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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair



  • rajesh4rajesh4 Posts: 1


  • awnawn Posts: 5
    Sometimes they won't turn off immediately when I push the lever to where it's supposed to be at "stop". Sometimes when they are on delay they wipe 6-8 times, then delay; not the intermittant delay that is pre-set...they have a mind of their own. It's become quite comical, but still annoying. ok, the vehicle has over 90K miles, and is still going strong (thank the Lord! and my dilligent attention to service) Any suggestions on the gremlins in the wipers?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    well we dont have the diesel here in the US.....would think this appears to be an engine idle problem...if you are engaging the clutch and the vehicle moves foward without you using the accelerator......have you taken it back to the dealership?
  • preia1969preia1969 Posts: 3
    Has anyone found out EXACTLY where the stereo equalizer is in the Sorentos? Mine's a 2004. I had mine do the 6 cd's facilitating a complete stereo replacement. :lemon: BUT the speakers would not work with the new stereo, a year later I am told there is an equalizer under one of the seats but you can't see/locate it to power it up so the speakers will work. Any other suggestions?? I need to get this taken care of soon as I want to trade it in.

  • kostas1kostas1 Posts: 1

    I would like to ask your opinion about a small problem i encounter with my kia sorento.It is a model of 2003, 70000 miles on it (generally not very happy with it)/ When i start up the engineat idle or until 2000 rpm i hear a "squeaking noise" which probably comes from the engine compartment.the noise is not very intense, and completely dissapears at higher people looked at the belts but could not do much with it...the noise doesnt create much problems neither affects the car in some way..however having readpossible causes i am getting worried.
    anybody had any similar experience?
    many thanks in advance
  • I have a 2005 EX 4x4 & have a few instances of power loss. My guess is the fuel filter needs to be changed but I need to know the location. I don't like paying the dealership prices & the Purrfect Auto that I want to go to says there isn't one except for in the fuel pump. The maintenance manual states one needs to be changed at 60K so I know there is one. Just WHERE IS IT?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    the fuel filter is in side the tank by teh fuel pump behind and under the seat in the back.....not easy to get to..and fuel pump has to be removed to get to it.....
  • edladaire -

    I am having the same exact problem as yours ... I took my '04 Serento to the dealer for a "Check Engine" light, they said there were two recall campaigns outstanding for the car ... the Induction Control Valve (ICV) and the Crakshaft Pulley Bolt (CPB) ... they did both at no charge, but now the transmission races through the gears real quick (I'm into fourth at 30 mph) and each time it shifts gears the car lurches fowrward ... there is also a problem with downshifting ... it WILL NOT DOWNSHIFT no matter what ... I have to do this manually!!

    I'm getting ready to take it back and I know I'll have to do batlle with the dealer ... so I was wondering if you'd had eny luck getting yours fixed.

  • Same problem with my '04 (93K) Probably started about 50-60K. Dealer hasn't found solution (or problem). It feels like the AWD traction control is responding to something. Generally, it occurs during low or moderate load (small upgrade at 50-55) on clear dry roads. The tach and the speedo don't bounce and it feels and sounds like it's coming from behind the engine. So I don't think it's a hesitation. Rather it may be an issue wit the software or hardware that controls the transfer case.

    I've documented it so if the transfer case falls out they will have to eat it. At this point it's merely unsettling and a minor irritation, but seems to be happening more frequently. I've been pretty happy with the car and feel the overall quality and reliability is on a par for a 4WD.
  • I think you are right to focus on the AWD control. Your symptoms are the same that on my O3 ended up being the result of tires that were not exactly the same circumference, causing the AWD to think there was slippage. Your problem could be caused by as little as not rotating your tires or running the spare which had no wear. If you recently replaced fewer than all four tires, that is the problem, even if you correctly matched sizes. If you are catching the problem early, there is no damage to the differential. Otherwise, it might need replacing. BTW, the dealers seem to have no knowledge of this problem with the AWD.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    mine finally ended up as a bad front differential...and drive shaft.....have them check the front differential first.....expensive part to replace shaft ran $700 and the front differental was $ labor......I parked the in law is using his company mechanic to fix it with used parts for around $1000...docmenting the issue probably will help..but I was beyond 100k when it out of luck for any warranty work...

    havent had a car payment in three years on making this one final investment...if it breaks again....its off to the junk yard..or donation.....
  • zorentozorento Posts: 19
    If you are still having this problem (I have it with my 2008 Sorento) there is supposedly a fix. I had an appointment to have mine fixed this morning, but an hour after my allotted time it was still sitting there with no one working on it and I had to leave for another appointment. Typical crappy Kia service and the reason I will never buy or recommend that anyone else buy one. I love my Sorento, but I will not put up with idiots in the repair department. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to dump this truck and buy a Toyota. Costs more, but at last they fix them properly.

    But on to the fix. I was told (and I have learned to not believe anything a Kia service rep says) that it is "normal" (Kia's favorite" we don't know what we are doing" phrase) exhaust noise and they have a "special" 3M sound insulation they spray on the bottom of the passenger compartment that deadens it so you can't hear it.

    I can't verify this since my service department sat around with their thumbs.... well you get the idea.

    I am going to wait a week and see if they call me back. They might not as I lost my temper and let them know what I thought of them. If I don't hear from them I am going to write a letter to the General Manager at the dealership and wait a couple of weeks. If nothing happens I have the District Service Managers info and I will resend the letter to him. As a last resort I will call their customer service people.

    From everything I hear I am not holding out any hope that this will be fixed. They have replaced (they say) the transfer case to fix this. Nada. They played with the brakes for some reason. Nada. (This did cause the truck to do a "bump bump" when I stop and start. Not always, but it started right after) They wanted to replace the passenger side wheel bearing. Uh, no you're not. They then told me they found out it was a motor mount. Uh, no you're not.

    You will not replace parts willy nilly because you don't know what you're doing. My mama didn't raise any stupid children.

    So after going through the transfer case, brakes, wheel bearing, and motor mount we get to the exhaust system. The best part of the story? When I first took in I told them it was the exhaust system causing the noise.

    What is it with service techs anyway?
  • Have you had any work done in the last 12 months. If so the mechanic might not have tourqed the bolt at the end of the crankshaft correctly. Have the bolt at the end of the crankshaft checked by a mechanic.
    Good luck.
  • Then answer was that the repair was not completed and that the dealer repair shop did not replace the transmission fluid after the safety repair campaign to fix the tranmission was done. Below is my newest problem.
    I hope you got satisfaction on your problem.

    I had nothing but trouble with the kia dealer repairs done in Yonkers, NY (the Kia rep told me that they are no longer affiliated with Kia. However, I believe the dealership that oversaw the shop now does repairs at a new location, so beware). I did the transmission recall in November 2008 and had to take back my 2005 sorento 5 times where they told me nothing was wrong but then found other problems to charge me $1,500 for. When I took it to a mechanic to check it out they found that the transmission fluid wasn't replaced after the repair was done. It was extremely dangerous driving the car during that time.
    While my sorento was in the shop I had them replace the timing chain at around 60,000 and now it appears that the crankshaft pully bolt was torqued inproperly and it snapped off 8/21/09 while I was driving and I almost crashed. How on earth can people doing shotty repairs sleep at night.
    I called national Kia and tried to get satisfaction through them, but I was told that after 60,000 miles they no longer have road side assistance. It appears even when they do a repair improperly and send out dangerous vechicles that applies. The first representative I spoke with told me to drive the sorento in--even after I told her that the crank shaft bolt snaped. I told her it wasn't driveable. She told me that basically it was my problem. So I got the manager's boss who told me that they would cover the towing cost if it was found out by them that it was caused by an error in the previous repair. So I guess I have a lemmon that is falling apart at 64,000 miles. This is incredibly disheartening.
    Now I have to get a tow truck to take the sorento to a different kia dealer repair shop that is in the bronx. I feel very powerless in dealing with this supposed great warranty.
    See TSB No. KT2009081001 issued 8/09 that they have on the proper installation of the crankshaft pully bolt.
    To learn more about recalls, TSB, etc. go to and sign up.
    I'm beyond disgusted with calling kia and trying to get satisfaction after having their representative Yonkers Kia dealer repair lying and saying that the transmission repair was done properly and then having to call Kia national to complain to try to get the problem resolved.
  • Good Morning Everyone...My 2003 Kia Sorrento's engine light just started coming on this morning..Haven't had any problems(knock on wood) so far since I have owned it..Just routine maintenance.. I called the local Kia service dept. and they wouldn't give me an info to why engine light would be on...I have been reading this forum and am trying to get some idea of what the problem could be. Has any other 2003 Kia Sorrento owner had this problem with theirs? Thanks for listening..
  • There was a recall on the 2003 intakes. A defect was found that I was told can suddenly take out the whole engine if it fails in a certain way. Right after the recall was announced, my engine light came on and my dealer said the cause was that defect. the intakes were replaced and there has been no light since.
  • I have an 03 as well and my engine light started to come on after the dealer did 2 recall jobs on the engine a bolt and a valve. the light came after and was told it was for a vacuum hose to the engine. It comes on and goes away for periods of time. The dealer said they would charge me to have it fixed even though the light only started to come on after they chaged the enginre parts from a recall
  • The check engine light (CEL) will come on any time the On Board Diagnotics system detects a problem. May be something minor that goes away or time to change the engine! In the latter case will you be sitting at the side of the road waiting for a tow. It's not something you should ignor, but that doesn't mean you have to run to the dealer and blow a couple hundred for them to hook it to their code reader. Sometimes the codes will be erased if the fault doesn't continue or reoccur. Then you will pay to find nothing.

    On Board Diagnotics II (OBD-II) is standard in all cars sold after 1995 in the US. When the sysem detects a fault it records a code for the fault in the engine management system's computer. Under the steering wheel is a jack. If you go to Harbor Freight you can get an OBD-II code reader for under $50. (Stupid me, I blew $80 at AutoZone!). Connect it to the jack and follow the instructions and it will tell you what's up, if anything. Then you can decide if it's something for you the dealer or the shop down the road to look at. (Free, $100/hr. or $45/hr. in my case).

    Even if it cost me $80 the code reader is a good investment. Your CEL may come on if it detects a fault in any emissions system component, like the fuel evaporative system because you didn't tighten the gas cap enough. You'll feel a lot less stupid finding that out in the privacy of your garage than paying the dealer $200 for this information. The code reader will work on your next vehicle too.
  • If you have a locking gas cap, remove it. That fixed the problem. Then you need to disconnect the battery to reset the system. So maybe just doing that will fix it. Could be the dealer didn't. (jerks)
  • A gradual vibration developed during using brake whiten speed of 80-60Km/hr
    Mechanical technician said it comes from the waving of the drums
    grinding made to the drums and brake pads replaced but the same vibration happen again after one week
    grinding repeated 3 times again with no useful
    Drums changed to new one the same case happened after the same period (one week)
    Brake pads used for Hyundai Santa Fe which same as for KIA Sorento
    Please your advice to solve the problem will be highly appreciated :( :mad: :cry: :sick:
    Car made: KIA
    Model: Sorento
    Year : 2006
  • Today the dealer is placing the foam sound insulation around the exhaust system on our Sorento. This is because the noises we have been hearing have been classified as "normal". Apparently all Sorentos sound like this, we and 5 (if I remember correctly) others in the country (or was it our state? My memory is shot this summer) find it to be annoying. This from the "top secret" work done by a Platform Engineer (whatever that is) who, reportedly spent 30 hours trying to track down the cause.

    We have acquired another, high pitched dinging noise at somewhat hard acceleration so it seems the saga of loose parts (?) or something (?) will likely continue. This sound seems to be coming from a different area so I doubt it's tied to the other noises. I'll have to get the wife to ride with me to ascertain the location, I'm partially deaf and sound-directionally challenged.

    I find it interesting that I'm annoyed by the odd sounds and others aren't considering that I only hear about 60% of what goes on. "What?" is my most often said phrase.

    Anyway, this is not meant to be a rant or [non-permissible content removed], just letting everyone know that I will be reporting on the success (please!) or not of the "foam fix".

    Then we move on to the high-pitch dinging.

    I have to say that as frustrated as I have been by all this I have also been impressed by the service department at our local Kia dealer. I know I've pissed and moaned and ranted and raved, but that is simply the frustration coming out. The service manager has been friendly, smiling and bent over backwards to get this resolved. That fact that I'm upset with him just doesn't register. I suppose my little "rants" are pretty much nothing compared to some of what he puts up with.

    After I had decided to just forget about the noise I got a call from him about this foam solution. I'm talking about at least a month, and it might have been as long as two. I can't say for sure because I've been really sick this summer and have lost track of time spans (and words and the ability to do mathematics). That impressed me. Of course they then screwed up the appointment and I got mad. Stuff happens I guess.

    Wish me luck and I'll report back.
  • Drove it home and to the store. Pretty quiet now. If it stays this quiet I'll be happy.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for the report and update - glad it worked out for you!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • My 2004 sorento 61k the open door light is on even when the engine is off and the door ajar alarm rings constantly when the car is in motion. The check engine light has been on for two weeks and failed emission test so now I am driving with expired tabs. On my first visit to the dealer, the less than helpful service manager said it would be $90 per hour for a diagnosis even though i pointed out that emissions problems may be under warranty.for 80k mi I went back this week after calling Kia customer service. They informed me of the recall for the icv and the emissions warranty. I also bought an extended warranty when I bought the vehicle so everything else should be covered under that. I can't get the car serviced until the middle of next week. Is there something I can do to make that door ajar bell stop alarming? Maybe a fuse?
  • I recently purchased a 2004 Sorento which I am lead to believe is full time 4 wheel drive with option of low 4 wheel with the flick of a switch. . The rear wheels have started to lock up at very low speeds when turning sharply to the right or left. Considerable grinding noise in the rear end of the vehicle. Problem ceases when driving straight or at higher speed. ie 10+ mph. Rear brakes were replaced, likely unnecessarily. Local KIA dealer identified two problems; a) front drivers side wheel sensor was not operating properly and was replaced. b) the clutch in the transfer case was sticking and likely the cause of my problem. Recomended new clutch pack assembly. Expensive but a lot less expensive than some of the resolutions I have seen on other forums. No problems with the vehicle when operating at higher speeds. Any suggestions
  • ok, here we go .bought the car a year ago check engine light came on after leaving
    used car dealer ,didnt have it looked at until about 2 months ago trying to get it to pass NC inspection .started by replacing both o2 sensors ,cleaning maf sensor
    to no avail.took it to a napa service center they hooked it up to diag. machine called kia to get parts ,turns out there was a recall on the vac. bushing on intake
    (the engine would occasionally stall when cold start this recall fixed that problem)
    this did not fix check engine light,service manager @ paramount kia recommended
    changing timing belt??????????????????? i looked at the belt and looked good to me and i dont think it has anything to do with the CEL.pretty annoyed by now.the vehicle was originally purchased in colorado ,i live in the foothills of western,nc elevation 1128 ft.thurs. 9-24-09 went to carolina beach,nc 350 miles east of home
    filled up the tank upon leaving home and added lucas oil tune up in a bottle ,drove
    down there ,filled up again in wilmington ,nc. with 10% ethanol.drove the rest of the way to beach (twenty miles maybe) went to eat and to the beach,on fri. 09-25-09
    went to beach ate breakfast parked until dinner (5pm) check engine light was off.
    i was overjoyed,but that was short lived.started coming home on sat 9-26-09 and when i got above wilmington the check engine light came on ,it seemed almost like it didnt want to come on ,not blinking but dimm? from then on it has been on as usual ,talked to brother who is ase certified diesel mech.said it sounded like a MAP
    sensor which senses elevation.any help or sugg. are much appreciated i wiil post when this is resolved or traded. p.s the vehicle runs excellent very strong motor.88,000.miles
  • Hi,
    I've had my 2006 Sorento since new and over the past few months had 2 very scary moments with it both times on a dual carriage way where it has decided enough is enough and cut off.
    Tomorrow I am taking it back to the dealer to get it looked at as I am now a bit nervy driving it, which really is not handy when I drive on average 500 miles a week.
    Really like my car and up until the last few months have not had a complaint with it but this is a big complaint. I feel a bit more at ease knowing it is not just mine and it could be a fault.
    Anything I find out I'll be sure to put up for you all.
  • This has been happening for about six months, but not all the time. Sometimes while driving, or idling, the gas gauge will go down to E, the light will come on, then it eventually goes back up to where it should be. In several instances I just filled up a day or two before, so I know there is enough in the tank. A few times it happened when it could have been empty (though I doubt, that empty as I have a regular schedule of fillups for the most part)

    Any thoughts on what this might be? I don't know if there is a float gauge in the tank, or if it could be the fuel pump? BTW 2003 sorento..106K miles or so.

    Thanks :confuse:
  • db0123db0123 Posts: 1
    Can you please provide more information around the foam sound installation? Did the Kia Dealer do this or elsewhere? I'd be interested at having this done as I cannot stand the noise during acceleration!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    you referring to the timing belt..(which is wouldnt see it) or the surpentine belts..Im thinking the later.....dont know the schedule maintenance on the 03 sorie.....required the timing belt to be replaced at 60k to maintain the warranty...... I had a engine light come on on first Sorie..that was never corrected and finally traded it back to the dealer as a was new with 120 miles on it however....
  • wgoldywgoldy Posts: 1
    yes i tryed what you said and it did not work for me, so do you think that i need a diode ? can any one help me? :confuse:
  • I recently had the same problem with my 2006 Sorento. The dealer "packed" the driveshaft, or the u-joint, and the problem has disappeared. Might have your dealer check it out.
  • The problem come from using different type of brake pads it was for Hyundai. because the car imported from USA and now it is in UAE and the brake pads are not available for Kia Sorento. Finally I used brake pads of Kia Operas which is solved the problem
  • My apologies for the late reply. The foam insulation was done at the dealers. It's still working as advertised.
  • Hi! I was wondering if anybody could tell me how difficult it would be to install a new transfer case in a 2004 sorento. I am mechanically inclined although not a mechanic. Thanks
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    front or rear?..either way you will have to drop the drive shaft....not sure what else is needed.....had the front transfer case in my 03 rebuilt...but had a mechanic do it
  • I have a 2007 that recently started to make a howling noise coming from the back either exhaust or diff. It started one day as I was passing a car on the Hyw. The noise level increases when I accelerate but is always there now. Any one else with a similar problem and what was the problem? :cry:
  • ham6ham6 Posts: 1
    I had a similar Problem with my sorento 2005.. it was the fuel sensor inside the gas tank. The dealer took care if it with no problems....NO Charge
  • I have a 06 Kia Sorento and my climate control panel is not working. I changed the fuse about a week ago and it worked but it went out again. I checked the fuse again and the fuse is fine but the climate control panel is not working again. Can anyone help, thanks.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    when you say its not you mean you dont get a digital readout on it...or the controls dont work at all....if no readout....beleive its a diode loose or gone bad....unfortunately no way to fix unless you replace the entire control unit....which is pricey.......
  • There's no readout, thanks.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    ok...was wondering about the readout...mine did it often when it was cold..but once it warmed would come back on....a would occasionally tap the face as well and it would light up again sometimes...
  • Can anybody help me locate the location of my car's oil fiilter? The engine is 3.3 cu in. Thank you.
  • throttle position sensor malfunction
  • 85988598 Posts: 1

    Does anyone have experience with the turbo goes out the Kia Sorento
  • I have a 2003 Kia Sorento EX, transfer case went out, it is a Torque on Demand, BorgWarner 4424 model. I took it apart and the gears and chain is fine, but I need to replace the transfer case Clutch and I can't seem to find those parts anywhere? All the rebuild kits I seem to find online are for the gears and chains and I just need the t-case clutch. Kia dealerships haven't been very helpful either... :(
  • I have a 2008 Sorento EX with the radio/6 CD changer combo.

    The other day while changing the radio channel using the buttons on the steering wheel I lost sound. I assumed the channel was not working so I changed the channel again. Still no sound. One more try with no sound and I took a look at the radio panel. The word MUTE was in the center. I pressed the volume control and the sound came back.

    Now I cannot figure out how I did it. I've gone through the manual and find no mention of a mute function, and no combination of presses, pushes, or nudges is getting mute.

    Does anyone know how I did this? I sure would like to have this as a feature I can use.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Testmonky,

    I was wondering what your SUV is doing.. Reason being, I have an 04' Sorento and the check engine light comes on, when it does the car shifts really weird. If I take off from a complete stop, the car shifts through all gears before I am even doing 25mph.. And its a hard shift. Usually, if I turn the car off, wait a few seconds then turn it back on it stops. But that has not been the case for the past 2 days. I can't get it to stop. I am wondering if your are experiencing the same problem?? Or if you have any idea what it could be. I am a single mom, who doesn't like car shops because they see me and see dollar signs because they know I have no clue what they are saying.. So I get all sorts of un-needed repairs.. I would like to have an idea of what the problem is before I take it up there..
  • About a year ago there was a recall on a fuel injection part that caused the engine light in my ''03 to go on. Did you have that replaced?
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