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Nissan Armada



  • berisimusberisimus Posts: 31
    I have 5100 miles on my beast and no resonance or rotor problems. I guess I am one of the few lucky owners if one believes the high incidence of resonance reported on this forum. I just returned from a trip to Florida's west coast. The ride was much more comfortable than I can remember with my Explorer Sport. Also the seats are more to my liking and I found I could easily go 3-4 hours without any back ache or need to stretch. I listened to XM the entire way. What a treat.

    I love my Armada. I installed a billet grille and molded brushed aluminum dash kit last week. Both look great IMO. Next step is to upgrade the Bose.

    Notwithstanding all its pluses (IMO) the cabin could still be more quiet. If there were a cheap way to add soundproofing I would be first in line. The tire (Continentals) and wind noise (at highway speeds) together with the throaty exhaust do make the ride more noisy than I had expected. Still, it is within acceptable limits and this is my only major gripe so far. Hope not to be posting with resonance and/or rotor problems after such a problem free start. In any event, I have the gold package (100,000 or 5 years) to mitigate any future problems.

    Smoke LE/Tech, graphite interior with second row bench. Accessories: HID conversion kit, Billet grille, brushed aluminum dash kit, satellite radio kit, wireless car kit
  • chuntmdchuntmd Posts: 17
    My Armada with 2700miles is usually just driven on the weekend. Having sat for a week I started it up yesterday. I reached in from the passenger side to turn it on so I was on the same side as the exhause.
    There was puff of blue smoke coming from the exhaust! Anyone else?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    In many cars if you run a vehicle for a very short time (to pull in the garage for instance) there will be some residual fuel in the engine. The next time you start it you'll find it will blow out the blue smoke for a few seconds. This seems to be common with low emissions vehicles.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the "blue" smoke is the same thing that used to come out the pipe of cars before LEV's were around. this is raw exhaust...nothing more.
  • chuntmdchuntmd Posts: 17
    Thanks for the quick replys. I must be getting old as when I see blue smoke in my old Jeep CJ-7 (360, 304, 258) it usually means the valve guides are bad and letting oil seep into the combustion cylinder. We'll see if it happens again this weekend as we are on a trip from MD to CT.

    On a side note:
    While I'm still waiting for my Prodigy brake controller I did get a Equalizer weight distribution hitch. The UPS person must hate me as the main box was 65 pounds and the bars were 38pds. I hope to trailer my CJ this week to get some exhaust work.
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70

    Post some pics of your Armada mods if you can..I'm particularly interested in seeing any audio/video work you get done. I've done the dash kit, wheels and tint and want to put in my aftermarket stereo and a couple of screens, but I haven't found anyone who's done any work on the Armada yet locally.

  • adjmcloon, do a search on google for "NISSAN ARMADA NAV MOD". It should return a couple of hits with the first two being video additions. I'd give you the links but I'll get slapped by steve:)
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I think the term you are looking for is "plausible deniability." I don't know any of the "dealers" who post here but I've purchased a few cars in my life and I know I've been lied to on virtually every transaction. I've caught some and missed some. There's a whole other moral argument that I won't entertain but I guess you win some and lose some with dealers.

    On the post article: I think the interesting point was in the Nuts & Bolts side column in which he states:

    "Purse-strings note: Nissan will have to redo the exterior; and the word from deep within the company is that a re-skinning already is in the works. The company also will have to do something about that roof noise, which is a bother. You can bargain on this one, especially considering the bountiful competition in the full-size SUV."
  • Yeah I had to make a decision and I got my Armada. I've read pretty much all the post here and some from various sites, but once I drove this SUV, I knew this was for me.
    As for this noise I keep reading about do you guys/girls hear this over the music? I hear a little something but it sounds more like the tires on poor roads, but nothing like I've been reading.
  • ldbrickerldbricker Posts: 140
    and thankful from what I read hear that my record of zero Nissans in far too many car purchases over 30 years is still intact. Since Datsun quit making the 510 sedan it's all been downhill. That's a vehicle I may have to track down and get one day just to build a play car. After reading a number of posts over in the Subaru Cafe I had to come see what was going on. There's a significantly higher percentage of negative posts on the Armada it seems. Good luck to you all with all your issues.

    Oh yeah, I wondered how many of you with brake issues have checked the torque on the lug nuts? That seems to be the most common cause of brake problems. Again, good luck.
  • Anyone with an LE get the dual front tow hooks on theirs? The nissanusa list them as a standard feature but they are not on mine?

    Seperate question, anyone know if the wireless headphones will work without the factory DVD system? The owners manual doesn't really say one way or the other so I'm wondering if the transmitter is installed? I'm getting ready to put in a aftermarket system and wonder how much I need to do.
  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of Nissan. We had a 92 Nissan Sentra that we drove over 150,000 miles with no problems...and the same for a friend of mine with a Maxima. My sister has had a Nissan pickup for over ten years, and only now is it beginning to have problems.

    I don't know if the Armada will be as trouble free. There seems to be a good deal of people complaining about it, but mine is problem free so far. I get the feeling people are expecting this to be a luxury car, and forget that it is truck based. It isn't meant to be a mini van or sedan.

    I can't speak for Nissan's other current vehicles, but Nissan has been reliable in the past. I'm sure a lot of other Nissan owners would agree with me.
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    I was cleaning my ride this evening, and when I went to wipe off the back door windows, both of them would give about 1/2" either way as I wiped side to side. Anyone notice any play in the back door side glass?

  • ldbrickerldbricker Posts: 140
    as the rest of them. My inlaws have had them for almost 2 decades and generally had good service. They just don't do anything for me. If it isn't 510, 240, or 260 I just don't have any interest. As to the Armada, I had to come check out the forum to see what all the negativity spilling out to other boards was about. It appears they've missed a beat or two that have lead to significant dissatisfaction among a large number of owners. Hopefully for all concerned it will be resolved acceptably.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the 350 should peak your interest...if you drive it. it puts the 240, 260, and 280 to shame.
  • ldbrickerldbricker Posts: 140
    for sheer performance, but doesn't have the intangible appeal of the 240 and to a slightly lesser but acceptable degree the 260. By the 280 they had already lost it so it isn't in my list either. For the level of admission to the 350 I would rather have an Evo or STi.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    doesnt have a/c or a radio...dude, its not even close in apples to apples comparison.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    For '05 it may (?) have a radio too.

  • chuntmdchuntmd Posts: 17
    The LE has front tow hooks. I think all models do.

  • tiggerguytiggerguy Posts: 76
    ...Just had to comment on that STI vs 350Z talk....Unless you are petite, only the die hard boy racer is going to feel comfortable in the STI. Comparing that, which is a street legal outlaw oval tracker, to a Z, which is a sports car that is built more for touring rather than Baja wannabes, is kinda ridiculous. (you can also drift in a Z..LOL) I've sat in and driven both, they are made for two different types of people. Kinda like comparing a Hummer and a Range Rover.
    Back to the Armada, Mine is still trouble free, and I met someone the next town over with one that is ALSO trouble free. Like I said, the planets were alligned when mine was built, as well as many others. Coming from GM products, I'm used to much worse. It doesn't make up for these problems, Nissan better get their act together by the time I trade, or I'm gonna have to go buy that STI LOL
  • ldbrickerldbricker Posts: 140
    and the STi has automatic climate control as already mentioned. Since a large percentage of people upgrade the factory stereos anyway the absence of one is no biggie to me. As previously mentioned, I'd pick the Evo first but be thrilled with either one as a gift.
  • mdaryamdarya Posts: 11
    Long time reader of this forum.

    I have been offered $3700 off a LE with Tech/DVD. Is this a pretty good deal? Are they going for invoice or below? Only two in area with Navi. Not really that interested in DVD player, but would like the Navi.

  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    are all below forecast. Dealers blame little ads on media. But, I guess some are waiting for problems to get cleaned up. A broker offered me invoice a couple months ago. I bet you can do better than that. Start with $500 below invoice. They got holdback to dip into.
  • davemandaveman Posts: 19
    My LE also does not have any tow hooks in the front. My dealer said these are only standard on the 4WD version, and I have the 2WD. Did anyone else get tow hooks on a 2WD LE included as a standard option? The internet site says they are standard on the LE.

    By the way - I have about 1500 miles and have been trouble free - no resonance or issues of note.
  • I think that must be the case. The brochure says 4x4 only, but the web site does not differentiate? I'm going to try and get them this weekend and reference the web site. I don't really have any need for them but hate to give up anything.
  • ldbrickerldbricker Posts: 140
    "I don't really have any need for them but hate to give up anything."

    Why do I have visions of an hour long grind for the last $35 in the deal? Oh well, at least the dealer will get the opportunity to either absorb the cost in house since the brochure clearly explains it's 4x4 only and Nissan isn't going to supply them or the opportunity to say no to an unreasonable request and then be bad mouthed over the turn down. Either way the dealer wins again.
  • Not going to waste an hour, have some other things to be done and if they throw them in because Nissan clearly states on their web site that it is as a standard feature and contradicts themselves in another source then great! If not I'll let it go.
    "Nissan isn't going to supply them..unreasonable?" I'm not so sure since they state in one publication that it is standard... I don't plan on bad mouthing Nissan or the Dealer but I will bring it to their attention. I'd like to have every bell and whistle said to be included needed or not.
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    A friend of mine just bought an Armada a couple of weeks ago and seems to really like it. My wife and I bought a Sequoia back in September that took 4 months to deliver, so when the Armadas hit the lots, I was sort of wishing I had not already ordered the Sequoia. We love the Sequoia, and my wife dislikes all other SUVs so we would have bought the Sequoia anyway, but I like my friend’s truck.

    He is a huge guy (6’ 6” and nearly 300 lbs) but he doesn’t look huge in it although he prefers not to (or can’t) put the arm rest down. With him in the front seat with it all the way back and well reclined, I can sit in the back seat (6’ 2”) without my knees on the back of the front seat – very comfortable.

    His criterion for the vehicle was something that he could sit in comfortably, and decided that the best thing for him was the Infiniti Q56 that he saw pre-release at the Chicago Auto Show. When he looked at it at the dealership, he liked the truck, but could not plug his Ipod into the sound system. The salesman searched all over the truck for a jack and put a call into corporate to locate it (apparently it doesn’t exist). By chance, he walked across the lot to the Nissan dealership, popped his head into one and saw an Aux button on the radio and an Aux hole in the dash and bought the truck on the spot (loaded smoke LE 4x4).

    When he first brought it to the office a couple of us took it out for a spin. Ran it on the expressway at 90 mph and never heard any of the resonance issues that others have noticed here. I am sure that he hasn’t noticed it or he would have complained. The Armada seems to be at lest as quiet inside as my Sequoia (I think – kids always screaming), and the sound system is much better.
  • indy93indy93 Posts: 97
    Nissan must monitor this chat....!
  • I have an SE with no hooks on my 2 wheel drive. I helped a friend buy a LE 2 wheel drive. His has hooks. The dealer told me they are standard on all LE models. I did look at the front of them and every single LE had one on their lot. I think someone is telling you wrong about that.
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