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Nissan Armada



  • rshershe Posts: 236
    I think you and I talked earlier about modifying the carrier (Sears SV20 made by Thule)... I did mine as well, but I added 1/8 inch metal braces to the interior to help span the extra distance and it feels firmer than it did originally...Glad to hear there are no problems. Thanks again for the reply.
  • I am in search of a new Armada, but it seems like the SUV is just not yet ready for prime time. I love the way it looks and when you sit in it you just enjoy the view.

    With all the problems, I just can't see spending 30K+ for it yet.

    Sad and lonely (for the Armada).

    Sometimes, its better to be rid of a problem than trying to solve it.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    We go down to Assateague National Seashore on the weekends during the summer and go to the ORV areas....Been using my 96 4Runner and have never had a problem... Has anyone taken their Armada off onto soft sand? Just curious how it performed.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    that is for a 2WD. yours, i assume, is 4x4?

    to all:

    if i come off rude, i dont mean to. there are MANY, MANY people on other boards in edmunds and other sites that post negative information about this vehicle and other vehicles simply to spoil the apples. most of them not only do not own the vehicle they discuss, but have never even seen one in person. this makes me sick, and it has caused my radar to be on the lookout for B.S. are there problems? of course. i dont deny that. but for awhile on here, it even made ME wonder why anyone would buy one of these.
    since the armada debuted, i have driven almost 50 different armadas. i have personally sold 8, and neither have i, nor my customers had to deal with any of the problems posted here, so i hope you all can understand my skepticism.
    i will try to curb the personal comments, but for those on here (and i know you are here) that are simply maliciously attacking an otherwise quality vehicle, please stop and get a life.

  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    The fact that you make your living selling Nissans should make everyone skeptical.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ... the topic is the Armada. Let's get back to it and leave opinions about individuals to ourselves! :-)

    tidester, host
  • shopinfulshopinful Posts: 47
    And they say women are testy!! Anyway, my husband has had his Armada for about 1 1/2 mo. now and says he likes this vehicle better than any other. I keep listening for something/sounds inside but have heard none. The ride is great and very comfortable. He's driven off road at some construction sites and it drove like a dream. I have heard a noise outside in the back twice when he first started it. Kind of a click noise. Anyone have a clue what that might be? We have never had a 4 wheel drive so I thought maybe this noise might have something to do with that. Anyway, for what it is worth....this is an information board and a sound off board to discuss both the positive and negative things, at least that what I thought it was. It is just a normal thing for most people to write when they have a problem instead of writing about things that are going well. I just thank my lucky stars - so far - so good - but if something would start to happen, you'll be the first to know of it....and I hope if I do have a problem - there will be information and support. Let's not forget...this board is to help each other.
  • ksloan77ksloan77 Posts: 28
    to those who have questions for me....why did i go back 4 times to the dealer to get it fixed? the dealer told me to bring it in to get it fixed. you have to play by their rules in order to go through the steps for resolving this issue. if i had refused to go back after the 3rd time, what right would i have to say "give me my money back?" the dealer has a right to "fix" the problem as well. my biggest problem with the whole fixing ordeal was....they took my truck for 2 solid weeks, and did not give me a replacement vehicle! then called me up and said they couldn't fix it to come and get it, and now, it's much worse!!

    i have an le with the sunroof. my dealer told me that "nissan is aware of the problem, but as of yet does not have a fix for it" --- that was 2 weeks ago. the truck is setting in my garage because i can't/won't drive it. i have an umbrella positioned from the back seat to the roof to stop it from squeaking me out of the truck when i HAVE to drive it (picking up stuff that will only fit in a truck). a manager from nissan corporate is suppose to call me today --- after i called them again for the 8th time yesterday and got a little pissy with them about no one calling me back.

    i like so many things about the armada: the power, towing, room, and really like the drive...very smooth, and the appearance. so it's really a shame that i am about to swear off nissan products forever over this. this is my 5th new nissan product i've purchased over the years, and you would expect that as a valuable repeat customer, i would get better cusomer service. i am also going to call the ownwer of the dealership and tell him that he will also be included in my lawsuit if they/nissan don't give me my money back. nissan could have had the best product in the suv arena ....but they are dropping the ball big time by not making things right with customers like me. hell, if they had made things right with me early on -- i would have considered buying a new one in 2005...but not now. looks like lincoln navigator here i come! btw....i even went as far as going to an infiniti dealer and drove the qx45(?) to see if that "luxury" truck has the roof/vibration does!!! granted, it was not as noisy otherwise, but has the same roof design flaw that the armada has. good luck to all of you!
  • cdogcdog Posts: 12
    At the top of this page you'll find a reminder: "What is this discussion about? Nissan Armada, SUV" Your opinions about the VEHICLES are persuasive.

    Going for another test-drive today. Have test-driven three Armadas since last week and all had the resonance. If I find a quiet one, I'll probably be sold. Test-drove an SR5 as well. Compared to the Armada, has a GM feel -- lots of metal on the outside, unexpectedly tight quarters on the inside. SR5 dash styling looks like planned obsolesence -- and a whole lot like a Corolla. Seems larger in my garage than the Armada (despite the specs, which indicate the opposite). That plus the 40 lb non-folding seats, sway and weaker engine keeps me in the hunt for an Armada.

    Have you ever heard resonance in the Armadas you've driven?

    (Legal disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are those of the author only and are not necessarily shared or endorsed by the site host, readers, detectives, sociologists, criminologists, psychologists, philosophers, cable news special analysts, radio talk-show hosts, Fox News, or Oliver Stone).
  • popinjaypopinjay Posts: 50
    While I appreciate both the negative and positive comments posted by informed users of this board, I think it's safe to say that very few of us believe everything that is written here. I find it quite easy, actually, to separate the valuable posts from the occasional jabberwocky contributed by the 'I have too much time on my hands' of the world.
    I would laugh out loud if I found out that some of you are basing your buying decisions based solely on what you read on these boards.
  • sub9904sub9904 Posts: 72
    Drove two. SE (no sunroof) and LE (sunroof) both had the resonance. Won't be driving any more. Seen and read enough to wait at least for the 05.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    no, i have never heard it. i can imagine how it is, but neither me, the people i work with, or our customers have ever complained about it. thats why, although empathetic, im still skeptical of the widespread nature of it "everywhere else".
  • the more i drive my baby (still havent thought of a name after 2100 miles!), the more i notice a slight pressure build-up while going over bumps, very simmilar to an ear-popping sensation, but nowhere close to the extremes of actually popping my ears (i seem a little more sensative to it in the morning for some reason). from what i have read, this does not seem as what i would expect from the notorious resonance issue, but i would like to ask those of you who do experience this "resonance," does this sound simmilar to what you all are experiencing?

    i have read a few unfortunate souls who didn't come across the resonance until 3-5k+ miles, and it seems just get worse...

    whatever my issue might be, it becomes more noticeable every week. it isn't that bad IMO, but it is annoying... especially since nothing of the sort was heard from any Tahoe i have test driven (and the hefty price of over 36K).
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    Mine's got 3500 on it and the resonance has definitely gotten worse over time. I'm afraid what it's going to be like at 10 or 20K.

    Got my dealer calling Nissan today to try to prod a TSB date out of them. Good luck, I know. I did some research and the 1st instance of resonance mentioned on this board was around October of 2003, so this isn't a new issue. No doubt there are Nissan people who check this board from time to time, so it really makes you wonder if Nissan is actually serious about fixing this problem, or if they just can't because it's inherent. If I end up trying the "fix" I'm going to have them apply dynamat to every possible inch of the roof while the headliner is torn out and see if that helps. I'll keep y'all posted.

    Too bad too, 'cause in every other regard this is a great vehicle.

  • roborigroborig Posts: 7
    My LE finally came in last week and I thought I'd post my initial impressions after only 300+ miles.

    The fit and finish are excellent (inside and out).

    The engine and powertrain are phenomenal! LOTS of smooth power at lower RPM. Haven't been over 4,000 RPM yet, per break-in instructions.

    Love the cockpit storage, instuments and especially the Nav system. It's more than a toy!

    Have not been affected by the dreaded resonance problem, but the headliner shakes like a "Big Dog" when the road gets choppy. If you hold your right hand up, you can feel it with an amplitude of approximately +/- 1/8".

    No creaks or rattles at all (yet). As with every new vehicle I've ever bought, I expect some to come with age (and be eliminated by me or my dealer).

    Wind noise from the sunroof is quite noticeable at all speeds. It's even present sitting still in a 5-10 MPH wind! Pulling the manual sun shade closed eliminates it. Will get it checked out at my first servicing. This is the ONLY complaint I have about this rig.

    btill1: did you install the wind deflector because of the wind noise of your sunroof, or was it already on the unit that you bought?

    I can hardly wait to drag my boat behind my new "Bold-Mobile"!


    Robo Rig
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    I had it installed at my first oil change I thought it would help the noise but it really did not. Like you I just end up closing the sun shade, I also had the moonroof adjusted at the dealer and that did help but it is still noisier than I would like.
  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    Had the problem with wind noise, and water leaking from the sunroof. The dealer replaced the whole unit on mine instead of adjusting it. I saw a TSB on adjusting the sunroof, but the dealer said the seal was bad on mine so replaced it. This completely eliminated the noise, and the leaking. This is the ONLY problem I have had with mine in almost 5000 miles. One window was groaning, but that seems to have stopped for the time being. Hope it remains trouble free.
  • freddy1freddy1 Posts: 5
    I have had my Armada for a month now 2000 miles not one problem yet. I love the ride, power and everything of this machine.I have no resonance at all and the only complaint i have is gas mileage but who doesn't.
  • tiggerguytiggerguy Posts: 76
    I think a lot of the reason the sunroofs make so much noise is the angle of the roof where it is. It's really still on the upsweep angle of the roof design, hence when it's open, the wind just comes in the cabin like a big scoop. (bet this helps the mileage) I can have the roof open on my Benz at any speed and not have to raise my voice at all- but then, it IS a Mercedes and not a truck. I was debating on getting the deflector, but if it's not going to have much effect, I'll pass.
     4200 miles on the Galaxy Cruiser LE w/tech and still no other problems, my rotors show no signs of warpage, and like I have stated before, I descend a big mountain at 40+ mph every morning going to work, so if they were going to warp, I would know by now! Perhaps they changed the makeup of them somewhere along the line? My headliner wobbles too, thank god I'm not in the back seat watching a movie (pass the dramamine)I do think they should have done more work on the whole headliner/console/roof deal- If I had any need for the DVD player, I would be more concerned with complaining, but I didn't want it in the first place. I would much rather a wobble in the headliner than the "R" word, soooo.....

    I can still honestly say I'm happy with my purchase, I would not have been as happy with the underpowered Sequoia I was also considering. I'm just counting my lucky stars, and keeping my eyes open for any scary developments. But rather than sit in the truck like a paranoid schitzophrenic(I know I spelled that one wrong lol)waiting and listening for something to happen that just might never happen,I'm going to enjoy my truck,and if something SHOULD pop up, I'll have the experience of having been informed from reading the posts of others, and be better able to asess the problem. -.....still scaring little old ladies in Civics..... Tigger
  • dboogiedboogie Posts: 71
    So far, 2200 miles on the Armada (4x2 LE no sunroof) and not a hint of the resonance or rotor warpage. I'm still lovin' the Mothership!
  • cdogcdog Posts: 12
    Someone asked for a desciption of the resonance. Occurs when you drive over a bunch of little bumps together at about 40 mph. Sounds like it rises up the walls around the second row of seats and then thunders overhead and fills the cabin. Sales guy tonight said "It's like you're driving down a mountain." You feel pressure in your eardrum and hear a very deep, low booming sound; not nearly as loud, but akin to the low booming sound of those oversized woofers that kids crank. Sounds and feels like an old VW Beetle with one rear window open.

    Test drove two Armadas today. The truck I was interested in arrived at the lot yesterday and wasn't ready to drive yet. We drove another. Resonance was noticeable on our bumpy California boulevards at about 40 mph. Not ear-popping, but definitely there. Improved noticeably on the freeway.

    Had an idea. Stood on step rail and tapped straight down on roof over the second row seats, near the center channel. Easily 1/4 inch of give and bounce. Salesman tried and was surprised, too. Was like a tin drum.

    Did the same thing on the truck that had just arrived. Interesting - definitely rigid over the second row. Big difference! But sounded like tin thunder over the rear third of the truck, with the same amount of give and bounce. Still, given the difference and the fact that this was about as hot off the grill as they get, my hopes were up. We scheduled a return trip this evening so they could remove the white bug paper that it gets delivered in.

    Sadly, the resonance was terrible in the brand new vehicle. Had a headache by the time we finished the drive. Salesman couldn't believe his ears.

    While headed back for the second test drive, a salesman from another dealer, who has driven a few with me, called. He said a Nissan rep was there today to talk about the Murano, Armada and a few others. Asked the guys whether they had experienced, or whether any customers had complained about resonance.

    So we know Nissan is on board. Now, can they fix it? And when?

    I love this truck. Anything else would feel like a big compromise. But won't put down 40 Gs for a headache. Will keep looking and hoping.
  • (i had asked about the resonance)

    that is pretty much what i am starting to experience... she was perfect when i first started driving her!! ah...

    fortunately, i haven't developed any headaches, but then again, i have a constant headache all day so it might be hard to tell ;)

    i noticed how weak the roof is, as well. my 1989 blazer can hold my weight on the roof (don't ask), yet i am afraid to put my cat up there... not that this is a common occurance...
  • (bare with me, never had any "auto" or "special" suspension of any kind).

    Had to park on a ditch to drop off some friends, the ditch was a lot steeper than it looked. As my friends stepped out, two of them fell - weren't expecting the drop off being so deep. My truck was almost leveled out in the rear!!

    I have noticed it kick in while running over a curb about three times, as well (still not fully used to the length and wheelbase). Besides a jolt equivilant to that of a small bump, my baby hasn't even noticed them. Back in my Blazer, any and every curb or elevation felt like the thing was about to tip over...

    -- Just figured a more positive outlook on things might lighten my mood. For anyone looking, definately get the Bose and Tow packages!!

    Anyone else with (hopefully positive) experiences?
  • popinjaypopinjay Posts: 50
    At least not yet anyway. Maybe this has been addressed in a previous post, and if it has I apologize for wasting everyone's time here....but why do some of these things have the resonance problem while others do not? I've got an SE, purchased November 1st, with almost 4k miles, and no resonance. Is it inevitable that I get the resonance problem? Why was I one of the lucky ones? I know there are a lot of complaints about it here, but it's tough to get a feel for what percentage of these vehicles are experiencing the problem.
  • that is a really good question. at first, it seemed as though almost all problems applied to Armada's with sunroofs, but now all, even the QX56's are affected.

    Personally, it seems like all have it, but the drivers might not be as susceptible to it as others... While test-driving one really bad Armada, only one other of my 5 friends noticed the noise.
  • popinjaypopinjay Posts: 50
    The way it's been described, I would think the noise and the pressure change deal would be quite noticeable to everyone in the vehicle. I've had as many as 7 in my Armada, and no one's ever said a thing. Now when someone rolls down a back window, I definitely hear and feel that. I almost feel like going and doing some more test driving at the dealer to see if I can find a bad one.
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    Since the resonance is such a low frequency, it makes sense that some folks hear it and some don't. Human hearing on average begins around 30hz, but some can hear lower. The resonance is definitely around 20-30hz.

    I am going to take my spectrum analyzer and get a capture of the road noise. That should tell us precisely what frequencies are resonating and how loudly for my particular vehicle. I'll post the results when I get the chance.

    I noticed yesterday not only the resonance, but also for the first time a distinctive pressure in my ears. Know when you get on a flight and they pressurize the cabin? It's like that, but it comes on much more gradually.

  • dboogiedboogie Posts: 71
    but is rolling down the window to get the problem REALLY the same thing?? I believe people are getting the resonance problem with the windows rolled UP. I think rolling the windows down to get that effect is "normal" wind buffetting that MAY occur from time to time in just about any vehicle.
    I've yet to experience the resonance problem in my vehicle or any of the other 5 or 6 that I test drove, but SOMETIMES if i rolled one of the rear windows down I will get that "helicopter blades in motion" sound and feeling in my ears which I think is just wind buffeting. The "helicopter blades in motion" feeling is an uncomfortable pressure in my ears and across my body. I've gotten that exact same sound and feeling in my Mitsubishi Eclipse from time to time when I'd roll down a window
  • popinjaypopinjay Posts: 50
    I was only referencing the window because I thought that the 2 sensations might be similar.
    I would think that even if I can't hear the noise associated with the resonance, I would still feel the 'popping' sensation in my ears that everyone describes.
    On a much more serious note, I've still yet to receive my 'Grinch' DVD that was stuck in the DVD player when it failed 3 months ago.
  • tiggerguytiggerguy Posts: 76
    I'll never forget the first time I rolled down the rear passenger window in my Mom's suburban (Yes, my mother drives a suburban) I thought the roof was going to explode! Needless to say, it seems you can get some good 'copter noise going in anything if you open the right window. After reading the prior posts I had to run outside and do the "pop n fresh dough" test on my roof, sure enough, it weebles and wobbles. But then, I haven't seen a solid roof panel since my '66 Pontiac. (THAT was some solid steel) It would be interesting to know the precentage of people who OWN Armadas that truly have the resonance problem. I see a couple running around, but have yet to talk to another owner in person . There's one at the local Toyota dealer on the front turntable with 3000 miles on it, I didn't ask WHY it was traded (didn't want to go there) I have had enough different people in mine to honestly say there is no earth shattering ka-boom in my Armada, who the heck knows why, this could become one of those mysteries that Poirot would be needed to solve. (To bad Peter Hustonov died =o(
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