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Chevy Malibu Maxx



  • meyerlevinmeyerlevin Posts: 15
    Concerning the review of the Malibu Sedan/Maxx.You stated that some of the problems you noted on the Maxx don't seem to exist on the sedan. You stated that it could have been a problem with the specific Maxx you were given to drive. Well,why don't you drive another Maxx and see how that car compares to the last Maxx you drove and also to the sedan you drove. Then you can make a reasonable assessment before turning people off to their consideration of purchasing the Maxx. I drove one and personally think it's great.
  • glennt1glennt1 Posts: 2
    I have only had mine about 2 months but have had none of the problems mentioned in the Edmunds review. I have the LT with the in-dash CD changer. I bought it because the adjustable pedals and T&T steering wheel allow my short wife to drive it & also because I can put my bicycle in the back w/o even taking the front wheel off. I find it to be a very nice, quiet & comfortable car and at the price I paid-$19,500- a fantastic bargain.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867

    welcome to the forum.....keep us all update on your Maxx...good or bad....I think most of us are pleased with the Maxx to date...with some minor problems......we all hate the sun shades on the rear skylight!!!!
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Is that the loaded one, with a list of approx $25,600? I got mine early April for 24,000. At the time they were offering a $1000 rebate but I opted for the 0 financing for three years, figuring that was worth forgoing the rebate and I didn't want to use my line of credit at the time.

    Got them to throw in satellite radio and 5 free oil changes. Are the rebates really now up to $4000 like I have heard?

    Up over 10,000 miles now and I absolutely love the vehicle. Still, in all of my travels I have only seen three other Maxx's. Probably move of the regular Malibus, but I don't pay much atention to them.
  • madmadammadmadam Posts: 55
    I've had my Light Driftwood MAXX for a month and I love it. I bought it because I have young teenagers and wanted something roomy inside. When my children were small they fit nicely in my Cavaliers. The MAXX is perfect for long-legged passengers and a pleasure to drive. You could not find a better car, particularly if you want a hatchback. Plus I got huge savings on my 2004 basic LS model during the first week of July--there were two discount programs offered with my Smartbuy purchase. I highly recommend this car.
  • glennt1glennt1 Posts: 2
    The list price on my Malibu Maxx LT with the in-dash CD changer as the only option was $25,025. I received a $2000 dealer discount plus $3500 in rebates, so the price was actually $19525 which I rounded to $19,500.My Maxx is also the Light Driftwood & I think the interior is pretty attractive.
  • crv139crv139 Posts: 41
    The List price on my Maxx was $25,630 which included the sunroof, indash cd player,heated leather/laux seats,automatic climate control,auto head lights etc. I recieved a dealer discount of $2814.45 plus $4000 in rebates so I paid $18,815. I have the sivler green with the light interior. Great car for the price. The factory remote starter is very nice .
  • thinmanthinman Posts: 18
    Just read the AutoFile article in this weeks AutoWeek. Very complimentary! But as usual they still pick on the engine.

    Coming up on 5K miles and still no real compliants. We too have had the s### scared out of us when the sunshades in the back SLAMMED open. But the only reason I had them closed to begin with was because streetlights shining through back there cast reflections that I found distracting at night.

    We only test drove a Maxx. The wife saw it, sat in it and said, "This is it. I want this car." Has anyone also test drove a sedan? How do the two compare? Just curious.
  • I test drove the sedan and Maxx. They both drove the same way;real solid and secure. The V-6 is the same in both cars,very peppy. I don't know what the Edmunds reviewer was criticising in the Maxx. I responded to that critique but not yet read a reply on this site.One thing that I'm not so thrilled with is the electric steering,because I like to have more of a road feel.The steering is incredibly light.This is not a fault but rather just my opinion.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    reference the rear shades....if you havent signed up on do and complain about them appears it will have to be a re-engineering issue..but GM should make a fix to an obviously poor design feature...several of us have done it already..if the collective voice gets loud enough we might get some action
  • When my Maxx was at a GM "customer forum", the interior engineers worked over the rear skylight trim to try and reinforce it to prevent the plastic from rattling and the shades from popping out of the restraint. The rear trim is definitely cheapo compared to the front (the hatch trim squeaked like mad until I yanked it off and coated the fasteners with fiberglass tape).

    Other than that, 8000 miles and the car is still very pleasant to drive in. Its suspension seems to have more travel than most - bumps that grounded my former Saturn ION are no trouble for the Maxx. The engine has a lot of low end grunt making it really easy to bark the tires, but kinda runs out of steam near the redline. Seats could be wider and the lumbar support comes and goes with temperature. But it's quiet, handles and rides well, and is easily the best car I have owned (over older hondas and camrys too).

    Now if only I could have waited until the sales events.... the most rebate I got was around $1000 (back in February when the car first came out) but at least it sold for close to Invoice (it's the LS - couldn't get the LT in Driftwood; that color stays quite cool in the California summer!)
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    We just picked up our Black LS last night. We traded in a 2002 Isuzu Axiom for the Maxx. I liked the Isuzu, but it had some wet weather traction issues and it only got about 13.5 mpg. I am hoping for better on both fronts from the Maxx.

    I read a lot of posts here before buying...thanks for the good info. The only two noticeable things on my vehicle, from a possible problem standpoint, are those window screen latches (as described earlier) and it takes a good thump to close the hatch correctly (described earlier too).

    There seem to be a LOT of positives...nice ride, strong engine, decent fuel economy (if I get 19-20 mpg I'll be happy - anything better than 13!), lots of room, cool real skylights...etc..

    I bought a low end LS and we are having a sun/moon roof installed later this week. I plan on buying and installing my own rear seat DVD for the kids...

    So far, it's a great car (based on 12 hours of ownership and a few test drives)...

    I have owned mostly foreign cars over the past 10 years (started with an 89 Beretta and then to an Accord, CRV, Axiom and now this). I think Chevy/GM has a winner with this car.
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    I know...I should have gotten my act together during July when they had the $4000 rebate, but with vacations and being insanely busy at work...

    Anyway, does anybody think they'll have anything similar in the way of incentives to get rid of the last of the o4s? My local dealers still seem well stocked with them.
  • nymaxxnymaxx Posts: 30

    I picked up a new Maxx LS last week and now have 500 miles on it. These miles have all been city miles with the air conditioning on "high". So far the trip computer is saying 13 MPG avg fuel economy. Now the traffic hasn't been that bad and I haven't pushed the car that hard. Am wondering if something is wrong.

    Am also wondering what other Maxx owners have experienced during break-in.

    Thank You for your post.
  • madmadammadmadam Posts: 55
    I've got 300 miles on my MAXX LS--also mostly city driving with a little on the parkways (NY & LI)--I've had the AC on of course, but not full blast. I'm getting a little under 16 MPG.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I got about 16-18 in the city with the AC running in pretty heavy traffic here in the DC area and 28-30, as high as 32 on the highway...I find the trip computer to be off 1-2 MPG in its calculation as compared to my own. so take that into account. I noticed no particular break in period to be honest for gas mileage on my MAXX LT purchased in with 6900 miles on it.....
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    I have 1700 miles on my '04 LS Maxx and recorded (by hand) the following mileage since I bought it in June (23, 22, 20, 20). All driving is "city" suburban driving with the AC on. Funny that my mileage is going in the wrong direction. I did change the oil after 1000 miles, and will switch over to synthetic at 5,000. Yes, 13 does sound a bit too low to me....sorry. But remember, if you are in the hills of NY, that is a lot different than the flat areas of northern VA.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I have had Maxx LT since early April and now approaching 11,000 miles. I always calculate gas mileage by hand (must have a "phobia" have could tell you every gallon of gas I have put in every car I have ever owned for the last 20 years. So when I say what my average miles per gallon are, I know for sure!

    First of all, I have never averaged less than 23.5 miles per gallon. And that was only one time when I did little highway driving. I put on 800 miles after having the car two days and, on that first trip (obviously all highway miles) averaged 27 and 29 mpg. Since that time, on mostly highway miles have averaged between 26 and 31 mpg.

    The trip computer always shows a higher mpg (and I have complained to the dealer with little success) Usually by 1.5 to 2 miles per gallon higher than actual. Also, a related complaint is that it shows the same numbers all the time, ie 26.1, than 26.7 than 27.4, 30.2, 30.9, etc., never anything in between
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Also, and I realize this is not very important. the "t" on the trunk, next to the "1" fell off. Dealer will replace it.

    I have noticed, and I hope this is not an omen on things to come that the car, even though only a few months old and 10,000 miles is not taking the bumps in the road as well as it did when it was new. Maybe my imagination, but I don't think so. Surely in 10,000 miles the shocks should not have worn out that much!

    Other minor complaint is that the low fuel light goes on too early. I have had it go off when I could only squeeze (and I squeeze every ounce of gas in each time I fill--so I can determine accurate gas mileage) when I could only put in a little over 13 gallons. Supposed to be a 16.1 gallon tank and once I actually put that much in. Must have been running on fumes!

    Otherwise, very pleased with the car (except that I paid 24k with 0 financing for LT listing at
    $25,600 in early April & could have bought the same car last week for a little less than 20k. The 0 financing would not have cost me 4 thousand. Anyone know what the rebates are now for August?
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    I'm sort of answering my own question from a previous post: They just announced a new Summerdrive program. $3500 rebate on Maxx and $3000 on Malibu sedan. There's also supposed to be some kind of bonus cash if you're financing, although I didn't study that because I plan to pay cash.

    IOW, they cut $500 off the previous (July) rebates in exchange for the financing deal.
  • "I squeeze every ounce of gas in each time I fill..."

    Are you saying that you fill up beyond when the gas pump automatically kicks off? This isn't my area of expertise, but I thought doing that caused extra stress on the fuel pump. I'm sure somebody here is more knowledgeable on this than I am and can attest to that.

    Remember that when calculating gas mileage manually, that you are relying on the accuracy of the pump.

    Also, for those that aren't getting accurate readings from the car's readout, are you remembering to reset the average after fillup? That could possibly be skewing the mpg average.

    I really don't know what the computer uses to calculate mpg. Is it possible that when the engine is idling that it is somehow still doing calculations?
  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    Like occking I have a record of mileage / repairs for my cars for years. I calculate the mileage on the MAXX manually and there is always a difference of about 1.5+ miles per gallon. The computer is always higher. I fill to shutoff. I also calculate the mileage on my wifes 2001 Bonneville. The mileage is always within .2 of the computer and is dead on 50% of the time.

    The bottom line is that I am getting great mileage for the mix of driving that I do. The mileage does take a hit when it is hot. I remote start and let the interior cool off before we go get in. I did not do that in the cold weather to heat the interior.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Skyhawk, Sounds like we have similar stories about trip computer gas mileage vs actual. Have you noticed that the numbers for average mpg always repeat themselves. Always..... 30.2 than 30.9, 32.4, etc. I have the book in my car and the numbers are always the same. On the average, probably 1.5 over actual. I am used to much more accurate trip computers (how can you compare a Lexus RX 300 or Acura MDX which I have owned to a Chevy) But, even the Buick RVD I had for a year had a much more accurate trip computer. Maybe I am a little spoiled but I like those things to be accurate.
  • cadellcadell Posts: 10
    Have had my Maxx two months now. Love the car. Paid close attention to all the posts here in this forum.

    The car has 2900 miles on it right now. Getting about 19 MPG in mostly city driving. Like others, its on board computer is off by as much as 2 MPG. Got as much as 30 MPG on the only trip I took.

    The LS listed for $23,500. Asked the dealer to match another dealers add, Which they did. The rebate and the discount totaled $5600. They also took $2200 on my GM card. In fact they also took a $500.00 coupon for a GM Auto Show In Motion! They gave me $750 for my old clunker that was not worth a penny as well. All in all, I knocked about $9000 off the price of the car with out paying a penny out of my pocket. But I did purchase the extended warranty simply because this was a first year model. I felt I need to cover my rear on that one count.

    Impressed with the car. Plenty of power. Can fit my long legs in this small car by pulling out the steering column so they can slide under easier. This why I have this car rather than a Camry or Accord. Handles very well as well.

    What I do not like: The cloth seats are a little hard. Takes some getting use to. There is also a pretty big blind spot. Other than that it's so far so good.
  • We now have about 5500 miles on our Maxx LT. Driving back and forth to work (24 miles mixed highway/back road/city), I average 25-26 according to the trip computer. On a long highway trip, the average is 33-34. I have recorded mileage and gallons at each fillup but have not done the math yet to arrive at average mileage over an extended period.

    It's easy to "game" the computer to get artificially high or low readings. It seems to work by summing up miles and gallons after the last reset and computing a new mpg every few minutes. Like others I have noticed that the readings occur in discrete steps. If you want an artificially high reading, accelerate to highway speed, then at the top of the next hill hit reset and take your foot off the gas. I've seen as high as 50 MPG playing this game. Conversely, if you hit reset and then drive around the parking lot for awhile, you'll see about 5 MPG.

    I think the main value of the trip computer is in what it tells you about how your driving style affects mileage. You'll notice that high mileage requires gentle acceleration and minimal use of the brakes. It also favors a high cruising speed. Jackrabbit starts and abrupt stops will really bring it down. Pay attention; it's your gas money.
  • nymaxxnymaxx Posts: 30
    I originally reported 13 mpg and was worried that something might be defective. I tried resetting the trip computer then driving very gently. My mileage improved significantly. I drove about 80 miles today and got 23 mpg. The car now has 650 miles on it and I expect it to continue to improve. I do envision 30 mpg on a long trip.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    while I was at the dealer this morning having a mirror replaced under warranty, wandered the back lot.....9 Maxxs on the lot..with one being an 05 Maxx LT...had the spoiler and the rear window wiper....otherwise identical to the 04 it was parked beside....the spoiler adds a distinctive line to the roof, which I like, the hatch didnt look any different so I would assume you could put the OEM spoiler on an 04 Maxx....the rear window wiper I didnt particularily car for...bulky, uses a great deal of clear window space since the motor is mounted to the window and a very big wiper arm..larger than is used on the front windshield...I have found that at normal driving speeds above 30 MPH or so..the rear window stays clear of rain didnt see a need for the two cents...7K on the Maxx and still very happy with it.....BTW had the mirror replaced on the drivers side as it was fading and hazing over..service manager said no problem....
  • drbob1drbob1 Posts: 3
    Really like our Maxx, good power, mileage, safety, brakes, comfort BUT I live at the end of a very winding but good quality road. I'd really like the Maxx to handle curves and acceleration/deceleration more gracefully. Don't mind some loss of cushiness in the ride. I've upgraded shocks on some vehicles, but these don't feel soft. Wonder if bushings, sway bars, tires or what would be the best investment? I haven't seen any packages out there (suspension techniques, KYB etc) for this car. Anyone tried any upgrades? We have 10,000 trouble free miles so far.
  • nymaxxnymaxx Posts: 30
    The cruise control is the best I've ever used. I especially like the dashboard light with the Euro cruise icon, which goes on and off with the assist. My European car (A4) has a similar light but it says the English word "Cruise" oddly enough.

    I'd like to add what a great paint job Fairfax did. The medium gray is stunning, it sparkles in the sun. I haven't found a single defect, and the paint is smooth with no orange peeling.

    The ride continues to astonish me, it is well balanced between comfort and responsiveness. This car was supposed to be my everyday driver, but now I'll be using it for road trips as well.

    Last the stereo. When I picked up the car I was disappointed but apparently the stereo has a break-in period as well. The radio itself doesn't sound hot, but CD's sound wonderful with the EQ set flat. (mine is the single-disc CD model with no satellite option).
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