Mazda Protege Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Paid $19,000CDN (plus tax) for a brand new (14 kilometres) 2000 SE 1.6 with the rear spolier and power moonroof in May 2000 (probably paid too much, first car, was anxious to zoom-zoom out the door.) Bought the car at Downtown Mazda in Toronto from Mark Kazik (who has moved to Guelph Mazda.) The dealer and sales staff were fantastic, especially Mark who encouraged me to drive a brand new demo model through a rutted dirt parking lot at 30 miles an hour to ensure that I approved of the Protege suspension!!! The car is serviced at Gunther Mazda in Fort Lauderdale, great service department.


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    With AT, cassette, mudflaps and floormats (hey, they weren't standard back then), I paid $15,273US, including taxes and fees. I got mine in January, 1999 from Keith Kennedy at Jake Sweeney Mazda. He's a pretty good salesperson, been there several years.

    The service has been spotty, though they've supposedly improved of late with Mazda NA paying attention to this aspect, so I'll give them another chance when I reach 60,000 miles (I did the 30,000 mile service myself) and it's time to replace the accessory belts and coolant (two things I prefer not to mess with).
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    I bought my Pro at Quirk Imports in Quincy, MA on November 7.

    Since they were anxious to move the '02s, mine came with a Mazda discount of over $4000. It has power everything, AC, cruise & tilt (probably all standard on the LX but I was only shopping for a DX thinking that would be all I could afford). It only had 15 miles on it.

    After the discount the cost was $11,004.

    They wouldn't budge another dollar lower than that. I know it was a terrific buy, but you know, part of the fun is the haggling.

    Then they get you with financing and LoJack and Extended Warranty, etc. And $299 "prep/paperwork/laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank" fee.

    My salesguy, Andrew Lennie, was AWESOME. Really down to Earth, straight talking, and genuine. When I had issues with the car (minor) a few days later, he made sure I was taken care of.

    All in all, after financing and the requisite "additional charges" the car will cost just under $13,000 when it's all paid off in five years.

    Best of luck to anyone considering a Protege. If you are considering one, chances are you're comparing it to Civics, Corollas, and the slew of other generic import and domestic sedans out there. After you do your research, you'll probably come the same conclusion I did; that for the money, the Pro kicks just about everything else's butt when you sum up its overall performance, handling, and reliability.
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    I have been quoted a price of $12000 for a 2002 Protege LX with Auto and Floor Mats (MSRP $16375).

    Does this seem like I fair price? I would have taken it right away except it had wheel covers instead of alloy rims.

    Would it be better to wait until the 03's are discounted or jump on the 2002?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated,

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    Just purchased a 2003 Protege5 Automatic with ABS/Side Airbags and Wheel Locks from Millennium Mazda in Durham, NC.

    We paid $2 under invoice on the S-Plan. Invoice was $17,043. With Sales Tax, Title & Registration, total was $17,891. We financed it for 5 years at 0%. We didn't go for the extended warranty. It is a Protege after all.
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    Not too many left, but around Austin, the 2002s are being priced:
    DX with auto & CD player $10,995+TTL. That's out the door, no add on costs.
    LX with power sunroof, CD & 5 speed, same price $10,995+TTL.
    ES with power sunroof, CD, rear spolier ( not sure if the spoiler is standard or optional ) & 5 speed $11,885+TTL.

    2003 DX is in yesterday's paper at $11,995+TTL at 0% for 5 yrs. Says you get the CD player, but no mention of the auto trans.
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    Maybe I'll buy a second one. That ES looks good. (BTW, the spoiler is standard the the ES)
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    The only reason I've become fairly current on the Pro prices around here, is because a friend asked me to help her shop for a new car. Her finances are tight ( real tight ), and after shopping around, nothing in the area touched the closeout prices on the 02's.And I've known these to be great cars in their class. But she made this a real "job". Of course, when you're talking closeouts, your choices are limited to what's on the lot(s). And when we started, there was a lot to choose from. But none were available in 'silver'. And she just had to have 'silver'. As time went by, the selection became thinner & thinner, until there was nothing she would even consider ( always based on color ). But finally, she is buying one. And it may have paid off for her to wait. Got an 02 Mazda program car with 8700 miles & 2 yrs 2 months left on the warranty. It's a 'silver' LX with the following options: moonroof with wind deflector, alloys ( I understand these come on the car when moonroof is ordered ), auto trans, 6 disk CD changer, fog lights. The Mazda employee that was using the car must have left a child seat permanently in place in the rear, because the headrest is crushed where the strap goes over it & is anchored to the rear deck. The dealer is replacing the whole rear seat because of this. They are also installing the perimeter alarm. $10,900+TTL.
    Should she hold out for wheel locks?
    Just kidding..
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    ... to pay for a used car (whatever they tell you about how new it is!).

    Get them to throw in an extended warranty or something, because I thought someone earlier listed a similar advertised price for a brand new 2002 LX (newspaper ads, but nonetheless, its got 8600+ less miles!)
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    I paid $23 798 Canadian dollars (taxes, fees all incl.) for 1.8 L 1999 Mazda Protege 5spd touring edition with spoiler, cruise, A/C, power windows and doors.

    NO ABS, sunroof, or Alloys!

    I think I paid way too much considering that touring editions now have alloys, ABS, etc.

    Oh well. I love the car. Virtually trouble free operation. Had a broken front link stabilizer repaired and rear links replaced.
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    $23.000 CDN for a 99?

    A new one with all the toys retails for $22.000!

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    just bought it in december. $16,100. I wanted black, so they had to search around for it. The dealer finaly found one in Houston. I didn't want it driven from there, though, so he had it trailer-hauled down. 20 miles on it when I purchased. all the ES goodies, foglights, power everything, sunroof, rims, dunlops, etc. The only thing...I had to have a manual trans. Ya know, zoom! Anyway, I felt like I got a good deal. What do you guys think?
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    I'm days away from buying a P5. I've found the model I want: midnight blue, abs & side airbags, cd & sunroof, cargo tray, rear bumper guard and wheel locks. I've negotiated the price down to $17300 that's the whole nut (taxes, licence,etc), minus $1000 rebate and even a $100 managers discount and the "s" plan too! I'm feeling good, but I'm also feelin' greedy. I've been checking out this site, so before I fork over the dough! what do my fellow P5 owners think? Is this a good deal?!

    P5 Wanna-be
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    That's a very good deal. Go for it.
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    i got a quote for 2002 Protege DX, in Minnepolis, MN. It's $11803 for AT, AC, etc. doesn't specifies other options. Is it a fair deal or should be little bit lower? Based on #3, #4, #6 messages, it seems that I should be able to get it even lower? any suggestion?
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    My girlfriend is considering purchasing a 2003 Protege5. She asked me to research pricing. Options she would want are AT, ABS/side airbags, and cassette. From Edmund's, invoice with those options is $17,442 and "TMV" is $17,851. We've also seen ads from local dealers (SF Bay Area) at around $15,500, though I'm not sure what, if any, options those cars had. So the question is, what is a good target price (as in X dollars above invoice) and what would be a good initial offer to make to the dealers? What are the best deals people have been able to make on such a car?

    Our plan is to put an offer together specifying what she wants and fax it to a bunch of dealers in the area. Worked great for me when I got my new sedan recently.

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    My wife got a 2003 P5 with AT and cassette. No ABS/SAB, but she got the leather, which costs roughly the same.

    She got hers for about $50 below the "S-plan" price at about $16,500. The dealership was having a customer-loyalty weekend (I had bought my '99 Pro from them), so were selling at about invoice.
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    I'm about to buy a new 2003 Protege (probably DX). So I'm interested in what other people paid. Keep this thread alive!!
    :) Thanks~
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    on the car and owner opinions if you'll join us on the Mazda Protege discussion in the Sedans area.


    P.S. I own a 2000 ES 5-speed and a 2002 Protege5, so I can't be of much help in the 2003 pricing -- but I will let you know that the '00 just turned 53,000 miles and the '02 has 16,000, and neither of them has ever been to the shop for anything other than scheduled maintenance.
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    I'm driving a 2003 DX rental this week while my Protege is repaired, I'm the first person to rent it and the window sticker was in the glove box. According to the MSRP, the car was $15,000 with A/C and automatic transmission being the only options, seems about $3,000 too much for that car in my opinion. However, the DX is fairly well equiped for a base model compact car.
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    My 2000 ES 5-speed with every option except moonroof was $15,100. Prices, they rise, eh?

    Which reminds me. Don't think you can't afford an ES just because it's the top model. The ES price includes a lot of features that are extra-cost options on the lower models. So if you're looking at a DX with lots of options, go look at an ES. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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    I'm sure that's a very base DX, with auto show discount and probably some dealer cash thrown in. When they use an invoice #, it's probably just that one.

    However, I think you can probably get DX for around $13k or so. Check Edmund's TMV guide for an indication of what's been reported in your area.

    And Meade's right. For a couple to few thousand more, you get more features. Check the LX too. I think it's an easy step from the DX, but I don't know your financial situation (nor do I want don't speak a word about it). The DX is a very nice car for its price.
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    Thanks for the responses!!

    I want the DX because I plan on buying 2 new cars. I'm about to pick up the cars and able to get the automtic DX for $12,500 and a manual DX for $12,159 (not including tax and other fees). Each one has a/c, but nothing else.

    Hopefully I'm getting a good deal.

    Oh, and the Mazda Protege Discussion under sedans has too many threads/posts....I can't read all that :)
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    A local dealer was advertising new 2003 P5 for $4000 discount off MSRP. I got exactly what I wanted. My P5 is classic red with leather, auto dimming mirrors, abs, side air bags, moonroof,polished rims, six cd player. I paid 16,300 for the car. It is about 1200 less than dealer invoice with factory rebate.
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    Hi p5heaven,

    May I ask at which dealer or location you got such a great deal?
    We want the same car you have but can only get $100 over invoice.

  • p5heavenp5heaven Member Posts: 2
    Hello arb 16

    I live in Portland Oregon and a dealership near me in Hillsboro (Royal Moore Mazda) had the special. I checked the car ads yesterday and noticed they are still running the same promotion but now it's only on four 2003 P5's.

    I see you live in California you may want to check it out depending where you live.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hey Bliss, I hope you didn't yet pick up your DX. Because for the same exact price, 12,5., I got the LX.

    It's an automatic. Power of course, but no AB. It did come with wheel locks. I didn't get the fog lights but I know they would have thrown that in.

    It's a beautiful car, beautiful lines and interior.
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    Yeah..we did pick up our dx's. Where are you located? I'm from Buffalo and there are only 2 mazda dealers here and they were both giving me the same price. I even contacted dealers in Rochester.

    I suspected we weren't getting a good deal on our end, given the $2000 rebate they were offering...and the fact that they were willing to give me $600 for my p.o.s trade. And I made them give us floor mats for both our cars. That's no consolation though.

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    on 4/25 took delivery of a vivid yellow P5 with Moonroof/CD, ABS/Side Air Bags, Roof Rack, Rear Bumper Guard, Moonroof Deflector, and Wheel Locks for $16,500 (car price only...with everything else the total came to $17,610) from Balise Mazda in W. Springfield, MA. Got financing from (excellent service so far), no trade (giving my '97 Escort to my son). Folks at Balise were EXCELLENT.

    AND I LOVE IT...there's a photo in the gallery.
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    I paid 16,700 after 1500 rebate but before taxes, dealer fee, etc for a red PR5 with AT, 6 disc changer, moonroof, leather, roof rack, wheel locks, and polished rims. No trade in and financed through my credit union (2.4 % for 60 mths). I called about 10 different dealers that had the car according to mazdas web site and told them who ever gave me the best price would get my business. I played the top 3 dealers against each other, the cheapest beat the #2 dealer by $200 but was about 2 hours away. I went with the #2 dealer who was only 45 mins away. The best part was I walked in and signed the papers, about 30 mins and I was out the door.
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    I've never been in and out in 30 minutes. When I purchased my Miata, it took 3 hours! You probably saved yourself a lot of time by setting up the financing yourself. Nice Car!
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    $13,708.23 + ttl

    For that sum I drove away with a new 2003 Pro-5.
    Considered the Matrix of course, but I couldnt pass up the deal. (seemed like one to me anyhow!)

    No leather interior, but did get the in dash 6disc cd and a sunroof. Doesnt seem overly noisy as per the reviews either...course I've been accustomed to an F-150.

    Seems like I got more than most civic owners would at that price level. I'm pleased. Now to learn the proper way to "break 'er in".

    PS. this is my first post, please forgive the lack of lingo etc etc other errors.

  • boggseboggse Member Posts: 1,048
    Congrats on your purchase. Looks like you got an excellent price.

    I agree with your assessment of the noise levels in the P5. It is not like we are driving Lexuses, so I am not sure why people expect that level of quiet. Personally, I like to hear the noises my cars make.

    Not much involved with breaking in a P5. The owners manual mentions some precautions for the first 600 miles or so. If you want to be really anal, you can follow this guide to breaking in Miatas, but I really doubt it will make any difference:
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    Too bad we live so far away from each other ... my wife drives a white 2002 Protege5.

    (My car's an Emerald Mica 2000 Protege ES.)

    Meade in Virginia
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    Best I've been getting is $15,700 + ttl

    6 dash CD, moonroof, yellow, auto, polished wheels. Is the regional difference that great as to where Proto scores one for $13,800?

    Sorry but a $2K difference on a car with a low price to begin with seems crazy to me.

    Looking very hard at a yellow or laser blue one with auto.
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    Hi all:

    Just put made a deal on an ES w/ auto, moonroof, 6cd, abs, side airbags. Got a price of $16350 + tax. This a $0 down, 0% finance. Dealer has to locate my color (laser blue), otherwise I think I could have done a little better. Any thoughts on this price?
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    I helped my friend on getting a Laser Blue P5 today. The options are: Moonroof w/ 6 disc CD, Auto Transmission, Rear Bumper Guard, and Alarm. Other items listed as STD are: 16" Alloy wheel and Roof Rack. She paid $16,500 out the door (approximately $15,000 + 8.25% CA tax and fees) with 0 down and 3.9% for 60 months. Tell me it's worth my time spending 5 hours at the dealership! We were new at this, but we did our homework.
    They have about 20 P5's on the lot, and with our color choices (Blue, yellow, silver), only one had the ABS/side airbag, but it was a 5 speed, which was out of the question for my friend. I am quite happy with her purchase, and hope I'll get to zoom ZOOM once in a while!
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    The MSRP was like 17000 for a LX with moonroof/6-cd changer. He put it down to 14000. Then with tax + the other junk it was 15000, then since i was a recent graduate i got 500 off. So total was 14500 out the door. Pretty good deal. I could of went without the 6cd changer cause im installing my mp3 player, which i heard taking out the stock radio is REAL annoying, but oh well.
  • boggseboggse Member Posts: 1,048
    Congrats on your new Protege!

    Taking out the stock radio is a breeze. All you need is 2 pairs of the Mazda/Ford radio puller tools and a flat head screwdriver wrapped with tape.

    Putting something else in could be less easy, but with the right installation kit, it shouldn't be too difficult. Just be sure you don't get something too deep. I think the max depth receiver you can put in a Protege is around 6.5". When you are finished with the install make sure you post about it in the Accessories and Modifications forum. Also, I would recommend replacing the speakers while you are at it. A nice head unit deserves some nice speakers. The stock speakers are the same crap almost all auto manufacturers put in their cars. I recommend the Kenwood 6x8s and 6x9s that Mazda sells. The price is good and they are pre-wired to go in your car. A good place to buy them is Good Luck!

    Drop me an email at [email protected] There is something else I would like to talk to you about. Thanks!
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    Hi, thanks for the tips. Why do I need tape around the screwdriver, is it to get the sidings out and not scratch the car?

    I think I am going to use the stock speakers right now, im used to a 1985 oldsmobile speakers, so I think anything better will do, even if its stock right now :) I am pretty sure my receiver will fit; its a JVC KDSH99 mp3 player thingie and it fit in the oldsmobile. Now to order the kit and wiring harness, which is about 17 bucks. Not that bad. My local audio car place wanted to charge 60 for labor and 90!! for the parts. I dont think i will be going there for it; ill just give it a shot on my own :)

    Ill tell ya how it turns out, thanks!

    Oh yeah, where can I buy those puller things to uninstall it? I found a webpage where I can make it out of hangers, but I think i would rather have real stuff :)
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    They cost $3-5 at any auto parts store. I got a pair from Wal-Mart.
  • boggseboggse Member Posts: 1,048
    The tape around the screwdriver is to keep it from scratching the dash when you are taking the 2 small strips of plastic off to expose where the pullers go in. :)

    PS - Be sure to e-mail me. I have some other information for you.
  • morphx22morphx22 Member Posts: 5
    Hi boggse, I cant find your email address, but you can email me at [email protected]

    Thanks :)
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    2003 Protege ES with Automatic Tran., auto Dimm rear view mirror, side airbags and abs.

    MSRP 18,185 +600 "dealer prep". Paid 14,100 which includes a 2500 incentive, 500 college graduate rebate.

    I saw similar ES with moonroof and 6 cd, auto tran. + a few other features for 14,885 +ttl from a dealer in MD. My local dealer said he would match it.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)

    Good deal. Great car! Welcome. :)
  • timrick8timrick8 Member Posts: 3
    ex-rental from Hert Car Sales

    27K miles, standard LX configuration.
    NO ABS or side airbag

    Final cash price 10330 including a 4 year 48K extneded warranty, and tax, registration, etc.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    I'm curious. Rental fleets usually don't keep cars in service that long. Decent price with that warranty. AT, right?
  • timrick8timrick8 Member Posts: 3
    The condition is very good, new tires and front break pad. The Car price (w/o extended warranty, tax, registration, etc) itself is $8595.

    I think Hertz has a policy of ridding their cars once they reach 25K. Most cars I saw on the lot are between 24-27k. Some are as low as 20K. My 2002 came to service in 11/01 according to their record, and was destined for sale in 05/03.

    They have Protege and 626; and there is little price difference bwteen them. I was surprised to see many Japanese cars in their lots.

    You can check their inventories online at
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    I guess they figured out the lower maintenance cost was worth getting them. Plus, I prefer them when I rent, so it works for me too.
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    Im in Toronto and I called a dealership on a 2003 protege LX,air and auto, MSRP = $18,750. The sales rep on the phone said he can let it for for $17,000 + air/gas tax + destination + admin fee($1500) = $18,500 + taxes. I feel if I negotiate I can probably get the price down but are the air and gas tax legit. Thanks
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    Just got a 2003 LX on Saturday, AT, AC, 6 cd changer, moonroof, alloy wheels, all the other stuff, keyless entry, alarm, for 12.9 + tax/license...not too bad. I really like it (of course it only has 100 miles right now). Hope it will give me some good years...the sunroof especially rocks.
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