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VW Golf R32



  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    suck, just like the current VR6. I currently get around 21-23. On the highway, I once got 28 (that's calculated by gallons used divided by miles driven -- the onboard computer is consistently 1-3 MPG optimistic).
  • I like VWs, always have, but I think a Golf (no matter the iteration) will be a tough sale in the US Market beyond VW enthusiasts.

    At $28-32k, they will be competing with many nice cars that can do what the VW does in many ways, with subtle differences:

    Nissan 350Z
    Infiniti G35 Coupe and Sedan
    Mazda RX8
    Subaru WRX (STi?)
    Mitsu Evo
    2004 Mustangs - the new All-American Sport Car
    Acura RSX-S
    Mercedes Benz C230 Hatch (under cutting a VW by $4k? Less engine, more MB)
    BMW 325 - Sure it is stock w/o options, but still a BMW
    Saab 9-3 (cheaper by a min of $3k to start?)
    Dodge Neon SRT-4 (215 hp at $20k, it isn't direct competition, but a reason to think that a $30k Golf is kinda silly)
    Mini Cooper S
    Lexus IS300 (if price is the same, what makes more sense? for an everyday driver?)

    All that, and we haven't even considered most of the lesser cars that are more sedate, but also less expensive...that makes for a lot of competition for a spec Golf.

    I think selling 5-10k models shouldn't be too tough, that is about 20-30 cars per dealer, IIRC, for the year. But the R32 is more of an oddity than a market shaker.

    Still, I would love to see the car in person, drive it and let the games begin.

    At $30k, the market is just too chuck full of alternate choices that either save money or offer something the VW Golf doesn't - mass-market appeal in the US.

    A hot-body Jetta would have been a better sale in the US, since Jettas outsell Golfs here like 4 to 1, if not more.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I've thought the same - there are lots of cars in this price range to consider. The R32 is unique in that it has a usable hatchback, AWD etc.

    Another thing to consider is the Golf V will be here about a year after the R32 debuts. The V is supposed to have this same drivetrain configuration as the R32 available.

    I'm on a waiting list for the R32, my $1k deposit is fully refundable so if I don't decide I want one...

    The one car on your list of comparables that I'm really interested in is the Mercedes C230k except in the sedan version - Mercedes just came out with the Kompressor engine in the C sedan with a 6 speed - I've driven 2 of them and I'm totally impressed - they start at $27k - it comes standard with 17" wheels and sport suspension.
  • For me, it is mostly just talk. As much as I might like to, without a significant promotion, I am not in the $30k car market. I am considering a year-end sales event purchase of a discounted Volvo V40, or a VW Passat Wagon. Something in the $21-22k range...maybe even a Subaru Legacy, if the price is right.

    They fall a sight short of the fun factor, but get a few extras in the utility category for me. My current BMW 318ti is fun, but a bit too small for me and I can't afford the 325ix Sportwagon nor the Audi A4 Avant (silly Audi forcing all Avant buyers to get quattro).

    If you like the MB, you might want to watch them close as the YE approaches in October. Last year I almost bit at a C230 Hatch with a $4000 rebate. That's gotta kill resale a bit, but I want to hold my next car for 8-10 years and buy a fun second car after car #1 is paid for...maybe a convert or something.

    I would love to be able to justify a R32, but anything over $25k is just not real for me, and I highly doubt that VW can bring it here at that price.

    One last thing, I am still waiting (hoping to know more by YE) to find out about BMW's 1-series. If it is worth it, I might just hold onto the TI for another year and take Euro Delivery on a 1-series. Always been a dream of mine.

    Just think, if BMW brings the 1-series here, it should be around the 160-170 hp range at prices in line with a Jetta and I4 Passat(high side). Rumor has them also launching an M-series with a turbo4 pressing 220+ hp. I figure that one runs the $32-35k range...out of my ballpark, but might be in yours.

    Isn't window shopping fun?
  • until they started making them on this side of the ocean. I like the Jetta, but poor builds seem to be a little too common. I would have liked a Golf (having started my driving career with a Rabbit), but only if it was German-built. Now, the only VW I will consider for my long-term green is the Passat, still built in Germany (like the R32)...
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I have a Brazilian built 02 GTI that is well made, nicely put together and dependable. Fit,finish and build quality is fantasitc. I doubt anyone could tell a build quality difference between a German made Golf and a Bazilian one or a Mexican Jetta for that matter. VW builds the same quality car no matter where it's put together. The problems with Jetta's and GTI's are with a couple of the parts that VW suppliers build which aren't sourced in Mexico or Brazil - the window regulators and coil packs. VW finally redesigned the window regulators (and extended the warranty to 7 years on them) and is still struggling with the coil packs - the worst one's were made by Bosch - in Germany. I haven't had either problem with my 1.8t GTI, but expect I will at some point - in any case I won't blame the Brazilians that built it.
  • You are right, I don't have all (or any) of the facts. I just have read a few too many horror stories regarding Jettas.

    I still think that Hanz and Franz might be a little more proud of their work. Anyhow, I hear the 1.8T motor is hungarian built to begin with...its a global economy.

    I do know that early builds in Brazil and Mexico were nothing to brag about...guess old stereotypes die hard.

    I apologize if I offended.
  • o2h2oo2h2o Posts: 10
    Pure and simple, I'm gonna wait another year for the newer and nicer Golf V body style that will have all the same goodies of the R32 available and then some!

    I don't see myself dropping a whole lot of money on a body style that will be discontinued that same year.

    It's pretty sad how we'll be just getting the R32, while the Golf V's will be sold in Europe at the same time!

    Doesn't that really suck?!
  • Acutally my window sticker says that my 2002 GTI's 1.8t motor was built in Germany while the tranny is from Argentina. Parts content was 50% Brazil, 40% German, 2% North American, and leftover 8% is in the "not required to be listed" category.

    The only Hungarian-built car I know of from VAG that is sold in the U.S. is the Audi TT.
  • wrxsoon1wrxsoon1 Posts: 158
    if fun and utility are what you're looking for you should try shopping for an '03 Subaru WRX wagon. You could probably get into one for dealer invoice right now as they are trying to make room for the new '04's coming in a couple of months.

  • I agree with the line of thinking above – VW could sell a less expensive and more utilitarian car than the R32 in much larger numbers. However, the R32 was there to be exported and they probably figured at this price, even if it takes away from other VW/Audi sales, they will still be making a lot of money.

    My choice for a more utilitarian but still ‘sporty’ car that is missing in the US lineup is the AWD Jetta wagon. The Jetta wagon has over 1” more clearance than the Golf, and probably over 2” more than the R32 – so it is also a great option in snow country. They could sell a beefed-up turbo with 200-225hp instead of the VR6 to keep the price down and fuel consumption low. A somewhat sporty AWD wagon – if priced right, i.e., well below the A4 and Passat AWD wagons - would take tons of sales away from Subaru. As a consequence, VW/Audi could stop worrying about such models taking sales away from the A4. And follow Subaru (or the special edition Golfs) on this model: keep the options simple. E.g., make leatherette, cold package and CD standard.

    I have stated this here before, I am worried about the low clearance of the A4, and thus will probably purchase a turbo Forester since the AWD Jetta Wagon is not available in the US.

    By the way, Bremi, not Bosch, made the failing coil packs.

    - D
  • harlequin1971 writes:
    still think that Hanz and Franz might be a little more proud of their work. Anyhow, I hear the 1.8T motor is hungarian built to begin with...its a global economy.

    I have the same results with my GTI as gsgman. Hanz and Franz built the 1.8T in my Brazilian-origin GTI. The sticker on the window says the engine came from Germany and the transmission came from Argentina. At 40,000+ miles, I'm starting to wonder if this is going to be the first car where I don't make my money back on the 100K mile extended warranty. I suppose I'll be getting new coil packs soon but the only things the dealer's done to the car were a to replace a leaking turbo oil line and a temperature sensor at the free 20,000 mile service.

    I'd consider replacing my GTI with an AWD GTI since I drive in snow all the time. I ainna gonna pay $30,000 for an AWD econobox no matter how much horsepower it has. I paid $18K and change for mine. The AWD and engine are worth another ~$4K to me. I don't want no steeenkeng leather seats since it's a cold weather car. Heated cloth, pleeeze. I also wonder if my 15" steel wheels with high tech snow tires will fit with those big brakes.
  • ponmponm Posts: 139
    The R32 is a cool idea, but for the same price an sti or evo is much more appealing. VW will be lucky if they sell 5,000 units. It is a nice looking car, and that is one thing the r32 has over the sti and evo.
  • The STI and EVO are good comparisons to the R32. The EVO and R32 are very similar price wise, the STI is supposed to be a few thousand more - but it also comes with 300 HP. The STI seems much improved over the WRX in a lot of areas besides performance. I like the restyle and changes to the interior in the STI. Not a fan of the EVO at all.

    I may wait for the Golf V version of the R32 as the V is supposed to have significant improvements over the current IV platform. I'm very much on the fence as far as the R32 goes.
  • Geoff,

    $1,500 is all you should be paying extra for that US AWD Golf or Jetta. Unfortunately, despite of all my success in forecasting the US and European minivan and SUV crazes, VW/Audi still has not made any attempts to hire me as a US future sentiment consultant.

    I guess the corporate hierarchy still prevents real -time marketing progress.


    - D
  • I'd have paid $1,500 for AWD on my 02 GTI 1.8t in a heartbeat. I've always wished VW would make AWD a stand alone option like Audi does with Quattro. I live in the sunbelt so don't have a weather related need for it - I've tweaked my 1.8t GTI to 235 HP/ 240 lb ft of torque and could use the traction. In fact I'd much prefer my 1.8t GTI with AWD over an R32....
  • I think that if VW does release the R32 28k it'll be very reasonable.

    There are not very many cars out there that sell for under $30,000 that offer what this R32 "supposedly" will offer. Like 240 HP (for some reason I remember it being 231 HP, but that's just me), Climate control, Xenon head lamps and sport tuned suspension along with the great looking 18 inch rims...

    And if you do compare a subaru to an R32, well they're two totally different cars.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The rumors on vwvortex all seem to be closer to $30k if not above.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I read on Vortex that it will be less than $30k

    No matter, I'm waiting for the Mk V Golf or Audi A3 (rumored to be coming to the U.S.). The Mk V is not that far off - a little over a year away for a significantly improved platform. I have an 02 turbo GTI that will do me until then.
  • jayebassjayebass Posts: 1
    The best reason for buying the R32 will be the transmission. Car and Driver just did a preview test of the new TT 3.2 with a 6-speed semi-automatic (cogs + two "wet" clutches...go read about it...supposedly upshifts in .03 seconds). They are claiming this transmission will be in the R32 when it debuts in the US this fall. You'll be able to drive the R32 like a shifter kart...left foot brake and full throttle upshifts.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    We're going to see that DSG transmission in a lot of VW's in the coming years - including diesels.
  • tasillotasillo Posts: 51
    I've owned multiple VW's including 2 VR6 GTI's and am quite interested in the R32, but with a reservation. Reluctantly I traded my '00 GTI VR6 for a used BMW for one reason, the dealers in my area are poor overall, at best.

    Atlanta has several VW dealers but the largest (and closest to my home/work until last month) is Jim Ellis. Their service capacity is not close to the need for the area. Appointment's a week in advance for an oil change, then leave the car for a day? Absurd! Dwight Harrison in Snellville was more accomodating but it's 35 miles from my house, not feasable. As VW continues to drive upmarket with great product (Touraeg, R32, Phaeton, W8) it's going to be more difficult to please the client who spends Lexus $$$ and receives economy car service.

    Perhaps my experiences are isolated and I'm sure I'll look and drive the R32, but an upgrade from the dealer perspective will be a must.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    The local VW dealerships in my area are expanding the service facilities at several locations. I think they are anticipating the higher demands of owners who are willing to part with >$40k for a vehicle. I have had good luck getting my Passat in for service with minimal delays to get the appointment and turn around service in about 4 to 6 hours. They even provide a shuttle service in the morning to drop you off at your office.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Here's a direct link to 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 information from Edmunds' Future Vehicles section. Check it out and let us know what you think!


    Thanks for your comments! ;-)

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Boards
  • zhdzhd Posts: 18
    Excuse me, Mr. Host,

    You have not updated the R32 site for ... the whole year. Dealers said the car would be in the showroom in a couple of months. I hope edmunds could provide more info about this car. Thanks.
  • o2h2oo2h2o Posts: 10
    I've come to a few conclusions about the R32...

    Well, I'm kinda upset that VW only popped in a revamped VR6, which added less than 40HP. What about the added weight of the AWD system? A decent amount of power will have to be sacrificed to that added weight. No...???

    As for the price. I'm pretty sure you will see a sticker price of at least $30K. Now ask yourself, is that really worth it for a 2 door "Golf???" I used to consider myself a VW enthusiast, now I see myself more of a VW critic.


    What about the manufactures who went out lately to produce cars that really kick some but??? You have the Evo's and the Sti's that beat the Golf in both performance and style (at least on the outside). I don't know about you guys, but to have a car that costs a fraction of the price of a Vette/M3/Cobra/etc.. and to be able to give them a serious challenge, it's pretty frigg'n damn impressive to me!!! The R32's will have to hang with the camry's and the accord's while the bad boys roll on by : )

    I dunno people, I think I would like to see the engineers of VW get off their lazy asses and produce DE made automobiles that have much more style (again, at least on the exterior) and performance (a more powerful V-6). It seems to me that many automobile manufacturers today are all out on this HP war! No..., HP does not mean an RS6 at $85K, it can mean $30K @ 300+ HP, just re-engineer your damn motors, not just simply (using the term kinda loosly) boring out your VR6's...WTF???

    I guess this is just some food for thought. Maybe you guys who've placed your deposits for this car should really re-think your decission.

    Don't get me totally wrong, I love the car, but only if it were introduced like 2+ years ago. I could then enjoy it's style for at least a couple of years, so I wouldn't feel so jipped/stupid knowing that I bought a car that basically was discontinued the same year in Europe.

  • drbilljdrbillj Posts: 2
    Does anyone have reliable information regarding the R32 in America? It seems to be as illusive as WMD in Iraq!

    My order, with deposit, is 8 months old.
  • o2h2oo2h2o Posts: 10
    Just today I was told as early as October. But, they suspect as late as December.

    There is no way a dealer will get one anytime this month, unless he gets an autoshow demo or something of that nature.

    I know for a fact that dealers know at least a month in advance when a car is on the way to them, and 3 dealers here in Jacksonville, FL have nothing on their list for almost the next 2 months! They don't even have a clue as to the pricing of the vehicle as of yet, so what does that tell you.

    Nov-Dec is much more realistic. My guess would be December. Don't expect the car any sooner : (
  • When I bought my '03 GTI 1.8t, the salesperson and I spoke of the R32. He told me it was a quality car, but way too expensive and heavy. He said it basically boiled down to one question... Would you pay $6k more for Audi's Quatro system on a GTI VR6? (Although there are some engine and suspension improvements.) Personally, I'm gonna wait for the MKV Golf/GTI.
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