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Chevy Malibu Maxx



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    We don't really have the ability to do a poll within a discussion, and it could end up way off topic if everyone's just posting their age. But here's an idea - there are dozens of free polling services on the 'net, like If you want to set up your own poll there and then paste a link here, you can do that. I'd be interesting to find out who's buying.

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  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    I'm 63, my wife is 62 does that make me the most "senior" citizen here? I retired at 62 and I wanted a vehicle with carrying capacity and looked at 15 or more vehicles and bought the MAXX based on cost / gas mileage / options and carrying capacity. Our plan is to become "snowbirds" this coming winter and the MAXX should hold everything my wife and I want to take South. I bought from the same dealer as occking. I finally had the recall done this week and there were no Maxx's on the lot. The service manager said they were selling well. I have only seen 2 others in the RI area.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867 are in the poll if you havent already..the majority of the buyers are 40 plus as voted so far....Im 47 and replaced my mustang with the size the drive the ride and the versatility of the vehicle as a welcome to the growing Maxx can check out my maxx website at the bottom of the poll if you click on the button
  • limingliming Posts: 22
    I just order Malibu Maxx LS with 1SB and Mudguard for $15750 in Chicago area.

    I have GM supplier discount. The rebate break down as:

    3500 cash
    1500 GMAC
    500 regional rebate.

    I think the interest rate from GMAC is higher in order to get 1500.
    Can any one tell me if I pay back the GMAC loan with cash or low interest rate loan from my credit union? Is there any penalty charge or fee if I do so?

    Happy shopping
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    I'm not certain but I recall another post (in here I think) that said you WILL NOT be penalized.

    Out of curiousity, what is the GM rate now? When I bought my Maxx in July, I think they were saying the rate through GMAC was 6.25.
  • limingliming Posts: 22
    I will apply the GMAC loan once the dealer got the car from other location and I am satisfied with the car.

    I don't know what is the rate. Can be 6 -7 %. Is there application fee for the GMAC loan?

    Anyway, with the supplier discount, I think the purchase price can be even lower. It is tricky. It is 4% higher than GM employee rate. But, dealers quoted me different price on paper and showed me. Do you home work on price is important.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    pao Aug 18, 2004 10:01am

    go ahead and drop a vote.....29 have indicated so far....
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    I found the latest post pertaining to the GMAC financing and whether or not you can will need to read back a few to get the original post.

    wallet "Chevrolet Malibu: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" Aug 19, 2004 3:52pm
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    To add to that:

    First off, I have never in my life seen an auto loan agreement, so I have no idea what the printed word says.

    On Monday I spoke with GMAC about the qualifiers. After being told by GMAC that the exact terms and qualifiers are on the site (no, make that the site; no, make that the site) , I explained nine ways to Sunday that I couldn't find the qualifiers on ANY GM, GMAC, or Chevy site.

    It was near impossible to pin down GMAC (or the Marketing Support division) with any sort of official response; the most amusing was: "yes, GMAC sets the terms, but that could possibly be affected by the agreement that GMAC has with the individual dealerships, which could influence the terms needed to recieve the full rebate".

    Whenever the questions got too sticky for them, they referred me to my "local GM dealer". But their advice was to read the loan agreement CAREFULLY, and if NO penalty is spelled out in the loan agreement, then there is no penalty.

    When I curteously pushed the issue and explained that I was getting totally different answers from different dealers, the rep said off the record that he had never heard of any penalty for paying off early any LEGITIMATE GMAC loan, which would inlude a re-fi.

    Bottom line: a $5K loan at 6.9% costs ~$25/month in interest for the first few months. A $10K loan would be ~$49/month in interest for the first few months. Small price to pay for an extra $1000-1500 rebate. Also, I was told by all parties I spoke with that there is no fee (origination, credit check, whatever) on a GMAC loan.
  • When we purchased our Maxx last week, we took advantage of the GMAC Bonus Cash program, and added $1500 to the standard $3500 rebate offered in Illinois/Wisconsin.

    I called GMAC about the rate, and they informed me that the Dealer sets the rate. In our case, the dealer we purchased from set a rate of 7.99%. Another dealer we negotiated with set a rate of 8.99%.

    GMAC, and the Dealer, both told me that there is no penalty for prepayment.

    We signed a "Retail Installment Sale Contract" at the dealership. At the bottom of the form, it is listed as "Z109 FR WI 12/2000" (For Use in Wisconsin). On the Terms & Conditions page, under Prepayment (5th Paragraph), it states:

    "You may prepay the unpaid balance of the Amount Financed in full or in part at any time without penalty. If you do so, you must pay the earned and unpaid part of the Finance Charge and all other earned amounts due up to the date of payment."

    Our intent is to refinance through our Credit Union as soon as we get the paperwork from GMAC showing our account number.

    None of the other paperwork I signed regarding rebates has any mention of an obligation to maintain the financing from GMAC for any length of time.

    Hope this helps!

  • madmadammadmadam Posts: 55
    Let me jump into this discussion with a question. When I bought my MAXX last month I got the SmartBuy financing--my dealer (in NYC) said that 90% of their sales use it. Is that what you all are talking about?
  • My husband's 58 and I'm 56. I am the primary driver of our Maxx, but we both enjoy driving it.
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Quirk in MA had increased the dealer discount by $200 (now up to $3006). Ad shows Maxx LS with 1SA for 14,8.......
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    as unscientific as it are the results after one week with 35 voters:

        Malibu Maxx Buyers Poll
        Age of Malibu Maxx Buyers

        20-29 (6)

        30-39 (6)

        40-49 (16)

        50-59 (4)

        60 plus (3)
    Total Votes: 35


  • limingliming Posts: 22
    In Chicago, I purchased the car today:

    Malibu Maxx
      1SB option
      Mud guard.

    MSRP: $23150
    Saving: $2454.25
    Cash rebate: -$3500
    GMAC rebate: -$1500
    Regional rebate: -$500

    Plus tax, doc fee, license and title

    Paid: $17015

    The GMAC loan can be prepaid without penalty.
  • I've been reading the Malibu Maxx posts for sometime and finally decided to get in on a piece of the action. I have a Maxx LT 1SB with every single possible option imaginable (since it was the only one on the lot with the 3 things I wanted...guess they saw me coming!) I got the supplier discount also, paid $25k in the Baltimore/DC area (Sport Chevy). Even with the supplier discount they let me use the $4000 owner loyalty and I financed thru GMAC only to refinance immediately with my Credit Union. No penalty for early payment. For the record...I've had my Maxx for one month and 1600 miles. I love it. Two problems though. I have a interior panel on the passanger side which covers the radio insides that keeps falling off, and the second problem is that my wife wants to take the car from me. She likes it too much. She is 5'0" and normally cant stand "big cars" (she drives a CR-V, go figure) but she keeps taking this one from me. Sorry to be so long...just putting my two cents in.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Just got back from my 4th trip to Quebec since I got the vehicle. Actual average mileage was 29.5 and 31.3 for both fill ups. Computer both times indicated 3 mpg more than actual.

    Other than the "t" falling off the truck recently, absolutely no complaints. First vehicle I have had in quite some time that gets better gas mileage than advertises. By the way, I am 59. Skyhawk, where you from. I live in Seekonk.
  • As I roll up around 9000 miles on my Maxx LS, the mileage has been improving. For a mixture of LA nightmare freeways and surface driving, it's running just under 26 mph. It remains easy to bark the tires on launch - midrange torque is really nice but engine does run out of breath near the redline. There are small rattles from the rear hatch area and the creaky parcel shelf (will try felt lining on the cheap rear trim very soon) - the rest of the car is staying pretty solid. One piece of exterior trim on driver window kept popping up (I finally glued it into place - has stayed put since). Ride/handling is a good balance. Front seat lumbar support keeps comming and going. Steering could use more roadfeel but otherwise does the job. At least 3 recalls so far and hopefully no more (last one was for ABS brake re-programming).
    Oh yes - I'm 54 years young.
    Also, I have yet to see __any__ Maxx on the roads here in Los Angeles, CA
  • rferdrferd Posts: 28
    I am 61+...
    So young and old are buying MAXXes!!
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    I'm about a day or two away from buying a Maxx LS and one thing hit me after I came home: How much clearance is there under the garage door with the hatch raised? IOW, if I raise the hatch after pulling into the garage, do I risk banging it into the raised garage door overhead, which is exactly 102" (8'6") above the garage floor.

    It's something I never thought to measure at the dealer and I don't see that dimension in the brochure.
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    Another dumb question: I've looked at a number of Malibus and Maxxes on dealer lots and there appears to be dirt, condensation and even small leaves stuck in that 1/4" band of the headlight lens, near where it joins the body. How easy or difficult is it to clean that out? Has anyone had any problems with water or condensation inside the headlight housing?

    A car I'm considering has quite a noticeable amount of dirt in that particular area and I'm wondering if it's a sign of future problems.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    beedubulu: I just measured it for you. From the highest point to the ground is exactly 80 inches.
    As for the headlights, you are correct; when I wash my car, I always have some soap suds get between the light housing gasket and the car body. I am always able to run the hose and wash the suds out of there. Therefore, as with all headlights, the rubber gasket is the only thing keeping a whole lot of dirt and debris from fouling up the light.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Jum..isnt not the headlight a sealed unit...the rubber gasket between the headlight assembly and the body.....I'll have to look...but Im sure the light and reflector are a sealed unit....unless you pull out the light bulb of course....going out to check!
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    Thanks, maxx4me...that's one less question for when I visit the dealer to negotiate. 'Hope my desired car didn't get sold!
  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    This past weekend I saw more ads on TV for the MAXX than in the past 6 months. They are all very clever. The wing and rear wiper are very visible.

    BTW occking I live in North Providence.
  • rferdrferd Posts: 28
    I have been wondering about the use of the Source buttom on the steering wheel. I thought that it is suppossed to change the audio source from Radio to CD and viceversa. If that is so, my buttom changes from Radio to CD but not from CD to radio. Is this the way it is suppossed to work or should I take it to the dealer for repair?

    Please give me feed back.
  • Dear Maxx owners,

    I'm 95% of the way to making the decision that the Malibu Maxx LT is the best available replacement for my 1992 Toyota Camry station wagon, which I still love with all my heart, but can't take into another winter without repairs that are not worth making at it's age.

    I have a few concerns about the Maxx, not the least of which is it's ability to last nearly as long as I've enjoyed my Camry wagon! But all that aside, I've come to you here with a few questions:

    1) "Leather appointed" seats: Did you realize that there is NOTHING on the Maxx LT that is leather except the wrap on the steering wheel? The salesman at my Chevy dealership told me, "I'm not going to lie to you, it's vinyl and microfiber." "Leather appointed" seats is supposed to mean that the parts of the seat that come into contact with your body are leather, and that the rest is a good quality synthetic. On the Maxx, the "ultralux" is like the material they're using on furniture these days ... it's a superior quality microfiber, but indeed not leather. And the material that surrounds the ultralux isn't leather either ... it's "pleather," today's word for "plastic leather" ... at least according to my salesman. Can any of you substantiate this?

    2) Did any of you lease your vehicle, or does anyone know what either Chevy or leasing agencies are quoting as the residual value of this vehicle after either 3 or 4 years?

    3) Any other interesting input on my situation? My 92 Camry wagon is the first generation of Camry after the introduction of Lexus, and carried many Lexus-like innovations. It's still quite handsome, and people can't believe it's a dozen years old. I'd like to feel the same way about my next car at the end of an extended period, although I recognize it may not be another 12 years. I wanted another Japanese made station wagon, but since Honda refuses to create an American version of the Accord wagon that they sell in the UK and Japan, my only choices are the Mazda6 and the Subarus. By the time you equip an Outback or Legacy to the Maxx's trim levels, you've got a $32K car, and I won't spend that on a Subaru! Have I missed anything? The European imports are out. Too much cost in post-warranty years of ownership on VW, Saab, BMW, etc.

    I only need a little convincing to pull the trigger on the Maxx LT. I've been car shopping for two years, and this is the closest I've come.

    Thanks in advance for your input!! Blessings to all!
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    As a new Maxx LS owner (a few weeks now) I can honestly say we are very happy with our purchase. Of course, the true test of any car purchase is what you think a few years down the road (congrats on 12 with the Camry by the way!) so the jury is stil out on the long term verdict.

    As for the "pleather" or micrfiber, I can only say that I thought the seats in the LT looked very nice and felt comfortable, so it really didn't mattter to me what they were made out of (we went with the LS because we decided leather was not important right now - we had leather in our last car and decided it was "take it or leave it for us").

    We like the Maxx because: 1) it has nice ride characteristics (it's quite inside, it handles rough roads smoothly, and corners well for a family hatchback) 2) the 200 hp engine is smooth and powerful while getting decent/good mpg (we do a lot of city driving), 3) it has lots of room and is versatile, and 4) it can be had for a very nice price!!!

    I think the combination of things I mentioned along with the discounted prices on 2004's make this a great choice!!

    Like you, my main concern is long term reliablity/durability. But considering our Maxx (with rebates) cost about 10-15K less than the competitors, I think I am willing to take a bit of a gamble. Plus, you can always opt for the extended warranty - and still be paying a lot less than you would for a 6 or Subaru!

    In closing, the Maxx in NOT a perfect car, but it seems like one heck of a good car and a VERY good deal right now.
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Newbie question:

    Can you determine the production month of a Maxx from the VIN?

    As suggested on this forum, I'm hoping to avoid buying one with a production date of Jan-Mar 2004.
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