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    go to the dealer have them take the car apart and tell you whats wrong... at the dealership you need to be persistent and you need to be like this "look i bought this car ___ long ago and this noise started about ___ long ago... this car isn't even broken in yet it has 12,000 miles on it now i want you guys to fix this otherwise there will be a problem." and if he gives you any crap you need to just lay it on the table for him... thats how you deal with a dealership.
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    I have been to the dealer 4 times, the last instruction from GM was take parts off and replace till you find the rattle...they then came up with the idea of putting body filler between the firewall and the strut top, I drove it 50 miles and heard the rattle again...back it went, I am in my 4th rental car. They say it is poor design or when assembeld something went on wrong. I asked for a car that does not rattle...thats all waiting for a call from local GM rep.
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    well... 1. how many miles are on the car? 2. have you been working your car? meaning leaning into corners hitting the gas hard burning rubber stuff of that nature? 3. get nasty with them... remember this is a dealership and you bought a car from them they cant just tell you to leave... if it was a private organization they could but a pontiac dealership cant do that... a dealership is outragious to begin with so you can do whatever you want. pound ur fist against the table throw papers at the guy whatever it takes to make him realize ur there until he fixes ur car.... samething with buying a car.. when the dealer starts to get outragious i just stand up and start to yell and make my way to the door.... when he tries to calm me i tell him.. "look this is what i want im not going to sit here and play ur games you can either give me this or im leaving" you need to do something along those lines... also talk to the manager get the higher people involved but be polite when you talk to them and if they are outragious then u can be outragious... tell me if that helps :)
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    Also check out your state's lemon laws...typically if you bring something back to the dealer X number of times within X time period you'll qualify under that. Even if you're not there yet, getting close enough to threaten that could help your case too!
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    Has anyone seen a good picture of the new blue/gold crystal metallic color for the 2007 G6 conv?
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    Pontiac has not updated the site for the 2007 model yet. They have added info for the '07 G5 and Solstice though. I assume the updates will be coming soon.
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    Ya, a buddy of mine just bought a G6, and I gotta tell you I fell in love with that car. Before he got one, I had seen pictures, and thought it was a nice enough car, but figured the interior was only average. Well after actually riding in one, let me tell you, it is first rate. That is one NICE car. The interior is beautiful. It's black leather, and all the controls and center stack and everything impressed me very much. Also, this car handles very very well, and while the 3.5 liter engine is only rated at 201 hp, its got 222 lb ft of torque, so that things got some get up and go. My buddy was planning on buying a Sonata, but saw a used G6, and took it for a drive, and was just so impressed with the interior, the way it drove, and the power even compared to the Sonata with 230 hp, but around same torque, that he bought the G6. I have to compliment GM on a job well done with this car, and it seems that hopefully more ppl are starting to realize what a gem it is. Also, one other good thing about it is that it looks very small, but get inside, and its very spacious.
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    Hey woodsy1...
    Any luck getting your problem fixed? I just recently purchased a G6 and the exact same issue is happening for me. Fuel gauge works fine until 1/4 tank, then it drops real fast. Last 1/8 tank on the gauge only lasts 6 or 7 miles.
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    I havent noticed the fuel gauge issue
    The dealer "remove & replaced various parts"
    The strut, steering gear, gear box etc.." they then came up with the idea of spraying body filler between the strut housing box and the firewall, they also said the "adjusted the firewall". The clearance between the two is to close from the factory and at certain times it causes the "rattling" noise, they cant fix it (I think) so body filler for now is a fix.
    I figure when this starts to happen to more G6 owners it will lead to a recall, especially because I see alot of G6 becoming Rental Cars. Take it to your dealer NOW , the longer you wait the harder it is to get them to fix it. The more G6 owners that take it in the sooner we can get our cars fixed properly. This is the second G6 to have this rattle in my area.
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    noticed that this was posted last year, i too have been looking for locking gas cap, have you found one? i am not worrying about what or if someone can get out but what someone might put in tank, thanks
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    I bought a G6 GTP w/mannual transmission 12/12/05. I have been to the dealer on eight seperate occasions for repairs and the car has be out of service at the dealer for around 30 days with only 7500 miles on it. The sunroof (not panoramic)has leaked twice. The last time it ruined the carpet which had to be replaced. I have lost reverse twice, the last time they had to replace the shifter. The parking brake failed, the recirculating actuator had to be replaced, the the check engine light has come on twice and the last time they had to update the the software on the ECU.

    The thing that just blows me away is how Pontiac treats this. I spoke to two different Pontiac District Mangers and they both told me that they were just start up problems. One of them told me that he had only seen one other G6 that had the kind of problems mine was having. I asked for a replacment vechicle and he refused. I told him I was considering going to the State to start the lemon law process. He just said it wasn't like I was having major problems like my engine blew up or the transmission broke down and the car left me on the side or the rode so just fill out the paperwork and I could talk to the lawyers.

    I understand that you can't manufacture thousands of cars without making a few bad ones. I like my car, it's a head turner, the MPG on the road is good (+30 MPG in 6th gear at 1500 RPMs which is 55 MPH) and it handles well which is why I asked for a replacement not a repurchase. What just totally FROSTS me is what I percieve as Pontiac's lack of concern over customer satifaction and the quality of their product. The dealership even called and tried to convice the District Manager into replacing the car. My perception of their attitude is you get what you bought and if it doesn't work that is your tough luck. If you don't like it take us to court. The inconvienance of having to take it to the dealer (on average once a month) so frequently is becoming a burden. They give me a loaner but I still have to make arrangements with work and family, etc. I am rapidly approaching the point where I wish I had not purchased the car. My son has a 95 Eclipse with over 160K miles on it and it has a better repair record than my G6. He now refers the the car as that American Piece of junk. When I end up with the loaner because my car is being repaired at the dealership my neighbors come over and tease me asking if I've bought a new vehicle. This is flat embarrasing!
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    Hey guys. I'm looking for an agressive (but subtle) tone for my car. I do NOT want to sound like a 4-banger with a coffee can exhaust setup, buzzing around like a weed eater. I want an agressive, defined tone. Is there such a thing available for a v6? I know it won't sound like a V8, but my buddies chevy 1500 sounds great with his flowmaster 40, but it's a larger engine (4.x)

    What are your recommendations and does anyone have any sound clips of an aftermarket exhaust in a real-world scenario (not something like at the autozones and advance auto parts stores where you push a button and it plays a computer-generated tone)
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    Really sorry to hear that. I never thought District Manager are so brainless. You should try to get on his nerve, maybe he`ll break and give you a new car. I had a friend that had a '05 Volvo S40 (the last model) and after 10k he got really angry because of the "his" he was experiencing at high-way speeds. And after numerous attempts to repair the vehicle at 3 dealerships (which were unsuccessful), he actually got a new car. But he had to talk with a lot of people to do it and really push on their nerves. But eventually he did it, I`m sure you will succeed too, just try more! They are going to give you a new car, trust me! :)

    BTW, all the action took place in Toronto, and I don`t think we have a "lemon law".

    Good luck in fighting with Pontiac!
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    If they would just put more into customer service, meybe they would have more customers. If he is having problems with his car, and they can't fix it, they need to vale him as a possible returning customer, and the best way to do that, would be to replace his car, no questions asked.

    This way, the customer looks beyond the bare bones features and specs of a car, but the ownership experience, that would be valued above all others. This is a good car, but mismanagment can ruin everything.
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    yeah you`re absolutely true. I would definitely buy a car from a guy that treats me well, and not like "hey, it's just 1 car" type of guy. It seems Pontiac is not to great at this chapter, but I cannot generalize this, maybe it's just one guy, same way... maybe not. Well, I hope this doesn't apply to all GM brands, 'cause I'm gonna try my luck my the new Aura, I'll see what I'll get. :)
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    The '07 Malibu with the same 3.5L as the '07 Pontiac G6 still gets 32/22 mpg while the G6 only gets 29/20. The difference is Hydraulic Power Steering for the G6 while the Malibu retains its Electric Power Steering. I haven't compared the two steering mechanisms but HPS needs be much better to justify a 10% mpg reduction.
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    It's not just that, the G6 is very heavy. The Malibu is lighter.
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    The G6 weighs 140lbs more than the Malibu. However the base '06 G6 with the 3.5L had electric power steering and
    got 32/22 mpg. Both the Malibu and G6 have a 3.29 axle-ratio and 4 spedd auto trans.
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    I wish you well trying to get general motors to fix your problem. i have a 2006 g6 with the panoramic sunroof and it's been in the shop 7 times for a leak and major wind noise. the dealer says it can't be fixed and the noise is not normal. general motors says it's normal. i have invited them down to ride in my car and tell me if they still think it's normal. so far, they offer to let me pay 5700.00 for them to take my car back and leave me with no car. the other option they give me is to pay them a "usage fee of 1250.00" and they will exchange it for another car. Neither of those options sound like a good idea to me. I'm so frustrated i dont' know what to do. It affect the resale greatly. I first took it in when it had only 2500 miles on it, now it has 8000 and it gets worse each time they try to fix it.
    General Motors doesn't care about their customer service at all. Search the internet and check the blogs to see what people are saying. I believe in strength in numbers. eventually if enough people scream loud enough they will stand behind their product or go out of business.

    If anyone has suggest on how to handle this or would like to share their story with me so i can share them all with general motors , please email me at [email protected]
  • joanejoane Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2006 G6 with the panoramic sunroof. It has horrible wind noise. It's been in the shop 7 times now, 2 different shops, they have had to replace the head liner because the roof leaked. I finally filed with the BBB Autoline. General Motors says it's normal wind noise. I have invited them to please come ride in this and then tell me their opinion. They offered to trade my car if i pay them $1250.00 usage fee or they said i can pay the $2000.00 rebate (they kept the rebate to begin with) and the $3700.00 i was upside down in my trade. So for only $5700.00 i can give them back my car and have nothing to drive. Neither of these options are suitable to me. General Motors just kinda laughs and says "oh well, we think the roof is just noisy, they all are". I think one day we will see a class action law suit against these roofs because general motors has no fix or the problem.

    Does anyone out ther know what i should do? I don't want to be out another dime. I just want them to replace my car with one that is not a lemon. If i file lemon law on the car ... the law says that general motors would be due a usage fee. I feel i pay this fee each month when i make my payment. I need help with this problem. Any suggestions at all would help.

    If you have had this problem or another problem with general motors then please email me at [email protected] and share your story with me. Thanks
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    i saw a new 2007 g6 blue gold crystal mettalic. it is one of the most beautiful colors i've seen in a while. if i replace my g6 it will be with one of this color. it's a light blue. sort of like a silvery blue but instead of having a silver glow in the sun this has a golden shine. i can't say enough about how pretty this is
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    I have a 2006 g6 v6 sedan. the other day i was headed to the store and all the instruments dropped. there wern't off they were dead. nothing worked, then i got low fuel lights(just filled it), check engine lights, no gauges at all. i stopped and turned off the car. started it again and it was still doing that. got to the store and went to leave and everything was fine. yesterday though it was a nice morning so i left the sunroof cracked. went to leave as it started to look like it was going to rain and sunroof didn't work as well as the gauges. its at the dealership now but i wanted to know if anyone has seen the same problem. :sick:
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    Hi. Are any of you G6 folks having issues with rattles and clunks from your front suspensions?

    Us Malibu folks are having this problem, and I am curious if Pontiac is using the same components in the G6, and if you folks are having a similar problem.

    Just wondering..thanks!
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    The problem is the hub caps are rubbing on the wheels and creating the noise. This is a problem with the 4 cyl base model hub caps. I brought mine into the service center and they said that they could not hear the noise. Other people also were having trouble hearing the high pitched noise. So I was forced to fix the problem. It kind of seemed like the WB frog in the box. It would dance for me but no one else. So to fix the problem you need to take off your hubcaps and put some grease around the edge where the hub cap and wheel rub together. You will see wear marks on the wheel.
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    Yeah i had it at the dealership about a month ago. they said it was the hub caps rubbing against the wheel weights. Their brilliant :mad: idea was to put velcro around the edges of the hub caps. It worked for a couple weeks, but i think the velcro wore and the noise is back. Stupid dealership.
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    a few things you might try (they shouldn't cause any trouble but I can't guarantee they'll work :blush: );

    try using a tire repair kit, with the thinnest rubber cut and glued on top of the wheel weight so it, not the weight, rubs against the hubcap.

    or perhaps a thin coating of "goop" or silicon rubber over the tire weight (be sure to let the stuff dry first before putting the hubcap back on!)?
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    There are normally stand offs on GM wheel covers which hold the cap away from the wheel rim. If yours have those put some thin rubber pieces on the stand offs.
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    yes...strut hitting firewall in mine...4 times at dealership for them to figure it out...the area rep came and "adjusted the firewall away from strut housing/wall" sprayed in household body filler...noise went away for now...I figure when the "bodyfiller" wears down the noise will come back....good luck
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    We were in the market for a new car. Considerations were: Safety, Reliability, Affordability, Value. Target budget was $15 to $18K. Quickly found out that $15K doesn't buy much these days. We began with Honda and Toyota. Both the Civis and the Corolla were to small. Very good build, but not for us. The VW Rabbit is nice, but certainly not worth the $20K price tag on the one we drove. Checked out the new Suzuki SX4. Neat, but to small and questionable on all other considerations. Tried the G6 and BINGO!

    The G6 had great discounts, rebates, and better money for our trade-in than anyone. The G6 had plenty of pep and room. It scored well in crash testing. The Ecotech engine and the transmission both had changes for 2007 to enhance their reliability. GM has the 100K/5year powertrain warranty. It looks good (IMO). It gets good MPG. Most owner and professional reviews have been positive (after 2005). It all added up for us.

    Is it perfect? No. We'll take a serious hit on resale. However,we purchased a $20,835 G6 for thosuands less. (Details are in Prices Paid.) Some of the interior could be better quality. The OEM 225/50VR-17 tires are cheap (Hankook or Conti's) and quality replacements (Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgstone) are very expensive ($150 to $190 each).
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    :confuse: My G^ is making a loud sound that seems to get louder as I accelerate and then there is a slight viration on the gas petal at about 50 mph. I have taken it to the shop and they say that it is wind noise but I do'n agree. Anyone else with theis problem.
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    did you guys notice on the Pontiac website the new G6 info is up, and the base v6 is now 224hp, and they included info on the 252 hp v6, but if you click on drivetrain on the icon, it will show you last years engines!


    Someone plz fix this
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    I should pick up the base G6 sedan (4 cyl) tomorrow. It will have either Hankook Optimo or Continental CV95 tires standard in size P225/50VR-17. My daughter will be driving this car in Northern Iowa. Both tires are poor winter tires.

    I wanted a better winter (all season) tire that had better tread life. Not hard to find one or the other using the NET. However, the cost and the poor tread ratings of these tires caused me to look for an alternative. I have Goodyear Assurance Triple Treds (GATT) on one car and Michelin HydroEdge on the other car. The GY is a far superior tire.

    No tire dealer could obtain GATT tires for this new car. We tried going to 215/55VR or HR-17 size and still no GATT tires available. Yokohama AVID V4s in 215/55VR-17 will replace the cheap OEM tires. It's a narrower tire which helps in winter. It's also a 60K mile tire.

    The V4s will cost $125/tire rather than $192 for GY Eagle Response Edge (which had no mileage warranty). I'll get $50 trade allowance on each of the OEM tires. So the net effect is, that I will upgrade to a better winter 60K mile tire for $75 plus $15 installation that includes lifetime balance and rotations.
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    MY WIFE'S 2006 G6 9000 MILES WOULD NOT START HAD THE CAR TOWED TO THE DEALER,They found the starter fuse had blown never heard that before but the car runs fine now any one else out there having this type of problem?
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    4 cylinder engine?
  • gasman1gasman1 Member Posts: 321
    I've been on every G6 board out there the past few weeks. I didn't find one post concerning this. What engine and what were the conditions (wet, cold, restart, first start of the day, etc...)?
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  • e2helpere2helper Member Posts: 1,002
    It is likely a wiring harness chafe around starter motor to the air conditioning lines. Tell your dealer to look in that area or make use of their Technical Assistance Center who will tell them the same ;)
  • sasha2sasha2 Member Posts: 7
  • herotakesafallherotakesafall Member Posts: 103
    The 16" alloys that came with our 2005 G6 were the Continental "ContiTouringContact" or something like that. They're honestly some of the worst tires I've ever been given with a new car. They're pretty quiet, all things considered, but they squeal and chirp over tiny bumps and they are *abysmal* in the snow.
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    Bear with me guys, I'm not a regular here. We have an '05 G6 and the battery died 4 months after we bought it. When the dealer replaced the battery, they said they also "upgraded" the security system. Now if you don't have the remote unlocker with you, the car will start honking when you unlock it. It'll stop once you start the car, but this is very annoying since we only have 2 key fobs and 3 drivers. Shouldn't the dealership be able to reset this? Or does everyone's G6 do this?
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    I have never heard of this. What the heck did they do? do you have some kind of after market system?
  • herotakesafallherotakesafall Member Posts: 103
    Nope, just the normal keyless entry. I figure if I have enough people confirm this is unusual behavior, I can force the dealership to admit it's not supposed to do this!
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    Stupid dealership you say? Yes, I agree. What is that saying, everything rolls downwards from the top? Seems Pontiac may be suffering from similar lack of insights, ahem....stupidity. My dealership service manager said,
    "Well, ya know, cars aren't made to last more than three or four years now a days." I sold the G6 07 convertible that I owned for two months and will never consider a pontiac again. So relieved someone suffering from lack of insight bought it....Some of us live and learn.
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    Too bad you have to tell your dealer this but suggest they use their look up PIC3279A (document 1670944 in their Service Information system).

    They will have to replace the BCM in your vehicle to allow the disarming of content theft with key again.
  • herotakesafallherotakesafall Member Posts: 103
    Hey, thank you! I just asked them again about it yesterday, and one guy said "Oh, they do that at the factory. We can't change it." So I had to remind them "No, this only started since the last time you guys worked on the car." Then the second guy told me "Oh, just switch to Passive mode." Naturally that didn't work either.
    This Pontiac dealership wins "best new car dealer" pretty often in my area! I don't understand these clowns! Thanks for the help. Will they really have to replace the BCM? Isn't that complicated? No wonder they don't want to help me.
  • e2helpere2helper Member Posts: 1,002
    Yes they need to change the BCM.

    It isn't too complicated to do but of course you would want to do when still under warranty because BCM is a pretty pricey component.

    There is really nothing wrong with the original part but for this model they don't allow dealer to reprogram the BCM so it has to be replaced in order to get latest software.
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    I have an '05 Pontiac G6 with the automatic keyless start feature. I currently have just over 25,000 miles, and recently I have begun having problems with the starter. I noticed at about 10,000 miles, every now and then when I would start the car, it would attempt to continue to turn over well past the point that the car normally turns over. This did not happen everytime, so I just figured it was a glitch at first. I happened to be taking the car to the dealership for a problem with the CD player, so I mentioned it to one of the service people. And, amazingly enough, it actually did the funny start while I was at the dealership, so the service guy heard it. He even said, "well, that's not normal." and I asked him if they could check it while I was there. He told me that the CD player guys would not know how to fix a problem with the starter. He told me that I needed to wait until the car actually physically did not start, and then bring it back. Needless to say, I was not happy with that answer, but I went with it.

    Now, since about 20,000 miles, I have had problems with it actually not starting. Again, it is very random when it will decide not to start...sometimes it will be after I have driven for a while, and other times it will be the first time I try to start it. There is no obvious reason why it decides not to start sometimes. Usually it will start after about the third time of trying to start it, and it runs fine once it cranks. Although, I have noticed it idling really low when I am sitting still, and the car has a very slight jerk when it idles low. I don't know if it's related at all, or even where to begin.

    I am so discouraged from going to the dealership for fear that they will simply tell me to wait until I have to tow it in or something as ridiculous as that. Any suggestions on what the problem is, or possibly how to fix it? I would even just be glad to hear if there is someone else with the same or similar problems just to know that I'm not the only one in the world going crazy with this...thanks!
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    Many GM cars have a feature where they will turn over until they start. You just turn the key momentarily and it turns over untill it starts. Sounds like whatever does this is not working correctly.

    Try a different dealer!!!
  • e2helpere2helper Member Posts: 1,002
    Your dealer might want to look at TSB #06-06-04-049; LX9 Engine Only, Intermittent Extended Crank Time on Hot Engine Restart, Starter Motor May Not Disengage After Engine Start (Reprogram PCM)
  • shayla15206shayla15206 Member Posts: 2
    I am also having the same problem, going back to dealership tomorrow because it had to be jump started. They told me the last time I was there if is doesn't start have it towed, but it was a Sunday morning and I was stuck and would not have a way to work and dropping off kids. Please let me know if you get a solution to this problem......
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