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I've been following the progress of VW bringing the R32 version of the Golf to the U.S. By all accounts it appears to be a done deal. The "R" to VW is what the "S" is to Audi or "M" is to BMW. We should start seeing R versions of other VW models.

Enough of all that - The R32 is a 241 HP all wheel drive Golf hatchback with many performance upgrades here are some links:

The German R32 website (turn your speakers up):


Here is one I ran accross today:


Here is an article from Autoweek about the U.S. release of the R32:

Volkswagen chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder confirmed to AutoWeek the performance-oriented R32 Golf is indeed coming to the U.S. market. We last reported a decision on whether to sell the car stateside was dependent on whether it could meet U.S. crash standards.

Apparently, the car passed the tests because now Pischetsrieder is saying the R32 will arrive within the next year as a 2004 model.

The R32’s launch date depends upon how quickly the car can be adapted to meet U.S. certification standards, he says.

Expect 5000 to 10,000 R32s priced somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 to be earmarked for the United States, although Pischetsrieder left the door open for more if demand exists. Technical changes from the 237-hp European R32 will be limited only to those required under U.S. standards.

5,000 to 10,000!!! starting at $25k!!! Sign me up!!! Seriously - I called my dealer to inquire and they have gotten word from VW that the R32 will be here around next summer. I dropped my GTI off at my dealer for service today, I'm writing a deposit check for an R32 when I pick it up. All I want is a base R32 with Xenons - no leather, no climatronic, no sunroof



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    Thanks for the news and links!


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    Here is a link to the AutoWeek article on the R32:

    Performance-oriented R32 Golf is U.S.-bound, Volkswagen chief says


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    Here's some more information from Edmunds' Future Vehicles: Volkswagen Golf R32 Sport Hatchback. Let us know what you think.


    Thanks for your comments! ;-)


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    A strong competition will come from the new Nissan 350Z, even though they are not that similar, they are both for the enthusiasts. I am not sure whether they could find so many VW/GTI fans who's willing to pay more than $25k for this car. I wish they could improve the interior design so as to add more value to this new pocket rocket.

    Don't take me wrong, I am driving a '02 Golf and willing to trade it in for R32 if the dealer won't rip me off.
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    The competition is from Subaru. If they price it in direct competition with the WRX it will be OK. I read it is not nearly as sharp of a driving tool, but the more luxurious ride will win out plenty of buyers.
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    I'd say the main competition for the R32 will be the WRX STi and the Lancer Evo VII. For me the R32 has lots of advantages - mainly the hatchback configuration. I have a fairly heavily modified 02 GTI 1.8t with 230 HP and 235 lb ft of torque, plus quite a few suspension mods - this car needs all wheel drive. My 02 is as powerful as I'm going to make it with front wheel drive, it is a challenge to launch it without laying rubber for several feet. The other advantage the R32 has over my 02 is the independent rear suspension and Konig sport seats.

    I'd seriously look at taking the R32 to 300 HP with a supercharger - I'll bet Z engineering is developing an R32 supercharger as I write this.

    I really like my modified 02 GTI 1.8t - it would take something like the R32 to get me to trade it. I take my GTI to SCCA track events, that's mainly what it's modified for.

    My dealer is taking deposits on the R32, I plan to get on the waiting list before the year is out.
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    I'm a German sports car enthusiast and welcome the great news with delight! I'm currently shopping for a new vehicle but I'll wait until the R32 comes to the US next year. I'm glad that VW took this step with the R32 in the US next year. The sports compact market is a very competitive market but people will love the R32! People will be amazed to see this tricked out Golf. There is nothing like it! Believe me, I lived in Germany for 17 years and a tricked out Golf will turn lots of heads. This car will be successful as long as the pricing will be reasonable. I think that $30K would be too much money and would border the 3-series BMW line. On that topic, I think that VW followed BMW very successful concept off bringing a M3 spec to the US.
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    My dealer is telling me they've heard from VW that the R32 may be here as early as March of next year. I was expecting more like next summer or fall.

    Here is an interesting read, it's the UK's R32 sales brochure scanned into a PDF - lots of interesting info in here - can't wait to see what the U.S. specification R32 will be like. This will give us some idea of what may be available over here.


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    I don't think the R32 is anywhere near BMW territory at $30k. Granted you can get a very basic 325i for $30k - vinyl seats etc - an R32 would blow a $30k BMW's doors right off in every respect. The R32 doesn't have M3 performance - more like a 330is with a sport package, premium package, Xenon's etc - you're talking low to mid $40's for a 3 series that compares to the R32 in performance and content. I'd think the R32 would beat a 330 with 225 HP compared to the lighter (not by much) 240 HP all wheel drive R32.

    I'm thinking a base R32 (cloth sport seats no sunroof or climatronic or rain sensing wipers will come in around the mid to upper $20's range and if you option it out with leather, sunroof, climatronic, navigation, etc. you'll be looking at the low $30's - just a guess.
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    I imagine base price will be just above the WRX, as it should be. (which, lets be realistic, is the competition for this model not the EVO or STi) If VW wants to stay in the game they should probably stay away from 350Z territory.
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    If Alfa Romeo return comes soon we might get one of these as well. A very lovely 250hp Alfa Romeo 147 GTA. Would challenge the Golf r32 as ultimate hot hatch USA.

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    That Alfa is sweet - does some U.S. car company own Alfa now? Hard to keep up with who owns what these days. I'm guessing that it's front wheel drive from the test comments. 250 HP is a lot of power going through the front wheels. I have an 02 GTI 1.8t that has the usual (and cheap) turbo upgrades (chip, exhaust, etc.)- I currently have around 230+ HP and 235+ Lb Ft of torque. The GTI has all sorts of electronic traction aids (ASC, EDL) that are essential and annoying. That's why I'm so interested in the R32, little cars with lots of HP need all wheel or at the least rear wheel drive. The upcomming BMW 1 series will be rear wheel drive.

    The R32 is the last hurrah for the VW Mk IV platform, the Mk V will be out in late 2003 or early 2004. The V will have this same drivetrain configuration available in the new platform plus the possiblility of 4Motion with the 4 cyl turbo engine.
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    I currently own a '98 GTI VR6. I signed an online petition to bring the R32 to the U.S. a while back and kind of forgot about it, thinking it might not happen. I went to my Audi/VW dealer just yesterday and asked him to find me a clean pre-owned S4. I'll be going back this weekend to cancel that and see when I can make a deposit for the R32...I'm stoked!
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    I know of a couple people that are on the waiting list and a couple on the fence. I am really looking forward to my first drive in an R32 - of course I'm planning that my second drive will be the drive home :-)

    My dealer requires a $1k fully refundable deposit that will insure a place in line plus that they will sell me the R32 at MSRP.
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    Does anyone know what the 0-60 is.
    Are there any European websites that anyone could point me to?

    I understand from a dealer that only 1500 are coming.

    Put in your order now!
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    Engine:   Narrow-angle V6, 3189cc, 24v

    Max power:   237bhp @ 6250rpm

    Max torque:   236lb ft @ 2800-3200rpm

    0-60mph:   6.6sec (claimed)

    Top speed:   154mph (claimed

    Price:   £22,340

    I got this from http://www.evo.co.uk/. I really enjoy this site as well as the magazine.

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    Autoweek reports that VW will import 10,000 to 15,000 R32's to the U.S. - more if the demand is there.

    Here is an article from Autoweek about the U.S. release of the R32:

    Volkswagen chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder confirmed to AutoWeek the performance-oriented R32 Golf is indeed coming to the U.S. market. We last reported a decision on whether to sell the car stateside was dependent on whether it could meet U.S. crash standards.
    Apparently, the car passed the tests because now Pischetsrieder is saying the R32 will arrive within the next year as a 2004 model.

    The R32’s launch date depends upon how quickly the car can be adapted to meet U.S. certification standards, he says.

    Expect 5000 to 10,000 R32s priced somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 to be earmarked for the United States, although Pischetsrieder left the door open for more if demand exists. Technical changes from the 237-hp European R32 will be limited only to those required under U.S. standards.
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    i just got off the phone with my vw dealer and he said they have no clue if or when the R32 will be here. he said they have no paperwork indicating specs, price, arrival or anything. here's hoping anyway. also i read where probably next year they will be coming out with a 4 door R32. hmmmmm
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    If it comes out closer 25k I will be interested. 30k is a little much for VW to be asking for a Golf in the states IMO. Looks like fun though. Much nicer inside than the low rent Impreza.
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    Here's another R32 update from VWvortex

    R32 Update - 11.19.02 7:03 AM 11-19-2002

    It has been a little while since we've given an update on the R32 and here is the current scoop...
    While there is nothing official from VWoA yet, we have heard that the R32 is basically going to be coming for sure (99% sure). Board members at VWAG want the car here and barring some huge cost issue it should arrive late next summer/early fall.

    Expect pricing to start below $30,000 and at least 4 colors to be available including the unique Metallic Blue seen in all the press photos. Other colors are likely to be silver, black and one other alternate to be determined.

    Only the 2-door coupe will be offered here. Most all of the equipment from the German model will be offered here except for the Navigation system. There has been some talk of changing to final gear ratios for the North American market cars to help low end performance (better 0-60 mph times). In Europe the press really didn't care for the standard seats and found them uncomfortable. There is a possibility that we may get Recaros instead, but all stitching and embroidery would be the same as the German R32. No word on leather vs. cloth or interior color choices at this point. We're guessing leather and only one interior color choice.

    Final production numbers are still being determined with dealers here wanting as few as possible and VWAG wanting as many as possible. Our guess is somewhere between 1,500 and 4,000 units.

    Chances are good that VWoA will show the car at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit come January even though it won't be available till late summer.

    That's all the information we have at this point.
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    GM owns a portion of Fiat, which owns Alfa. Fiat is losing huge amounts of money, which could result in GM owning the rest of that millstone.
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    The R32 will be the first VW to get the new DSG sequential shift transmission, appears to be more sophisicated than BMW's SMG...

    Wolfsburg. Volkswagen presents a world-wide technical innovation: the sporty and economical direct-shifting 6-speed automatic gearbox "DSG”. This especially dynamic form of power transmission with integrated dual clutch will be used for the first time in the Golf R32 in the first quarter of next year. Its use will be extended to other production series in the course of the year 2003.

    Full article:

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    OK, finally Germany sends us something more than just a VR-6 this time. OK, so how can we get more appreciation from VW-DE, like more available options! It's not like America hasn't bought enough of there cars?! I really would like to see a 4 door R32 with Navigation here by next year. I don't think I'm asking for much, at least give us the option to order the extras that they have available in Germany!!! But seriously, I love the fact they've finally given us the AWD V6 Golf! $28K for a fully loaded 2 door sounds pretty practical. To go over that price they may as well keep it, like Germany always have...
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    If its available here, I'd much rather have it over the R32. Also 3.2L, AWD. Being Italian, the engine would sing more, the suspension more responsive. And it has a body to die for. Dont start talking Teutonic reliability, we in the States know thats just a rumor!
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    The Alfa 147 GTA is FWD!
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    Seems the R32 will most likely be coming to the US, but we will probably not see the 4-door version, at least at first. I don't know why, but that's what I'm hearing. Plus, the car will not be available with the navigation system either, again, at least initially.

    As for other choices potentially coming to market. The R32 will not compete with the STi WRX or the Evo, both pricier and much more powerful than the R32, look for the R32 to compete against the base WRX and the version of the Lancer expected to be slotted between the base model and the Evo, meant to compete with the WRX.

    As for cars from other makers which may make it to our shores. The Alfa looks ugly to me, plus it's FWD meant to compete with these other AWD vehicles. See a link to pics here http://www.fortunecity.com/silverstone/lancia/58/gallery/alfa/147.htm

    What I'd like to see offered here in the US is the Audi S3. The S3 looks great, in my opinion better than the Golf/GTI much sleeker. It offers the 1.8T engine 6-speed trans and AWD. Basically it's an Audi TT with a different body shell. It could fit into this price range as well and with 225HP plus AWD it will compete well. Pictures available here http://stefans3.tripod.com/index.html

    I don't expect VW AG to offer the S3 here, however, especially with the R32 on it's way. They are too similar power-wise and likely price-wise, plus Audi would have a hard time selling TT's if there were a car availible with the same powertrain and of similar size available for less money.

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    It may be a FWD but it has the means to transfer its power to the ground. In fact it's as good as the Golf at this game... Even though the Golf R32 suspension is sport tuned, it has the eternal VW defect of being too weak in detent... A defect that is absent from the Alfa. If the Golf didn't have the Haldex system it would have serious traction problems, just as the 130hp and 150hp TDI Golfs.
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    Don't get me wrong, I love my WRX, but... The R32 is just the type of car I was hoping for. Well, actually I'd prefer the Beetle RSi at the same price point suggested for the R32. Personally, I'm very excited, but like others have said, I'll have to see just how much. If it's over $30K I'm afraid the 2003 Cobra might win over my power hungry side. I'm still miffed at Subaru redesigning the Impreza so soon. Also, I've been less then impressed with Subaru's 5M transmission.
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    It's been awhile since I've been here - glad to see all the interest in the R32.

    I don't mean to torture you guys but check this out-

     R32 Sounds:






    OMG - I'm moving to Germany tomorrow - I can't wait another second

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    A TDI Golf GLS costs in the USA about 18K and that's almost exactly what it's sold for in Germany. So, after visiting http://www.vw-online.de I've found that the R32 costs about 32K$ there; therefore, we're most likely going to see the same price here!!! WOW, I think I may pass and get an Acura CL Type-S, the girls seem to like that more ; )
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    My guess is very high 20's to $30k. That $32k price is with leather, climatronic, Nav, rain sensing wipers, etc.. Maybe VW will take some of the fluff off and make it cheaper.

    The VW dealers have officially been told the R32 will arrive in the U.S. late next summer. My dealer thinks the R32 will come one way, no options available, just choose color. They haven't heard how it will be equipped, just that it's definately coming.
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    I would rather see an up to date incarnation of the late great VW Corrado. I think VW could do this with the MK5, next gen platform, which has a fully independent suspension. It could be priced similiar or a little lower than the TT but would be more of a driver's car. An all business VW sports car that would dine on RSX Type S's and WRXs and offer BMW performance/amenities/engineering at a lower price.

    I just have a bad feeling about the R32 that I didn't have with the special edition GTI, the "337." I hope dealers aren't in a Passat W8 situation again and know how to market and sell this special edition Golf.

    And I just hope they can bring it in under 30k, loaded or unloaded cause there has been a lot of great new cars introduced in this segment of late....
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    I agree with you rickrover, that the 32K price is with it more loaded. The price should be under 30K, and I do belive that we will only get a limited version/qty like the 337. It's way more simpler for them to send us cars with limited pkg's and quantity. But it sucks for us, as VW enthusiasts.

    Nonetheless, I realllllllllllly would love to have one with DSG, I can pass on the four door, navigation system, etc...

    I'm almost sure we won't see any models with the DSG's brought here!
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    I am VERY surprised that Volkswagen would bring over the current Golf R32 to the USA market.

    This is because this coming September Volkswagen will unveil the next-generation Golf/Bora/Jetta model; it would probably be cheaper for VW to wait one model year and then qualify for the US market a Golf R32 based on the new Golf model--maybe making it available in September 2004 as a 2005 model--and offer both normal six-speed manual and DSG sequential-manual transmissions for the car.
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    Your not going to see a new Golf or Jetta until 2005 model year. Not in US/Canada anyway.
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    We usually get a car a year later than what is released in Germany. This is pretty much a fact. So, you'll most likely not see the new models till 2005.

    However, VW is aware of this fact, and they are promising a whole new way of selling to outside markets. They are suppose to re-vamp their whole system here by 2005, from marketing to servicing...

    I think they're making a great effort to do this, because of the significant increase in demand for VW's globally.
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    I've heard 05 for the MKV in the U.S. as well - it wouldn't be unheard of for VW to keep certain models of the MkIV around for a couple years past 05 - look at the Cabrio - that was a MkIII Golf that is just now being replaced by the Beetle Cabrio. VW could keep the IV R32 around after the V appears.

    The MKV Golf will more than likely have the R32 drivetrain configuration plus a 6 speed 4cyl 2.0 liter turbo AWD configuration available as well. I've read that the V will have knee air bags and foam filled doors (for better side crash protection) plus a redesigned front suspension with multilink rear suspension. The AWD suspension in the R32 has a fully independent rear suspension.
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    OK, I believe that if we get the R32 it will come in one color (Blue), only in a 6 speed (no DSG), and maybe a leather seating option...

    Now, the basic R32 costs about $22,340 in England, so we shouldn't be charged more than $25,500 (Includes retail and destination mark-up), but who knows??? It seems to me that other countries loves our dollar, but leave us with only the "simple" models. I really think we should be able to special order any vechicle made by VW or any other manufacturer. To sell special models to select countries, to me, is pretty underappreciated/rude!

    Nonetheless, I got an email from VW-USA today, I really wasn't happy with their response! On 12/20 the people at VW of America Inc. wrote this to me:

    "The R32 Golf is currently being preliminarily explored by Volkswagen of America Inc., and Volkswagen Canada Inc. for possible inclusion into our model lineup. As this model is not an available US or Canadian model, we would not be able to provide you with any information on it specifically for these markets."

    The word "preliminarily" seems to make me very uncomfortable. Maybe my thoughts of never buying a VW again is just preliminary?! Even after owning three so far...

    Good luck to the hopeful,
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    I wouldn't read a whole lot into that response. VW is just being tight lipped is my guess. We should know more in January - there is supposed to be an R32 at the Detroit auto show. If there is one there maybe VW will make an announcement on it coming to the U.S.. If there isn't an R32 there then I'd tend to agree with you.

    My dealer swears that they heard from VW that the R32 is coming here - 4 people on the waiting list so far.
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    It's a definate go as a 2003 model (late in the year). It will be available only in R32 Blue (Deep Blue Pearl), and like the 337 will come only one way, probably with Leather as the only interior.

    The major difference between our car and the Euro version will be the lack of the Nav system, and the applicable changes to suit the US market like the Premium VI radio.It will have a power sunroof.

    Pricing should be right around $30,000.

    Total production for the US market will be no more than 1,500.
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    That is good news - $30k for that level of performance and content is reasonable IMO. They'll all be sold by the time it arrives over here, I bet 1,500 will be spoken for on the waiting lists alone.
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    Throwing this out there... sure you guys will have some educated opinions... can help me make the best choice.

    Was ready to buy a WRX wagon in the spring, then read about the R32 and decided to wait to compare. I prefer (obviously) the R32 styling and higher grade interior to the WRX.... always been a huge fan of VW, from day 1.

    But, I do drive somewhat often on bad roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, etc. Like to go for drives on some of the dirt roads in the Sierra National Forest, just for the fun of it. My concern is that the Golf will be strictly geared towards SMOOTH PAVEMENT performance... like the Audi A4 / S4. Great car, but not great off the pavement in the dirt or gravel. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Given that I plan on having a little fun in the dirt, the WRX is probably the better choice??? Or the R32 be "adaptable" to a little "rally-type" driving? Price is not really a concern... more interested in he best car for what I do, which is a A LOT if highway driving, and a little weekend driving in the dirt.
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    Audi's are fine on dirt and gravel roads as is most any car. My sister lives on a cattle ranch in Colorado and has an Audi A6 Avant (Quattro wagon) that hardly ever sees a paved road. Audi's are awesome on any low traction surface - dirt, gravel or snow - Quattro is from Audi's rallying past. The only thing you have to think about (with any car) is ground clearance - if the roads are rutted you need to be concerned about scraping the mechanical bits under the car. If the roads are maintained, any car can drive on them.
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    It hasn't been designed for that, and its ground clearance is really low. Not that its undergrounds are not solid (the opposite from VW would be strange), but the Subaru has been designed for this from the ground up.
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    The R32 will do well on any low traction surface as long as it's not too rutted. Ground clearance is the only thing holding it back. I'd consider an SUV or 4WD truck if you like to drive on rutted fire roads - if the roads are typical publicly maintained dirt/gravel roads an R32 won't have any problems.

    The Haldex all wheel drive system on the R32 is used in rallying. This system has been an option on European VR6 Golfs for years - it hasn't been available in the U.S. until the R32. Here is a link to VWMotorsports home page - VW is into rallying and has some sweet Rally Golfs:


    I'm sure there are aftermarket parts available that could turn an R32 into a rally beast - raised suspension, skid plates, rally lights etc...

  • rickroverrickrover Member Posts: 601
    Rally VW's appear to beat Subaru's - here part of an article on VW VWMotorsports web page:

    Rally VW take series win at Wild West 21/09/02

    Marysville, OH - Team RallyVW took the Production Class win at the Wild West ProRally in Olympia, Washington. The victory secured enough series points for RallyVW driver Jon Hamilton to take the SCCA ProRally Production Championship title as well. His navigator for the event, Ken Sabo, locked in the second-place Production Class co-driver spot.

    The grueling two-day event saw over a third of the entrants retire, leaving Jamie "Subie Gal" Thomas and her co-driver, David Weiman, as Hamilton and Sabo's only real competition. Thomas' Subaru Impreza provided spirited competition for Hamilton's Volkswagen Golf TDI, but the durability and speed of the RallyVW TDI prevailed, and the team finished with over a one and a half minute lead.
    The RallyVW service crew for Wild West included Rich Lipstreu and Mike Jackson, and Patrick Jackson whose efforts produced a mechanically trouble-free rally for the team.

    Performance Rally takes place on real roads, usually dirt, gravel, or two-tracks in forested areas. The terrain can change quickly. The winding roads are peppered with washouts, large rocks, tight turns, and jumps. The driver relies heavily on the co-driver, who reads instructions and maintains mileage calculations while the driver is pushing the car to impossibly fast speeds through the woods and fields.
    For more information, check the team's website at www.rallyvw.com.

    I'm by no means indicating that the R32 is a rally car by any stretch, just that VW does well in rallying. Interesting that they use VW turbo diesel engines that appear to run on bio-diesel fuel.
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    The R32 is at the L.A. car show - several posts on the internet about it. There is a small sign on the windshield that says: "available late 2003". The VW rep at the show told several people that 2000 R32's are coming to the U.S. in 03 and 5000 in 04. Here is a copy of someone's observations that sat in the R32 at the L.A. show:

    "I just got back from Preview Night at the LA Auto Show. Front and center at the VW display was an electric blue R32 in all it's glory.

    Since it was Preview Night ($100 to attend), there were no crowds anywhere at the show. I basically had as much time as I wanted to crawl all over and inside this beast. And in tiny font on the front windshield sticker it said: "available late 2003".

    Reactions: Incredible front seats. Perhaps the best of the show, and the "R32" embroidery on the seat backs is simply cool. One nitpick is I wish the seat angle was adjustable. Seemed that the front of the seat was a little too high relative to the back - but this is only a minor gripe. Great steering wheel; beefy, grippy and perfectly placed thumb bulges. Dash gauges are very slick (although the guages in the new Volvo "R" cars may be even better). And the 6-speed knob with the etched "R32" is also a nice touch.

    From all angles, the car has a menacing stance. Very subtle and purposefull, not boy-racerish at all. In fact, as I approached the VW area from about 100 yards away, I immediately knew it was the R32.
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    0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds? I hope that's a conservative manufacturer number. Who's going to spend $30K on a car that can be dusted by a $23K WRX Wagon?
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