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Nissan Armada



  • Listen, the beauty of capitalism is choice, if you don't want to pay the asking price, go find something else that will make you feel better. Would you rather be in a country where the only offering is a Trabant and you really do not even get a choice of color, let alone price? The "s" in msrp stands for "suggested" for a reason.
    If you want to conduct business and leave money on the table, knock yourself out. But at the end of the day..who is the fool?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    man you are old school I guess we should move this discussion to inconsiderate salesman because we are getting off topic.
  • What I have seen particularly with Nissan dealers is not only the markup from MSRP, but also where they cannot justify (whatever the justification is!)a markup they add useless accessories, for example, rust proofing, stain safe, leather protectant, etc. and charge a ridiculously high price for that.

    The dealer I went to for Armada test drive had "upgraded" the base model with 20" chrome wheels & low profile tires... They plainly looked ugly on the vehicle, made the ride uncomfortable, and added a lot of road noise. The dealer further raised the price by $5000/- for this "upgrade."

    Oh, yes I asked... you cannot get the vehicle without this upgrade!

    Frankly, I don't necessarily blame the dealers solely. The manufacturers also need to set standards for the sake of their reputation.

    Shair Khan
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Yeah, I guess we have drifted a bit here. Back to Armadas... :)

  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    I just got home from looking at an Aramada LE with sunroof package, not the Technology package. It is a decent looking SUV. To me, the major plus points are the side airbags and overhead curtain airbags, and the option to have a navigation system The leather is not as nice as the leather in the Expedition, Tahoe, or Yukon. And, the overall look of the truck does not have the "cool" factor of those trucks as well. The third seat is worthless, there is NO room and head room is made for a MIDGET or SMALL child. The ride, well, it is like an SUV ride, no better or worse then the Ford or Chevy/GMC. As you can tell, I am dissapointed. There is NO way this is worth paying full MSRP. If you don't care about throwing money away, go ahead and get it. In my opinion, Nissan should be discounting it to get people to try their brand. Again, after seeing it up close, it is not the Holy Grail of SUV's.

    Again, the area where is beats the other trucks is in the amount of airbags. I have not seen any crash tests for the Armada, so I don't know how it stacks up to Ford or Chevy/GMC. If the Ford or Chevy/GMC can match up with Safety in terms of crash tests results then your decision is a no brainer. Go with one of them, because you can save about $4000-$5000, and if you go with a new 03 Ford of Chevy SUV you can save about $7000 for a similiar equipped vehicle. Again, I need to find about the crash tests, if someone has this information, please post it. If the 04 F150 can match the Titan(which I assume is much like the Armada) in safety and is $4000 grand cheaper that is a no brainer as well, save $4000.

    I was really looking forward to the Armada and Titan, so I am dissapointed at what I saw. I wonder how the Titan will be when compared to the F150.
  • I respect everyones opinion but I respectfully disagree. I have owned a Yukon XL, Suburban, and Sequoia (Can't speak for the Fords). First,I am very very picky. I own an Armada and in my opinion to date the Armada is head and shoulders above the other SUV's. Better ride, power, handling, braking, finish, perceived safety, interior design, and materials. The Sequoia was trouble free but the GM products were not. Only time will tell about Armadas reliability but I expect it to be good.
  • corymscoryms Posts: 14
    I'll have to agree with pfarmada. These trucks throw in so many quality features such as reverse sensor, tire pressure monitor, ride leveling, VDC, weight sensor, etc., that they don't even compare to the Expedition or Sequoia.

    They're good looking and feel solid. If I get over my phobia of paying MSRP then I will purchase one in the next few weeks. Because this seems to be a good truck I may be able to do it.

    I was seriously considering the Sequoia but after taking a close look at both, the Armada wins hands down.

    I have owned Ford Suv's without too much trouble but don't care for the semi-new, Range Rover inspired styling. Additionally, I don't think that Ford puts too much thought into what the consumer wants, they just look in the stockroom to see what fits to save a few bucks.

    Armada is a good choice for the money and will be a fantastic deal at $500 over invoice.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    sounds much like a jaded 3-series owner dissing the G35. Nissan/Infiniti has made the others go back to the drawing board. They are the only ones pushing the envelope. How many times did ford redo the new F-150 tow ratings so the Titan wouldn't trump it (it still does by the way). I don't think it's worth MSRP with the deals available on other models either but that is about the only point in bmwdoug post I agree with.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    Well, to each his own. I still stay with my post, which states that it is NOT worth MSRP. Now, if it was selling for $500 over invoice, then I would say take a long look. But, there is no way it can match a comparable Tahoe or Expedition at its current price point. A loaded LT Tahoe 4X4 or Eddie Bauer 4X4 Expedition can be had for around $36,000 right now. That is about $5000 to $7,000 below a MSRP Armada.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I agree that's why rsholland and I was saying that there have to be some discounting on the armada. I can get a fuuly loaded expy 4x2 5.4l for less than the price of a no option PFA. A sequioa limited loaded is about the same price as a base LE so I agree. I do think it is a great truck on it's merit it just needs some competitive pricing.
  • A loaded '04 Expedition EB(dvd/nav/roof/ad. trac) retails for around $49.2k. There is about 9% real markup as well as a $2k consumer rebate. On a good day you could get this vehicle for $43k, not the $36k you are touting. While there are good deals on oddly equiped leftovers, lets compare '04 apples to '04 apples. If you compare similiarly equiped vehicles transaction prices, the all new Armada is really not that much more expensive then the heavily discounted American iron. Care to talk about resale?
    I am not knocking the American metal or the EB, I own one and am quite happy with it. I better be considering what it isn't worth!
  • haironghairong Posts: 153
    How many times did ford redo the new F-150 tow ratings so the Titan wouldn't trump it (it still does by the way).

    You must have not heard the whole story,
    pf_flyer "Ford Sandbags Nissan" Sep 29, 2003 11:36am

    Even Titan's design chief had accepted the "result". However, in the mean time, he felt honored that Ford had to use market tricks to fend off Nissan's newest entry into the full-size PU market.
  • It all depends on how much competition there is in the area as well. Just talked to a Nissan dealer in the local area and told him I'd be buying in December but was curious what they have to test drive. They have a 4x4 LE (not sure of what all options), no addendums, and he's already willing to go below MSRP.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    ok that is still 43 compared to 48k for a loaded PFA a difference of 5k. I live in houston and don't need 4x4 I got a qoute in the middle of the model year for a expy 5.4l 4x2 with roof, dvd, side curtains and power seat for 33.5k sticker was nearly 42k. a base armada 4x2 run 34k. a similar LE would run low 40's so apples to apples it still loses on value. Resale is an unkown an if we look at pathfinder vs explorer values it is about a 3k spread on similar vehicles so it still comes out in favor of the expy. Why don't I get the expy I think the interior, drivetrain and 2nd row room is superior to the expy and I like the looks better but I am NOT going to pay full boat for one.
  • A PFA LE with the sunroof package is just under $43k. Again, a similiarly equiped EB retails for about $46.3k. Back out the above mentioned numbers and the transaction price is roughly $40.1k. My math shows a delta of about $2800. Now factor in a slightly higher residual for the PFA (say 4%) and the difference is a g-note. Far cry from your six grand.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    2004 ford expy eb 5.4l 4x2

    with the following
    power fold 3rd row
    captain seats
    rollover curtains
    MSRP 43380
    Carsdirect price 36537
    Edmunds TMV 36935

    PFA LE 4x2
    with micro filter
    floor mats
    splash guards
    MSRP 41850
    Edmunds TMV 41586
    differnce ~$5000
  • ronshanronshan Posts: 20
    I test drove an Armada LE and did not see any instrumentation that would make me believe that each tire is being individually monitored. I believe what Nissan has done is installed the cheap (and IMO, ineffective) ABS monitored system. I am told the ABS systems monitor all four wheels and detects low pressure if one of the tires is low (based on RPMs?). However, if all four tires are low, you will not get an alert. I have also read that the government is reconsidering whether the ABS type systems will deemed sufficient to meet the tire pressure monitoring system mandate.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    i work in a dealership that owns not only nissan, but ford as well. you are STILL comparing an '03 expy to the armada. here is what i found:FORD: 8&__action2=&.CurrentState=ConfigPage&xefrProd=314351- 0&statetoken=

    NISSAN: nissan%7Carm%7C2004%7C2%7Cc/Dgt/fHA%7CEAAgghAAA%7CEAAAghAAA%3A402- 18&lc=true&seq_id=7&.CurrentState=Config&.NewStat- e=ConfigVehicleSummary&_scrollPos=109

    this gave me an MSRP in the ford of $42725, and you cant get both the load levelling rear suspension, AND the advancetrak. you CAN get both in the a matter of fact, its standard on the LE to have both. i did not include the power 3rd row to keep comparisons even. the armada has an MSRP of $39350. we are ALREADY $3375 to the good. now...the ford has a $2000 rebate, so that makes the difference $1375. this is classic ford thinking...price it $3000 over what its worth, and give back $2000 of it. nissan is trying to price the vehicle RIGHT AT what its worth, instead of the dog and pony rebate show that does nothing other than ruin resale values.

    also remember the differences that the ford CANNOT make up for with options:

    1)ford has no 3rd row airbags.
    2)ford cant have both things stated above
    3)ford is STILL underpowered
    4)nissan tows alot more
    5)if PF and explorer's difference after 5 years was $3000, then use the same equation, the armada/expy should be around $4000 difference...but wait...the PF has a rebate and the armada does not...this helps the armada hold even stronger.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    those are 04 models and I built what I would buy. Personally the load leveling/advance trak isn't a big deal. Those two vehicles I listed are both 04's and what I would buy. Yes the ford msrp is more but it has almost 4k between invoice and sticker and they are selling either at or a couple hundred over. I agree the PFA has more features and is the truck I WANT. However I won't pay msrp for it bottom line. The 5k I can save up front on what I want might make up for those defiancies. Unlike previous vehicles I plan to keep my full size truck a long time so not as worried about resale. Don't get me wrong I like others here really like the Armada. We think it is the best in class and would pay some premium for it. But most of us won't be a taker at current price levels. go 500-1k over invoice and I might have one.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    let me ask you something...have you ever bought a vehicle that you didnt want because of the price? i have seen it happen MANY times. you may pay less for what you dont want, but every LESSER penny you spend will carry regret with it. if you get what you want, even at a slightly higher price, you will love every penny spent on it. this is car sales 101. the point is to get the customer on the car they want because they will be happier and refer more business, regardless of price. so all im saying here is that you shouldnt short-change your happiness. if the armada will make you happier than the ford will, isnt it logical to be willing to spand a little more for it? also, if MSRP holds for longer than you think it will, you will be kicking yourself then thinking "shoot! i could have got one right away for the same price!"
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    you are a good salesman I grant you that :) However so am I so I know that the market will cool off. For my FX I got exactly what I wanted at a price I wanted and will (Eventually) do the same with the Armada. I bought the FX 3 months after release and I love every second. I wouldn't have liked it anymore if I spent more and got it earlier. I'm not the guy that wants it for Invoice - holdback - the dealers first born. I usually offer invoice + XXX or a price I can live with. When I am ready and dealers have The exact vehicle I want I will make my offer. But I always have alternatives. If you lock yourself into a vehicle with out looking at alternatives most times that is when you suffer the most regret.
  • Purnell clearly bought the 35 because of the "deal"...again, with the 4.5 offered on the better model, who would want the 35 other than the price shopper?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    i think even less money could have been spent on an almost identical model, the murano.
  • Anyone, any info on FX 56?

    Pricing, options, std. features, etc?

    Thank you for you input.

    Shair Khan
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    they havent even chosen a name for the thing yet...i assume you mean infiniti's version of the armada. in that case, people have been calling it a QX56...just so others know what you are talking about.

    no, there's no info on it yet...they dont even know when it will be released.
  • .....It does not matter. In fact, it does not matter what kind of equipment it has or even what it looks like. As soon as it is available at $500 over invoice, we all know who is going to buy one.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    please post only tired of looking at your message after i already told you that there IS NO INFO!!!
  • Go to the Infiniti site, that is about as much info as is available.
    Without assuming too much, most of us here are intelligent, sensible adults. As a result, posting questions more than once is not necessary.
    Thanks for coming in today.
  • Wow! People are sensitive here.

    I must have somehow missed the response to my previous post, and I apologize for asking the question again! It certainly was not meant to insult anyone's intelligence... There are other people around who do a good job at it!!!

    Thank you.
    Take it easy, and have a nice day :)

    Shair Khan
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