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Mazda Protege Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    The $13,664 included the $2500 cash rebate. I was actually quoting the Customer Cash Adjusted True Market Value.
  • I'm too scared of the non-replaceability of the radio in the Mazda3 and too bored by an Accord, so the P5 it shall be.

    The quotes I'm getting so far are invoice price before rebates, so basically $2000 under invoice, and $14,825 with automatic but not much else. All before taxes, title, license, blah blah. I live in So Cal. Can anyone comment if these are good deals? Or should I negotiate with dealers in other regions?

  • Did anybody get the factory polished rims without having to pony up for the CD-changer/moonroof package? Exactly zero of the dealers seem flexible enough to swap them out for me (even at my cost with a discount for the trade-in of the original rims). Since I'm swapping in my own head unit, a CD-changer's about as useful as wearing my underwear superman-style (that's on the outside for you non-comic people). The moonroof I won't use but wouldn't mind having once in a blue moon (literally).
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    I think they are sort of tied to the 6CD and Moonroof. All the ones at my dealer also had leather with the polished rims. My advice is to get the changer and sell it on eBay. There are plenty of older Miata owners who would go for that stereo.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    What makes it a no-brainer is the $2500 rebate on the protege... But, if you like to trade cars every three years, you'll probably find that the depreciation will still be more on the protege, even after the rebate.



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  • i'm considering selling my VW Jetta and getting an '03 Protege 5. I've never bought a car from a dealership, all have been from individuals and the haggling was simple; offer them $1000 less than what they were asking and they took it, if not i walked. i went in to negotiate the price on a Protege 5 about three weeks ago, which ended up a bust because i thought i would trade my VW in, but when they offered me $2000 (and wouldn't budge) for a car that goes for about $5500-$6000 where i live, i learned quickly that's a cruddy route...

    my question ultimately is: should i work on getting them to come off the sticker before i mention rebate? i'm seeing some pretty nice deals folks are getting on here, i.e. in the neighborhood of $14,500, but i made the mistake of calling the salesman on the rebate before we started working on the price and he said he couldn't come down at all off the $15,250, which was sticker minus $3,000.
  • forget about the trade at the dealer. they'll offer you zip for it and it'll be harder to get em down on price. you'll do better selling it 'on the street'.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    This is the last year for the Protege.. The new Mazda3 comes out soon. Figure the invoice price for the car you are looking at and offer invoice, minus the rebate (I thought the rebate was $2250 on the P5?). The salesperson's job is to get the maximum price for the car. Shop around.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Within a few days of buying a 2003 Pro LX, Auto, Moonroof package, cassette, wheelocks, floormats and cargo net for $12,940 +TTL. I'm excited just got a few days left though
  • thanks to both of you for your response.

    pappy- Believe me, I figured that one out quickly. The funny thing is the dealer has a Jetta a year older than mine with fewer features and higher miles that they're selling for $6000. no answer when i brought that up...

    kyfdx- oh, i'm shopping around... i went on the mazda usa web site and looked at the inventory at dealers here in Alabama and i shouldn't have any problem getting one. in fact, the other local dealer has about 15 Pr5s and only one of them is "unacceptable" so to speak. My wife and I are taking a road trip early next month and when we get back I'm going to get the VW detailed, etc. and put it up for sale. I live in a part of town where VWs are hot, so I probably could park it at the strip mall nearest my house and sell it the same day.
  • I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase so Im putting the word out

    If you're looking for a MSP 2003.5 in VA check out Brown's Mazda in Fairfax.

    After a bit of haggling I traded in my 2002 P5 with 29K miles ($9,500) and a no fuss $18,500 price on the MSP. about $20.5K out the door.
  • I visited several dealers before buying. All were courteous and friendly. When we could not find one with the options we wanted, although some came close, I called MazdaUSA for help. They located several cars in port that were not allocated, and said we needed to have a dealer request the car, and to make a deal on the price. None of the dealers we had gone to offered to call Mazda to see of they had any cars like we wanted, so we called another dealer (John Hine in San Diego), who was willing to get the car, and gave us a price slightly over invoice. It was nice to just walk into the dealership and not have to go through all the BS, and just take the car (of course after waiting to get to the finance office).
  • Just bought a P5 for either invoice or $100 over invoice, depending on whether you think a $100 "Boston Assessment" charge is legitimate. ;) (The salesman said it has to do with delivery, but I thought that's what the destination fee was for...). Midnight Blue with the ABS package, sensor alarm, roof rack, cargo net, rear bumper guard, and wheel locks: $17,200 less rebate = $14,950. $15,925 out the door.

    The back and forth was kept to a minimum, and the salesman never even tried to offer me undercoating, an extended warrantee or any of that crap. It was a remarkably painless experience.

    This was at the Mazda Gallery in Norwood, MA.

    One question for other Massachusetts buyers -- What are typical documentation and title fees? They charged me $140 for documents and $86 for the title. I saw at the top of this thread that Quirk charges $299 for documents plus more for the title(!), but I'm still wondering if $140 is too high.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    One local dealer in Durham, NC charges $100 for documentation fees while another in nearby Cary, NC charges $300. Neither of those inlcude Title or Registration. I think it varies widely from dealer to dealer.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Auto, ABS-Airbag, Sunroof-CD changer, cassette player. MSRP $18115. Purchased for $13155 including the $2500 rebate.
    I could not pass it up at that price.
  • just bought pro es 2003, auto, 6disk-cd-moonroof pack,abs-airbag pack,compass mirror,for 17500.00 out the door includes 2500 rebate
  • nixjagnixjag Posts: 1
    2003 Protege5 auto with leather, sunroof, 6 disc, list $20060, paid $16200 after rebate. Hard to resist...
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    Vivid Yellow, leather, 6cd-moonroof, polished wheels, some accesories for $15,000 with the rebate (MSRP = #19,150).

    Now if I can just get what I need for my trade, I may be able to separate myself from my Miata...
  • pappy55pappy55 Posts: 41
    After much debating, we made the plunge on a new Pro5:

    Laser Blue Mica
    5sp manual
    wheel locks
    cargo net
    Got em down to $13,400. They wouldn't give me 0% financing though ;)

    Dealer was pretty good and didn't fuss too much. Told em I wanted options that none of their cars had (leather, ABS, SAB), but I would just 'settle' on this one. Didn't really need those anyway.

    Pick it up on Monday. Can't wait.
  • hi,
      I've been looking at the Mazda 6 and the Mazda Protege..I loved the 6 (and was willing to shell out the extra..), but the recent rust pblm has made me skeptical to buy it. I decided to shop around for a Protege...mainly I liked the looks. For a 2003 Protege with AT, ABS package and moon roof package, a dealer has quoted me
    $16782 - $2500(rebate) = $14282 (without tax and licensing fees)

    Do you think its a fair deal?

    Also, the disc brakes made a grating noise in the model car that I test-drove..the dealer said tht cars collect rust in the porous pads while sitting at the dealership and this shld go away. Is that true? Any of you experienced it?

    Right now I'm deciding between a civic and a Protege...any insights from you folks would be apprecaited. This is my firs time buying a car...and I may not have it for > 3yrs (could leave the country).
    Thanks a lot!
  • Depends on which model Protege he's quoting. LX, ES? (Or Pro5?) Any other options . . . ?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Price is too high. See my earlier post moparbad Sep 29, 2003 7:03pm
    I paid $13155 for $18115 MSRP 03 LX with auto, airbag/abs, moonroof/6CD, and cassette. No trade and no other rebate other than the $2500 so $13155 was the "real" price. There is additional money to dealer as marketing assistance that was not available when I purchased so you should be able to do at least as well as I did.
  • It was a 2003 Pro ES. I didn't haggle cos it was 700$+ below invoice...Now I see that below invoice is the norm for the Pro now. How much do u think I should shoot for?

    Its a 2003 Pro EX with AT, ABS, moon-roof + 6cd. Price quoted is $14282 (with taxes) Edmunds says $14935

    Also, can I go in for a LX with same options for cheaper..what other advantages for the ES?

    Thanks for your input..I am planning to also visit another dealer.
  • Just got one for my little sis in N. CA today:

    Moonroof/6 disk CD
    Cargo net

    $15,800 + TTL + $45 doc fee. Only took me 45 min in the dealership...Thanks, your info was very helpful!
  • molcopmolcop Posts: 1
    I just signed for a '03 protege lx with manual transmission, I like the control you have over the automatic, plus I've had a '95 civic dx for 8 yrs. , offered 12,500, they countered 13,000, offered 12700, out the door price to pay, $13600. It has 186 miles on it. I looked at this site and Consumer Reports. I tried the Corolla and thought the style was to funky and the body style was to short, and it seems like you get more for your money on the Protege than on a honda civic. Any opinions? Greatly appreciated,
    Raleigh, N.C.
  • Went to Brown's Fairfax and they wanted nearly 20k and started playing pricing games. Is there a reputable DC area dealership that won't play games and give me a good deal? Money is a huge issue so I'm willing to to go 100 miles to get a good price. I'm driving a Sentra w/ a MT but I'm thinking of switching to AT.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    They are up near Tyson's Corner. I can't speak for the sales experience, but their parts department is excellent.
  • Sorry, but everybody I have talked to says that Rosenthal is the slimiest bunch in the area.

    Thanks for the advice but I think I'm going to end-up with one of the Koons dealerships.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    Lucky for me I only buy parts there. Good to know nonetheless.
  • derosaderosa Posts: 10
    Price for Yellow P5 fully loaded with leather
    -moon roof
    -cd changer
    -cargo net
    -bumper guard

    You can get the basic car now for $13,300. Shop around.
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