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VW Golf R32



  • Being told December.
  • Just this week a Central NJ dealer told me around Dec 03-Jan 04 is realistic.

    I was hoping for Sep 03!
  • I recently took a trip to Mexico and I discovered that they started selling the R32 back in April-May. I inquired about the price and it was not under $30k, the price to pay to get your hands on one of the 30 pocket rockets only shipped to Mexico is a whopping $38,136.00 Dollars.
    Kinda makes you wonder what the asking price is going to be out here in the U.S.
  • Wonder if 55onthelist meant the very limited availability drove the price to over $38K, or was the US conversion on the sticker over $38K. I'm reading about US sticker of about $28K, but NJ dealers are already making noises about getting $5000 over sticker. Not sure I'm willing to pay Audi TT prices for a VW.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    There is no way the R32 will command a $5k over sticker premium.

    I started this thread a long time ago and am no longer remotely interested in an R32. Especially now that the vastly improved Mk V Golf is out in Europe.

    Anyway I bought an STi about 4 months ago and couldn't be happier with my choice.
  • My dealer is now hinting early Spring (March-April). Is there an official word somewhere?
  • I cannot imagine what VW is thinking. As shown in these recent messages, they are already losing sales to the other obvious competitors (Subaru, Mitsubishi). Further delays bump the fourth-generation platform right up against the transition to the fifth generation Golf (unless, of course, they push that arrival back, too). All that notwithstanding the loss of sales of an AWD vehicle during the winter weather...??? As it is, I'm half convinced to say the heck with it and go buy an RX-8 (tons of them available in NJ with almost any configuration of colors & options.) And still not a word on the official VW website. If it weren't for forums like this one, we wouldn't even know the R32 exists.
  • I just spoke to my local VW dealer and he is telling me that they will start rolling in shortly after the 1st...or at least that is what he has been told.

    As for the comments regarding the STI and Accord, I couldn't agree more. The STI is faster and the R32 will be rolling with the Accords....which is fine with me. An accord with a 0-60 of 6.5 secs and 4 wheel drive sounds pretty sweet.

    Don't get me wrong, the EVOs and STIs are hot rides, but they are also noisy, have poor fit and finish, and are pretty spartan with regard to creature comforts.

    If I want to go for a weekend ride through the box canyons of AZ, I'll take my 10sec '78 Z and blow *all* your doors off.

  • I drive a 1996 GTI VR6 and I am quite happy with it. The design of the car for this generation is nice, but when redesigned in 99 I was dissapointed a bit. The car looks like mine with a round bodykit. Overall though the new GTI 1.8T is a good value.
       When I first heard/read about the new performance Golf I was excited. It was a brief article saying how it would have all-wheel drive and have a more powerfull engine and sportscar handling. As time went by I found out more information on this R32, this is when the dissapointment came in. The interior of the car is great:recaro seats,etc. The exterior of the car also looks great including the awesome multi-spoke wheels. The idea of the car having all-wheel drive was still appealing to me, figuring it would be like the systems on Audis. When I read about the 3.2 six cylinder engine and the power output, I was thinking what are you guys thinking.
       I don't know how this car is going to compete. Sales are only going to come from people who are diehard enthusaist or people who dont mind spending 30k on an underpowered performance hatch. Unless that was VW's intentions. When I pictured this car I figured it would be 300hp or close to 300hp like the Evo or the WRX STi.I Thought the engine would be a four cylinder turbo or a six cylinder turbo like the 2.7L bi-turbo engine in the previous S4s(which id take over the R32). Think of how many more they could sell, not that I care how many people drive them. Dont companies want to compete and make money(subaru making the Sti to compete with the Evo)? Im sure many have asked the same question.
      Dont get me wrong, i think the car is cool. Im sure it will handle well and is a well built car, just not worth 30 or closed to 30K. Id think of owning one if it was redisigned(the golf is due for a redesign), if the car was turbo with alot more horsepower like a performance car should have and if it was made in Germany.
  • I think VW really screwed up the possibility of a really good thing. However i do not think the comparisons with the STi and Evo are justified. The R32 is basically a nice luxurious Audi with a body kit. Not a spartan, good for performance only, vehicle like the STi and Evo. Just two different fields. Unfortunately this formula will probably hurt the R32 even more because now it is playing with the big boys and not budget car hot rods.

    All VW had to do is add 30 more HP lower the 0-60 by about a second and i would find the R32 to be a good alternative to the STi. I personally would rather have the nice [non-permissible content removed] interior of the VW instead of that extra second and grip produced by the Evo and STi.

    It would be pretty damn cool taking on Corvettes tho with my 28k Subaru though.
  • I had an 02 GTI before my STi - I'd love to transplant the GTI interior into the STi - that would be a perfect car.
  • vwguild2vwguild2 Posts: 113
    The answer is no...
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Thanks. My wife loves her TT and since we usually trade about every 30 months, she is in future shop mode -- but On*star (or lack thereof) will be a must have. Unsubtantiated rumor has it that there will be three cars that are sort of fraternal twins (or triplets in this case):

    1. R32
    2. TT 3.2
    3. A3 (and a possible S3)

    The Audi products will -- rumor only -- have On*star either standard or optional.

    This is "so cheap" to produce, it would seem the R32 would offer it to level the playing field.

    For those who have never had a car with On*star, integrated with a factory phone (removable) -- this is a safety and convenience feature that is a must have. But I think ESP, ABS+Brake assist, sat nav and rear parktronic also fall into that category.

    Thanks again.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The model we saw was $29,645 -- cloth seats no options at all apparently.

    Will the DSG tranmission make it to the R32?

    Will there be sat nav and a "factory" integrated phone available?

    Will On*star be offered eventually?

    Any opinions or actual facts on this matter would be great.
  • So I'm on day 2 of driving a bright blue R32. First impressions:
    This is a german car. Maybe it's on the market to compete with the STI and EVO but its much different. More comfortable on the roads as far as bumps, clutch is considerably softer. Stereo rocks. Leather and interior overall are quite a bit nicer.

    Only problems are it seems so small (and is), has huge summer tires not great in Chicago even in March (icy mornings), doesn't seem like a good fit for AWD. And the exterior style is just as humdrum as any 5 year old VW design would be.

    I'll give a full update after the weekend when I can get it out of the city.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have seen a cloth one @ 29,600+ just wondering what options are available and how much (MSRP).

    Is this being sold for sticker, over, or under?
  • effigy3effigy3 Posts: 3
    Hi, my R32 is now 9 days old with 500 miles on it and I couldn't be happier. I have waited 7 years for VW to bring this guy to our shores. It was worth the wait.

    This car is a limited production vehicle and for good reason. The price is considerably more than a traditional GTI VR6. The new body style Golf will be out soon. In my experience (5 years of automotive sales) most of the people who will drool over this car can't afford it and those that can afford it will likely be looking at a Passat or something similar. The market for the R32 is small. The WRX and Evo are it's closest competitors, but are they really? Those two cars appeal to the Fast and Furious wanna-be crowd. The R32 sets it's sights a bit higher.

    The R32 is a German car through and through. It has the traditional understated VW design philosophy. Solid construction, heated seats, climate control, Monsoon stereo, automatic wipers and rear-view mirror, and Konig designed buckets are among a host of plush features that most pocket rockets forgo.

    The R32 has more acceleration and handling capability than you can legally use in the US. I can attack any VT corner at more than twice its posted safe speed and feel completely rooted to the pavement. On New England highways where the line between lanes is infrequently and for short durations dotted, I can pass 4, 5 or 6 slow movers without fear of running out of steam and kissing oncoming traffic. The sound of the engine at start up is exquisite. Not harsh or adolescent as so many hopped up cars with neon under carriage lights and 2 inch tail pipes sound. In short this is the most fun, refined car I have ever owned.

    If you don't get what VW was going for in the R32, that probably means it's not for you. But for the few of us that get it. You are going to love this car!
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    is R32 7 years old ?
    Syncro VR6 Golf might be but no R32.
    I am happy that you are happy but I found one funny thing.
    "The R32 sets it's sights a bit higher."
    With normally aspirated engine it is not R32 which aims higher, turbocharged cars do not lose performance with attitude that fast ;-)


    PS Jetta R32 would be direct competitor for 330xi (and 330 RWD).
  • golfgti47golfgti47 Posts: 13
    wow, i didn't know that the R32 was 7 years old, kind of seems like vw is stupid that they didn't jump on bringing the R32 to the U.S. Anyway, good decission on buying a R32. I love them so much and i like them better then a Evo or a Wrx sti, its just something cool and different, besides it being luxurious, and looking better... Although the Sti and the Evo is faster, the R32 is fast enough, i just think that 30,000 is a bit steep for the car, it just seems a bit overpriced for me
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    is quite simply: weight. 3400 lbs!!! My 2003 4WD V8 4Runner is only 700 lbs heavier.

    And I thought my 2000 VR6 was a porker at 2900 lbs. The R32 has 70 hp more than my old VR6, but is only .5 sec faster to 60 (if that).

    VW blew it.
  • epp1epp1 Posts: 48
    ...kidding, sort of, but it got your attention.

    I was totally jazzed to see that the R32 was coming out - but then ultimately disappointed, again, with the final specs. I am admittedly a WRX wagon owner - of the 300hp variety - big 4" (not 2", even your Rabbit has that) tailpipe and all.

    I love the clean looks and lines of the R32 over my Suby and the fit, finish and interior appointments are light years ahead of Japan's rocket cars (WRX, STi, EVO).

    The sad thing is VW could do SO much more! To come out with a 240hp/236ft-lb'er after the WRX has been in the US market since '02 and the STi/EVO since last year is a job poorly done by VW IMHO.

    I'm getting too old to "run" with other drivers but I have no doubt my lightly modified WRX will slaughter this vehicle. Shoot a good driver with a stock WRX will give it trouble, let alone an STi or EVO.

    Unfortunately, it should be the converse given the R32's lethal potential - even while maintaining the German engineering look and feel. I'm sure the aftermarket tuners are chomping at the bit with this vehicle. Given the robust drivetrains of these vehicles I expect some seriously fire-breathers will be created.

    Sad but true, this is all for naught as a new baby is making me turn in my smilemobile for the new Passat 2.0L TDI Wagon. Makes me feel old just saying it.

  • wazmowazmo Posts: 2
    In purely numerical terms, the Subaru WRX and the R32 have very similar performance envelopes. While I don't agree that the WRX appeals only to the "Fast and Furious" crowd the R32 is clearly more refined.

    If I were drag racing (I don't) I would have a much narrower definition of performance than if I were putting in a 500 mile day through the mountains of Colorado (I do). There, the turbocharged motor of my WRX wagon is a real asset but the incessant drumming of road noise wears thin.

    I think a more meaningful definition of performance is how well a car executes the tasks for which it was designed. In the context of fast, capable and comfortable transport, the R32 is a very high performance car indeed.

    Is the R32 worth $6000.00 more than my WRX? Not to me. That said, it's very clear to me why someone else might think it was. The value is certainly there.
  • mscmsc Posts: 5
    hi. i recently drove r32. liked it a lot. the gears are a little close for my taste, but the car is certainly quick. the seats, steering wheel, driving dynamics/handling are simply outstanding. i personally prefer the feel of a naturally-aspirated engine to the turbo'd wrx (i haven't driven an evo), but the car sounds like a 4-banger until the resonator opens up at 3500 or so, and then the car sounds like an m5. really.

    during my test drive, however, there was a buzz in the dash. somewhat disheartening on a new car. i checked on consumer reports, and saw that the golf had the absolute WORST reliability of small cars! i don't think i have the guts to buy a car that may end up in the shop a lot (my 330ci has been almost perfect mechanically). does anyone know if the vr6 is a reliable engine, and if golfs are really the lemons that consumer reports makes them out to be?
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    I believe that place where the car is built has something to do with quality. Check Ford Focus initial fiasco in US and success in Europe.
    R32 is the only Golf imported from Europe (Slovakia if I am not mistaken), the rest is from Mexico and Brazil - different plants. The CR results may apply to R32 but the do not have to.


    PS My Mexico built Neon worked quite well for 80000 miles I had it (head gasket - covered by Chrysler and strut replacement - 1 strut broke).
  • youngyoung Posts: 5
    I heard someone just bought one in MA for only 26500 (no leather) is it a great price or what ?
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    That's a great price - it's the invoice price for an R32 without leather. The VW dealers near me have 5 or 6 R32's in stock so getting one at dealer invoice shouldn't be too hard.

    As far a reliability goes I wouldn't be too concerned. I have an 03 Jetta TDI wagon that's been perfect and a 2000 Passat before that which never had a warranty repair in 3 years.

    Jetta TDI wagons are made in Germany.
  • youngyoung Posts: 5
    I am happy, but I still wonder why instead of markup price, we are
    getting the car as invoice. Remember there is only 5000 in the US, so no one wants it, that's why the dealers are selling at invoice ?
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