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Volkswagen Passat Maintenance and Repair



  • Just wanted to know if anybody else out in cyberspace has had any problems with the Passat's 5-speed Tiptronic transmissions. One week after we bought our 2002 GLX 4-Motion wagon, the transmission failed. The car was in the shop for 22 days, during which time the VW techline told the dealer tech to replace the valve body. That didn't work, so they put in a new transmission. Now, 22 months later, at 34,000 miles, the second transmission died. After 18 days in the shop, the car has its third transmission. Runs great now, but . . . . I requested a repurchase or replacement of the car, which was refused, so I filed with BBB Auto Line.

    Anybody else had to go this far with VW on warranty disputes?
  • I've now had my 2002 Passat GLX wagon (V6) for two years and slightly over 40K miles.

    From a standpoint of performance, fit and finish, comfort, yadda, yadda, yadda, like most, we couldn't be happier with it. Having had VWs before, I knew going in that repairs tend to be fairly high due to specialized training/parts/whatnot and pretty much accepted that.

    Up until now, it hasn't really even been a maintenance problem (like most, a bit on the pricey side for maintenance and a few electical glitches, but nothing debilitating). However, recently the clutch has started to slip. We took it in and, of course, they are calling it a "wear item" (which it is) covered for only 12k miles/1year (which it is) and now I'm stuck with a $1500 repair on a car that is still under warrenty that isn't even paid for yet.

    I realize that legally I don't have a leg to stand on here and that they are totally within the rules of the agreement I made at purchase, but I still can't help but feel a little screwed here. In my mind a $1500 "normal wear" item should last one whole hell of a lot longer than 40K miles and 2 years, am I wrong? This car replaced a Saturn SC1 with over 120K miles on it that was still on it's first clutch and the Saturn SL2 I still have also is on the first clutch at over 120K. In fact, the only car I've ever had that threw a clutch before 100K miles was an old 1984 Jetta. Am I being unreasonable to expect a little more out of VW on this?

    Again, I do realize that cars break and things wear out, but major items like this that just don't hold up are of a major concern to me. I like the car's performance and safety, but bottom line is I don't want to dump huge sums of money into a depreciating asset. There are a lot of good, safe cars to choose from. If this is an unusual circumstance, then I would think it would be right of VW to make good on the claim (or maybe split the difference). But if they are telling me that this is just a normal occurance, then I say that I've bought my last VW.

    What do you all think?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I totally understand your frustration. I would probably feel the same way if I were in your shoes. The only thing that I can say is a clutch wearing is almost totally dependent on how the clutch is used or abused. So, on one hand, I can understand VW saying you are totally responsible for the clutch. But, I think that VW could of shared the cost of a new clutch to possible keep you in the VW family now and in the future.

    I am a little confused though. First you say that the clutch is still under the 1yr / 12Mo warranty, then you say it has 40K miles on it. Which is it?
  • Sorry, let me clarify. The car has 40K miles on it and is still under the 4 Yr, 50K mile "bumper to bumper" warrenty. The clutch, being a wear item, is only covered by a 1yr/12K mile warrenty for items like, bulbs, brake pads, etc. So, as I said, it is clearly well out of warrenty coverage. Realistically, I have no grounds on which to complain.

    I just feel that an owner has a right to expect more than 40K out of a clutch. I agree that clutch wear has a lot to do with use, but this car has a ton of highway miles, it's our main family car for trips and the like. It is being used exactly the same as it's two predecessors, the remaining one of which still has it's original clutch after nine years and 122,000 miles, the last two of which have been exlusively as a daily commuter in DC traffic (since we got the Passat).

    If this is the normal state and I'm going to be putting a clutch in this thing every 40k, then I'd like to know now, so I can either plan around it or replace the car. If it is not, then it is an anomoly and it would seem logical to me for VW to show some concern/good faith.

    As it turns out, they are not going to do a thing after two days of running me around in circles and really just don't seem to care. That more than anything makes me greatly doubt I will be buying another VW nor will I likely be recommending them to anyone in the near future either. Maybe I am unreasonable to expect anything above and beyond the minimum on a nearly $30K purchase, but such is the price of indifference.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I do not think you are being unreasonable. I would probably react the same way you are if I were in the same situation. I have a similar story with my wifes '98 Honda Accord EX. Back in 2002, I notice oil leaking from under her car. I looked further and realized it was the transmission. The car had 74,000 miles on the odometer and the transmission was performing normal. I brought the car to the Honda dealer and they told me that the internals of the trans were deteriorating and metal particles were destroying the internal components. They said it would cost $5,100 for a new transmission. I was floored. I never expected, especially from a Honda, having to replace a transmission in a car that only had 74K miles. I called Honda and after arguing for days they agreed to chip in 20% towards a new trans. Needless to say, my wife won't own another Honda anytime in the near future.
  • mliongmliong Posts: 231
    Transmission problems tend to happen with the Accord much more than the Passat - at least from the different threads I have read over here and some other sites.

    With the Accord, it's a rare event, but it still happens.

    Steve - the problem with the manual transmission, is that there are so many different driving styles that can lead to premature transmission wear. Things like:
    * Riding the Clutch at the stoplight instead of shifting to neutral.
    * Grinding the tranny when making improper shifts.

    I'm not saying that you don't know how to drive a manual - just that car companies tend to assume user error first. It's harder for them to duck out of their responsibilities with an automatic - because it's almost impossible for an owner to make the same mistakes on them as compared to a manual.

    Still, 40K is really low - considering that your car sees more highway miles (less shifting) - try to work with your mechanic to see if there were any signs of premature wear and see if you could use that as an ammunition to get VOA to help shoulder the cost. Reminding them that losing a customer and the corresponding bad word-of-mouth it may generate may also help you.
  • As much as people complain about passat reliability problems, a recent event has reminded me why my fiance bought this car. Last week while on her way to work, a Toyota Celica rammed into the back of a Mercedes at 60 mph. The Mercedes, in turn was pushed into the back of my fiance's 2003 Passat GLS, which in turn, was pushed into the rear of a 2003 Honda Accord. This chain-reaction accident resulted in the Toyota's front end being smashed like a pancake (sending the driver and passenger through the windshield - both in critical condition at the hospital). The Mercedes sustained substantial damage in both the front and rear of the car (driver injured and taken to the hospital), and the Honda's rear was smashed in (driver slightly shaken). My fiance's Passat had minor damage to the lower rear bumper (branded with an imprint of the Mercedes 3-star hood decal), and the front bumper was slightly pushed in - but the rest of the car was untouched - the front and rear bumpers absorbed 100% of the impact. My fiance was shaken, but she was able to walk away from the accident. The Rescue personnel, the state troopers, and even the Honda driver were amazed that the Passat sustained minimal damage during that melee.

    Bottom line - Say all you want about the Passat's reliability (or that of any VW) - but I'll take the VW's safety over the reliability of any Japanese tin can auto any day of the week.

    Reliability is fine, but it doesn't do you any good if you wind up in a pine box as a result...
  • mliongmliong Posts: 231
    I'm glad thay your fiance was unharmed in the accident, but I think you're missing the larger picture here.

    The Merc and Honda owners also got out of the crash in one piece. How well or badly a car deforms during an accident isn't always translated to how well the occupant survives it. The fact that the Merc also absorbed the brunt of the force is indicative on the damage dealt to it.

    You are correct though, in noting that VW does have a STELLAR safety record - better than most other manufacturers. VW models have performed very well on the 5MPH bumber crash tests, and your real world experience seems to bear this out.

    Again, I am glad that your loved one is safe and sound - I am certainly glad that mine is also in one!
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I'm on a lot of Passat boards, and the general concensus is the Tiptronic is pretty robust. I honestly can't recall ever reading that someone was on their third transmission.

    Are you saying in your final comment about warranty disputes that VW warranty is not picking up the transmission replacement under the 4 year/50K miles warranty?
  • reidkreidk Posts: 46
    Recently passed the 50K mark with my GLS Sedan (V6, 5Spd). So far, so good, although I feel a bit like I should be holding my breath based upon some of the posts on this board(!).
      Just put 3rd set of tires on: Energys lasted 30K; replcd with 16" wheels & Dunlop SP5000s which are also down to wear bars - excellent performance, short tread life! - and have just remounted oem 15" wheels with new Mich HydroEdges (205/60/15) as "winter tires."

       Other than tire wear (hardly the car's fault), major complaint is how prone the paint is to chipping - front of hood looks like a battle zone unless kept up on frequent basis - although overall the paint still looks great - even the hood looks fine from 3ft + distance (it IS taken care reasonably well). Have one TINY crack in wood trim in center of dash - most people would never notice it - and the leather on the driver's seat is beginning to show signs of wear, although, again, only upon fairly close inspection.

      Windshield, like hood, seems to have been through a mild sandblasting, although a coat of RainX has helped, and there are other minor indications of age/wear, & several 'rough road' squeaks & rattles; but the car was hit in the rear hard enough to warrant a new bumper, which probably didn't help matters.

      Brake inspection while putting HydroEdges on shows that it is nearly time for new pads, and the car has "always" used 1/2 qt of oil or so between changes (5000 miles) - as is "promised" by the owners manual. Beyond this, have had few glitches, and remain very happy with the purchase - and hope for several more years of driving fun (with several kids waiting for it to be passed along!).
  • brozhnikbrozhnik Posts: 172
    A friend said that the only regret he has about his Passat is that the tan interior really shows the mud, esp. on the cloth on the doors (We live in a muddy area). My question: would Scotchgard solve the problem? (and seat covers, heavy-duty floor mats, etc.) Or do you really have to avoid buying the tan interior if you live in mudville?
  • gfostergfoster Posts: 10
    I've been having a problem with my 2001.5 Passat GLX 4Motion AWD 4dr Wagon (2.8L 6cyl 5A) "cutting off" while driving at speeds up to 60 mph. I will typically get a brief hesitation, followed by an engine stall, as if the gas is not finding its way through the appropriate channels. A tough position to be in when accelerating through an intersection or around tight curves. Just too dangerous of a problem to go undiagnosed with a 19-month old in the car.

    I've been using 94 octane since I purchased the car, which is recommended. I've even gone to different gas stations for fear that I was getting poor quality gas. The car has been to the dealership 3 times now (in addition to regular scheduled maintenance) and their diagnostic system doesn't detect a problem. The problem occurs at 4-5 times a month (and the car is only used as a weekend car).

    Would like to hear from those with similar problems and from a technical guru that can give me some advice about what could be happening here.
  • Any advice on the following problem is appreciated.
    I bought a 03 Sedan which has been driven for 4,300 miles. Very nice car, but the fit and finish has proven to be unacceptable. Since the purchase the dashboard has assumed a life of its own with creaks, squeaks, and rattles (in idle, when driving above rough payment, when hitting bumps, etc).
    Two trips to the dealer resulted in very visible silicon spray being applied liberally to the dash, including ugly streaks around the instrument cluster, but nothing was fixed. It looks like the dash has a fundamental fit problem, especially since this problem has gotten worse with increasing milage. Has anyone experience with a dashboard exchange?

    Also dissapointing is the fact that the driver door is visibly sagging in its hinges and started to produce a rattle, as did the rear headrest section.

    The dealer response has been basically: "We cannot hear a thing", and after a joint test drive "things were not really that bad". I moved and will use a new dealer, but assuming the problems will not get fixed what are my options?

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I experienced a similar problem with my 2002 Jetta. Though it sounds like your situation may be a little worse than mine. My dash started to "come to life" at around 2K miles. I brought it in to my nearest VW dealer soon thereafter. Numerous people drove my car and the standard response was "we can't duplicate the problem". So, I drove with the service tech and they were able to hear the rattle. But after 2 days in the shop they did squat to fix the noise. After getting my car back and seeing the silicone spray on my dash and the dash not put back together correctly, I eventually said mercy. Since I am leasing my Jetta, I will live with the occasional rattle. Actually, when the weather gets cooler, the rattle in my dash seems to disappear.
  • To Mark (altair4):

    I haven't visited this board for a little while--new computer, trip out of state, etc., so I didn't see your post.

    To clarify: VW has taken care of the transmission problems under the warranty terms, BUT . . . I recently discovered that in 2001, in the first pair of repairs, VW Techline decided to install a remanufactured transmission in my car. I hadn't noticed the 'X' in the part number on the original repairs until after this latest transmission was installed. In a car with 2,245 miles that we'd had for a week! And this after I was assured in 2001 by the Service Manager at the dealer that a NEW unit was being installed. It's no wonder the second transmission failed after 32,000 miles. Remanufactured parts do not EVER have the service life of a new component, particularly one as complicated as a transmission.

    Under the terms of the warranty, VW may at its discretion install remanufactured parts, but it was a bit ridiculous to use a remanufactured part in a one-week old car. Plus I'm a little miffed that I was misled by the service manager about the transmission installed two years ago. And get this--about a week after getting the car back with the "new" transmission (now the car's third), I discovered that the tie rod ends (there are 4 of them) had mangled/torn boots from using a pickle fork to separate the control arms from the strut as part of the transmission removal/reinstallation. The tech must have thought I'd never discover his booboo until after the warranty was gone. The dealer had to replace all four tie rods, but now the front suspension creaks and groans when turning or braking. By the time I get that rectified, we will have had five separate repair attempts for the one problem.

    I've handed it over to a lawyer to get a replacement or repurchase. It's in the Federal "Magnuson" warranty enforcement act.
  • I have the same dashboard issues with my 2002 W8 at 6,700 miles. Started around 2,000 miles - I was hoping it would stop after break in period but that appears hopeless now. Squeaks most when making turns at about any speed and going over bumps. Sounds to me like around the center air vents or passenger airbag. Drives me crazy. Guess that's why VW put 6 speakers in the car - so you can't hear the squeaks. Had it to the dealer to check it out and they said it was a steering sensor and replace it. I didn't even get out of the parking lot when squeak was back. I'll be taking this car back again. At $38,000 I don't expect to hear these type of noises.
  • My new Passat W8 Wagon has a problem accurately registering the amount of fuel in the tank. The dealer tells me I have to remove the key from the ignition before filling up the car with gas, or it will not register correctly. Even if you restart the car or drive a few miles. It takes the car several hours before the guage reads full. I think this is very odd, and the dealer service person tells me the tech bulletins say this is normal. I say it's totally not right and plan on fighting with them to get this resolved. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  • This is the first time I've heard of this problem.

    I would take it to another VW shop and try and get them to fix it. Having an inaccurate fuel gauge is inexcuseable at this day and age - let alone potentially dangerous if you run out of gas in the middle of a freeway.
  • Thanks for your response. I agree and it's an ongoing problem I plan on getting resolved. I'll keep you posted.
  • I have a 2000 VW Passat which has run for about 59000 miles.
    I am seriously regreting buying this car now because off late its been at the dealer four times for the check engine light.
    Parts replaced till now from Sept 2003 till Nov 2003
    1. Oxygen sensor front
    2. Oxygen sensor rear
    3. Turbo Pressure sensor
    4. Temperature sensor
    5. Mass air flow sensor
    6. Front vacuum hose
    7. 2 Rear vacuum hoses
    8. Water pump
    The total expenses incurred were $580+ $152+ $300 for 3 trips i had to make to the dealer.
    Are VW's that bad.. it is debatable.
    or there arent any dealer with enough technical expertise to get to the root of the problem.
    I hope this benefits someone before one decides on buying a VW or for that matter even an Audi.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Aren't the O2 sensors covered under the emissions warranty? Are you saying all those items were replaced to troubleshoot a "check engine light"? If so, after the second item was replaced I would start asking questions......
  • The next time you finish driving the car, go out and see if you smell any gasoline fumes at the end of the car. If you do, then there's a leak somewhere near the filler, and you'll have to get the whole fuel tank replaced.

    Good luck!
  • brozhnikbrozhnik Posts: 172
    Intermittent prob, if this is a problem. Note that my drive is almost all highway, at 60+ MPH, for 60 miles. Sometimes in the first five minutes before I get to the freeway and am driving in town at low speeds, I'll notice some roughness in the idling. I think that's it-- the vibration coming up through the seats seems significantly more. It goes away soon. I also, once or twice, have experienced that at the other end, after the commute, when I'm driving at low speeds in the town I arrive at. Note that both have been an occasional problem, not constant. But it has happened more than once.
    Is this something wrong with the Passat 1.8 turbo engine that needs attention? Or is that something that's just the way these engines work?
    Thanks. BWT, only 1500 miles on the car so still under whatever warranties.
  • The 2000 VW Passat came with a 2year 24000 mile warranty.
    Is there anything like emissions warranty. Please advise.
    There is a recall for Mass Air Flow sensors by VW, so i would recommend anyone having a 2000 VW Passat to check it out with the local dealer.
    Of all the items i had mentioned in Msg 177 The water pump was the only part under the 100K transmission warranty.
    I had the pay for all the rest of the sensors and hoses replaced
    Here is the breakdown of the parts replaced
    1st visit : Front vacuum hose
    2nd visit : Rear O2 sensor, temp sensor, turbo press sensor
    3rd visit : Rear vacuum hoses
    4th visit : Front O2 sensor.
  • My '02 Fresco Green Passat w/50K mi has had a noise in the dash since about 13K mi. It seems to be coming from the very front where the windshield meets the dash. I have been able to remedy this aggravating sound by installing a strip of felt along the dash to alleviate the squeak of vinyl against glass. Unfortunately, this requires removal of the windshield or the dash. When I take may car in for repair, those deaf miners are unable to duplicate most all the complaints I have. Their other response is "that's as good as it gets." Unfortunately that's not good enough. You have to stay on their a__. Be persistent! Even when driving with the shop foreman (a lap around the parking lot at 10-15mph qualifies as a test drive for them)who said there is a problem with my car, they still cannot duplicate it. The vibration at idle could not be found. When I was changing the oil, I noticed a dried pink residue on the panel underneath the engine. Closer examination revealed the right motor mount leaking fluid. They couldn't find it because they didn't look! The left headlight will throw a vibrating image of the light when viewed against the car in front of me at a stop. They couldn't find it! While driving fast or slow, hitting a small bump or lane separator causes the steering wheel to "whip" slightly. They couldn't find it! The steering wheel is loose at the top of the column and can be wiggled up/down/back/forth. They couldn't find it. I have already paid for an alignment and replaced the tires as per their recommendation. They didn't notice the steering wheel because they didn't look! Next week I am taking it back in. It is now out of warranty (50,591mi). I have sent letters to VW and the service manager. i haven't heard from the manager. VW said, when they called, that they didn't know if it was the dealers policy to respond to letters fron customers. HA! Try that in a reputable business these days! So much for VW's commitment to improving their service! Looks like a shiny new dealership was their big commitment to me.
  • Did you have your coilpacks swapped out under the recall? Maybe one of them is starting to go out?
  • I heard of the problem with the coils here and from a VW letter. My car never displayed a problem. I took the cover off to determine if my coils were in the "bad" lot. They were, but since there was no problem I waited until I took the car in for a correction of a previous repair - "comeback." When I called to schedule the loan car and repair, I was told to bring in the letter. After I arrived and offered the letter I was told they didn't need the letter. This was several months after I received the letter and the coils were widely available, unlike earlier. Anyway that's when all the "unable to duplicate", "that's as good as it gets" started. The car has been very good, but not the service. I put 50K on it in 26mos. It is quiet, powerful, and comfortable. Many cars I know of that cost many thousands more are not even close. They are however, flashy and pretentious. Unfortunately for their dealers I am not. I am however, unyielding and insistent. I don't feel I am asking too much for repairs I paid for when I bought the car (the warranty). Time will tell who can stare-down whom.
  • from my experience, tend to over-rely on the OBDC (on Board Diagnostic Computer) for their diagnostics. Sure they are a God-send, but they should supplement good mechanical skills - such as actually openning the car and taking a looksee!

    This appears to happen a lot from the posts I've seen here.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I would take your W8 to another dealer ASAP. Not providing a loaner until the problem is diagnosed is horse waste. I get a loaner when I bring my loley 2002 Jetta for service. It sounds like your dealer needs a lesson in customer service. Especially for those VW owners who pony up $40K for a W8. Good luck and be persistant with the dealer. Have you spoken with the Service Manager or dealer owner? Tell them this is not the kind of service you expected when purchasing one of their flagship cars.
  • About to buy a used 2002 Passat GLX from the dealer and noticed the engine light was on. Dealer explained that it was triggered by a emissions/fuel item. Said it happens when a vacuum is created when gas was put into car and goes off after a while.
    What should I insist on if I am to buy this car?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    BS!!!! I think what the dealer is telling you is completely deceptive. Call another VW dealer and explain to them what is going on as far as the car is concerned and ask what could cause the light to come on. It sould like the dealer wants to sell you the car by any means necessary.

    Are they saying it was bad gas that caused the light to appear?
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    If not, it's definitely BS. The light could be from something as simple as a gas cap that's not closed properly (or has a bad seal). But it could signify something much more expensive. In this day and age of emissions testing by the states, I wouldn't touch a car that's got an engine light on.

    If it is a VW dealer, I'd insist that the problem be fixed before touching that car. They've got diagnostic test equipment, make them use it.

    Sorry - probably not what you want to hear, but that light is telling you something. Remember, "not responsible for warnings unheeded."

    Personally, I'd continue shopping.
  • I have a 2001.5 Passat and have noticed two problems recently. The first is a water leak in my back passenger seat foot well. It recently rained a few days in a row and I think the water came trough my air duct under neat the passenger side seat. Has anybody ever heard of this problem? Any idea what caused it?

    The next problem is my drive, park, 3rd, 2nd, reverse, and neutral lights on my dashboard all become highlighted when I take off from a stand still. This has only happened twice but it seems like some computer glitch and the only way to stop it is put the car in park, turn it off, and re start it. Any idea what this may be?
  • thanks for all the replies...I may insist on reviewing the maint. records since it was serviced and bought originally from the same dealer. Maybe the prior unhappy customer cried so much the dealer finally agreed to take it back and now they must unload it. If the repair history shows repeated "engine light on" issues it is probably a lemon.
  • profvhprofvh Posts: 31
    For what it is worth, the new 2004 CU Buying Guide
    recently arrived giving the 2002 Passat V6 a top
    check rating for reliability. Previous years were
    average. Of 26 cars listed in Family Sedan category, the Passat V6 is listed first.
  • mptmpt Posts: 1
    I just replaced the battery on my 1999 VW Passat Wagon 1.8 Turbo. Immediately after I started the car the check engine light came on and has not gone off since. The car is running fine and there seems to be no adverse effects from the new battery. What am I missing? I have re-set all of the controls, clock, radio, etc.
  • My Passat's headlights keep burning out! It is less than 2 1/2 years old and I've had to replace both sets of headlights already and one of them twice now. The dealer told me that this is normal but I don't ever recall this happening with other vehicles. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Now, I DO have to say that I've been very lucky otherwise (knock on wood)! I love driving the Passat and it has performed very well.

    I've had only two other minor electrical issues:

    1. A child window lock stopped working about a week after I got the car and that was fixed immediately under warranty.

    2. The cigarette lighter (turned phone charger) stopped working and was also corrected under warranty.
  • Just posted above with the minimal problems in my 2001.5 GLX 4Motion wagon. Well, Murphy's Law, I guess, but I just experienced something bizarre yesterday... electrical issue maybe?

    I went to start the car and it wouldn't turn over but all the dash lights started flickering on/off like crazy while making a clicking noise. The radio and lights still worked. Tried to start it a few times and then it finally turned over the 4th try. Anyone have any ideas on this? It's started fine since.
  • warthogwarthog Posts: 216
    My 2002 1.8T has 16,000 miles and the turn signals (both) have quit. The owner's manual is no help in finding flasher, circuit board, or whatever operates this feature. All help appreciated.
  • I have a 2000 Jetta with the same problem. Actually what happens is that I will hit the turn signal and it will work for a few seconds and then it will stop blinking and stay lit. I tested it last night and once the dash showed it staying lit, I walked around the car and the turn lmaps were all lit too, instead of blinking, just on solid.

    Is this similar to your problem, or are yours just plain not working?
  • warthogwarthog Posts: 216
    Mine worked intermittently for a while, then just quit. I had it to the dealer today. The problem was the flasher. Now I had looked for the flasher and couldn't find it. Turns out it's in the dash behind the radio! Your problem may be the same or something different, like the signal stalk. Good luck.
  • I just got out of the garage fumbling with mine, replacing the fuses and stuff. No suck luck, it is totally intermittent. Sometimes it works just fine, other times I move the stalk and the light stays lit... no flashing. If you don't mind my asking, how much was the flasher replacement at VW? I might defer taking mine in until after the holidays, although I am not a fan of driving with no turn signals (despite the fact that 90% of the driving population around here don't bother to use them). ;-) Thanks! MK
  • warthogwarthog Posts: 216
    VW did it under warranty while I waited. I was pleased with the service.
  • I was recently on a drive with 4 people in the car .2 in front 2 in rear, I was doing about 60 mph and the person in the right rear open the window........WOW the noise was incredibly loud very scary. It was like having a helicopter coming in threw the window!.Has anyone heard of this?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Yes, that has happened in every car I have ever owned.....German, Japanese or American. Its normal.
  • Yep, I've experienced the same level of wind noise and vibration with open windows! While that wind noise in cars IS normal, I have never experienced it as bad as in my Passat GLX Wagon. I have found it necessary to do more adjustments with various windows to equalize the pressure than in other cars I've owned.
  • I must disagree with you saying that this (helicopter noise) is in every car!..........As I've owned many a breed of car, including Renault. I have never experianced this effect in any of them but this one. you say you own a Jetta a very similar 50mph and open your right rear window and get back to me then.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    This same thing happens with our Honda Accord. It also happened with our Mazda Pro, VW Golf, Plymouth Horizon, and just about any car I rode in as a kid in the 60's and 70's.

    I think the Passat wagon makes more noise than some others due to the interior volume of the car. Same thing as blowing across the top of an open soda bottle. The greater the volume of air (versus fluid) the deeper and louder you can make the noise.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    You read my comment wrong!! I said I have experienced the noise in every car I have owned....NOT EVERY CAR!!!
  • I just bought a 2000 GLX last week. After reading about the small problems that seem to plague the passat... I have come to think that getting one of those extended warranties from an online company (1source, warrantiesdirect) is a good idea.

    Just wondering if other people have had any thoughts about it. Common problems that crop up with a Passat which are covered (or not) by these warranties.

    Also ... any recommendations for good VW mechanics in Minneapolis, MN


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