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    I was airing my tires up on my Impala this morning and if I read the sidewall correctly my tires show a maximum pressure of 44 psi, so odds are you weren't in extreme danger.

    Several years ago I had brake work done on my Celica at the dealership, and I noticed some odd sounds that I assumed were the new pads breaking in. I got home and at some point took a closer look, and found they'd forgotten to tighten the lug nuts on one of the front wheels; they were all very loose, and I think one of them had come off and was rolling around in the hubcap. After that I've learned to always double-check when I have ANY work done related to my tires.
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    i was just wondering if anyone here on this forum had some advice on why the 08 g6 sedan only has a key door lock on the drivers door???...i like the car overall but do find it to be somewhat of an inconveinence when i have to get something out of my glovebox but must open drivers door to unlock the passenger door with the power door lock switch....iam sure pontiac must have a good reason for doing this.....

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    i like the car overall but do find it to be somewhat of an inconveinence when i have to get something out of my glovebox but must open drivers door to unlock the passenger door with the power door lock switch....iam sure pontiac must have a good reason for doing this.....

    It's cheaper to have just one door lock, rarely are the door locks used since the remote key fob is there and most all the competition has done the same. In fact Lexus took off the trunk lock a few years ago.
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    my o8 g6 is the value leader edition so there are no remote entry on the car.however, i saved about 2 grand by going with the value edition.i can live without the cruise control and the remote keyless entry.......
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    Wow, I did not know anybody made midsize cars today w/o cruise! How much was the value edition?
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    i got the value edition g6 for 18,000 plus TTT...the base version with remote keyless entry and cruise control lists for 21,000 and change......actually,since few dealers had 08 g6's in stock over this past labor day weekend the choices were slim at best...the dealer i bought the car from had mostly 07's in stock and only 3 o8 g6's....2 were the base versions,1 black,and 1 white,and 1 value edition in metallic silver which was pretty nice and was the one i wound up purchasing since i didn't care for the other colors....if they had a base version in the color that i wanted i probably would have gone that route.....but,iam happy with the car and i got a good deal on top of it.....
    i especially like the standard onstar with the hands-free calling through the cars speakers.............
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    I have just noticed the same thing happening to my 06 G6. I purchased it in 10/05 with zero miles on it. Just hit 24,000 the other day and it is making the same clunking noise that you described.
    I leased mine, so I have a warranty for 2 more years....was this problem covered under the warranty for you?
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    This has also happened to me...does anyone know if there has been a recall on this yet??
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    I too am having a serious problem with my rotors. Steering wheel shaking when breaking....it's getting extremely annoying!!!
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    I have 2006 Pontiac G6. The day after I bought new I went back to the dealership and complained about rough riding on city roads. (The Test drive they took me on was on smooth roads.)
    They told me they did not feel any rough riding.

    My car had less than 9,000 miles on it when I took it to the service department with a noise in the front. RESULT: They cut the rotors, telling me there was "lots of rust" on them.
    I called back and told them my steering wheel was shaking.
    Before they could/would call me back,
    my car died in the parking lot of a grocery store.
    I had to have the car towed.
    They said, "A FUSE" needed replaced. They also said that the transmission line broke and flooded their service department floor. ( I had no problems with the transmission previously.) I got a rental for 3 days while they replaced the transmission line. When I picked up the car, I drove it one block and knew something was wrong. I drove back and the service manager took a drive with me. He said, "oh that sounds like a 'pan' is loose; bring it back tomorrrow and we will fix it. Again, I picked up the car, and now the transmission was slipping. But, the mechanic deemed it driveable. I knew I would hurt the car if I drove it. So, I drove to a Cottman Transmission center and pleaded with the guy to "just take it around the block." Cottman could tell right away something was wrong and said, "Take the care back to the dealer and tell them the transmission oil is not getting to the transmission and that the car is "missing" on corners.
    I drove back and only upon insistance did they agree to have their "transimission guy" look at the car. The mechanic found that the 1st and 2nd gears were filled with "sludge."
    Obviously, the sludge was from the replacement of the transmission line.
    Again I picked up the car and while the transmission felt fine---there was noise in the front end and went over bumps very hard!
    I took it back they looked and found that the STEERING WHEEL Shaft was cracked. I waited 3 weeks for the part to come in.
    Again, I picked up the car(after the shaft was replaced) and steering was absoultely awful..very loose and my new car was riding like a truck.
    I called Pontiac Headquarters. They contacted the Dealership. I took the car back again.
    The car needed a GEAR ASSEMBLY (which they said was a rod between the two tires and controlled by the steering wheel.)
    I was exhausted. And so upset that my new car needed all this work.
    In addition, while I waited for the car rental place to deliver a rental car to me, I became involved in a converation with a man waiting for a car rental also.
    He asked me, Do you have a G6?
    I said "yes." Then the man told me how his steering wheel locks up and this the 4th visit back to the dealership for the same problem. His nephew, who is a lawyer has a lawsuit against Pontiac/GM to refund his money on the car.

    So, while being very pleased with the car for the first year, I am now plaqued by Steering wheel worries, Klunky ride, and early resurfacing of motors. Now My brakes are squeeking.
    I bought a new car so that I would have to spend a lot of time in repair shops.
    I looked for recalls on the steering wheel and/or rotors...but GM is hiding the problems, I would imagine.
    Be advised...if your dealer cannot fix a major problem with your car..after 3 visits to the dealership...then you have probable cause to file a lawsuit.
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    Lynetteh - I have the same problem...exactly. I just had the Gear Assembly replaced and even the steering wheel shaft replaced. It rides a lot better since the "gear assembly" was replaced, but , I am still dissastified with the rough ride. With a bad back, I chose this car for it's comfortable front seats and safety record. I have 3 more years to pay on it.
    All I can say, is Thank God I purchased the "extended Warranty." So, I will have 6 years of free servicing on this vehicle..and Pontiac will pay dearly. It would be cheaper if they would just take this car back! :sick:
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    You say you have been to the dealership 4 times for the "same" problem. Contact a lemon law lawyer. It only takes 3 times to have probable cause for a lawsuit to get your money back.
    While, my problems were supposedly fixed(after 3 trips to the dealership) - 4 trips = legal action.

    Personally, I think whenever mechanics have to take a car apart 3 and 4 and 5 times...the automobile suffers.

    This is a Frankenstein Car....made of all replacement parts! :sick:
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    i hope i don't have the problems with my 08 g6 like you folks have with yours...i purchased this car over the past labor day weekend....so far i like it,it looks sharp,handles well,and is a pretty nice value..i only have 800 miles on it so far so it's still pretty early to tell about the g6's reliability...however,the 07 vw rabbit that i traded in was a nightmare from day 1..many electrical problems and vw dealer service was terrible to say the least....cars are mechanical things,the common denominater
    between lets say a 10,000 kia and a 75,000 bmw is that they are both mechanical and can both break be it new or used...i have a friend who works as a service advisor for a chevy dealership and he says he see's $50,000 brand new corvettes come back to service within a few days of purchase for one problem or another............
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    hi folks,i have a 08 g6 sedan that i purchased over this past labor day weekend....at night time i have noticed that while the front driver's and passenger window switch is iluminated in red,the rear window switches on both sides do not iluminate...anyone else notice this or is it time for repairs???? steve
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    I have a service appointment this Tuesday for my car. When I told the Service Tech what the problem was he knew exactly what I was talking about. I will post when I get the car back and let everyone know what they did to fix the problem.
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    I had a power steering failure but Westside Chevy Houston did a great job under warranty.
    Funny you mention the brakes are sqeeking...mine are now too! One step forward...
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    Less than 10,000 miles, shaking caused by rotors. Dealership "turned" rotors. This happened every 10,000 miles until they finally repalced front and back rotors. The panoramic sunroof creaks so bad, the loud radio is the only recourse we have. The dealership also left the drain line from it off the last repair, causing corrosion to the electrical connections inside the drivers side dash. Now, the steering is poping wildly, and with 40,000 miles, I am told to replace the rack & pinion assembly. (Gear assembly) My brother said this is also happening on many Chevy Malibu's as well, so good luck. My 2005, G6 will be the last american company car I buy. Thanks GM!
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    Well, I took my car in to have the front end noise and power steering problem fixed. Naturally, they did nothing. I was told that a mechanic took my vehicle for a drive and was unable to hear any noise in the front end (go figure). I was also told that they checked the vehicle computer and there was no record of the power steering going out. Does this mean they are calling me a liar?? They told me to bring in the next time it happens and they will do the same thing.... said they cannot fix it if they don't hear it. However, I told them when I dropped it off it does not do it every time the vehicle is in motion and I asked them if they even looked under the car. They said there was no need because they heard no problem. I cannot express how disappointed I am!!!

    I was ordered a new radio (the same kind) due to the paint peeling off. I have not had it installed yet, I was told they would call me when it was in.... that was over 3 weeks ago now!!!

    After talking to some of the salesmen in the store they told me that they recommend writing a letter to Pontiac letting them know of my dissatisfaction with the vehicle. I think that just may be my next step!!! :sick:
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    I bought my car two weeks ago. I traded in A 2004 Corolla. The Corolla was a great car, but I needed something larger.

    I have never owned a GM product. I actually went out with the intention of buying a Camry or Accord. They only had one Camry and the interior was bland. They had one Accord I liked, but after sitting in the G6 I was sold on the legroom. This car has more legroom than anything I sat in.

    I paid $17,250 and feel I got a heck of a deal with $9,500 trade in on the Corolla. It is roomy, has pep and a very quiet ride. So far I am averaging 30.3 miles to the gallon….not bad! It has the 2.4 with auto and lots of extras. I don’t have cruise or keyless entry, but I can live without those for the price.

    Plus, my insurance only went up $17 every six month. It has good crash tests and the Corolla only had 2 airbags.

    Time will tell if I made the right decision, but I am very satisfied for know.

    I will also add I drove a Chrysler Sebring – not a lot of room, cheap plastics, and it had lots of noise from the engine. I really liked the Nissan Rouge, but not enough legroom – same with the Ford Fusion.
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  • bxgirlnscbxgirlnsc Member Posts: 12
    Good luck! Make sure if you hear any noises you have your dealer fix it b4 the warranty is up. This car 2006 G6 GT is turning into a lemon and a nightmare and no to mention expensive! :cry: :mad:
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    I had purchased the 07 G6 in October of 2006 with the panoramic roof. I bought the car because of the roof, it is a great feature. I love the car, it handles great and looks sharp. Lots of room in the front and back, as long as you remove the headrests in the backseat for people who are short. I have great features in the car and really love the adjustable pedals. The first few months of having the car, it was great and then the roof was making a loud whistling noise and turning the radio up louder was not cutting it. I took it in for the first time in May 07 for the roof. They attempted to fix it, but couple of days later same thing. After 7 times alone for this roof and a new roof assembly, still having the same problem. As of last week, GM is offering a buyback on the car. My question to anyone who has gone through the buyback process or knows of anyone, please let me know what I am in for. I have been on the phone with GM corporate for many months working on a case and now that their legal dept is involved, I can not get anyone to contact me or give me numbers on how much and when this will take place. AZ has a .26 cent mileage deduction for usage and the longer they jerk me around, the more this is going to cost me. ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! :lemon: :sick:
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    My G6 has 40,000 miles on it so it is just out of warranty and I have a oil pan leak and there is a problem with the seal on the crankshaft. The dealership is giving me a very hard time with this and told me that they have never seen this before. Has anyone had this problem with their G6?
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    I have had my car in 10 times for the same reason- my steering. I understand your frustration, I have it too. I bring it in, they replace things related to the steering but I leave just as frustrated with the same clunking, pulling to the left, rattling noises... everytime.
    I got it out today, again, this time the technician told me that they see this all of the time with the G 6's and I am now in the process of a lemon law claim. I am afraid to drive my own car.
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    Well I leased my G6 2006 GTP jan. 06, and still have noise problems with the sunroof. I have been in the dealership so many times that I filed a lemon law and received a good settlement, and kept the warranty. I did not let them purchase the car back because I've heard that you will have to pay back any incentives you got on the car, and that is costly. I'm kind of glad that I leased it because my lease ends 5/2010, and I wasted money hardly. So I have at least 2 years left. I love the body style and the how fast the car goes, but I don't recommend no one buying a G6, until the problems are fix. First, it was my sunroof rattling, the dealership tried to fix it and they did. However, sometimes I hear the noise and sometimes not. Then my motor went out when I had the heat/cool system was running, that was replaced, then my brakes starting sqeaking, replaced with cerami pads, rotors turned twice now, still nosiy when putting on brakes, driver's system door rattles when it gets cold, never went to the dealer about that, dashboard rattles when it gets cold outside, steering problems are loud and rough, but never went to the dealership for that either.Also my 6-cd changer stop working, cd's did not come out and that was replaced as well. So I just deal with the wind noise, ratttling, and all of the above until my lease ends. I was thinking about getting the extended warranty, but I think I will be wasting my money. The only reason I didn't do the buyback because the money owe back after incetives, so maybe try the trading it or filing a lemon law, which I think is better than going thru the ordeal yourself. My settlement from GM was 6000, which I go my money back in which I paid my car note. It is better to go thru them in buyback or repurchasing another car, or a settlement. Hope this helps. When my lease ends, I don't want another G6, nor a pontiac. I was planning on purchasing the car when the lease ends, but I don;t think so now.
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    I wanted to update from my last one.
    Since then my car has been to two different dealerships 3 times- again with steering problems. I am the one who is right now going for the lemon law with GM. The latest- two days ago it went into the shop again because I could hardly steer my car either way, there was a nasty clicking kind of noise when I could get my steering wheel to turn and AGAIN they had to replace my intermediate shaft and this time it had wrecked my tie-rod and strut mounts. Also, 3 weeks ago it was in for the same thing which they basically replaced almost the whole front end. I refused to take my car back from the dealership yesterday and have kept the loaner even though as of today they are charging me $30/day. I don't care, I don't feel safe in that car period.. I contacted the person that is dealing with my complaints (lemon law) from GM directly and am supposed to have a resolution of some sort by sometime tomorrow afternoon. I will keep you all posted. Seriously though, don't ever buy a G6. The dealership themselves told me yesterday that they are having the same steering/braking problems with all the new Malibu's, Grand Prix's, Silverado's and the G6's. Nice to know huh. :lemon:
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    Seriously though, don't ever buy a G6. The dealership themselves told me yesterday that they are having the same steering/braking problems with all the new Malibu's, Grand Prix's, Silverado's and the G6's

    Not that I do not believe the dealership told you this but the Silverado and GP have completely differently designed components than the Malibu/G6.
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    I have a question: I have an '06 G6 with 39k. Since the weather has gotten colder here in Ohio, I've noticed a weird feeling when wanting to steer to the right - seems hard to move the wheel, it's not as 'free' feeling as when I turn left. This doesn't happen every time I drive the car, but lately I'd say 3 out of 10 times it does this. So my question is - is this steering problem something gradual and has gotten worse during inclement weather and/or with time? or did it just happen and never go away? I'm just wondering what signs to look for. Look forward to your response and good luck with everything .. Mar
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    I am just telling you what they told me. Whether or not they are different parts, I don't know.
  • tiredofproblemtiredofproblem Member Posts: 5
    I have a question: I have an '06 G6 with 39k...............................................
    I would bring it in, they all seem to start this way.
    My steering problems have been since about 6-7,000 miles and never seem to go away; I will say that after the first time of bringing it in, it just seems to be over and over and over. But yeah, sounds like you are going to have the problems too. Signs: the pulling- feels like the power steering went away, like a clunking noise/feeling you can feel with your feet, a feeling like something is giving everytime that you turn your wheel, etc.
    By the way, I heard from GM today, they are not willing to buy my car back, they offered me an extended warranty- which I already have. I contacted an attorney for help since I know that I have more than enough.
    It really stinks because I do love this car, just scared of it.
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    All of a sudden my G6 won't start. Here is the sequence of problem
    When I turn the key to ON every thing look normal, all the lights in the instrument panel turned on normally
    But when I turn it further to start, it won't crank and all I hear are clicking sound(s) from different places and some of the lights and the radio lights start blinking. At this point all the lights in the instrument panel are off except the engine and security lock
    End result is I cannot drive it and will have to tow it to the dealership.
    Any idea what might be the cause and possible fix for this? Anyone experienced similar thing with G6 or other cars?

    Appreciate the responses
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    Sounds like a low battery. Put a charger on it? Jump it?
  • tripowergtotripowergto Member Posts: 83
    Could also be a bad ground.
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    hey, u have probably had this question answered already seeing as it has been a full year since u posted it but just in case... I also have an 06 G6 4-cylinder and have somewhat modified it, so i know what im talking about. As for the wipers, our car has an intermittent wiper system, meaning that as our vehicles speed goes up, the wiper speed increases. On to the important stuff, my G6 now has 30k miles on it but back when it had around 22,000 miles, i too experienced the RPM's staying up in the 5k-6k region and the car not moving or upshifting, so i took the car in to the GM dealer i bought the car at, and they took a look at it for me, the said there was a clog in the Catalytic Converter, which to me makes sense, ever since i got the car back, its been wonderful... hope this helps
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    I have noticed several car manufactures going to the driver side only door lock. My 07 G6 is the same way, hence is the reason I want to spend $500 for dealer installed keyless and remote start. Other than that, I love my G6. I put a K&N airfilter in it and noticed a big difference in acceleration and that is on the 2.4 4 cylinder. :shades:
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    My car came with the remote start on it.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Member Posts: 6,043
    I have noticed several car manufactures going to the driver side only door lock. My 07 G6 is the same way, hence is the reason I want to spend $500 for dealer installed keyless and remote start.

    I believe Lexus started this trend. They also removed the trunk lock and others are doing the same.
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    Hey HERO and all others, your steering problems hits close to home with me. I thought I was on my own. I hear this thumping noise also in the same situations. I have a 2005 G6, 63k miles and it recently started that noise about 55k miles. I've been told it's the rack and pinion to the bearings going out....I don't know. After hearing what all of you are going through, I don't think I'll be buying that GTO as I'd planned. I think I'll be going away from Pontiac, hell maybe it's best to say "NO" to GMAC. Sorry for all the issues, but happy to see there's a place to vent to others.
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    I got my 2005 Pontiac G6 for graduation about 2 and a half years ago and loved it. Then came the problems... I've had the steering column replaced because the power steering went out. There's apparently some kind of drain from the sunroof that drains down the side of the car and out the bottom (I guess) that decided to break off into my car and thus flooded and molded my passenger side. The CD player ate one of my CD's so I had a new one put in that works soooo slow. I used the remote start one morning and the starter kept going for a good 15 seconds. This has happened several times but not to that extent and not just with the remote starter. So they replaced the starter. Not even three weeks later, my car wouldn't start. Both of my keyless entry things don't work anymore (the first one after not even a year of having the car). Piece of crap? Yep! Don't get one!
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    I have an 06 G6 and I LOVE the car but I have way to many problems out of it! I have not even had my car for a whole year and it seems like anything that can go wrong will! First I had something go wrong with my steering and then it was my breaks. Then there was a clicking noise from under the hood so we had that replaced and now I don't know what is wrong...When I try to accelerate the gears are not shifting right, the RPM was stuck on the 5 and wouldn't come down. I am not sure what the deal is with my car.....it seems like mine has had all of the problems I have read about so far! IF ANYONE COULD TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG PLEASE FELL FREE TO FILL ME IN! :confuse:
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    My fiancee and I have been looking for a g6 with the 3.5 v6. we could not afford an 08 so we found a few 05's. we setteled on one for $12,700 with only 30,000 miles on it. We test drove on thursday and wanted to pick it up on monday because we were waiting to sell her 1995 lumina and use the cash for a down payment. The salesman called twice after leaving the dealership. He offered to let us take delivery that night (thursday) and temporarily charge the down payment on credit. We really wanted to wait until monday to think it over. I am glad we waited, after reading all the complaints about the steering issues.

    We went to pick up the car, but didn't sign without a long test drive. I immediately noticed the loose clunking feeling in the steering. It was so audible that my fiancee noticed it from the passenger seat. I had the saleman sit in the car and try the wheel. He said they all do that and we could go talk to the service manager and he would say the same thing. I then tried an 08, and surprise, that one felt nice and tight without any noise. We refused to take the car until the steering was fixed.

    Thanks to everyone for saving me alot of grief!
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    All 08 G6 V6's have returned to hydraulic steering.
  • blue47blue47 Member Posts: 1
    2005 G6 GT with 70K miles. no problems to date except having to replace battery at about 50,000 miles and tires at 25,000 miles. had the steering clunk and took it to dealer i trust. they said would need new steering gear. i used an eye irrigator filled with lithium grease to force grease down the splines at the base of the steering column (easy to reach while on your knees outside the car). clunk has gone away for 10,000 miles so far. btw, replaced the original continentals with potenzas, and have twice the mileage so far with still lots of tread left.
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    I'm having a very similar issue. I tried starting with the remote start, didn't work. Then I got into the car, the alarm seemed to be going off but very erratically, and then car would just click when I turned the key and now when I try to start it its not even clicking anymore..
    I put a battery charger on it and it says its fine.
    I think the security system has a problem??
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    I totally agree! I have had my G6 for a little over 2 years. It currently has 32,000. I have had to have brakes, rotors, and the steering column replaced. I have an appointment to take it in again, Monday, because I believe the steering column is going out again (familiar popping noise). They are telling me to purchase the extended warranty to protect myself from future expenses since my warranty will expire soon. Why should I have to buy the extended warranty? I should not be having this many problems with a brand new car! I was told that women tend use the breaks more...that's why I am having brake issues. What?? Piece of crap!!
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    Does anyone know if you can get the Base Model G6; with the 2.4 4cyl engine, with any other axle ratio than the 3.91.(Standerd with that model) I am not having much luck trying to pull that info out the Pontiac.com main site.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Member Posts: 6,043
    You have to get 2ZG69 to be able to get the PDX sport package which includes the 3.05 axle. This may be what you consider the base model. The 2ZG69 is the one that starts at $20,400.

    The "value leader" starts at $18,875 which does not have the sports package available.

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    I leased my car in April 07 for three years. I selected this car because of the panormanic sunroof. I immediately noticed air noise coming from the sunroof and have taken it back to the dealership several times. They tell me nothing can be done about the noise. It has gotten worse and now I am embarrassed to have anyone drive in my car with me. I hate getting in my car myself everyday. Does anyone else have this problem and can anything be done. I want out of my lease and I will never purchase another Pontiac.
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    give you 3 guesses what issues i have. Steering makes a "clunk" sound sometimes when i make turns.I am having issues with my remote start continuing to crank for 9-15 seconds,this also happens with the key but not that often.On one occasion my dashboard turn signals did not come on, don't know if the outside signals worked.Told dealership about starter issue and they told me they would fix only if it failed to start.Well I have 28450 miles on a 30000 mile warranty. So tough luck for me.AS for the steering problem they said some noise is normal! After reading all These other peoples problems, It does seem a "normal" problem.Other than that,the car runs great!
  • fin342fin342 Member Posts: 2
    I have a oil pressure light that has come on at start up and stayed on for several min.then went off for a moment,and came back on for several more min.This has happened once before.The first time was at about 24500 miles,the second time was at about 28500.On both occasions the temp was (200-210).Could this be a bad sensor?
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