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Chevy Malibu Maxx



  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    welcome back to the fold David. I can tell you that the people buying the Maxx are the smart people.......he, he, he....continued success my friend. I'll pass your generous offer again to my family members. I had another deer run in front of my Maxx today.....she missed.
  • jcm1229, this may not directly answer your question, but if you haven't done so already, you might want to refer to postings #2202-#2204 in this forum. They include discussion on the "low fuel warning" issue.
  • triedntru, I'm curious as to why the sedan is so much more popular. The Maxx has more room (especially in back), gets similar mileage, has more carrying flexibility.

    Is is __styling__?? Is it __price__ ?

    Is it's because the factory isn't building enough ??
    The dealers have very few!! I've seen ___very___ few maxxes out here in Los Angeles.
  • Help.

    I have a 5 month old 04 Maxx that I've put 6500 miles on. She’s a loaded black LT, sunroof, 6 CD changer, dvd player, XM radio, etc.

    First of all, I *love* this car. We love all sorts of vehicles and I’ve driven just about everything under the sun. I spent the ’01 –02 model season driving *every* 4 door sedan in the $0-$50k range when my mother was car shopping, and she custom ordered a ‘02 Buick Regal. A co-worker bought a Maxx; I sat in it, and knew, immediately, this was the one for me.

    Secondly, if this nonsense keeps happening, I am going to drive the damn thing though the dealership windows.

    It has been a difficult childhood for poor little Crow. She has been in the dealership 6 times since I got her, mostly for stupid things.

    The trips:

    1.) check engine light on, CD changer either grinding and not changing, or dead in the water and not playing anything, remote star would not work
    : resolution: cleared light – O2 sensor, reprogram fobs, temp radio while new ordered
    2.) swap temp (temp does same thing, and drop preprogrammed stations) for new ordered radio
    3.) order another radio, new radio doing same thing
    4.) install 4th radio, complain about check engine light again, 1st service while there before road-tripping
    :resolution: cleared code (they didn’t tell me), snap at older service manager for treating me like a witless girl (I know to check the damn gas cap)
    5.) Put 1800 miles on in 12 days. Check engine light on for 80% of mileage put on car so far, usually tied to what gas I put in, whine at other service manager that the remote star does not work, he tells me how the light will not allow the remote start to work, bring it in.
    6.) Bring car in on Monday, they bang at it for a while, tell me it’s fixed, and roll out, Tuesday remote start works, but ends early – light came on and shut it off, started car with key and the light’s back on.
    7.) Bring car back Friday, and fix it. Kid tells me it’s a vacuum (??!?) leak. Older guy is no longer allowed to speak to me.
    8.) So now the radio is doing the same damn thing all over again. Turn the car on, and the CD player sits in a track. Won’t play, try to rest and start the track from 00:00 and it sits, try changing the CD’s, get message it’s trying to change, and nothing, takes 6-7 minutes for it to give up enough to switch to the tuner instead of the CD. Will not eject any CD’s. When I go out tomorrow, most likely, it will work just fine. Then 3 days later, it will prolly do the same thing.

    The radio ‘gets lost’ for a lack of a better description. It forgets whether it was on the XM or a CD, where it was in a track if it was playing a CD, or just the fact that it was on, and then the next restart it goes into a different mode. It is very frustrating. Please, some insight on what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

    Drive like a screaming maniac with my hair on fire.
    '04 Malibu Maxx 'Crow'
    '91 Pontiac 6000 'Swan'
    '69 Cutlass S Holiday Coupe 'Goldfinger'
  • townhometownhome Posts: 104
    Hey there -- any info on actual numbers that are selling. I read that Chevy was shooting for the Maxx to account for 30% of sales. I guess it's not up to that pace. But I would be interested in what numbers you saw go out the doors in 2004.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Hi Snowcat,

    Nice detailed post. Sorry for issues/aggravation you are having with "Crow".

    Let me see if I understand the issues (and suggest some things).

    1. Check Engine Light comes on
    2. Remote Start Inop
    3. CD Changer not changing/grinding
    4. Radio not remembering settings

    Is that right?

    First if you could provide last 6 of your VIN that would be helpful.

    1. There is a potential that your vehicle might fall into the population of Maxxes with a warped gas tank (VIN info would be most helpful for this one). This issue also causes fuel gauge not to read "F" after fueling (or be there VERY short amount of time) a problem you didn't mention. After filling the tank it occassionally can cause the Check Gas Cap message and even less occassionally the Check Engine Light. The frequency of those problems would be related to your driving/fueling patterns.

    Dealer has bulletin #04-08-49-025 available to tell them how to test the fuel tank in this situation

    2. Dealer is correct that a Check Engine Light causes the remote start function to be disabled. So item 1 needs to be addressed to fix.

    3. I don't have an answer for this one. You have had this problem with multiple radios. Are you using retail CDs or ones you burned yourself?

    4. Did the dealer mention to you that the vehicle has radio setting personalization based on the last remote keyfob that was used to UNLOCK vehicle? Are you regularly using both fobs or only one? My suggestion here if you are only using one fob to try switching to the other fob as your default.

    If you are using switching between fobs regularly then you are not going to be able to avoid this issue since it will change the radio settings to the last ones for that particular fob.
  • The 6 disc changer seems to be an especially troublesome component in our cars. I say that because it sounds like they gave you the old changer out of our '04 LT sedan as your last replacement- we had 3 CDs loaded, played them fine for maybe 3 months, then out of the blue, can't play, can't switch discs, can't eject, can't load, message on DIC says CD Changer Error. This DIDN'T happen intermittently once it started, btw- we had to have it replaced with a new one. Now the new one (1 1/2 weeks old) has shown us the "Check DAB" message twice, but otherwise seems to be working perfectly.. (dealer was able to pull the code from the system's memory, but says they can't do anything about it)
  • E2helper – any way I can pm or email the last 6 of the VIN? I don’t really want to post it publicly – I’ve unblocked my email in my profile.

    1.) warped gas tank
    None of the codes they have cleared and none of the symptoms that have been posted in the forum here match. It’s been a week and the light has not popped back up. We’ll see what happens when I fill the tank this weekend. (Filling this tank make me miss my Geo Prizm I had for a while.) I’ll mention it to the service manager next time I’m in.
    2.) Check engine light/remote start.
    The younger service manager actually told me this before the Monday appointment. He actually talks to me like I’ve got a brain. Since the light has not been coming on, the start has been working.
    3.) CD changer
    Yes – 4 different radios. I am using commercial disks that are either brand new, or I’ve had for a while. I am thinking this is something that a hammer could fix. :-(
    4.) Switching key fobs.
    _really_? Huh. I think I read that in the owner’s manual, but it didn’t sink in. (read it cover to cover, thankyouverymuch.) I generally use just one key fob, but sometimes, usually at the house, I might use the other to open it or start it, since it’s right there on the coffee table and the regular is buried in my purse or jacket.

    E2Helper, *thank you* for you expert help in here. I have been trying to read my way though here, and have seen many of your posts and how you tie to this and the G6 (my jaw dropped when I saw the ad with the 3-panel sunroof)

    Drive like a screaming maniac with my hair on fire.
    '04 Malibu Maxx 'Crow'
    '91 Pontiac 6000 'Swan'
    '69 Cutlass S Holiday Coupe 'Goldfinger'
  • Hi Jerry

    Yeah, all 4 radios do the "can't play, can't switch discs, can't eject, can't load, message on DIC says CD Changer Error. " Unfortunately, it is intermittent on all radios, which makes me afraid of a electrical connection, or something else wonky. I plan on keeping this car for a very longtime, and I do not want to have major issues.

    I haven't got the "Check DAB", maybe once right after a radio swap, but nothing after that.


    Thanks for the reassurance, I hadn't seen any radios issues yet, and I wanted it to be not just me.

    Drive like a screaming maniac with my hair on fire.
    '04 Malibu Maxx 'Crow'
    '91 Pontiac 6000 'Swan'
    '69 Cutlass S Holiday Coupe 'Goldfinger'
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Will do with the PM. I'll need to send it from home to keep my identity a little obscure (LOL)

    1) So you have never had an issue where you thought the fuel gage wasn't reading "F" after you filled up tank? Well when I see your VIN I will have a better idea on when your vehicle was built.

    2)We seem to have this one understood.

    3)I am at a loss on this one and have passed your message to someone a little more knowledgable than me for comments

    4) The original printing of the owner's manual didn't even mention this feature but 2nd printing gave it a real quick 1 or 2 line description somewhere. Actually this feature was deleted from 2005 model year because of the number of customer complaints received that the way the function was implemented was confusing.

    Anyways everything is based on the UNLOCK function with key fob. The keyless entry module sends body computer a "FOB 1 UNLOCK" or "FOB 2 UNLOCK" command. The body computer then sends a "DRIVER 1" or "DRIVER 2" message to other electronics on the vehicle (unfortunately this information is NOT displayed in the DIC like it is on some vehicles so you won't know which is selected (and fobs don't have numbers on them).

    Only the radio and XM receiver react to this with personalized operation. The XM remembers XM radio presets, the radio remembers AM/FM presets, volume, Radio On/Off, CD or Radio, etc, etc.

    If you are pretty sure you are just using 1 key fob and this weird stuff is still happening the interesting thing would be whether you are using key fob 1 or 2. The dealer can tell this using his scan tool. I believe that fob 1 is default and so was thinking if the body computer somehow occassionally forgot what fob it was using it might default to fob 1 thus being different than your normal settings. I am not aware this happens - It was just a thought.

    And now you know a h*** of a lot more about the personalization feature in your vehicle (and probably more than the dealer) :)

    I will be back in touch this evening.
  • I think one of the reasons so many people get confused by the radio / XM personalization feature, is that it's really the only thing that changes when you use the key fob, and it is a bit unexpected. It would have been great it the Malibus had personalization for the driver seat / pedal position too (and possibly the tilt / telescoping steering wheel, but that would require it to be a power tilt / telescope, I suppose). I know that the Trailblazer and my new Silverado both had the optional memory features. If this would have been implemented and tied into the key fob unlock along WITH the current features, making the fact that things are different between drivers (and why) much more visible, I doubt there'd have been nearly the confusion that there has.

    Once my wife and I figured out the radio features, we came to love it, especially since we both have our own favorite types of music (there's overlap, so some stations are shared, but we each have several unique presets now, too. :o) ).

    GMs fix, removing the feature entirely, seems like a step backward. I guess I should be happy that we bought an '04, first-year gremlins or not..
  • Dave, thank you for posting this. I'm eying Maxx LT, how much employee discount do you get ? The website says Malibu has $3000 discount for Northeast, is it off the sticker price or the negotiated price ? I also have about $2500 in GM card earnings that I'd like to use. Thank you.
  • Cool. :wink::

    1.) No – fills all the way to the top – I had a rust hole in my Cutlass’ tank years ago, and I’ve always kept an eye on the gas gauge since.
    2.) Yeppers.
    3.) Thanks. If this keeps up, I’m going to make them change the radio to a 1 CD with tape deck and make them buy me an iPod. Music issue solved. Of course when I got in the car this morning at home, after the CD locking up last night, it played beautifully. Car was unlocked and just started it with the key, not the remote.
    4.) Kewl. Hmmm … I am going to just use the one fob from now till the end of the year and see if it does anymore of the resets. A lot of the forgetting was when I was road tripping and using the two different fobs interchangeably due to size of the key ring. Since I’ve reprogrammed the presets for the radio, the only noticeable difference is where the radio/XM/CD was last playing. Food for thought.

    I like knowing all I can, but then I’m the daughter of an engineer, and he always answered the “Why Daddy, why?” questions in overkill detail. :-)

    PS. – a last salvo over the wall, why the hell did they not put a locking gas cover on this?

  • I don't know exactly what the percentage of Maxx was, but I'm pretty sure it was below the 30% you mentioned.

    I think the reason the Maxx isn't selling as well is because the marketing folk completely missed their target demographic. I could've sworn I read somewhere that the majority of Maxx buyers are in their 40's, which would seem to agree with the poll that somebody on this message board had posted a while ago. I think that was a much older age group than what GM was expecting.

    onlysurfer: The discount that you're able to get through this offer is called a supplier discount, and it varies depending on the vehicle you choose and the options you pick. The $3000 discount you mention for the Northeast is in addition to the supplier discount, which is all off of the MSRP. I'm pretty sure you can use the GM card earnings on top of all that as well.

    If you go to that website, you'll notice a drop-down menu on the top titled "vehicle shopping." Click this, and choose "GMID Pricing." This takes you to a special version of GMBuypower that lets you virtually build a vehicle to your liking, find dealers that have vehicles like this, and it'll show you the supplier discount price.

    e2helper - you are a great asset to GM. Thanks for helping folks clear up some of their issues. I certainly don't have the insight on some of these components that you have.

  • Now that I know about the personalization feature, *some* of the radio nonsense make sense.

    But, it's just little 'ole me, so no one to fight over the radio with. ::grin::

  • Well, the XM station my wife listens to most often isn't anywhere near my list, so I'm very happy with this feature. Not only because I get my own presets showing, but because the radio comes up on MY last station when I unlock the car. :D
  • I just posted the following question in the Malibu Sedan forum.

    Hi folks - a few of us in the Malibu Maxx forum have been having a discussion as to why so many of you "sedan" folks have selected the 2004/2005 Malibu sedan instead of the Malibu Maxx. Would any of you sedan folks care to comment? I'm going to post this message in the Malibu Maxx forum also suggesting they check this forum for responses from the sedan folks.
    - Michiganmaxx
  • Our 6 disc CD changer also causes us some concern. When the vehicle is stopped (and off), the CD changer will occasionally make a noise that sounds like a servo motor 'hunting' back and forth. My wife has had an occasional issue with the system forgetting that it has CD's in it. However, I haven't had any problems. The only difference in the way we operate the system is that I ALWAYS power down the radio when I shut down the vehicle, and she ALWAYS leaves the system on. My theory is that there is some minor issue with the embedded system program in the radio (which would explain why SnowCat's radio's all behave the same way).

  • I think the main reason we bought a sedan was that it was available when we were ready to replace our 12 year old Toyota, and the Maxx wasn't. I didn't see the first Maxx in the showroom until probably a month after we bought our sedan, and at first I didn't really like the look- I already was so-so on the front of all Malibus, and the rear of the Maxx just looked awkward to me.

    I'm glad to say that the appearance of both cars has grown on me. And, if I were shopping today, I probably would have bought the Maxx instead of a sedan.

    But having said that, the sedan really is serving us very well, with plenty of space for my wife, my two children (one two year old and one eight year old), and myself. It's a fairly loaded LT, pretty much including everything but an engine block heater and OnStar (wish we'd have had the OnStar though). As a bonus, lately the gas mileage has been going up. We just passed 7k miles at the end of October, and since then I've seen the highway mileage pushing for 35mpg DIC indicated, 32.5-33 manually calculated (actually, I've seen 37.5 - 38 DIC indicated many times, but can't seem to maintain that higher number for a whole tank, mostly because our highway miles here in western NC are composed of lots of mountain stretches. I'd love to see what the manual #'s come out to on those stretches though, lol.). IMO, this is outstanding considering the way this engine feels. Seems to me that many Hondayota fans compare the sixes in these cars purely by the numbers on the window sticker, because this car feels as strong as those in everyday driving!
  • Is there a way to Child Proof the back doors so they cannot be opened from the inside?? My otyher cars have a switch on the door that toggles it back and forth. On first glance, I didn't see this on my Maxx. The manual really doesn't cover this and I'm not sure if the DIC will take care of it.

  • I think you're absolutely right. I would leave the CD player on when I turned off the ignition, and then later on when I'd come back out to the car, the CD changer would be frozen. It wouldn't play, change, or eject a CD, and would eventually switch over to the radio. I had the radio replaced, but the replacement radio still does this occaisionally if I don't turn off the radio manually before I turn off the ignition. So, I've just gotten into the habit of making sure I turn it off first, and I haven't had problems since.
  • I already posted this in the Malibu Sedan board, but I wanted to post it here as well:

    First off, I think that the Maxx is a very cool design, and I'm glad to think that Chevrolet put it together since GM hasn't exactly been the most innovative company in the past. But, I had a hatchback in the past (an 02 Golf) but I didn't really need the usefulness that the hatchback provides. I figured that just about anything that I would ever need to carry in a hatchback, I could carry in my Malibu sedan since the rear seats fold down, as well as the front passenger seat. Also, I personally think that the Maxx looks a little bit awkward from a few angles, probably due to it's long wheelbase and relatively short overhangs. Finally, I view the Maxx as a real family car, with it's huge rear seating and optional DVD player. I don't have the need for either, because 95% of the time, I'm the only one in the car. I didn't want to drive something that had such a family vibe to it, since I'm only 21! Very happy with my Bu though!
  • I would fully think this was the issue of a combination of the personalization feature between the two remote fobs and the power on/off on the cd player when exiting the car, *but* I've had it happen while driving down the road and the cd changer changing from one cd to the next on it's own. :-(

    I'm keeping track of statuses when it decides to misbehave.

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I haven't checked in our Maxx, but I seem to recall one of the magazine or online reviews remarking that GM left child safety locks off the Malibu on purpose, and a GM spokesman was quoted as saying they are not needed since the vehicle locks all the doors as soon as Drive is engaged (or is it as soon as the vehicle starts moving?). Personally, I wish GM had included child safety locks on the vehicle.
  • Yes GM did leave rear doorlocks off, and one leading consumer magazine penalized them for it.

    Then again, the doorlocks in the Maxx appear difficult for a child to open.
  • I traded in my jetta wagon for a full loaded MAXX LT today, it's a used one with only 300km, yes, three hundred km! And I believe I got a not bad deal for the whole package.

    Really enjoy the homelink, DVD, and the nice leather. Also with all the moonroof, I never feel so bright inside a vehicle. Haven't try the Onstar yet, don't know it's useful or not, maybe a GPS handset will do the same thing.

     Hopefully this vehicle can accompany me for problem-free 3 to 4 years!
  • townhometownhome Posts: 104
    Great choice vincentwang! I had a 99 Jetta sedan that I liked a lot, but I do prefer my Maxx. Once I got use to the steering, I felt more comfortable driving the Maxx than the Jetta. Also, I'm getting better gas milage!
  • Thanks townhome!

    Yes, Maxx is much roomie and powerful than my TDI, plus, I'm tired of shifting all the time in the rainny Vancouver!

    Hopefully the MPG will improve after breaking-in.
  • I'm glad they penalized them for it. This is one of the few areas that I think was a poor design decision on either the sedan or the Maxx. I sort of agree that in most cases they aren't needed, thanks to the location / type of manual door lock handles these cars have, but my son (just turned 3 early this month) explores everything, and seems intent on being the next Houdini. So I worry he'll eventually manage to get to the door lock and unlock it, then possibly open the door while the car is moving. About all I can do is keep a close eye on him and try my best to make sure he understands that such things are "BAD". :o(
  • prdmprdm Posts: 145
    Somewhat related to child proof door locks have you noticed the buttons on rear seatback cushions indicating the position of the LATCH anchor points. Nice touch. The manual shows 6 anchors although there are only 5. Incidentally, with a child firmly tucked into a car seat there is no way they are reaching the lock knob.
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