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    I saw 2 Armadas pulling box trailers, driving home from work on I-17 in Phoenix. I have to agree with nightmask, they do look better in person than in pictures. They look tougher and the design seems more cohesive.

    I wouldn't buy one, but they look nice. I'm holding out for either the H3, '05 Grand Cherokee, or the next gen. Pathfinder, which seems to have appeared as a mildly disguised concept, called the "Dunehawk." It looks awesome! Much cooler than the Armada.

    Here it is:
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    No more 4Runner for you?
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    the pics are really kewl. Are you sure it's the next generation pathfinder, if so I will be the first one to trade my 2002 pathinder.
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    I can't understand why Nissan would not come to market in the first place with a split third row, especially when the intended competition (read, Expedition) has it and touts it as a main feature.

    The Tahoe too, has a split 3rd row.

    I understand the need to be able to offer up some changes for the second model year, but this choice seems a little odd.

    We chose a Crysler T&C over a Honda Odyssey partly because we didn't like the all-or-nothing proposition of the Honda's third row. Yes, I know that people complain about having to store the seat(s) from the Chrylser when they're not in use, but guess what? When the seats aren't in use the car's not in the garage either since you're likely out driving around carrying whatever it was you needed the room for.

    And I've never had a situation where I couldn't carry something on short notice when the third row was tumbled forward, or folded down.

    Now that I find myself in the market for a larger SUV (to tow a camping trailer) I'm looking at these two vehicles.

    Given that these types of vehicles are all about flexibity (and marketed that way to some degree) the non-split 3rd seat is a big deal. All other things aside, that gives the Expedition, in my mind, an edge.
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    intended competition for the armada is the sequoia. nothing more, nothing is smart enough to know that the ford and chevy buyers are the most loyal on earth. they will take what they can get from the big 2, but its not an intended result.

    what do you mean by "all or nothing" in the odyssey? with the seat in use you have more room than any other van, and with the seat folded, you have the same level at the floor as the T&C.
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    It sounds like they tested a 2WD version, and not a 4WD.

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    No, after all that talk and anticipation. The more I looked at it, the more I became disappointed with the design. When you compare it to the GX 470 or the Prado, or even the last generation, it just starts looking goofy. All I see when I look at the front end is a big hippo's face!

    I'm glad Toyota got the hint, finally, and now offers the SR5 and Sport Edition without the cladding. I liked the cladding at first, but when I started seeing 4Runners driving around with it, they looked really dumpy. If the truck was lifted a bit, and had nice beefy tires, the cladding might look fine. The down-side is that now there's nothing to separate the Limited, except the silver accents.

    I really like the GX, but it's over-priced, in my opinion. A used one is still a contender for my next SUV, but I really prefer buying new. So, for now, the aforementioned 3 ('05 H3, '05 Grand Cherokee, & '05 Pathfinder) are the front-runners.

    I also love the Volvo XC90. It's features, utility, quality, and safety are all top-notch, but the styling isn't quite as rugged-looking as I prefer. Motor Trend said it handled some off-road situations better than the H2, but I'm not convinced it's over all off-road prowess is up to the same standards as even my truck.

    So, I'm back to searching for spy shots and posting in forums, in anticipation, once again!
  • tbcreativetbcreative Member Posts: 357
    I wouldn't bet my life on it, but I believe the DuneHawk is an extreme representation of the new Pathfinder design.

    I think the production version will definitely be toned down a bit, but Nissan is coming out with some pretty radical designs. The Murano and Quest are prime examples, as are the Titan and Armada.

    The main reason I believe this concept is the next gen. Pathfinder, is that the "C" pillars have the signature angle and the rear doors have the vertical handles (okay, so do the XTerra and Armada). Also, it has been rumored that it will have a 3rd row of seats, like the DuneHawk does. It appears to be about the right size, too.

    I sure hope I'm not wrong, because I really like what I'm seeing! Maybe we should all send letters to the powers-that-be at Nissan, through to convince them to produce this baby!
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    Edmunds made a boo boo in their "First Drive" article on the Armada. They state that it has a 3.5 liter 32-valve V-8. Uh, guys if you're listening, it's 5.6.
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    When I said 'all or nothing' in regards to the third row in the Odyssey it was in this regard:

    The seat can either be used to carry people, or folded down to carry more cargo. The Armada has the same problem since the seat is not split.

    In my T&C I can fold, tumble-fold, or remove one half of the third row allowing me to carry additional cargo and an additional passenger.

    Granted with the bench seat in the second row you have room for the extra passenger (the T&C only has 2 seats in the second row), but it can be a tight squeeze between to car seats.

    My wife also points out that accessing the third row is tough without a bucket second row since you'd have to remove a car seat to allow access to that last row. Given that, I still have issues with any vehicle with a third row that isn't split.
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    Thanks! Please send a note using the feedback form.

    tidester, host
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    Here's the link for our First Drive review (warts and all):

    First Drive: 2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada

    Steve, Host
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    I think this vehicle looks great! I too think it foretells what the next mid-size Pathfinder will look like. Note: It has a split-fold 3rd row seat. I couldn't tell from the images, but I'm betting, like the Armada, it will have an IRS.

    Just as the Armada has used the Expedition for target practice, I see the DuneHawk/Pathfinder to be taking direct aim at the current Explorer.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    We just got word that the engine size error has been fixed, so someone is listening. Thanks for pointing it out!

    Steve, Host
  • tbcreativetbcreative Member Posts: 357
    Check it out! had this:>

    Nissan has got to build this as the next Pathfinder!
  • pf01pf01 Member Posts: 35
    ... the 2004 4runner. By the way, Nissan should have built the Armada like this.
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    Scary how much that looks like the 4Runner, the site says something about a V6, but I think to really compete within the market they'll have to put a v8 option in there.
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    The Titan payload is about 1,700 lbs but I can't find the payload info for the Armada. I expect it to be less than the Titan because it's a heavier. Does anyone know what it is?
  • tbcreativetbcreative Member Posts: 357
    How in the world does the DuneHawk resemble the new 4Runner, beside having 4 doors, wheels, tires, a hood, roof and a liftgate?! The front end of the 'Runner looks like a hippo's face, whereas the Pathfinder, er, I mean DuneHawk, looks cool! The 4Runner has squared fenders, without much flare, where the DuneHawk's are rounded and flared to give a much more aggressive stance. The DuneHawk's design is more cohesive and and tougher-looking. If anything, it resembles more of a cross between the GX 470 and the Montero Sport.

    Anyway, here's even more pics from Nissan International, including more of the interior and high res. (400dpi) versions of all the photos:

  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Here's a discussion of it: Nissan Dunehawk concept in Future Vehicles.

    tidester, host
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    I see absolutely no resemblance between the DuneHawk and the 4-Runner. If anything, I see some Montero styling cues.

  • pathfinder13pathfinder13 Member Posts: 110
    anybody seen the new ad where they show the old pathfinder and then later the armada.
  • nomariannomarian Member Posts: 19
    Does anyone know if the Armada has dual AC units like the Sequoia? I know it has dual climate control, but it doesn't state anywhere if it has dual AC units.

    With the Texas heat, that is one of the selling points for me.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Member Posts: 378
    Saw it yesterday.

    Wish they would show more of the Armada instead of the standard Pathfinder.

    Looks nice though, but still need to see it in person.
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    I'll be attending the show in Frankfurt on Saturday when it opens up to the general public @ 9:00 AM

    I'll be taking many photos of the DuneHawk concept vehichle and I'll be sure to post them to my website within the next few weeks (once I return to the states).

    I can't wait to see this baby in person! I really like the styling - it looks pretty durn tough...but yet somewhat refined.

    I'm a current 2003 PF LE owner - who is having shimmy problems @ 65-75mph, I hope Nissan can figure out what is up here soon.

    It just got back from the dealer yesterday...and the shimmy that was there at 35-45mph is now showing up at 65-75mph (according to my wife).

    I previously owned a 2001 PF LE and had no shimmy problems whatsoever.

    Wish me luck!~
  • pathfinder13pathfinder13 Member Posts: 110
    wow, that's faster than my pathfinder.
  • dieselonedieselone Member Posts: 5,729
    The Armada has a lot more power and the model that was tested didn't have 4wd, which makes a diffence in weight and driveline friction. A 5 speed auto surely helps as well. I can't wait for a test drive, this may be the replacement for my 01 Pathfinder LE.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    is it true that dealers are going through training this week on the Armada??
  • bowke28bowke28 Member Posts: 2,185
    not this week, anyway. some dealers have pre-production units coming this week...we have a titan and an armada coming tomorrow and staying through saturday. not for sale, though. training starts in 2 weeks.
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    Talked to two separate dealers in the Northern VA area and both said they went through training today. Said, he thought "real" brochures should be out by the weekend
  • bowke28bowke28 Member Posts: 2,185
    having a titan and an armada in the store tomorrow through saturday. (no, host...this is not an cant buy them)

    ill let you all know what i think of them.
  • nitemasknitemask Member Posts: 33
    I just called a dealer where I live in the DC area and they said they were getting one in 1 1/2 weeks that was going for sale. Th price range for the Armada per this guy was going to be between 35 and 50. The SE (one coming in) was 38K.

    We'll see if they are true to their word as I will be calling back in 1 1/2 weeks.
  • bowke28bowke28 Member Posts: 2,185
    our first sale models are slated for the 29th.

    im gonna tell you all...these things are HOT!!! all i have to say is this: nissan is in the truck business!
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    Come on you have a test mule there now you have to give us the lowdown. We all know you are a sales guy but we would still value your perspective on the product as it compares to the Expy and the Seqouia.
  • bowke28bowke28 Member Posts: 2,185
    the units we have are preproduction prototypes, and cannot be driven. however...the armada looks FAR better than the pictures make it look. the interior on this unit is poor, but we are assured that its only for this unit. keep in mind, engineers put it together with whatever they could come up with.

    the front seats are VERY comfortable, and come with 8-way adjustment and adjustable pedals. lots of neat features like storage EVERYWHERE. the center stack is similar in shape to the honda pilot, but much bigger, and much more attractive, IMHO.

    the 2nd row seating is just like the 2nd row in the expedition...tilt and tumble and everything with a 40/20/40 split.

    3rd row has plenty of leg room, but not alot of head 5'3" and came within 2" of the roof in the 3rd row. tall adults wont like it back there any more than they like the 3rd row in the expo.

    the entry in the rear is about the same as the expo...the load floor in the rear is about the same height as a 4WD expo...kinda high for me, but not ridiculous.

    folks, this thing is HUGE!!! it sits next to the titan in our showroom, and on the other side is a murano followed by a pathfinder. a 350Z is on the other side of the titan, and a maxima following that. it looks like it would crush any one of them! if you guys like a big SUV, then toyota has NOTHING on nissan now. the sequoia is much smaller, and underpowered...not to mention MUCH more expensive. expedition is competitive in price and features, but wont have the resale value or reliability.

    the armada will range in price competitive with ford: somewhere in the $32k range up to the $48k-$50k range.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    You wouldn't happen to have Armada pricing would you? :) A dealer on another board says he has received it but has not posted yet. Was wondering was this information released to all dealers or just a few. Also if you have it feel free to post it.
  • bowke28bowke28 Member Posts: 2,185
    no dealers have pricing...we are due the 1st armada on sept. 29th, and will likely get pricing with that unit.
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    I've got a long skinny "teaser" brochure with pull-out inserts that was handed out at the auto shows. It's not very informative, however.

  • bowke28bowke28 Member Posts: 2,185
    no brochures either...but you can get any information you want through other than pricing.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Nissan Announces Pricing (Business Wire)

    Steve, Host
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    lol you beat me to it :)

    This thing is going to eat Toyota for Lunch. I can get an armada 4x2 SE w/bose and dvd for 36,570 a comparable seqouia is 2-3k more. A loded SE undercuts a loaded SR5 by the sam amount. This thing is a real bargain but I hope they deal on it. Cuz even though the sequioa costs more it is pretty easy to get 4-5k off a 2004 even. I think nissan has another hit on it's hands.
  • hansiennahansienna Member Posts: 2,312
    Nissan may have another hit but Toyota is perceived to be much more reliable than Nissan.
        On which vehicle has a Nissan had sales that even approached those of a comparable Toyota?
  • tnt8tnt8 Member Posts: 7
    I am eager to get a vehicule money burning in my pocket! almost bought a nissan frontier 2003 close out! now I am up to upper 20's for an isuzu ascender. Should I wait for Armada? I need cargo during the day and Kids hauling after school? any ideas?
  • tnt8tnt8 Member Posts: 7
    Is it worth going into debt for this "vehicle" corrected!
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    You have 30 minutes to make any changes or fixes after you post a message. Just click on the Edit button that follows your message after you post it.

    Steve, Host
  • ar15ar15 Member Posts: 58
    Nissans don't have the resale vale of Toyotas. You might save a few bucks now, but you'll more than make up for it when it comes time to sell it.

    Also, do you really want to support France right now?
  • willimjowillimjo Member Posts: 73
    Features will sell the Armada over the Sequoia. If the buyer is concerned mainly with resale value, the Toyota may be a slightly better choice. If the buyer is concerned mainly with how he will use the vehicle, features that make that use more enjoyable (especially if towing or heavy loads are involved) will quickly move the buyer towards the Nissan.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    The toyota may have better resale but I find their cars utterly boring. The camry is less than two years old and already has rebates like the domestics.

    The Armada has more power, space, features for less than the sequoia. To ME it is a homerun. I was about ready to buy a 2004 Toy (I helped a friend buy a 2003) but once they start discounting this nissan (shouldn't take long) I will have one in my garage.

    I think that nissans are just as reliable as toyotas. Read any of the toy problem threads lately most are not satisfied with the quality of there toyota same is true for the long term sequoia and camry edmunds had. I think there is a 0 quality gap between the two.

    As for nissan being owned by the french I don't get into political debates with people because there is never a winner.
  • ar15ar15 Member Posts: 58
    we KNOW the Sequoia is a quality vehicle with the highest resale in it's class. We KNOW the reliability of the Sequoia is best in it's class.

    These are all unknown with the Armada. It's always somewhat risky to buy a vehicle in it's first year of production.

    As far as arguing politics, I don't care to either. But, buying a Nissan supports a country that HATES America and does everything in it's power to hurt America.
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