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Mazda Protege Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Greetings all-- I'm considering purchasing a new car, and am tempted by the high rebate offers on the Mazda Protege 5. If I choose not to go with that, I will likely pursue an Elantra Hatchback in the spring. Any thoughts or suggestions from current Pro5 ownders? I think the costs are fairly similar now for an '04 Elantra vs. '03 Pro5. Thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Check out the discussion at this link: Mazda Protege5. There is lots of information there for you to read up on, and that's exactly where you will find all of the Protege5 owners who can answer your questions.

    Welcome and good luck - feel free to drop me an email if I can help you find your way around. :)
  • The rebate offer got me interested in the P5 & I did a little shopping. I was prepared to hit the Mazda dealers yesterday (Monday). I saw an add in the Sunday paper for a 2002 P5 with 9000 miles on it for $13k. I went to see a silver P5 with sunroof pkge & ABS package. Actual price paid was about $12k (hard to tell exactly because I had a trade in) from a Dodge dealer in town. My impressions after 30 miles in a rainstorm; not nearly as fast as my 1998 Sentra SER was. Rides like a coal cart & handles like a slot car. This car is going to be a blast to commute in. I anticipate this car to be the most fun since my (still missed) MR2. Thanks to Edmunds (and others) for helping with the research. The rebates have pushed the resale values down tho so those are inflated for the time being. Wonder how much it would cost to get a few more ponies under the hood......
  • hello all. i used to be registered here as wyldebill. going to trade the 98 protege in on a new one. dealer says 17840 list, 2500 rebate and another 1000 local dealer incentive/rebate. totals at 14340..again this is the dealers first offer over the phone with me. this seems about right, but isn't here another mazda model to replace protege on the horizon - which will kick depreciation into high gear on this??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,586
    Yes, the new Mazda 3 will be out soon. In the paper here locally, a dealer is advertising $4981 off every Protege, and Protege5.. $2500 rebate, plus $2481 discount. Another dealer is advertising discounts of $1455 in addition to the rebate. I'd think you could go lower..



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  • well i checked out 3 dealers,each about 60 miles from each other. they all quoted the same. 2003 es with abs/6cd/airbags is 17840 list. 2500+ 1000 in rebates. is this a consipiracy or are they selling at a fair price? i didnt actually go into the dealerships, just used the phone (from the edmunds tips area). weird that they all quoted the same figure. also looking at a 2002 with low miles (<15000). seem to want about 13000 for a used 2003 lx with 15000 miles. the new es w/rebates doesn't look bad now. until the 3 is out anyway...i took it hard in the shorts when the 99 came out with the new bodystyle..scared of that happening again.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,586
    Jeff Wyler Mazda... Cincinnati area.. You can look up their phone number on the Mazdausa website.. Now, $2500 rebate and $2900 discount on all 2003 Protege and Protege5.. For a total of $5400 off. Ad says over 100 available

    Disclaimer: not affiliated..know no one there.. etc.. Just saw this in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Thursday, 11/06/03.



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  • Couldn't do too much better than mid $14Ks on a new P5 in Milwaukee area but I had a trade & I don't think they wanted anymore used cars. Dealers sure had alot of new P5s on the lots. I thought I could do better.
  • One internet saleswoman quoted me $16626 + TTL for a yellow automatic with the 16" polished wheels, moonroof and 6 CD package, ABS and side airbag package, leather seats and cargo neat. Its TMV price is $16225. How much more discount can make this as a fair deal?

    And she has one more car which is a black automatic with ABS and side airbags and leather for $15,417 + TTL. Its TMV is $14355.

    Please give me some idea. Thank you guys.
  • I think that price you quoted above is very good. Not a steal, but certainly within the given market conditions given the huge rebate and such. Yellow's getting harder and harder to find though - my dealer said he could only source 13 within his region (I live in SoCal if that helps).

    P.S. I'm still waiting on the Mazda3
  • I was wondering what will be price of Protege dx 2003 going price after $2500 rebate. Also, would you recommend this as a reliable car? Thanks
  • You can practically pay less than $14500 with full options on for a Protege5 now. I went to a dealer that has a Protege5 with leather seats and the side air bag options for just $14K!! All the dealers are desperate to get rid of their P5 since the Mazda3 come in soon. I've done research on the car and use the Mazda website to look at the inventory for each dealer. And I requested sale quotes from all nearby dealers and I let the game begin. You will be surprised on how competitive dealers can be for all Proteges!

    I'm planning to purchase the P5 tomorrow. If the price is not good.... I will simply walk away... lalalala..
  • 2003 protege es. abs and airbag option.manual trans. 6cd and moonroof. 13995 +ttl, etc. gving me 4000 trade on my protege described above. ok?
  • Red P5 with auto, moonroof and CD pack, leather for $15356 (exact TMV price) + tax + paper fee ($200).
    If I haggled more, I could get some more discount on it. But the saleswoman was really nice, so I didn't do that.
    Another dealership in my hometown was horrible. They were a typical bait-and-swith dealership.
    And their price didn't come down within $500 range of TMV price even after several negotiations. Since then, I decided to give some money to dealership which pleased me by not haggleing more.
    Thank you guys.

    p.s. I'm not sure how people got $5000-$5600 off from factory MSRP. (Mine was $4139 off from factory MSRP). Even TMV price was not that easy for me. Maybe I'm a still amateur negociator....
  • 2003.5 P5 Msrp of $18,250 w/ 4-speed sport mode auto, 100 watt sub in place of the roof rack, cargo net. paid $13,315 plus TTL. leather is nice but don't need, moonroof have them on my previous cars but hardly used, could have use the roof rack though, that i need for my bike. love the SUB. planning of hardwiring my I-POD so use of a CD changer is non-existent. whoo!!!!! hoooooo!!!!! love this car. it's no mini cooper S but hell, for the money it's one heck of a car.
  • Ok.... heres what I get for my deal...

    5 Speed
    Side Airbags options
    Leather Seats
    Polished Rims

    Total Price: $19625(MSRP)- $5000(Factory Rebates-College Rebates-Discount) = $14625!!!!!

    Interest Rates: 4.5% for first time buyer.

    Did anyone you guys bought extended warranty?? how much was it?
  • 2003 Protege ES
    MSRP $18,015 + $590 destination
    Final price with cash back = $14,100

    Included sport auto transmission, ABS and side air bag package, wheel locks, and cargo net.
    $15,195 out-the-door including MD TTL at John Koons Mazda.

    We wanted a daily driver that would be safe for our teenage daughter. The ES offered the best braking (with ABS, 16" wheels, and 4 wheel disc brakes), steering, handling, and safety for the money with enough room for a 6'5" 195lb Dad (moonroof was OK - but we wanted the extra headrooom space and increased reliability of no roof). The engine and ride is a bit rougher/louder than my current car, but it promises to be a simple and reliable daily driver with average economy car gas mileage.

    We could afford the extra $10k for the car with disc ABS brakes, side air bags, and a 4 year/50k mile warranty compared to the $4k for a used 100k mile car with none of those features.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Went to look at a used 02 P5 this weekend at a local Mazda dealer in Beaverton, Oregon. Dealer had advertised it in a used car magazine for $10,888 - pretty good price. It was advertised as an almost new loaded P5 with 5100 miles on it.

    Went through the internet sales person. Got there. Not quite as advertised. P5 had 21,000 miles. Jumped into it and took it for a test drive. Hmmm...seemed to pull to the right a bit and clutch seemed a little sticky. Popped the hood and checked the underside of the oil cap. White film on the underside of the cap - not good. Few oil changes if any. Front tires almost totally bald. Front rim had been curbed - not unusual. Front air dam cracked and a couple big scratches. Oh, and the $10,888 was a mistake. The actual price was $12,888. We printed a retraction - can you print a retraction in a weekly magazine.

    So, how much for my 99 Miata. Oh, well were looking at maybe $6000 trade-in. Really. Well thanks, but I'm not interested, so bye-bye. Well, how about one of our new 03 P5's for $12,888. That's an okay price...about $4700 off MSRP, but not interested given the trade in value of my car.

    Actually, I was nice. The internet sales guy was pleasant and he just fed me the lines the sales manager gave him. I said thanks, but no thanks. Reminded me why I don't want to do business with the Beaverton, Oregon Mazda dealer.
  • ddwzfddwzf Posts: 10
    Black, 5 spd, leather, moonroof & cd changer, abs+side air bag. out door 15100$ in richmond ( I have 500 college rebate ). actually didn't want leather and moonroof ( cd changer is totally a waste, I have an mp3 and sub waiting in my garage ), but anyway, the option is not expensive, not bad
  • with air and 6 disc changer for $11,200 after rebates.
  • Just bought a new 2003 Silver Protege5 for $14443 with 3.9% APR. Didn't have to do much haggling, and I'm thinking maybe I could have done better. I just offered them the Edmunds TMV which was $14943 minus the $500 college grad discount. Here are the options:
    Automatic Transmission
    ABS/Side Airbags
    Alarm system
    Cargo Net
    Wheel locks
    Rear Bumper Guard

    Seeing some of the other prices paid, I'm thinking maybe I should have haggled a little more, but the buying experience was rather pleasant. Maybe that's more important than going from dealer to dealer and dealing with slimy salesmen just to save a few hundred? I hope! Let me know how you think I did! This was at Brandywine Mazda in West Chester, PA (near Philly).
  • I visited two different dealerships today in the LA area. I was looking for leather,moonroof and 6-cd player, roof rack, rear bumper guard and wheel locks. Browning Mazda quoted $100 above invoice plus $2500 rebate, plus accessiories at cost, which with the dealer incentive of $500 gives them a $600 profit. They had one in red and after a test drive loved it. I stopped by another dealership who matched Browning Mazda's offer and had a Protege5 in laser blue, which was my first color choice.

    I told both dealerships I was trading my 1999 rav4 and would pay cash for the balance. Neither dealership would give me a trade in value, but I'm sure when I see them tomorrow with checkbook in hand I'll get a response.

    Whoever gives me the best trade-in for the rav4 sinks the deal.

    I own a 2003 V6 Mazda6 (so far no rust problems), which I love but was tired of the rav4. The Mazda3, with simular front end appearance to the 6, doesnt hold my interest, even with the upgraded engine, added features like telescoping steering column and appearance. The Protege5 is a great deal with the incentives. And I loved its raspy engine, which adds to the driving experience.

    I'll keep the members informed of the sale.
  • Silver Pro5 with:
    moonroof/6 cd player
    roof rack
    rear bumper guard
    cargo tray
    perimeter shock sensor alarm (installed at no charge)
    wheel locks
    roof cargo box

    $15,096 after $2500 rebate.

    Had a discrepancy with the dealer regarding trade-in value of my rav4 which resulted in $1400 less than I believed it was worth.

    The dealer and I initially settled on the roof cargo box($260) at no charge to offset the difference, then while the paperwork was being written I called another dealership asking them to expect my arrivial to see what they would offer as trade in. The sales rep. wasnt too happy with my approach. They didnt want to see me go. The head manager spoke to me and after discussing the matter offered me an additional $600 more for my trade. The deal closed.

    Checked out the Mazda3 hatchback. Nice car but I'm glad I opted for the Protege5.
  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    First congrats!!!

    Checked out the Mazda3 hatchback. Nice car but I'm glad I opted for the Protege5.

    Interesting comment! Did you testdrive the Mazda3 and Protegé5 back to back? I assume you refer to the huge rebate on the P5 that is going on right now and not the intrinsic quality of both cars, right?
  • Just curious, but why did you pick the Pro5 over the Mazda3? I LOVE my Pro5 but part of me wishes I had waited a couple months to compare to the 3.

    Congrats on your purchase, you'll love it.
  • the $3000 incentive (2500 customer and 500 dealer) are enough to tip the scales in the Pro's favor. Add the willingness to discount deeply compared to dealer markup on a brand-new design and the 3 just isn't a good value. This has nothing to do with the quality of performance of the 3, just the fire sale on Proteges makes it pretty stupid to buy anything else in the compact class.

    My 03 Protege DX with automatic, AC, 6 disc CD and cargo net was the same price as a Hyundai Accent. There is just no comparison.
  • Yes you're correct. Based on specs and my experience with my Mazda6, there is no doubt the M3 is a vast improvement over the Pro5. The M3 hatchback looked more upscale than the Pro5. The interior's center dash has a very clean look. Wasnt impressed with the gauges though. Prefer the Pro5 instrument panel. Seats are comfortable in both vehicles. It felt somewhat more confining in the M3 than the Pro5, partly because I'm 6'1" and the design of the M3's cowl. Less confining in my M6.

    I listened to both stereo's and overall I liked the Pro5 much better, partly due to the Pro5's subwoofer. I'm a firm believer in how a subwoofer enhances sound quality. I'm not sure if the M3 has this feature.

    I dont drive stick so I did not drive the M3. But we both know the M3 engine is more powerful. I suspect the M3 ride will be less firm than the Pro5. The Pro5 test drive reminded me of my rav4 in regards to engine performance and firm ride. Its not the fastest merging freeway entrance ramps but adequate in city driving. Although it had enough pep driving on the freeway I did not tackle any demanding inclines.

    My interest in the Pro5 stemmed from 3 different perspectives. First, I own a M6. I like the interior and sedan styling better than the M3 hatchback. In my opinion the M3 needs a V6. And the integration from front end to rear on the M3 hatchback doesnt appeal to me. I like the looks of the Pro5 better. Yes, it feels somewhat dated but thats part of the reason why I like it. I took 3 different test drives with the Pro5 and each time came away with the impression that the driving experience is involving and fun. Again, no test drive of the M3, so I cannot comment.

    Second, I drove a rented Toyota Celica on my vacation to AZ two months ago. Although I hated the uncomfortable seats I enjoyed the driving experience of a small car. It handled well too. I also needed a vehicle which was functional, since I do at times go camping or on bike rides. So when it was time to replace the Toyota rav4 (fed up with repeated iac valve assembly failures costing me about $400 every 15,000 miles)I wanted something functional that had a simular driving experience as the Celica. The Pro5 fit the bill.

    Third, Pro5 price. This is a hell of a deal right now. To get such a good overall package for around $15,000 is incredible. Yes, the M3 will eventually be discounted. But I do not believe it would have made any difference, because I own the M6, which fits my needs for a classy automobile.
  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    it seems you give a serious though before your decision of getting the P5 and all make sense. I have seen many people bash the Protegé(5) because simply they are impressed by the Mazda3, but without knowing both cars. I'm actually quite happy to read your though.
  • brajabraja Posts: 25
    I have been seeing prices like $10K for what
    looks like 03 Pro LX (from the feature descriptions). The best real quote I got though
    is $12K for LX, 5 Speed with Cassette. Has anyone
    found anything cheaper than this, considering all
    the ads?

    Also, any thoughts on what might happen after 12/1 when the rebates are supposed to end? I
    wonder if the dealers will be pressured to sell
    for less to clear the lot before the arrival of

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    So that might be a little cheaper.

    Automotive News had a story the other day saying Mazda NA will be hitting the media hard with Mazda3 advertising starting Thursday, January 1.

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