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    Yup, Went to dealer today and got the too bad, your screwed speech. Its amazing this car came out in 2005 and still has a bunch of tsb's on it. At least the engine and transmission are fine, but the only reason gm has a 5yr 100k on the power train is because any car can go 100k miles now and not have a failure on those 2 components.
  • gonogogonogo Member Posts: 879
    Not really on the 5 yr 100K. On the 2010 models a lot of items were dropped, the fuel system, wheel bearings, etc. Must have had too many problems.
    The items listed are still covered for 07-09 , lot 2010 owners are going to get a surprise when they go for warranty on the items listed.
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    In December 2008 I lost power steering, right before getting on the highway to go to work, and took my car to the nearest dealer. At that time they replaced the entire steering column and re-programmed the module at a cost to me of over $600.00. On 2/15 just 3 days ago my power steering failed again! Same error codes, same parts failure, same module failure. If this situation was "fixed" I would not be posting this blog. The cost this time over $1,400.00! Instead of reprogramming the faulty module they replaced it. I guess you can only reprogram something once. Just this past summer I received a letter from Pontiac admitting they have a problem with their electronic power steering and upon review they would reimburse me for the first failure. Great, standing behind your product like all companies should do, however, for this 2nd failure I am pulling teeth to try to get re-imbursed. I will most certainly report this to NHTSA and any one who will listen including the NY State Attorney General and every media outlet available. After this car I will never buy a GM product again. Oh, did I mention the engine blew up 3 miles before the warranty was up? The rotors need to be replaced more than usual due to vibration, the radio only works when it wants to….I can go on but whats the point. After years of being a GM customer, my past 3 cars were GM; I guess I will be going to Honda.
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    Marona, What year is your G6 and how many miles did it have when the steering column was replaced?
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    i have the same issue what i have found works best is to unlock it with the key then ... be prepared to hurry the alarm will sound as soon as you open the door, but then put the key in the ignition and start the car then the alarm will stop it kind of embarrassing but at least you can still lock you car then
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    Hello friend. I saw your post a few minutes ago. I also have a 2005 g6 with the same issue. It is now 2011, so I was wondering if you ever found out what the problem was? My email is [email protected] I was thinking about having it looked at by someone but im not really sure how to explain it. It turns over sometimes but doesn't catch right? Thats what mine does. It doesnt do it all the time though, and will do it cold or warm. please email me if you ever got it fixed buddy. Thanks, Steve.
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    Maddog - mine is a 2006. Had steering column replaced Nov, 2010 at around 75-78K, don't know exactly without pulling paperwork.
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    I apologize for your frustration. Please email me with your VIN and detailed information about your experience? I would like to look into this further.
    GM Customer Service
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    I have the same knocking noise on the front right of the car and cannot figure out what is going on have you figured out what was wrong?
  • nomoreford2nomoreford2 Member Posts: 50
    I am getting a P0496 code on my 09 G6 GXP. Has anyone experienced this and is this the part that fixes it: Vapor Canister Purge AC DELCO Part # 2142237 ?

    Also some other symptoms I have with the cars, has anyone experienced these on their GXP sedan and could recommend what the issue or a fix may be, your input would be greatly appreciated.

    -Rear doors locks sometimes will not unlock with either remote i have.

    -A constant mild scraping like noise when driving...with the radio off and driven at 5 mpg it can be heard as well. IS this a wheel hub or wheel bearing problem?

    - Once is 6th gear, I get a weird buzzing like sound, and i hear it go away if i downshift into 5th gear to pass but once in overdrive it comes back. This noise comes and goes like very 2-3 days.

    -Sometimes once in 6th gear and i let off the gas anywhere from 45-65mph and let the car slow down, i can feel a light shuddering.

    -Power steering shudders, but i think i saw a TSB on the fluid being bad.

    - Noticed a coolant on the ground by the passenger side wheel near the cv joints is where the dripping is coming from but i dont see any hoses here. I think the water pump is on that side. I have to refill the reservoir once a week.

    -Many times on the expressway it seems like the car will not keep straight, even after align and balance it feels like it doesnt naturally track straight like other cars ive driven, is this the issue with the goodyear tires that come on the car or a steering issue.

    -Maybe once or twice a month the rear radio speakers start getting distorted and the next day sound fine.

    - Headlights will work one day and then not work for 2-3 days, i guess i have to hit the right bump on the road for it to work again, different bulb and same problem, is this a new head lamp i need or is the wiring going to the headlamp faulty?

    I love my GXP, but at the same time dont want to keep a car that is going to self destruct. Are these minor issues that can be resolved, or get rid of the car while i can. I have have 76K on it and owe $7700 on it still.
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