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Chevy Malibu Maxx



  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    The 3.5L may be an old design engine but from what I have read it's still pretty hi-tech and very efficient getting near 4 cylinder efficiency.

    I drove a new Malibu and I thought the V6 was very smooth and responsive. To me that's more important than the details of the technology. Reliability is there and that's all that I care about.
  • robs_placerobs_place Posts: 24
    Agreed, comparing the maxx to V6 CamCords (cool term btw) is a little bit of a stretch but the maxx engine strikes me as a perfect balance between performance and economy. It approaches performance of a V6 CamCord and the economy of a 4cyl Camcord. Plus more useful torque than either one.


  • robs_placerobs_place Posts: 24
    Yes, High tech implementation of an old tech (proven) design.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    uses on a lot of their cars.

    I had an '00 L200 for a few years. I noticed a similiar smell especially after long drives. There was never any problems associated with the smell. The car held up perfectly.

    By the way, good points about the 3.5 ltr. mileage/performance mix. The 3.5 may not be race track ready. It is not meant to be. What it is meant to do is get you around effectively and efficiently. From what I have been reading here and elsewhere, it does both well.
  • robs_placerobs_place Posts: 24
    Did some websearching and here is a very enlightening article:
    In defense of pushrods: rticle=7178
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    For general use cars and trucks OHVs are great, especially in the city where most people do most of their driving. Lots of low end torque.

    I love my 3.8L, don't miss my multivalve 4 cyl Accord at all.
  • robs_placerobs_place Posts: 24
    3.8L ?
    Are we missing something here in the US?
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Posts: 677
    The new Malibus' v6, the 3500 series, was derived from the 3400 series. They rebuilt the crank, added a new fuel injection system and manifold system, and tweaked a whole bunch of things to make the old design more efficient. One GM engine developer mentioned that going to an overhead cam/valve design would further improve efficienty by 10%.

    It would be nice to see variable valve timing on the future versions.
  • My son and I were prowling around the local Chevy dealership tonight, and we spotted some 2005 Maxx's.

    They look the same, in spite of some speculation on other forums that there would be some styling changes.

    The new spoiler and rear window wiper look very good.

  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    I have a 2004 Grand Prix, sorry.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    posted sites to both articles at the meet the owners forum
  • tiger66tiger66 Posts: 5
    Maxx... just found out Friday that Draw-tite (reese) released their class 2 Hitch for the Maxx, so now I can get it installed by a local hitch installer (probably going to go with uHaul)..they are charging $159 installed.

    Also, during last week's disappointment when I was unable to find a local installer to install the hitch, I decided to once again consider going to a Trunk mount bike carrier...and I looked into Saris and Yakima, and neither of them offer a trunk version of a bike rack/carrier. I did find one manuf (I believe it was Thule) that offers one, though if you read the fine print is says not recommended on this model).

    Has anyone with an '04 Maxx been able to find a rear trunk bike rack? Just wondering incase I run into a problem with the hitch receiver. I am picking up my Maxx tomorrow (they're putting an after market SunRoof in - guess I cannot complain for free - with Lease - but it is rather small compared to the factory ver), and will probably try and get the hitch installed on the weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to once again carry the bikes by next week ;-)
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    my hitch is the class 2 reese hitch. Are you saying the the hitch costs only $159 after installation???? That's way cheaper than what mine was!!
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 126
    I was waiting until the fall to make my purchase, but the rebate was jacked up to $4000 so I moved quickly. Used discount, factory rebate, and GM card money. Pick up Wednesday. I am adding the "premium" mud flaps and locking gas cap. Contemplating ziebarting under carriage. Any thoughts on this ?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    reference the undercoating..what part of the country do you live in and what do they treat the roads with in the winter....I have found that most newer cars do well in winter conditions without additional treatments. Most of my driving is in northern VA where they use a mixture of sand and some salt 99 mustang went thru two harsh our standards and I had no problems with rust or corrosion.....I ran the car thru an undercarriage car wash twice a month during that period....

    I think addition undercoating is a personal preference and not a necessary does add some sound proofing but also adds additional weight to the vehicle as well....just my two cents!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Don't do the ziebart. Factory coatings now are excellent, and adding anything to them can make things worse. I have a 14 year old Acura that has not been garaged. It was purchased in the DC area, and is now in South Dakota (cold winters and lots of salt). No problems with rust.
  • ephraimephraim Posts: 2
    My wife and I have just taken delivery of a Chevy Malibu Maxx. All in all the car is very nice with many nice conveniences. One problem that we have encountered is that at any speed over 40MPH, driving with the sunroof in the fully open position, wind passing over the sunroof which sits on top of the roof like a large wind deflector makes for a very loud wind noise. Has anybody experienced the same problem?? It seems that the angle of the sunroof to the roof pokes the sunroof into the air stream and thus causes wind noise. That along with a very ineffective "wind deflector" at the front of the sunroof opening all contribute to a noisy sunroof. Any suggestions?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    you are correct..I solved my problem with an after market sunroof wind can see it on my Maxx site here..... I got mine off ebay...from the same company I have linked on the website..You can run 75 on the interstate..and carry on a normal conversation with the sun roof open recommendation. check ebay if you are in no a search for malibu maxx......the company doesnt have any listed at the mine for $10 less than the asking price on their website

    my Maxx website

    simple and easy installation of the deflector..takes about 15 minutes and no drilling tape...simple clamps..hopethis helps
  • mfletouvamfletouva Posts: 166
    I've seen several complaints now, including the 7/13 Edmunds Maxx review, that the interior is drab and colorless. Every time, it appears that the test car had the gray interior with titanium. Now I know that some people do not like fake wood, and I sort of have a mixed feeling about it myself, but I personally preferred the neutral/wood interior on the blue and red cars (and other colors) over the grey/titanium scheme in some of the other colors. I wonder if the reviewers realize that you don't have to get grey/grey if you don't want it.

    The neutral scheme in our blue Maxx actually has three tones--a darker color beige, lighter beige, and the wood trim. I think its very tasteful and gives the cabin an airy feel.
  • madmadammadmadam Posts: 55
    I agree about the neutral--I have it on my 2004 Light Driftwood MAXX. I usually go for the grey tones but in this car I prefer the neutral tones with the woodtone. The "fake" wood looks better than one might expect and gives the interior a very nice appearance.
  • tiger66tiger66 Posts: 5
    I found 2 places near me that both will install the Draw-tite hitch (PN 36321). According the Draw-tite, the part is around $ place (uHaul) quoted $159, the other $165 including installation. THey probably can buy the hitch much cheaper than the $130 retail. I had expected to have to pay upwards to $200 for a hitch initially, but this is not too bad.

    I just picked up my Maxx Wed, and believe it or not, its back at the Dealer. Long story short, they put the free after market Sunroof in and now none of my interior lights work ;-( Didn't notice that in the morning during pickup, until later that evening when there were NO interior lights working. Also, my after market moonroof is slightly smaller than the factory, but one nice thing is there is NO wind noise (or very little). I sure would have liked the larger moonroof, but I suppose I cannot complain for free on a Lease. I'm back driving their 24Hr test drive LT my daughter is happy since it's got the DVD player in it ;-) I'll just continue to put miles on their car.

    I'll let you know after I get mine back and get the Hitch installed, to confirm all is correct with the part, price, etc...probably not till late next week now.
  • thinmanthinman Posts: 18
    I called WeatherTech yesterday. The gentleman I talked to said the prototypes for the rear windows have been approved and should be going into production with-in about two weeks. So hopefully we can order the full four window kit with-in about two weeks.

    Just an aside...I've used the VentVisors on my S-10 and the WeatherTechs on my Olds Alero. Like the Weathertech much better because of the "no-glue" feature. Both work as advertised and here on the Carolina Coast they DO keep the interior cooler on hot days. Only drawback is an increase in wind noise with both. But then, neither where quiet vehicles to start with. *L*
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I already have the front weathertech visors impression from talking with the tech rep was you will still have to order the front and back separately...if you order the front ones now..they offer free shipping on the rear set..or at least that was indicated on my invoice for the front ones when they arrived....good clean installation..takes about 5 minutes since they mount in the window channels...with the 3M adhesive....will definately check back with them in August to get the rear set..they do increase the wind noise...but only at highway cruising speeds.....and it is just a noticeable increase..nothing annoying to me.....
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Yes, tiger66, do be careful. Your hitch price is a full $100 lower than mine. I am skeptical that you are getting the correct one.
  • ephraimephraim Posts: 2
    Thank you for answering my inquiry. I did log on to your web site and the information should come in handy. Thanks again.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    just completed the second longest road trip..for the Maxx to date...1200 miles round trip..Northern VA to Charleston SC and return..mostly I-95....averaged 30 miles to the calculation not the computers...drove like a dream and handled two medium suitcases a medium sized cooler...and assorted smaller items all in the back without lowering the seats and with the decklid in place.

    Ran with the sunroof open...and the back windows down about two inches...for a nice ventilation, low noise with my wind deflector in place for the sunroof for part of the will be real nice this fall..

    ran 70-80 MPH most of the way..usually about 7-9 MPH over the speedl imit...Maxx maintained well...and got many stares as I passed or was passed by other cars....saw three others on the road this time...two in Charleston and one with FL tags on I-95

    6700 miles on the Maxx now...and still very pleased with it...I did send an email to GM thru GM LINK, reference the poor engineering of the rear sun shades...the customer service rep was very responsive in returning my call and sending an email...I havent spoken directly with them as of yet..but they have left two messages as a follow GM seems to be working hard...for customer satisfaction in this regards..Im going to try to contact them discuss the sun shade issue....will keep you updated
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    thanks pao; good update. I hope to see your wind deflector real soon.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    A little over 10,000 miles since first week of April. Another quick trip to Montreal--averaged a little over 31 mpg (although trip computer continues to show approx 2 mpg over actual) Only one time, when I did mostly city driving that I average around 23 mpg. Otherwise, for all of my driving in total average is around 27 or so.

    Rain X does fine so absolutely no need for a rear window washer. Still, in all of my travels in over three months have only seen three or four of the Maxx's on the road. Maybe some of the regular Malibus but I really don't pay attention to them.
  • madmadammadmadam Posts: 55
    I finally saw another MAXX in a neighboring town--a silver one--parked on the street. It's the first one I've seen anywhere (I'm in the NYC metropolitan area).
  • tra2883tra2883 Posts: 56
    I would highly recomment the Maxx over the VW... I just made the switch from an 02 Golf to an 04 Malibu LT sedan, and I'm very happy with my choice. My Golf had a bunch of problems with it that made it feel about 10 years older than it actually was, and it only had about 38,000 miles when I traded it in. I'm a lot happier with the interior space in the Malibu also, and the power... I can run the A/C in my Malibu with no problem, while in my Golf, you'd feel the whole car lurch when you turned it on! The rear seats in the Golf/Jetta are basically useless, but then that also depends on how tall you are... I'm 6'4". As far as quality, I feel that the Malibu is a much more solid vehicle than my Volkswagen, and I don't have any reservations recommending it to others. The Malibu's motor may not be the most technologically advanced, but it's a tried and true design and I'm confident that it won't give me any trouble. Good luck with your car shopping!
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