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Volkswagen Passat Maintenance and Repair



  • ric2ric2 Posts: 1
    I just returned from having my rear rotors replaced. The vehicle was “lunging” so bad that I was using the transmission to slow it down. It was embarrassing to have someone in the car. This is at 23K! Supposedly there is a TSB about this problem. Does anyone know where to locate it? I ended up paying the labor and VW supplied the parts. I have never had to replace brakes on any vehicle I have ever owned, let alone at this low mileage. I am going to try and see if I can get some explanation from VW America. The other odd thing that happened was that my driver’s side sunshade clip broke. I ended up paying $7.00 for it. What DOES the 4 year warranty cover?
  • emoniqueemonique Posts: 3
    I don't think there is a TSB out there for this issue. All I ever found on NHTSA was a lot of complaints. I had a 2000 Passat that I never once had brake issues. I found some helpful information on another site that pegs the problem being the VW parts and that when people put aftermarket rotors and pads (at the same time) that they no longer have the problem. That might be what I try next.... Love the car but seriously disappointed with VWoA and their response or lack of to all these problems :(
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I use Blue Coral Leather/Vinyl cleaner and conditioner. Works great and provides a nice smell. It doesn't leave a glossy finish. For the dash I use the following product from meguiars. It's safe and readily available!!
  • I have a 1999 VW Passat 1.8T with tiptronic transmission, and, most of the time, love it. Drives great, rarely has mechanical issues.

    But I currently have a problem that has me and the local european auto mechanic baffled and hope that someone might have some past experience or insight they can share.

    If I drive my car around for about 20-40 minutes, park for 10-20 and then attempt to restart, the car will not start. The best way to describe the situation is to imagine you are attempting to start an old car with a manual transmission, you turn the key, hear the engine and then start pumping the gas pedal until it catches. That is essentially what happens here, though pumping the gas pedal does not help.

    Normally I can get the car to start within about 10 minutes after repeated attempts so long as I am patient a take my time, but it seems to be getting worse and I do not look forward to getting stranded somewhere.

    Now here's the catch. This problem NEVER happens when the engine is cold, in the mornings or after sitting for an extended period of time...NEVER! I hear the term vapor-lock a lot, but that pursuit has not yielded any positive results.

    Suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    For starters, how many miles do you have on your car? When was the last time your fuel filter was changed? A clogged fuel filter may contribute to the hard starting problems. If you had the fuel filter changed, the next question should be - have you had your ignition coils changed per the VW recall? If the coils have been changed, then I would have the fuel pump tested (assuming that the fuel filter is new and the coils have been changed). The hard starting / non starting problems could be an indication that the fuel pump has seen its better days - but it would be good to have it tested - just to make sure.

    Those are the first three items I would check out before proceeding any further.

    Good luck and let us know the outcome...
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I'm thinking sensor on the engine. Maybe temperature sensor. Do you think it's starved for fuel or flooding? Problem with hot start...I'll have to take a look at Bentley and see if it gives any hints. Are there any other clues you could give? Does your oil smell like gasoline? When the car does start, are you getting any unusual smoke out the exhaust?

    Fuel filter...well, why does it start when it's cold? Fuel pump...some owners have had failures and at some shockingly low mileage numbers, but all of I've read shows the failure to be immediate and complete; suddenly the car won't run and it won't run again until the pump is replaced. Dunno...I'm stumped.

    PS: Temperature sensor is pretty cheap (under $10). Might be worth a try.

    PPS: What elese has your tech done or suggested?
  • Thanks for the quick replies and suggestions.

    My car has ~90K miles on it, regular synthetic oil changes and use premium gas. Fuel filter, timing belt and water pump were changed after this problem began (within the last two months). Fuel pump was successfully tested at that time too. Oil does not smell like gas and no smoke from exhaust. Do not believe it is flooding or starved for fuel, though twice I have been able to start it by opening the hood and manually rev'ing the engine while someone else turned the key, but does not always work.

    Have not changed the ignition coils, it's been a while since I looked at that topic, but I thought that recall didn't affect my particular year/model. I'll have to go back and double-check. Also, I will look into a temperature sensor, I assume something I can get from an autoparts store.

    Tech suggested replacing/resetting timing belt, fuel filter, also resetting the onboard computer and that has been it so far. I think they are stumped.
  • drew7drew7 Posts: 4
    Hey guys. My wife has an 04 passat gls, and while backing it out of the parking space, the car made a medium pitch whirring sound, I coudn't really tell where it was coming from, but didn't seem like the engine, but I figure a car that is only a year old shouldn't be making sounds like that? What might this be, and is it normal? I have an 03 Accord, and it never makes any noises. Should I be worried, or is it no big deal? I wouldn't think it happens much, as my wife has never mentioned anything. Thanks!

    To describe the sound, it would be similar to rubbing a wet finger around the rim of a crystal glass, but the pitch would be lower and the sound volume much higher. Hope that helps.
  • onparonpar Posts: 6
    At 30,600 miles, the warning light to "STOP turn motor off" light came on. Luckily I was only 200 yds from my independent BP mechanic station.

    They detected the problem. I contacted Road side assistance, they towed the car to 3 Rivers Volkswagon in McMurray PA.

    VW called this AM, and told me the same as my independent dealer. They want all oil change records before they touch my 4cyl "03 Passat w/ 1.8 turbo. That's fine. But I have the feeling, while the car is still under warranty, they're going to attempt to stick me with the bill for synthetic vs regular oil, even though the oil was changed on or before each 5,000 mile recommendation.

    Is synthetic a requirement or a recommendation? Is anyone else seeing a problem coming? If so, what do you anticipate.


  • prometeyprometey Posts: 4
    Please help!

    I just purchased a new 2005 Passat GLX V6. The car is a real pleasure to drive, however, with the first tank of gas, it went only for a 240 miles with average consumption of 14-15 MPG. I got concerned and after I put gas for second time, I have been closely monitoring the MPG numbers which so far show average of 19 MPG. 19 doesn't sound so bad if I was not driving 90% on the highway.

    I am very disappointed and my question is: Is this normal or not? Should I go back to the dealership to complain. Most important indicator for me is - how many miles does a 2.8 V6 engine go?

    Thanks for your help!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    Did it happen just the first time you backed it up? If so, it's probably the ABS doing a self check. My 05 wagon does the same thing as does my Odyssey.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    It's a brand new engine - it takes time to break in and fuel economy should improve.

    Although you are doing highway driving, is it long trips, short trips, 65 mph, 80 mph? Lots of variables to fuel economy.
  • drew7drew7 Posts: 4
    Yes, just when I first backed up. I figured it might be nothing serious. Thanks!
  • I have a 2004 Passat 1.8T GLS and recently, I started hearing a low thumping noise when I reach about 40mph. The car is only a year and a half old so I'm hoping there isn't anything wrong with the engine. Anyone experience this? Any help would be appreciated.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    You going to have to be more specific than that. Road-speed related (goes faster or slow with the car moving faster or slower)? Engine-speed related (goes faster when revving - slows/stops when in neutral while coasting)? Sounds like it's from the front or rear? Give a few more clues! ;)
  • It's hard to tell. It seems to be speed related. It's a constant thumping that seems to be loudest/peaks at around 40mph, but I start to notice it around 25-30mph. After 45mph or so, it's not as loud. The sound doesn't get faster or slower. I think it gets louder/softer. It seems to make the car shake a little more than usual, like it's vibrating. I posted on another site and someone thinks that it may be due to a loose lower engine cover. I'll have to check that but not sure if that's the problem. It's not distinctly from the front or the back. When I'm driving, and only the back windows are open, the sound is more noticible. However, if I just open the front windows, it's not as loud. But I don't know if it's just how the wind is blowing, the air circulating a certain way or if it means it's coming from the back. Not sure if this is helpful at all.
  • lewisbrelewisbre Posts: 1
    Nice to know other people are having the same problem, it's costing me around $1100 to get this ABS issue taken care of. I'll go to the site you listed and see what can be done. Thanks for the info...
  • wcvwwcvw Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 passat wagon 1.8t that ocaasionally won't start. Engine
    turns over but there is no ignition. After several attempts, it finally
    starts. It does this when the engine is both hot and cold. The engine only
    has 8k miles on it. Has anyone else ever experienced this problem? I
    had the dealer check the problem a few months back but they couldn't
    find anything wrong. I'm wondering if maybe it's a problem with the anti-theft-
    start system of maybe the key?? Help?
  • d2l2d2l2 Posts: 1
    Count me in on the class action suit if it happens. Just got the damage report on my 99 VW Passat Sedan with 71K miles. Timing belt failure and trashed engine. Probably $2.5K to repair after all said and done. Similar experience with VW America. Spent half an hour giving them every detail on the vehicle, etc. only to be put on hold for several minutes and then getting cited chapter and verse on the "warranty policy", VW will not offer any help on this. Bottom line, VW would rather risk permanent loss of customers (count me as one) than face up to this severe deficiency by recommending earlier belt changes and helping those with the resulting cost of premature failure.
  • prometeyprometey Posts: 4
    The dealer told me the same today - I left the car for inspection. They said that the MPG should improve once I drive it more. The question is - by how much..
    I travel about 35 miles one direction to and from work. Sometimes I have slow traffic - sometimes not. I would say average speed is 50MPH. Ofcource - this is averiging between traffic (20-30) and non traffic - (70-80). Currently, I am at 20.5 MPG exactly - do you think that is normal? (another factor could be AC)?

  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    How many miles are on it?

    My 05 GLS Wagon - 1.8t and 5 speed with 2500 miles is at 24.2 mpg per the computer. I've calculated I'm getting 26 mpg. My commute is about 16 miles - 12 miles hwy and 4 miles city. On some days the computer tells me I'm getting 20 mpg and others it's at 25 mpg. It all depends on traffic, A/C use, how heavy my foot it.

    At 70-80, you'll be using more fuel than at 50-60. Slow down a bit and see if it improves. Also, it's a V-6 - it's not going to be sipping the fuel.
  • I have a 99 Passat and over the years the only real problems I have had have been with various electrical/electronic systems. I have had to replace windshield wiper motors, power mirror, wiring to the gas cap release. The power doors don't work anymore, etc. Is this common? Any over arching solutions?
  • I have only 800 miles so far. I think the average stays around 20 MPG. People have told me to wait till the engine breaks in and see if it improves... Hopefully will get better. Otherwise, the car is excellent..
  • I have a 2000 Passat Wagon. Just got it and so far, I love the thing. But,,,,when the air is on and you are driving at 50-70 for some time, the outside temperature will eventually read -58*. Then the air shuts off and you don't get anything untill it unfreezes (which takes a while). Other times while driving with the air off the temperature will read way low.
    Can this just be a bad sensor? Or something worse?
    Anyone had this prob?
  • stock1stock1 Posts: 2
    I need to change out the tail light assembly on a 2003 Passat left rear (driver's side) sedan. Is this a difficult task? I can't figure out how to get the current light off. My email address is [email protected]
  • Hi all, I have two questions - appreciate your advice/help:

    1) My 2002 VW Passat 1.8T warranty is about to expire in October. I got email from VW about extended warranty offer. I haven't found the details and the price from the dealer yet. Wondering if it is a good idea to get the extended warranty and if anyone has any experience getting it or not getting it and details about that?

    2) Also, my car has 39K miles on it, so I need to go in for a 40K mile service soon. I realize its a big service and the dealer charges around $650 I guess. Is it worth to go with the dealer or any ideas/alternatives/suggestions?

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    1) If you plan to keep your Passt for many more years, I would look into an extended warranty. Remember, the price is negotiable.

    2) For the 40K mile service I would go to an independent VW mechanic. I called an Ind Mechanic and they would charge around $250.00 for the service. Just make sure you keep all your records and verify the parts they replace are OEM VW Parts or better.
  • Thanks fish8.
    Regarding extended warranty, any idea what would be a reasonable price (and for how many years of extension)..just so I know I'm not getting ripped off..

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I am leasing my Passat, so an extended warranty was not considered. I would say, for a VW, maybe between $1500-$2000. The warranty's are probably 7yr/100K miles. Any variation of that is probably doable.
  • I just changed the right tail light on my 2002 Wagon. It was simple enough. It was held on with 4 nuts. I accessed the nuts by removing the panel on the right side from inside the wagon. Your sedan should have something similar inside the trunk. The only challenge was avoiding losing the nuts into the body.
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