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Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma



  • Any analyst will remember that a larger proportionate number of vehicles in the market will lead to more reports of complaints. The Ranger has been a sales leader for over 18 years. People are also more likely to voice a complaint than a praise. That is seen in the recent dialog here. You should read through any forums dedicated to any vehicle you plan on purchasing, but every account found should also be taken with a grain of salt.

    I have owned two rangers, a 93 and now a 03 which have both been more than satisfactory. My 93 reached over 142,000 miles, and showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. My 2003 is an even more refined version that is a simple pleasure to drive. The Tacoma is known for Toyota Reliability. The Ford Ranger is known for more options available, and a better value of a truck. You simply can't purchase an equal Tacoma for a the same price of a Ranger, and this is especially true with the current rebates and financing specials.

    My advice is to define your budget, take a look at the models currently offered in the market, and see what fits your definition of needs and wants in a truck.
  • "Any analyst will remember that a larger proportionate number of vehicles in the market will lead to more reports of complaints."

    Yes, and the reliability surveys (in the Tacoma's favor, or course) take that into account, so that's a cheap-shot. Some people around here seem to think mass-produced vehicles will lead to more complaints and problems. Over 22 million Corollas have been produced and is the most recognized car in the world, yet it has a sterling reputation for reliability. So does the Camry, one of America's most popular cars. So much for that theory.

    midnight_caballo is right, you must define your budget before your purchase. But you must also take a hard look at your vehicle ownership habits. A lot of the Ford guys buy vehicles and trade them in every couple of years. I guess the theory is some people simply feel a car payment is part of their budget, so they might as well have a new vehicle all the time. I think that's a waste of money, personally. If that's what you do, you'll probably come out ahead with the Ranger. In comparison, Toyota buyers generally keep their vehicles longer. If you own long-term and will sell the truck someday on your own, odds are the Toyota will be a better choice.

    As the saying goes, "Buy cheap, buy twice."
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    "Reliable, powerful, cheap"
    Choose two. This seems to be the best way to pick your truck.
    Ranger is cheap and powerful, Tacoma is reliable and powerful, Nissan is cheap and reliable, S10 is cheap.
    Here's my opinions on this:

    Ranger: If you want a cheap truck, you might as well buy this one. Yeah, it's been a bestseller for 18 years, and yes, it may have the strongest naturally aspirated V6 in its class (not by much, though), but seeing all the recent troubles and pages of discounts/cashback options Ford gives out, one should simply wonder if it's a safe bet.
    It may seem like a good investment to begin with, but few years down the road, you may have trouble selling your truck. Look around the used car lots and see how many Rangers you see. I see a lot out here.

    Tacoma: I drive this, so it may sound biased. It's got a nice engine that's 8 years old now (3.4L) and still packing a punch (.6L less and 20/15 less than 4.0L by Ford). The only downside to Toyota is that it's expensive, but doesn't have to be. I picked up my Tacoma well-equiped for 21.4K plus TTL (that's for Xtracab, 2 door). If you don't want a 4WD, you can get one definitely for less than 20K. Plus, 2003 is the last year for this generation of Tacoma, and you may be able to pick one up in 6-8 months even cheaper.

    Nissan: 3.3L V6 has been around for ages, and is reliable. Unfortunately, it's pretty powerless if you compare it to others. Combined with heavier weight of Frontier, it's even worse. Don't fall for the "210hp supercharged V6"'s just something Nissan engineers slapped together to temporarily keep up with the competition. Charged 3.3L Nissans are slower than naturally-aspirated Tacoma V6s.

    S10: I've owned a 1993 S10, and I'm never buying a Chevy again. Enough said.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    scorpio- you are misstating info about rangers. id like you to let us all know what trouble the ranger line is having concerning quality. only thing i can think of was a rear differential problem that affected something like 800 trucks.
    and concerning all the used rangers vs tacomas, how many mustangs vs corvettes do you see for sale? when you build more of any one vehicle, there will be more of them for sale. how many Honda CBR motorcycles do you see for sale in the paper vs ducati 916's? even you can figure that one out.

    pluto- a bunch of people are pointing at you and laughing their respective asses off. you have ODD in it's worst case. yeah, go ahead and look it up. also, the focus is now the world's #1 selling car. what's that say about the corolla?

    and ford would never build a truck like tundra, they only build trucks that are able to work while at the same time go to the grocery store. not ones that just pick up groceries like the tundra. i would hate to think that one day i would have to accept a ford truck to be just a truck with a special purpose or place in consumer's hands, and not a work truck. that's sad.

    what about those 20" ram rims being wimpy? im still waiting on your results, or proof.
  • Ya ! but know one in their right mind would sell
    there Duc !!
  • "when you build more of any one vehicle, there will be more of them for sale."

    >>What does that have to do with the fact a Tacoma is still easier to sell than a Ranger, as Scorpio pointed out? That was the point and, as usual, it went over your head.

    Besides, your theory isn't exactly true. I don't see many Toyotas, especially Camrys and Corollas (of which there are a zillion out there) for sale because people don't sell them. But when they do, they're hot items and command a good price. Ranger's don't even command a good price when they're NEW, LOL! And in a used-car market saturated with Rangers, what makes you think a Ranger is going to be an easy sell?? But oh yeah, the Ranger's sales numbers......

    Sometimes, Ranger owners even have to rely on misrepresentation and lying to sell their truck. Like claiming on E-bay it was never abused, yet in fact the owner has "jumped" and four-wheeled their truck. I've never had to lie to sell any of my Toyotas.

    "what about those 20" ram rims being wimpy?"

    >>Tell you what, why don't you show me a heavy duty low profile tire? Why don't you show me pictures of somebody four-wheeling with some aired-down low profile tires, too! Have fun!
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    This is getting too much.

    About the 20" rims... I was shooting fireworks with a buddy that got a new Dodge Ram Sport with dubs. 4WD and loaded to a T. He said what I had assumed when we asked him if he would like to follow us down a VERY muddy road, "Man, they don't even MAKE a tire for my truck that could get ten feet in that stuff." The smallest rim he can fit is a 17 which they do make a few tires for now.

    About 1:00 AM we started to leave. Where we were parked you could either climb a wet grassy hill to the road or back down to another road (we were parked in a tight turn). He put it in 4wd and moved about an inch forward and decided he would have to back down the hill, much to his dismay. Well I, not being one to back down to a Mopar, locked my rear end and climbed that grassy hill with my bald ATs along with some of my other 4x4/MT equipped buddys. The guy with the new dodge felt kinda crunchy but at least his truck stayed nice and *pretty*!

    Oh and the same night I witnessed an 80s Toyota pickup pull out a stuck F250 SD PSD 4x4. I kid you not. The yota had the 22re engine and about 31" tires and did struggle a bit, just not nearly as much as the brute he pulled out. The diesel driver was prolly only stuck cuz he ran off the road having had a few too many adult beverages, but still. The Yota was on pavement but the pull was up a steep incline and over the wall of a deep rut, so it wasn't that great of a feat, however, it was quite amazing to the untrained eye to see this little thing pull out that huge loud stanky beast. I was surprised to see that little truck do it.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    "Well I, not being one to back down to a Mopar, locked my rear end and climbed that grassy hill with my bald ATs along with some of my other 4x4/MT equipped buddys."

    Exactly how bald were they?
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    i never said a ranger is easier to sell than a tacoma. but obviously they must be since they outsell them every year. what i was saying is that the reason there are so many rangers for sale compared to tacomas is because they build so many more rangers vs tacomas. as usual, you change everyone's words around to say what you want them to say so that you can argue with them. PLEASE, PLEASE back up what you say about the wimpy 20" rims and tires on new rams. yes, i know they won't do the baja, but that has nothing to do with payload capacity and towing. provide some facts so you won't look like a total dilrod.

    sad- ill believe a little 22re toyota pulled out a 6500lb SD when i win the lottery. he may have moved him a little so the SD could power himself out. but if you expect us to believe that a little POS 80's toyota truck pulled a huge SD up a steep incline all by itself, you really are in toyota fantasyland. all those little 22's do is buzz around and cry when they see hills. i had a friend who pulled two jet skis with a '94 toyota 4x4 with that engine. the trip was 25 miles to the lake, he had it in 4th gear the whole way. i, otoh, had a nice powerful vortec 4.3 in my ZR2 and cruised at 60mph laughing at any hill. he also had to put his in 4lo when pulling his skis out of the water. i left mine in drive with no engagement of the t/c. so don't go telling me this tall tale when i know what that engine is like. it is gutless. yes, it may last a long time, but so does a singer sewing machine, but i doubt it could pull a SD out of a steep ravine.
  • "so don't go telling me this tall tale when i know what that engine is like."

    >>Tall tales!?!? You used to brag everyday about how you would jump your Ranger and go stump-pulling in the woods to everybody here at Edmunds. Yet on E-bay, you advertised your truck as "never having been abused."

    The rest of your post sounds like a classic *tbundy* tall-tale, too.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Lets put it this way:
    Since 95.5 when Tacoma first came out, there were at least 500K trucks sold in the US. Pretty close to that, if you approximate the numbers.
    Now, if your theory about "there were more Rangers made and therefore there are more of them used for sale" is correct, go ahead and count how many 95+ Rangers are driving around or sitting on the side of the road with "For Sale By Owner" signs and how many are sitting in the used dealer lots. Then count the same for Tacoma. Then lets see if the # made sense. Here in TX they do not. In 2 years that I've been living in Austin, while I've driven past dealerships, I've seen 1 used Tacoma for sale. Have seen plenty of Rangers, but haven't seen any Tacomas. Haven't seen any Pickups either (which doesn't really mean anything b/c of milage restrictions on used car sales). I drive to San Antonio and Houston fairly often, on small highways, through small towns, and that's the picture I got. Now you tell me why exactly is this wrong assumption to make?
  • nra1871nra1871 Posts: 26
    I've had my tacoma 2 months now and I am absolutely in love with it. I still cant believe how this 2.7L 4 cyl has as much power as the 3L 6 in my old ranger. Actually it feels quicker, but thats probably due to it having a stick vs the automatic in the ranger. So far my only complaint is that the clock is hidden behind the steering wheel.
  • My fiancee has an 02 Prerunner Xtracab with the 4 banger, and it is pretty gutless when it comes to going up hills. I think it has to do with it being an automatic (she can't drive a stick shift). If you put it in OD up hills, you are ok, but otherwise, the speed starts dropping.

    Besides the truck being underpowered, it is about a durable and bulletproof as a truck can get! I love to drive it because it rides so good. I am still amazed people can prefer a comparable Ranger over the Tacoma. It just doesn't make any sense.

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    It's the auto, it should not be mated to the I4, but since an increasing percentage of drivers have nightmares about driving stick, Prerunner only comes in a wussy mode (with auto) :)
    I'm not sure if it's a clever marketing or what....I'm sure a lot of people would buy manual Prerunners, since they can be had for under 20K. I guess Toyota figured it makes up for lost customers with those who buy 4x4 Tacos.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Something that I think many are forgetting about the engines for Toyota is their design. Like most Toyota engines, they like to be revved out. It doesn't hurt them and that is where their power-band is. If you're used to a typical domestic truck engine, you're used to an engine that likes being between 2000 and 3000 rpm's. Once you get over that, you might as well upshift or let the auto upshift for you. Toyota truck engines like being between 3000 and 4500 rpm's to be in their powerband. They'll lope along at 2500 rpm's until you need to pass or accelerate and then either downshift of let the transmission downshift and you'll be fine.

    I remember an article that was written about the T-100 back around '90 in "Field and Stream". The writer wanted a customizer to package a T-100 to tow a 5,000lb trailer adequately as he found that they were underpowered. The customizer brought the truck to the place where they were doing the eval. and gave the writer the following directions. Keep the engine between 4,000 and 4,500 rpm's whether you're going down or uphill and tell me what you think. The writer did so and told about how while the engine was revving a bit high compared to what he was used to when towing, it felt like there wasn't anything behind the truck while towing. When he asked the customizer what he had done to beef up the truck, he was told, NOTHING. He just needed to learn how to use the engine correctly.

    The technology has progressed, the horsepower of the engines has progressed, the only thing that needs to be done is for the salesperson who sells the trucks to learn how to teach how to use the engine to its best advantage.

    Give it a try sometime and see.

    Hope this helps.

  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    I thought I hinted enough in that story that the toyota was far from doing the task on his own. Oh well, it was still a pretty cool thing to see. The Yota was spinning at least 3 tires during the pull so he must have had gears or something or could have lied to me about the engine, cuz he seemed to have way more power than I would expect.

    You are right, he probably pulled him just far enough to get some "gription." Just because you didn't like my story you didn't have to call the truck a POS, I will say with all sincerity that there are more of those 22re equipped Yotas running around my hometown than similarly aged Fords of any kind.

    And when did you become such a diesel advocate? Last I heard you gave up your *compact* pickups (which you have been trading in after 2 years of work anyway) for a *compact* *SUV* with the *sport* package. Seems like you are really into brute force to me. Not dogging you, it just seems funny. And before you turn this one around on me, I've been doing alot of hauling in trucks larger than my own over the holidays and am counting the days to an upsize in trucks, Toyota or not.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    when did i mention anything about a diesel?
    just to enlighten you to what i do know, the new power-stroke diesel in the SD is king of all hills now, and that the '04 liberty will be offering a diesel option. does that make me a diesel advocate? well, i don't think so. maybe it just says that i try and keep myself updated to what's going on in the auto industry.
    just got word that the new redesigned '04 F150 will have a console automatic shifter and this is highly controversial. am i an advocate on the new F150? i dont think so. just what i read.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    just did a build your own on the site for a ranger. some stunning findings. you CANNOT get a regular cab XLT, can't get a regular cab with a 4.0, can't get a regular cab with any type of off-road pkg.

    this really irks me off because i was debating on ordering a little reg. cab with the regular FX4 off-road pkg. figuring this would be a little cheaper. by default, the site automatically puts your selections back to what they come in when you put in 6' box and 4.0 motor. i guess this is one way of keeping the cost down on the line. ill give it to toyota for letting the customer choose what they want. although they don't offer either a V6 or off-road pkg with their reg. cabs either.

    i looked at a reg. cab '03 Tacoma 4x4 SR5 over the weekend. pretty cute little truck. problem was it was over $20,000.

    i found an '03 Ranger XLT super-cab VALUE. one on the lot. this is as stripped down ranger as can be had in 4x4 trim. only things it has is cd, aluminum wheels, a/c, 4.0 engine with manual, and split bench. it stickered at $20,590 with no additional options. pretty tempting. it also comes with a $2000 rebate and outright probably another $2500 to $3000 off the price bringing it down to the $15000 to $16000 range. pretty cheap for a super cab 4x4 ranger with 4.0.

    i think i may be better of waiting for the new tacoma or ranger.
  • "you CANNOT get a regular cab XLT, can't get a regular cab with a 4.0,"

    Edmunds says you can:

    "i looked at a reg. cab '03 Tacoma 4x4 SR5 over the weekend. pretty cute little truck. problem was it was over $20,000."

    C'mon, the truck must have had a decent assortment of options, then. Base model 4x4 regular cab Tacomas sticker less and sell for even much less ($15,932).

    What I found interesting is that it appears Ford doesn't offer a 4x4 Ranger regular cab with a four-cylinder engine. Their cheapest 4x4 Ranger regular cab (according to Edmunds, mind you) is their 3.0 V6 version with a manual. TMV is $18,737. In comparison, a 4x4 Tacoma regular cab with the 2.7 I4 and manual transmission in only $15,932.

    Now, compare this 3.0 Ranger to the 2.7 Tacoma

    Even though the Ranger has a V6 with bigger displacement, it makes only 4 horses and 3 lb/ft torque more than the Tacoma's smaller I4. The Tacoma has a bigger payload capacity, but the Ranger is rated to tow more.

    That's pathetic. No wonder Ford doesn't offer a 4 cylinder in a 4x4 Ranger!

    I would say if you want a regular cab 4x4 truck and are interested in the Tacoma or Ranger, the Tacoma has the Ranger beat big time. Yes, the Ranger has 4 more hp and 3 lb/ft more torque, but the Tacoma costs $2,805 less. Plus, you're getting the bullet-proof Toyota I4, which is in a different galaxy when compared to Ford's 3.0 V6 when it comes to reliability and longevity.

    And before people start complaining that they can buy the Ranger for less, these figures come from Edmunds' True Market Value (TMV), which represent what people are buying these trucks for. Both trucks had a TMV approximately $2,000 less than sticker.

    Oh yeah, one more little thing. The Ranger's Consumer Rating was a paltry 6.5, while the Tacoma's was 8.7.

  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    I guess my "diesel" accusations were a little out of line.

    If I had my choice of a pickup, the new 6.0L PSD in a F-350 CC would be my choice. FX4 pkg. of course (coolest looking decals ever!).

    I love floor shifters for autos! Where did you read that. Too bad the new F-150s look like they are gonna look like crap with that new expedition front fascia. Trucks are really going to hell in a handbasket as far as looks go! I am really starting to get PO'd about all these redesigns. Tacoma plans are really scaring me, but it doesn't matter too much. Full size will be my next truck.
  • Not in my book!!

    Give me a Duramax Diesel anyday over a Ford POS Stroke!!

  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    make statements like that without doing the research. the new 6.0 PS diesel is the king of all kings in the engine dept in any pickup truck.

    check out this article:

    dont tell me you haven't seen that ford SD commercial racing the silverado with a trailer attached. well, it's true. there simply is no comparison.

  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    edmunds is wrong. go try it at ford's site. you can't get an XLT 4x4 in a reg. cab. you can in the edge model, but that isn't an XLT. and the 4.0 is not available.
    also, your comparison is unfair. while the toyota may be cheaper in the prices you list, the reg. cab XLT ranger (which doesn't exist anyway) offers standard stuff that you won't get on the tacoma unless you get the SR5 pkg, which adds over $1500 to the price. also, the ranger comes standard with aluminum wheels, a/c, cd player, towhooks, chrome bumpers, etc. the tacoma doesn't have any of this in the base pkg.

    the taco reg. cab i looked at was $20,000 and change. only things it had was the SR5, cruise, hitch, bedliner, wheel/tire upgrade #2 (which are still cheap looking steel wheels with crappy dunlop tires). the reg. cab edge ranger (the closest ford truck in comparison) has alloy wheels, cruise, cd, a/c, towhooks, special paint pkg, etc. so really, with the tacoma as a base model, you get crap. with the edge, you get more. to get this stuff on the tacoma, you have to add it to the options list which pushes the price up. way beyond your $15000 mark. you'd be lucky to get a steering wheel in a 4x4 tacoma for that price.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    i meant in 4x4 configuration. you can't get a 4x4 reg. cab XLT. they only offer it (according to edmunds) in XL form. still, it's a shame that you can't order a reg. cab XLT with short bed, 4.0 engine, and FX4 pkg. that would be one cool truck.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    pluto, check this out. yahoo is more thorough on their informatin pertaining to new vehicles., click on new car guide and then do your thing. you'll see that a reg. cab 4x4 is only available in one trim. the edge

    sad- go here to read all about the new F150. it's way cool. plus, it has your favorite front susp. setup. a coilover front, and coil-spring rear with coil-springs the same size as super-duty's. plus, all F150's will come with a standard V8, a first for any full-size truck.
  • Is not possible, by normal means. If so I would own one. While edmunds may list it (remember the Limited Slip incident for the Tacoma?), it is not available through any Ford Dealership. You may be able to special order it, but I didn't pursue it in XL trim. Let me know if you can ever find one on the lot. Besides, the 3.0l v6 is plenty of power for the regular cab, especially with the manual transmission, and loads more towing power compared to a 2.7l Tacoma. I say that because with 154 peak horsepower at 5200 RPM, I have yet needed to go past 4200 RPM, and that is driving fairly agressive. This all means that in Regular cab trucks, the Ranger is the choice for towing and power.
  • the Ranger is rated to tow more than the Tacoma when the torque from the Ford 3.0 and the Toyota 2.7 are so similar. I talk to a lot of guys who tow and they actually suggested this to me: The manufacturers with the shorter warranties rate their trucks to tow more because by the time something goes wrong from that abuse, the truck will be out of warranty. This does kind of make sense. Especially in this case, because the Tacoma's payload capacity is more than the Ranger's. This tells me the Ranger's towing advantage probably has nothing to do with a heavier duty suspension.

    If you look at the tests done with the Tundra versus its competitors, it's pretty surprising the Tundra excelled at accelerating and braking while towing. Yet its tow rating is only 7200lbs. Maybe this is only another example of a lowered tow rating because of a long warranty?

    At any rate, it would be interesting to see a towing comparison of the Ranger versus the Tacoma. I have a feeling the Tacoma could definitely hold its own, or even beat the Ranger, despite its lowered tow ratings. The Tundra held its own against the Big 3 towing comparos, in fact, the Chevy/Ford 4.8/4.6s weren't even used in the comparos because there would have been no competition - this despite the Chevy's and Ford's higher tow ratings than the Tundra. So maybe a Tacoma/Ranger comparo would end the same way.

    But I still say if you're going to be towing around 5K lbs regularly, you shouldn't be looking at a compact truck to begin with, even though they CAN tow it. There's a difference between being able to tow something, and towing it well.
  • IleIle Posts: 14
    I think that what most people miss about the trucks is what is real cost per mile or per year. It is really almost irrelevant how much one pays for the truck initially. Imagine that you could buy a car, like a ferrari that is a limited model and you could sell it years down the road for more than what you paid it for. Most people do this on purpose because it happens quite often with limited number of Ferraris. The same applies to pick-up trucks. While it is easier to find a Ford product for less than Toyota, the resale value of Toyota is much higher thereby down the road when it is time to sell the truck it will cost owners less in that respect. There is also an issue of fuel economy, which people neglect as well as reliability.

    Fuel economy, is Usually better in Toyota products VS anyone else. As the matter of fact it is hard to find a Toyota product that will not be in top 3 in its class for ANY VEHICLE that they have made.

    For reliability issues one cannot limit himself to asking their friends as to what kind of experience they have had. People are forgetfull, and usually biased. To check for reliability we should check out Consumer Reports or JD Power and associates. Toyota is repeatedly #1 year after year, Ford products usually tend to be at the lower and of a spectrum. Ranger however is better than average, Tacoma happens to be best in class.

    In the end one can look at the summary of results at edmunds for toyota double cab V 6 true cost to own is 33,962

    and for Ford 37,234 if you guys are up to it you can cross reference any other styles. Just make sure that the powertrains are the same like taking automatic transmition with both and 4 or 2 wheel drive and approximately the same amount of standard features etc.

    As one can plainly see the difference is about 3500 over the 5 years of ownership. Not that much, but Edmunds does not give Toyota credit for better reliability that JD Power and Consumer reports do. This would make their jobs much harder so across the board they put the same amount of money for repairs for both makers, which of course goes in favor of Ford. But even if we neglect that one can surely appreciate the 3500 difference which buys you a supercharger from Toyota which outputs more than 5.4 L from Ford. Or upgraded suspention, or free fuel, or free insurance, or piece of mind, or 2 vacations with your family. Thank you Toyota.
  • IleIle Posts: 14
    Most people just get hung up on the engine performance one must also look at the weight to power ratio. Toyota's usually weigh less than the competitors, which means they can use smaller tires, engines, brakes, to do the same work. By using higher quality steel this can be accomplished, good R&D doesen't hurt either.
  • But don't expect everybody here to agree with many of your points, because they've been brought up before. Examples:

    Toyota/Tacoma receiving the best marks for reliability by CR and JDP&A. The opposition claims Fords don't get these high ratings because more are sold, and that means more complaints/problems. Apparently, the opposition doesn't understand the concept of percentiles. And they can't comment on the fact that some of the most popular and numerous cars, like the Camry or Corolla, have sterling reputations for reliability.

    Tacoma's superior resale value, and the fact a used Toyota is much easier to sell than a Ford. The opposition doesn't know what to make of this. Hmmm, a used car that demands a higher price, yet is easier to sell? What do you suppose that means?

    Weight to power ratio. Hehe, tell me about it! A certain individual here kept boasting how his Jeep Liberty had a few more horses than a Tacoma, yet couldn't see how his extra 600+ pounds negated any power advantage whatsoever. This same individual begain making claims Rangers weigh about 600lbs more than the "tin" Tacoma. Of course, this kind of weight penalty hurt the Ranger's power to weight ratio, and we haven't heard anymore on this subject. Plus the fact the vehicle weights are listed right here on Edmunds somewhat put an end to these nonsense claims. But, it's taken a bit more research to disprove other claims, like Tacoma's rear pumpking being several inches smaller than the Ranger's.

    Cost of long-term ownership. Now that's something that hasn't been brought up by either side. I guess we all know most Ford buyers do not keep their vehicles long-term, hence the absence of this very important subject. To appreciate many of your valid points, one has to be looking at their vehicle purchase from a long-term ownership perspective.

    I don't think the Ranger is that bad of a truck. When I think of a bad truck, I think of the Chevy S-10. The Ranger may make more sense if you buy and trade in vehicles every year and you can get more options for less money. But if you want something better built that will go the miles and hold its value, the Tacoma can't be beat.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    i like how you make up an alias on this forum, only to agree with the points you just made with "lle", or pluto the 2nd.

    all that you type is your opinion. 'the tacoma can't be beat'. where does the ranger NOT beat it? tell me that.

    as far as the ranger's rear diff being larger, it is. if you look at the tacoma's rear diff, it is not as big as you think. it may be 8.4 in the middle, but it quickly gets smaller. the rangers 8.8 is larger across the whole assembly, quickly distinguishing that is has heavier duty parts inside.

    as far as the power/torque/weight issue goes, that's a very poor argument. show me some real proof that it makes any difference at all. the new magnum makes like 375 horse in a ram 1500. the SD 5.4 makes 260 and weighs lots more. are you going to tell me that the ram 1500 is more of a truck than the SD? i hear your jealousy loud and clear. this is all you have to go on since the ford 4.0 and the jeep 3.7 both make more power and torque than your little 3.4.

    i wonder who i'd be if i came up with an alias on edmunds. im sure this 'lle' guy just subscibed tonight and had a gob of positive toyota stuff to belt out. that's what people do right? subscribe all of a sudden to edmunds, and start spewing out tacoma facts and why its better than this, and remember this and remember that. hilarious.

    i love how pluto quietly admits he was mistaken. he doesn't address it at all.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    remember that the S10, of which you think of when you think of a bad truck, it's twin the Sonoma won JD Powers award for best compact truck last year. aren't you contradicting yourself, woops, i mean "lle"? he brags up on jd powers and how toyota almost always wins, i guess he didn't check to see who won it last year huh?

    pluto, if you were a terrorist, you'd have 'TERRORIST' written across your forehead. can you say obvious?
  • "i like how you make up an alias on this forum, only to agree with the points you just made with "lle", or pluto the 2nd."

    >>I already explained to midnight_caballo that I take great pride in proving you clowns wrong time and again, and I wouldn't want to share my victories with fictitious characters.

    I believe it is YOU that uses different aliases here at Town Hall. After all, you were using the name "tbunder" before, and now you're using "tbunder1." Both posters would write the same dribble. What's that? Oh yeah, you forgot your own user name!!! No wonder you can't keep all the facts in this discussion straight...

    "all that you type is your opinion. 'the tacoma can't be beat'. where does the ranger NOT beat it? tell me that."

    >>How about reliability, resale value, build quality, off-roading, and customer satisfaction surveys, recalls...Guess you forgot about those, along with your name.

    "as far as the ranger's rear diff being larger, it is. if you look at the tacoma's rear diff, it is not as big as you think. it may be 8.4 in the middle, but it quickly gets smaller. the rangers 8.8 is larger across the whole assembly, quickly distinguishing that is has heavier duty parts inside."

    >>Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But it isn't 2" bigger like you bragged (what's with your preoccupation about size, anyway?). But if the Ranger has heavier duty parts inside, why are they having problems with their differentials exploding in parkinglots, LOL!?!?!?!?!

    "as far as the power/torque/weight issue goes, that's a very poor argument. show me some real proof that it makes any difference at all..."

    >>Show you proof that power/weight ratio makes a difference?? Obviously, to you it doesn't, because you bought that overweight and underpowered (everybody else's concensus, not just mine) Jeep Liberty. If you want to be ignorant, fine. But you should hide your ignorance and quit asking these "show me proof 2+2=4" questions because you're only hurting your image more...

    "i love how pluto quietly admits he was mistaken. he doesn't address it at all."

    I've openly admitted I was mistaken about the Tacoma's limited slip. That had to do with erroneous information posted on the internet. I even provided the link which said the Tacoma had a limited slip. If I make a mistake, it's usually due to erroneous information, not "facts" I pull out of thin air. And I don't go back and delete my posts...

    "pluto, if you were a terrorist, you'd have 'TERRORIST' written across your forehead. can you say obvious?"

    Didn't you think it would be OBVIOUS that you would be exposed as a liar when you bragged about jumping your Ranger and going stump-pulling in the woods here at Town Hall, yet you posted links to your E-bay advertisement stating the truck "had never been abused?"

    Even if a terrorist had it written on his forehead, it probably wouldn't be obvious enough for you to notice...
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,287
    If you guys want to continue this personal battle, take it somewhere other than Town Hall. In email, in IM, anywhere but here.

    This topic is done. If this fight comes up in another topic, that one will be shut down as well.

    Stick to the trucks and stay off of each other.

    PF Flyer
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