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2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

jbowelljbowell Posts: 15
edited March 2014 in Ford
Where are better pictures than and

When is it expected to hit dealer showrooms? I've
heard early 2000 but is that Jan, Feb, etc?


  • dbn7dbn7 Posts: 13
    I've been told Ford plans on launching this vehicle sometime in the spring... most likely April. Things could change...they are focusing on the launch of the new F-150 Supercrew first.

    Please check for some pictures and possible updates.

  • What is ford doing over the Explorer?? I have not heard anything about this. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

    The Explorer is supposed to get a makeover for 2001. The Sport Trac is part of that makeover.
  • While watching the New Orleans, San Fran game a Ford as came on for something called Ford Outfitters. Anyway it was all about thier SUVs. At the end of the ad they said "and the all new Sport Trac, due in dealerships in January". I Hope so, I think it looks cool.
  • I saw (I think on Autobytel but I don't remember) that the Explorer was going to be based on another 'platform'...what that means exactly I'm not sure, maybe it'll be placed on the F150 chassis like the Expedition.

    And I'm still not sure whether I like the Sport-Trac or not. Initially seeing it in the color white did not help my first impressions any! And what's up with the new 2000 4-dr Explorer brochure?!?! All of the models are shown in WHITE? How horrible! I know they wouldn't want to use red like that other brand, but holy cow?!? WHITE!?! BLECCCCH!!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Sport Trac will be avialable in January. It will have a 206hp/245ft/lbs of torque single over head cam V6. Be available in 2WD and 4WD.
  • zderfzderf Posts: 44
    There seems to be quite a mystery with the Sport Trac. Local Ford dealerships don't seem to know anything specfic.. availability and price. Some dealers on the WEB are taking orders tho.

    Here is as informative a site as I could find:

    If anyone has the real latest... please post here.
  • wolziewolzie Posts: 3
    I'm really excited about the Explorer Sport Trac but I am a little afraid of what the price will be. Has anyone heard any price ranges for this vehicle yet?
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    You can find info on the Sport Trac at:

    Go to the section on new vehicles. From what I can tell, the Sport Trac option is basically a four door explorer that is chopped off right after the rear doors. Instead of an interior rear cargo area, you have about a four foot truck bed. It's like a Super Crew mini-pickup.
  • the sport trac doesnt go into full production until january. dealers probably wont have a good selection of sport tracs until mid febuary. the sport trac is being built in louisville,ky at the louisville assembly plant, which also makes the explorer, mountaineer, and explorer sport(2-door). so availability of the sport trac may be tough for a while. just a little hint, the sport trac and 2001 explorer sport share the same front end as the redesigned 2002 4-door explorer, and thats about it. the 2002 explorer has totally new sheet metal all around, new lift gate and brand new interior, very very sharp vehicle! ditto for the 2002 moutaineer except for the front grill, it has a lexus look to it, nice also. ford finally got some design engineers with a little imagination.
  • Thanks for the great leads. I have been looking for some information like this. There seems to be conflicting stories as to when the 2001 Explorer(4 door) with the independent wheel suspension and 4.6 liter engine will be out.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    I think Ford is discontinuing the 2 door Explorers and will only make 4 door ones in the future. They have an even smaller SUV in the works that they feel people who like 2 doors will opt for instead. The trend in the midsize SUV and small pickup market lately has been toward 4 doors.

    I've been hearing January, but I think it will be hard to get one for several months after that.
  • Yep, the smaller SUV is to be called the Excape.
  • Imagination, huh? I'd like to see those pics or leads. I'm very curious to see what the 2002 will look like. I saw the sport and sport trac. If it looks anything like those in a 4 door suv, I might put that puppy on my list. And just in time. i'll be in shopping season around that time.
  • Invoice for the 2wd is $20,880 w/destination.
    Retail is $23,050.
    I found it through Chrome Data corp. It is a link at my banks web site. Try
    click on the top right corner member services(its green) then click on vehicle pricing. Click on model and select year 2001 and they have the pricing for both the sport trac and the supercrew. Hope this helps.
  • Click on the green "extra's" link first then vehicle pricing, Sorry. BTW to get more info on the TRAC try
  • Before purchasing my '92 Explorer, I rented one for a week in Feb,'92 & my husband and I put 900 miles on it during that one week in all types of weather - sun, rain, snow, ice - you name it. That sold both me and my husband on Explorer and we bought one a week later! Six years later, at 160,000 miles, I sold that car to my son and his family when I took delivery on my '98 Explorer Sport, which I ordered from my local Ford dealer. If the Sport Trac had been available, I have no doubt that is the vehicle I would be driving now. My local Ford dealer will be sending me the Sport Trac brochure as soon as it is available, and I'm already working on getting my husband to replace his '97 Ranger with the new Sport Trac in late 2000. The projected price, per Edmund's web site, is comparable to what I paid for my loaded '98 Sport, and I paid around net dealer invoice for that one (I knew about the 3% dealer holdback and took advantage of that in my bargaining). I found it easier to work a deal by ordering what I wanted, than when I purchased my '92 off the showroom floor. No matter what the cost of the Sport Trac, once it's outfitted with a camper shell, it will be perfect to take my drooling dogs to the vet, and do any other type of hauling I now do in my Sport. The Sport Trac will be well worth the wait, and I'm looking forward to buying ours next year!
  • The 2001 Sport Trac and 2001 Explorer Sport will both be on sale in January, but the selection will be limited at first. Edmunds website has full price listings for both of these vehicles. If you want to see a lot of great pictures of them, including the new F-150 Supercrew, go to this website and do a search on these vehicles. Enjoy.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I saw the 2001 Sport Trac last week at the Washington DC Auto Show. They also had the new 2001 Explorer Sport (2-door). The Sport Trac was a 2WD model which was on a display stand, so you couldn't sit in it. You could, however, sit in the new 2001 Sport.

    They both look good in person. I was, however, disappointed in the the 2001 Explorer Sport 4WD did NOT have the Control Trac 4WD with the Auto 4WD mode. Instead they put in the same old-fashioned part-time 4WD from the Ranger. Stupid move Ford!

    I have a '98 Explorer with Control Trac, and would not go back to a part-time 4WD system. Ever!

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, the Sport Trac and the Ranger Super Cab share the same wheelbase, so they probably share the same frame too.

    The 2-door Sport is basicly just a make over of the current Sport. It's not a complete redo. It still has the rear leaf springs as the old model. Same is true with the Sport Trac. The new 4-door Explorer, due out next fall, will have an all-new independent rear suspension.

  • seth9seth9 Posts: 1
    I am under the impression that the Explorer is going to be a new vehicle in 2001 (at least cosmetically). Is this true -- if so when will the 2001 be available? I saw the Sport Trac, but am interested ina more conventonal SUV. Please advise -- Thanks!
  • terry43terry43 Posts: 14
    I would also be interested in any info on the 2001 Explorer SUV.
  • Has anyone seen one yet? I ordered one five weeks ago and the dealer tells me that Ford has not delivered any yet. Has anyone heared something different than what i have been told? If so i'd like to know if they sit higher than the 2WD version??
  • I, too, would be very much interested in any info about the 2001 Explorer 4-door. I did find an article about at
    Any ideas if it will look like the 2001 Explorer Sport and Sport Trac? Anybody know of any pics?
  • With the information that I have been gathering so far, I have found a number of sites to learn about the new Explorer Sport Trac, and Explorer Sport. The best resource so far has been believe it or not Kelley Blue Book Online. When the site loads you will see a paragraph that talks about new trucks, click on preview new car coming attractions link, then follow it to the explorer sport trac link, to get pricing and options for the vehicle click on the MSRP & Invoice link, it will then ask for what type, click on Sport Utility, then Ford, then Sport trac or sport, then it will ask for the different models, the sport trac link has a pic of the sport trac instrumentation!! I hope this helps!
  • wpoewpoe Posts: 41
    Here is a link where I found some pictures of the Explorer Sport Trac
  • wtswts Posts: 6
    I actually purchased a Ford Sport Trac on Friday, Feb 11 and it is wonderful. The back seat has tremendous amount of leg and head room. The driving experience is smooth with plenty of power in the engine. After test driving the Dodge Quad Cab and the Nissan Crew Cab, there is no comparison for the space and ride of the Ford Sport Trac. I am so glad I waited to test drive the Ford Sport Trac. I could not be happier.
  • hello,
    can anyone tell me what colors are offered for the sport trac? how about you, wts, who just bought one? do you remember the color choices? thanks!
  • wpoewpoe Posts: 41
    wts, was the Dealer willing to negotiate at all? What options did you get?
  • wpoe, I ordered a Sport Trac on 2/12/00. I shopped 3 dealerships. All three accepted my sales price of 3% over invoice. I went with the dealer that gave me the best trade-in allowance. I ordered the Premium Sport Group and Convenience Group options. Can't wait to get it. It's a great looking truck/SUV.
  • wtswts Posts: 6
    The colors are as follows - Black, White, Estate Green, Deep Wedgewood Blue, Harvest Gold, Maridina Gold (orange color), Turedo Red. The additional new colors are Island Blue, and a bright red color (I can not remember the exact name). My dealership had a fold out information packet that details the options offered.

    In my case, I have already bought 4 autos from this dealer and they were really fair with my trade in and they knew how important it was to get the Sport Trac noticed on the road. I can not even begin to tell you the number of people who have stopped me in the last 5 days just wanting to look at the Sport Trac.

    I can truly say it is the best auto I have ever owned.
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