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Nissan Armada has posted some new spy shots of this upcoming Expedition and Sequoia fighter. As a current Sequoia owner I'm looking forward to this new release. Besides it's going to be built in my home state!

Rumor has it that it will be called the Summit or Pathmaster.



  • Here's the link to the pdf newsletter at

    It shows an official photo of the front end of the full size truck to makes its debut in January 2003. I'm sure the front ends will be similar on the SUV.

  • has certainly been kept out of the press. I have seen very little on the truck except some very well disguised "spy shots" as shown in the posts above. It does not appear to be similar to the big Nissan Patrol that is on sale in the rest of the world (and seen on the nightly news painted white as the vehicle of choice for the UN Inspectors in Iraq). This is in a way too bad as that truck (which is what it is) is a great, sturdy, no nonsense - no frill - go anywhere utility vehicle. The new full size will no doubt have all the luxury features of the competition and be very capable besides. The good news it almost certainly will have a version of that great Infiniti V8 with gobs of torque and horsepower. I suspect the lights are burning brightly in the Toyota Sequoia powerplant section these days!
  • But somehow looks like Ford Expedition.
  • talking to ourselves! Three people have responded to this thread! That is pretty amazing if you consider that if this was a thread about a Toyota Full Size SUV I am sure responses would number in the hundreds by now. Sure Toyota is a good vehicle, but so is Nissan. Having driven both Toys and Nissan light trucks I find them equally capable, with the Nissan a better buy. Going off subject a bit,at the high end of both companies, why is Lexus perceived more desirable than Infinity? Both are IMHO equally luxurious, but only Lexus is "considered" with Mercedes,BMW, and Range Rover by the white wine and cheese set at the racquet club.Going way back to the disasterous introduction of the Infinity (remember, no car picture, just rocks and trees in the ads)Lexus ate their lunch! Nissan is lousy in product marketing. I'm sorry, but that's how it shakes out in my view. Here we are in a thread that should have lots of excitement and anticipation about this really new cutting edge full size SUV that will go head to head with Tahoe,Expy,Sequoia, and only three of us care enough to make a comment. So, Mr Nissan if you're out there lurking how about cleaning house in your sales and marketing division and hire away some of those bright sparks from Toyota, Chevy Truck, and anyone else that can jump start this program with some excitement!
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Actually, there isn't even a Toyota Sequioa forum in the SUV discussions.

    And the fact that people often misspell Infiniti (not Infinity) shows what little presence the company has in the public's interest. That is probably why Lexus is perceived as more desirable - people just don't care enough for Infiniti to the point where the spelling of the brand is often wrong.

    But getting to the Nissan SUV - I expect this thread to pick up once people see it at the auto shows. The inactivity is probably a result of people not knowing about it.
  • I promise to write "Infiniti" a hundred times on the blackboard if you will do the same with Sequoia! Your last point just bears out my contention, ...."people not knowing about it". Exactly, that is the problem and why Nissan needs to get their marketing section revitalized. Then, maybe people will know about what is coming their way!
  • Actually there is a Sequoia forum here at Edmunds

    gedmundsc "Toyota Sequoia (SUV Board)" Dec 27, 2002 10:44am

    I'm willing to bet that by this time next month this board will take off. Assuming that Nissan does unveil the Truck, SUV, and Minivan in Detroit as expected by some. Then again it may be a combo of two with the 3rd being held for NY in April.

    We'll just have to wait and see.
  • You know when I exchanged my 2002 4runner ltd with 2002 Pathfinder Le my friends were complaining about why did I go from A grade to B. My answer was my choice. Nissan needs to do something that will really make interest in people. I don't see people talking about this full size suv at all. It's sad that toyota is far ahead.
  • raises a good point. For whatever reason people (imho)just don't think of Nissan in the same way they think of Toyota as far as reputation. It's like Nissan is some kind of Subaru or Suzuki off brand cut rate vehicle (not that either of those last mentioned are that, but some misguided people in my experience think of them that way).It may have something to do with the name change in the early 80's. Datsun had a great reputation. The 240Z was (is) a classic. The Datsun King Cab was the first expanded cab small pick up, the Datsun 510 was a great favorite of the aftermarket tuners. Their line up met or exceeded anything Toyota had going.Then the name changed and it became "Who?" I look forward to seeing the new line up at the auto shows and hope we will actually get to read about the new full size SUV. We did get this thread going tho'!
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    That's amazing...I did a search before I typed and it didn't show up. I even scrolled through the SUV threads and it was not there. I obviously overlooked it.

    califjohn- Sequoia. I should really know this, since it was a question on Jeopardy! (about having all the vowels) and I got it right.

    But anyways, look how I got the board running! Can't really say much more until the official unveiling, though.
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    I guess partly because Nissan was in financial trouble in much of the last decade. Nissan could have withdrawn from U.S., had Renauld not bought it a few years ago. It was like a vicious cycle: cost-cutting, poor quality, and more cost-cutting. But it is a totally different story now. In fact, the Pathfinder probably has better quality than the last generation 4runner, most people simply have no clue. This is absolutely a good thing for us - we have better chance to get a good deal on the likes of the upcoming FX45 or the Nissan/Infiniti full-size truck.
  • Case in point, the new Altima's interior, the new G35's interior and to some degree, the new Murano's interior. Cost cutting didn't really start until Ghosn took over isn't he call "Le cost cutter" or something like that. I will agree though, the Pathfinde has some of the best materials of any of the SUVs out there, espeically the last generation 4Runner. The new 4Runner has a VERY nice inteiror though.
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    the human cost. I am afraid that quit a few Nissan employee lost their jobs in the past few years. Nissan now has the world's most efficient production line, but it is not necessarily a good thing for its employee, although it is definitely a good thing for its stock holders.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    hey, give us a break...this string just started and already you whine that only 3 people are talking to themselves...(make it 4...LOL)...I consider myself somewhat "in tune" with the auto industry, reading 3 auto mags monthly (MT, C&D, R&T) yet I just stumbled on this topic in the SUV thread...I had no idea that Nissan had a full size ANYTHING in the works, as I was considering Pathfinder/QX4...I have read about the M45, and G series, so I don't think I am I have one more topic to follow...
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    in this new SUV but mostly the Infiniti version. I bought a QX4 last January. We really need a 3rd row of seats and were therfore also considering a Sequoia but felt it was out of our price range.

    Incidently Bob, your going to get blasted by tloke1 for the comment you made in the JGC discussion. I have been saying what you are saying for the last year and he can't accept it.
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    about only three of us on the thread, that's all there were for nearly a month. Now we have the start of an interesting discussion on the full size Nissan/Infiniti SUV. Thanks to Sequoiasaurus for starting the thread and as more information comes out of the auto shows, and hopefully the marketing department of Nissan, we will find out what this new full size SUV will be like.
  • bluestar1bluestar1 Posts: 112
    does Nissan's f/s SUV have the specs to play with the big boys ??

    It is a compliment to the Sequoia if it is now the benchmark for f/s SUV's after only 3 years on the market.... Toyota makes 60K/yr and darn well sells every single one built. Nissan/Infiniti has a lot to prove and show us they are capable of competing, although they are in the right direction with some of their new entries recently.

    We'll see if Nissan can play with the Tahoe's, Sequoia's and Expy's.... Even then, it is late to the party as it is. Maybe, if Nissan can put in some class-leading features on this truck, it may have a chance, otherwise, it will be condemned to the class of "also-rans", much like Infiniti until the arrival of the G.
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    pick up has debuted at the Detroit Auto Show. It looks to me like a Frontier on steroids, but in a nice way. The engine appears to be a 5.6 V8 (at least that's what it said on the valve/cam cover).It retains the industrial Tonka look that the new Frontier and new large Fords seem to favor. I wish I could link to the pix for you but sadly cannot. I found it through Blue Oval News under "Concepts.... Auto Show 2003" and came up with a directory that had Nissan listed. Indications are the truck will go on sale in July with the SUV shortly thereafter. It looks to me like it will be worth the wait.
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    for linking those pix! We shouldn't have to wait too long for some specs to come out. It looks like the pick up may have a live axle rear suspension, which is good for hauling. The SUV is supposed to have a different set up that is better for a smoother ride. I would suspect that it is an independent rear suspension that will allow for a useful and adequately sized disappearing third seat row, like the Ford Expedition.
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    is starting to show up in the enthusiast press. The latest issue of Four Wheeler for example carries a short item with a heavily disguised photo stating the truck will be in dealerships this fall. The intro is supposed to be in either the Chicago or NY auto shows this year. Another interesting SUV is the new Dodge Durango that debuted at the Detroit show. Not a bad looking rig (IMHO) and with a Hemi to boot! I would certainly wait at least two years for that one to get sorted out tho'. The Nissan would probably be pretty good right out of the box, but I think I would still wait a year just to be safe.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286 says the SUV will be at the NY auto show.

    The new Dodge Durango looks really good on the exterior, but I saw a pic of the interior and I'll have to reserve judgment until further details. First impression was not favorable.
  • It's on the Fresh Alloy site and others. The SUV looks extremely mean and macho! Kinda like it's on steroids. Gotta wait until the NY Auto Show for pix, bummer. But I'm glad this baby will not have a V-6 engine. Kudos, Nissan, for bringing it out equipped for the real world.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Nice bulging fender flares. I like the sloping rear roof, although I think the lines should've continued all the way to the end, instead of having the rear glass all square like that.
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    since i am not interested in a full sized armada, i am wondering what they have in mind for midsize pathfinder? traded 4runner for 02 le and never regretted it.
  • looks good in that artist's drawing. The hood bulge shown does not seem to interfere with forward vision too much. The specs indicate it will be built on the Triton's platform which has a live axle rear suspension.Nissan needs to have figured out a way to put a fold down flat 3rd row of seats without taking any cargo room out of the back. So far the only one to have done the 3rd row well (IMHO) has been Ford in their big SUV's. If you have not seen that 3rd row power fold down feature in the Expy or Navigator it is almost worth a trip to a dealer to see it work. We should be seeing more about the Armada as the Auto Show date approaches.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    I hope Nissan does well in the F/S market. It can only mean more choices and a better chance at getting a good deal from any maker/dealer. I think Nissan builds a fine product. If I can have another choice over Ford or GM I'm certainly going to be happy.
  • We'll have to see a photo, but I like how the front end/grille of the Armada varies from the Titan's. Is Carlos on top of his game or what?
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