • WhiteMule - My wife is having the same problem.

    Story - She has a 2000 Passat w/ 52,000 miles. 2 months ago, my wife noticed a strange sound and took it into the VW dealership. They identified the problem as the secondary airpump and replaced it. Her noise problem went away. She did not pay a dime because it was covered under the emissions warranty. At least the dealer did not give her a hard time about that.

    About 2 weeks later she got the engine light and a messgae on the panel saying Emissions Workshop appeared. She took into the dealer and they replaced the air pump again.

    1 week later, same problem, same repair.

    2 weeks later, same problem. This time they decided to repair some additional hoses with the air pump thinking this might be the issue. Again, no charge for anything. Did take them 1 week to get the parts (snow strom up here) and they broke her mirror knob to move the side mirrors. Of course they would not admit it and thet fired her up even more. They of course offered to fix but my wife decided to wait and see if the emissions problem came back.

    Last night (2 weeks from last repair), same problem. She is taking it into the dealer on Monday.

    She now just wants it fixed so she can trade it. She had her eye on a Passat wagon (she has also owned a golf and a jetta and loved them), but today we went to the Subaru dealership. We live in the MA and travel a lot to ME so AWD would make a lot of sense for us.

    Just too bad that a life long VW buyer now will not even consider one. Especially with all of the coil problems being reported on newest models.

    Anybody else had the emissios problem ?
  • slummyjslummyj Posts: 57
    Last time I had my car in (about a month ago) the check engine light was on. I had called the dealer to report this problem, it was going in for other repairs. They reset the computer but did not fix it...I don't know why. The next day the light came on again. They said to bring it in and they would "check it out". The fault code said it was the secondary air injector...that is what they had told me on the phone before I even took the car in the time before. Again they reset the computer but they said the check engine light would come on again but they said there was no rush to fix it. Sometimes the light comes on, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it will be off for a week or two and then come on again. Whether the light comes on or not, it is loud when started cold. Based on the overall service I have had with the car, this is my last VW.
  • fjwulfffjwulff Posts: 1
    Volkswagen Passat has complete malfunctions in the intrument array panel.
    Volkswagen USA would not consider customer support by reimbursment for unreasonable failure.
    The Passat should not be recommended as the mid price sedan top candidate. It is of low product quality.
  • rfh2rfh2 Posts: 6
    My 2001.5 Passat side view miorrors do not work properly. They fold in when the control is set in the required position. Problem is, since purchasing the car, they intermittently would not fold back out. The mirror adjustments continued to operate but the mirrors would not fold out. the first two trips the dealer found them working fine. third trip found them not working. Could not repair, ordered parts. Fourth trip ( picked up car tonight) found the module was replaced. Fold mirrors in but they would not fold out. Anybody experiencing the same problem? If so, any fix? Thanks.
  • njslatsnjslats Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 glx v6 passat wagon (manual). I love the way it drives but have had too many problems with it. A) something kept blowing the fuse that controlled the climatronic system. car went back to the dealer 6 times till a VW 'specialist' was called in and said the light on the driver side VISOR has been known to blow the fuse (so the visor was replaced).B) was driving when the car made awful noise and stopped dead. turned out the timing belt had snapped and detroyed the engine. VW put in a new engine -and we only had 24000 miles on the car. C) a few weeks after the new engine, the 'check engine' light came on and new parts related to the throttle had to be replaced. D) the last straw.. got in the car to go to the airport to catch a flight and car would not start, only 10 minutes after starting it and pulling it out of the garage. all has been covered under warranty, but I can't wait for the next thing to happen and actually have to spend money. The car has been out of commission about 7 weeks since I have owned it. Not fun when I have to haul my 2 little kids with me to the dealer and wait to be told that I have to be put in a loaner (or worse, pay for a rental). I am done with VW and their family. A shame, because I do love the way my Passat handles but can only get burned so many times...
  • Would definitely appreciated any input on this.....
    I have a '03 GLS Passat Wagon, and I'm getting horrible gas mileage. One of the reasons that I chose the wagon over a mini-van or a suv was because of that. I thought for sure I would get better mileage. I have about 6K on the car now. Since I have purchased it in November, I've only been getting about 15-17 mpg. I thought for sure by now it would be better. I do drive short distances, but it is not stop and go....just a regular suburban area. I've also had the A/C running the last few days, would they really have that much affect? Forgive me for being so "stupid" about all of this, I just don't think it seems right. I'm being to wonder if something is wrong, or do I just need to get out on the highway for a few hours and just drive? Like I said, any input would be appreciated!!
    Thank so much!
  • wdwwardwdwward Posts: 9
    You didn't say what kind of engine you have. I have an '03 Passat Variant, 1.8T Tipotronic with 3,200K. Around town I get 22.8 mpg and 31 on the highway. Sounds like you need to get out on the highway and give her a good run.

    I have read some posts saying that the mileage improves after 10k.
  • Your are correct, I didn't say what kind of engine did it? It's a 1.8T w/ tiptronic as well.
    Thanks for pointing that out to me.
  • bergoonbergoon Posts: 1
    My 96 Passat GLS has recently had 2 instrument clusters go bad (no speedometer, odometer, clock, fuel gauge, nothing). The first one died on a very cold night this past winter. I found a replacement unit, installed it, and it died a week later. This is getting to be an expensive problem for a part that should not fail!!! It's been to the shop and the mechanic can't figure it out. I noticed that the NHTSA website is full of consumer complaints with this same problem. Anyone ever experience this? What is causing this? I'm about ready to take a sledgehammer to it! Help
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Posts: 213
    For the last three years, Consumer Reports magazine has rated the VW Passat #1 in its ratings over the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Each year though, I noticed the Passat has only an average repair record.

    After reading your posts, I am happy that I own a Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. I have heard about VW electrical problems for the last 5 years whether it is made in Germany or Mexico.
  • frapzoidfrapzoid Posts: 127
    I have a 2002 Passat V6 5 speed wagon and I get between 25 and 27.4 mpg. Your engine is still relatively new so your mileage should improve in the future.

  • Thank you for your information. I have to admit the gas mileage doesn't bother me as much now that the gas prices have gone down :)
  • nanny5nanny5 Posts: 10
    i have a 2000 and a 2002 passat sedan the 2002 is 9 months old and ever since i had the car the wiper noise and performance has been poor ie clattering, squeaky, I never complained to the dealer about it but recently went to the dealer for a state inspection and mentioned the problem for the first time to them. Needless to say the car failed inspection because or the wipers. The replacement cost 36 dollars each these are a new design (aero type) rubber on both sides. I called a online vw parts dealer inquiring about these blades and mentioned i had problems with the wipers since i bought the car and he stated that "the word on the street" that VW had the blade manufacturer change the rubber on the wipers because of poor performance in the early 2002 models. any one had similar problems by the way the blades on line are about $22 for the passenger and $30 for the driver blade
  • nanny5nanny5 Posts: 10
    just to mention never had a problem with the 2000 passat wipers
  • if you care to DIY next time. About $6 for 2 inserts. You'd need a package for driver side and one for passenger side, but you'd still have a second set available for down the road.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Just wondering, at the time of inspection, how many miles was on the car?

    If it was 12,000 miles or less, it is covered under warranty.

    I'd tell them to put the wiper arms and blade from the pre-2002 Passats, so when it comes to the next replacement, you have better options.

    If it's covered under warranty, see what you can do about the inspection costs
  • j0eb0b1j0eb0b1 Posts: 6
    It has been awhile since I have been on this thread (which I started)and I guess thats a good thing. My recent problems (last six months) include replacement of the water pump (under warranty) and replacement of the radiator, not warranted (luckily I bought an inexpensive extended warranty from Geico)and replacement of the plastic lower engine shroud. Dealer quoted $1,000 plus for the radiator job, @$700 parts and $300 labor. Of course, the radiator on a VW can not be repaired and must be replaced, unlike any 2 or 4 wheel vehicle I have ever owned. In spite of the fact that VW is a German make don't try to drive in any measurable snow. The lower shroud is vunerable to ice damage from the road ($180 dollars plus labor).

    I am getting mentally prepared for the next maintenance event. What sounds like the clutch throwout bearing makes a lot of noise when driving in bumper to bumper traffic although the clutch continues to work normally. I'm sure this is another $1,000 at VW retail rates.

    For reference my car, a 1999 Passat 2.8 manual, now has 62,000 miles. I'm sure VW corporate considers this normal for a car of this age. All I know is the three preceding cars (2 Hondas, 1 Volvo) all went 105,000 to 130,000 before a major clutch replacement.

    My Passat remains, however, a pleasure to drive.


    The Passat is a nice car but it is somewhere between a Fiat and Renault in terms of durability.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I own a 2001 Passat GLX with 17,000 miles. I've changed the fuel gauge sensor shortly after buying the car 2 1/2 years ago.I have problems with my electric mirrors not wanting to fold back out. It happens intermittently. Also, a few times, none of my electric windows will go down or up. Then, out of nowhere, they begin to work. Also, What is with the shudder in the transmission when I'm idling in drive? I feel the entire car vibrating. It comes and goes. I hope this is not going to be a progressive scenario as I put on more mileage.
  • skernerskerner Posts: 18
    Maybe you folks know what I'm talking about - have a 2002 Passat 6 cyl w/automatic trip/stick.
    On many accelerations from a stop - the car just sits there for a second - you never know when it's going to move - very balky and kind of jumps.
    Dealer says this is "normal" - the computer doesn't show any problems.
    My wife and friends feel the problem too.
    Anyone our there know what I'm talking about and have any fixes. I've looked into chipping, but would rather not mess with warranty - have 27k on car - otherwise I love it - handles great and over 20mph is fine. Suggestions?
  • samk3samk3 Posts: 7
    I have 2001.5 1.8T manual Passat with 20k miles, which I've had for 2 yrs. I have not had a single problem. It's only been in for scheduled maint. Granted, its low miles and still young. However, I have nothing but confidence in the Passat.

    I agree with an earlier post..... when considering/gauging reliability you have to get scientific. Dont listen to those who have had one-off BAD experiences and dont bother listening to those who have had one-off GOOD experiences (me). Go to Consumer Reports et al.

    However, if you must know my VW reliabilty perspective......The Passat is the 5th new VW I have owned. Confidence was not always there. Not counting the 1970 Bug I had in college in the 80s (zero confidence) the others were: 3 Golfs (85, 87, 92)and a Jetta (95).

    I never had what I would call intolerable reliability experiences with the Golfs and Jettas. But they werent perfect. Mostly electrical and ball joint issues, occasionally brakes. But I digress. The Passat, at least the one I have, is different. Full confidence. More confidence than 80s and 90s Golfs/Jettas. Of course, what product hasnt gotten better since then?
  • dmurphy8dmurphy8 Posts: 4
    I brought my 2001.5 Passat into a nearby VW dealership for the 25,000 mile oil change. I also mentioned that it had been idling rough (surging not stalling) and this was more noticeable when the AC was on. When I called to check on the repair status the service manager told me that the throttle was faulty and would not close fully when the engine idled. He said this might be a mechanical problem or a programming problem. He had contacted VW corporate to see if they would cover the $450 + labor cost of replacing it. He felt there was a slim chance since the warranty had just recently expired. I asked if the throttle was part of the powertrain and covered under that warranty (it seems to be a necessary part to make the car move), but I was told no.

     I called later the same day; the service manager in charge of my car was gone for the day. No one knew if VW had gotten back to him about the warranty. The next day, I called the service department again and was told that the service manager I was dealing with had the day off. Once again, no one knew anything about my car. I was told to call back the following day. (Long stays at the dealership are typical in my experience, they had the car for six days to replace the ignition coil.)

    Has anyone else had a similar problem with a faulty throttle? It seems this essential part failed very prematurely. Could driving habits in any way cause it to wear-out sooner than normal?

  • dmurphy8dmurphy8 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know of a reputable independent VW/import mechanic in the west suburban Chicago area (western Cook or eastern DuPage counties)?

    Whenever I bring my car to the service department at a nearby VW dealer, they find some problem that is very expensive to fix and the repairs take days (waiting for parts, waiting for authorization from VW corporate on warranty, etc.). Even a reputable VW service department will do.

  • ian18ian18 Posts: 133
    Is this un-named VW dealer located on Ogden Avenue in D.G.? I had a similar experience with them when taking my Mazda in for service and never went back.
  • dmurphy8dmurphy8 Posts: 4
    No, the dealer in question is not the one on Ogden in DG. That's where I bought my car.

    The sales people were OK to deal with. They weren't too happy that I had gotten the true dealer costs from, but they sold me the car at the price I wanted without any games.

    I've never used the service dept.
  • dmurphy8dmurphy8 Posts: 4
    Follow-up: After 2.5 days of getting the run-around from the service department when I phoned them, I went to the dealership to get my own car back or demand a loaner. The car was ready and the throttle was replaced at no cost to me (parts or labor).

    The service manager I spoke to said that because the B-B warranty period had just ended in March, VW would still cover this. Apparently, there had been another customer with a similar problem that VW was only willing to cover 50% and there was some confusuion as to which car was covered.

    The car was probably ready by last night, but no one at the dealership could tell me this!
  • anna124anna124 Posts: 1
    I do love my passat, but the way you love the puppy that destoys your carpets and chews your shoes. I have a '99 V6 automatic with 85k miles. At 65k miles the engine just up and died, on my way to the airport for a 3 week vacation. The electrical was always a problem, though with the new engine has been less of a problem. That dumb strip fell off once, and is starting to peel again, the plastic coating is flaking off and the back cup holders committed suicide a long time ago, and are probably in a shallow grave under one of the seats.

    I brought the car in for service today, brake replacement - hoping to just do the pads since I agree they wear at the same time as the rotors; oil change; automatic lock that would only lock manually; a whirring noise; tire rotation. Over a thousand dollars later I picked up the car - only to find that the door could no longer be opened from the inside, and as I drove the bottom plate of the car dropped out - seems they forgot the screws...

    How is this car rated #1 by consumer reports? It is obviously not just mine, as the thread indicates. But, I am such an optimist that I have kept it this long, and even considered buying another VW. Though I am taking this sign from above to let go of the VW and move onto to something that won't bleed me dry.
  • roberth4roberth4 Posts: 4
    I had the same roblems with the morrors. The dealer said they worked every time I brought them in. One day they would not go out and I went right to the dealer sales person to show them since service was closed. Finally they agreed. They changed the motor for the mirror on the pass side. Picked car up, pulled out went across the street, didn't work. Finally the decided to change all components with both mirrors. New mirror assembly and all motors that also control windows. Also to the writewr with the acceleration problem, I read they all have this hesitation from time to time, even the new eight. Good luck all.
  • owdeeaowdeea Posts: 1
    Hello everyone.

    On May 19, 2003, I bought a used 2002 Passat 1.8T 5 Speed. Have driven only VW's/Audi's my entire life, I was back at home again with my Passat.

    I have 12,000 miles on this car. When does the Coil problem usually show it nasty self.

    I don't want to be caught somewhere and not know what the problem is.
  • You'll know what the problem is when the engine starts missing/running rrough. The check engine light may illuminate and/or flash. Under some circumstances the engine may be hard to start - please do NOT monkey with the accel pedal while cranking. Some say the engine may stall/die/kill - but not likely unless multiple coils fail simultaneously. I got a letter from VW recently - they will call me soon for replacement of all affected coils - the pertinent ones as determined by version/date/plant location - not just the failed ones. I have 43K on my '02 and no problems yet.
  • 5speeder5speeder Posts: 97
    Is the letter you are talking about the one VW sent out in early Spring acknowledging the problem, or have you gotten one since actually inviting you in to have the coils replaced?
  • clement18clement18 Posts: 1
    anyone know how much it costs to replace a fuel pump in a 2001.5 Passat GLS 1.8T? how about a vacuum pump? when (in terms of mileage) and why and how these parts might fail?

    I'm considering an online extended warranty company (; they seem much better than most on the net; great rate on their unique powertrain "wrap" policy but it does NOT cover the aforementioned pumps.

    are these two items likely to go Kaput and so costly to repair that I should reconsider the true value of the warranty, which is otherwise very comprehensive, resembling the original VW bumper-to-bumper?
  • runner24runner24 Posts: 3
    I am new to this board, but I don't see many problems with the v6 2003 Passat. Any comments?
  • jpvwaudijpvwaudi Posts: 139
    is that the Passat is the car they would buy for their mother; (I did too). You folks have to remember, as with any machine, you might have problems. Overall, the Passat is a great car and costs us dramatically less to recondition as a used car than most others. It is the SAFEST and best built car for under 24k......
  • notafannotafan Posts: 1
    If you are considering purchasing a VW Passat, do yourself a favor and flush a few thousand down the toilet instead. Same end result, much quicker and less frustration, too!

    My 2000 GLS was an awesome car until 50,000 miles. At that point, it was as if someone pushed a "destruct" button and everything went wrong at once. The air compressor failed, the heater core ruptured ("never saw that on a Passat," said the service technician), and NOW I've had a powertrain failure (turbocharger). There has also been a multitude of nuisance repairs: hood latch, trunk latch, 3 headlights in a few weeks.

    On top of all the $$$, the service stunk and the car was always in much longer than I was told the repair would require. During one 2-week period, I was without the car for 6 days!! One repair required 3 return trips before everything was as it should be ... something was hooked up backwards and water was draining into the inside of the car -- almost ruined my laptop.

    I'd like to add here that all my preventive maintenance was done on schedule. All oil changes were done as recommended by VW and I use synthetic oil as an extra precaution.

    Bottom line is that this has been my most expensive car to date and yet the worst for reliability! But enough of this rant -- I'm off to pick up my new TOYOTA!!!
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    This is my first entry into this forum but hope it can help others. I own a 2001 GLX Passat (early body style). Shortly after I took ownership Sept 2000. I noticed my windows would not operate at all. None of them would go up or down. By the way. My car has 19,000 miles on it after 3 years. The windows worked again so I forgot about it. A year later, same issue. They stopped and then started working again. As time has gone on it happens more frequently and I have noticed that at the same time my power mirrors and interior courtesy lights don't work. I'm bringing my car into service (I have an extended warrant which cost me $1500) However, electrical problems are the worst kind to have and never go away. Volks has been plagued with them for years. I have enjoyed my car over the past 3 years but can't accept a car with only 19k on it already starting with these problems. I paid over 30 Thousand for the GLX. I'm not taking any chances and have ordered a G35 Infiniti Coupe and plan on selling the Passat. I don't have any confidence in the Volks line with electrics. Not on a 3 year old car. If you check consumer reports the 2001 has a black check next to reliability verdict. Last year it was red. Take a guess where it may be next year? I have enjoyed this car but I think it's time to bail out.
  • ppageppage Posts: 6
    My 2000 GLX wagon was recalled for Emission repair last year. After having the dealer do their thing, the very next day all the engine and emission lights were on so back to the dealer for a "new sensor". One week later I go in for the 40,000 mile check up to the tune of $600. Now last week and now the car has 49,000 miles, the emission and engine lights go back on and the car is barely driveable. I was able to drive to the dealer only using 3rd gear/auto would not work. The car died at every slow down or stop sign. 5 days later, the dealer tells me that the car needs a new fuel pump! It cost $450 plus $124 fee to diagnose the problem! I argued til I was blue in the face that the pump was a emission related problem and under warranty. Of course that fell on deaf ears. AFter reading all the aforementioned problems, I think that i should sell the car. I love the luxury and speed of this car. But do I drive it to the ground while it bleeds me or sell it? I read that the 2005 Passat's will start at $30,000, a big mistake. So I was thinking of storing my passat until then and jsut buying a used Huyndai to drive and then in 2005 sell my passat! What do you think?
  • neo2kneo2k Posts: 8
    So I randomly search the boards to see what others are going through just to make sure I'm not the only one.

    MIRRORS - ongoing
    I have that problem also with my mirrors, usually it happens after some valet or other person push the mirrors in manually. Next time I try to fold it in it jsut sits there and makes some horribble crunching noises -- until i guess it resets itself.

    CAT Convertor - 2001
    I have 103,000 miles on the car now, I too lost my CAT convertor at about 68,000 I think I was jsut shy of misisng that warranty. I've never but anything less than 93 - oops I'm lying once in TX heading back from a roadtrip -- The highest octane was 91.

    Air Bag Fault - 2003
    So my new problem is that my Air bag fault light is on. More to come on this new development - -could have something to so with the fact that my car leaks on the dirver side (the worst side -- since all the electronics are housed there) The leaking is my fault NEVER INSTALL AFTER MARKET ACCESSORIES. Which I now have to pay for.

    Creaking Noise - ongoing
    I have to fasten the middle seatbelt to prevent the two from creating a rattling noise. sSoulution worked.

    Actually the pump survived until 90,000. You have to watch dealers also some will be proactive, but others will do exactly what you tell them to do. So apaprently the pump is good until about 75,000 miles and then you're on you're own -- of course if your pump fails -- you need to change your timing belt too -- and don't change your belt without changing the pump -- even if it's still good. ooh that's about $800 (you can tell my warranty was shot 2 years into the car) I had the crappy 2year 24,000.

    REAR WINDOW - 2001
    Lost my rear window, actually it could go up but not down. Actually to be more specific, the unit would go down but not the window-until you touched it and it "dropped". Found out this is common among 2000 VW's thanks to some cheap parts, think they wised up with later models.

    Those have been the major problems. Love the car -- 100,000 in 3 years and 8 months. I think I should long term test other cars on VW's tab next time :)
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