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Nissan Armada



  • Had test driven the PFA with no problems and went to the dealer to buy one. After test driving the one I wanted (LE w sunroof) on a windy/bumpy road, I could feel the pulsing pressure in my ears. It got so bad that when we got back to the dealer and began negotiating pricing, I still had a headache & upset stomach. Needless to say, I didn't buy. I may go back tommorrow and drive a different one.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    tomorrow, try waiting on the jaegermeister till AFTER you go to the dealer. ;-)
  • I really wish that they could explain why not ALL of them have the resonance- like many others, I drove several of these, I heard the resonance in one, so I DO know what everyone is feeling. Fortunately, the one I ended up with does NOT resonate. (LE, Sunroof,DVD, Continentals)Whether it will start for some reason or not, I do not know, but at this time, with 2000 miles on it (a LOT of it highway) there has been NO resonance. I DO feel that the roof vibrates WAY too much coming through the car wash dryer blowers, but otherwise, no resonance. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this, seems like the press are all getting ones that do resonate, making horrible PR for the Armada. I would still not give mine up and go back to GM and their trash that literally falls apart. I would be curious to hear from others who have had their Armada for a while and if any resonance is appearing, or if they are still resonance free. My advice for those lookin g, drive more than one, seems it's about a 50% chance you get a quiet one. MAYBE, just maybe, it's that darn "Pathfinder" emblem on the tailgate that's causing this...THAT'S why they are dropping the name for 2005! =o)
  • Well after 2 months of talking to Nissan about the resonance issue and their Dealers inability to correct it I found an answer. I found a Dealer that has corrected 5 Armadas!! He stated that due to "ineffective spot welds on the roof cross members" some cars experience roof flutter/resonance. The service advisor I spoke to said that Nissan does NOT provide a loaner car during the fix and that it may take 3-5 days. He said it is a very involved process which the Dealer takes the head liner down, sends the car out to a body shop to adhere the roof bows with "bonding agent". Well I hope that this clears up some of the confusing info that you might have heard.
  • How successful would someone be if they wanted to order just an LE without any of the options (don't really need a passenger power seat; the sun roof isn't worth $1600 to me; I can pull the tailgate down OK when I come out of the gym; Don't need NAV for my daily commute; I like to listen to Imus on a Boston station not sattelite sound or whatever, etc.)? Or, would Nissan make it real difficult to get what I want?

    FWIW, I think the interior layout is miles ahead of the GM versions.
  • My wife drives on of these pa things - I was following behind to the left and when I looked at the car it looked like a small 2 door suv - the rounded body color part of the fenders and the missing rear door handle and the big tires made it look small. To the post about the burb - been there done that - it stinks and to say that a 6.0 has more hp than a 5.6 is no revelation! I dont know what this interior stuff is all about - The armada is very recreational and one needs not to worry about soda stains on the fake wood grain or socalled full leather interior???
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for that info!

    tidester, host
  • scott did you talk to george, or did you find out what ive been saying for how long now from somebody else, my dealership gave me a rental its been over a week and they still have it, should be done anyday now
  • I know the VIN ID Plate of an automobile is its "fingerprint", but I was just wondering if anyone can decode/breakdown what each number represents for Nissan automobiles. I've searched and searched but can't find anything that breaks the numbers out. Thanks in advance!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    for all vehicles:

    1st character=where built
    2nd character=manufacturer
    3rd-9th=model/powertrain/color (i dont know which is which)
    11th=model run (2003,2003 1/2, 2003 5/16)
    12th-17th=serial # (the actual # of the car)

    with nissan, the 2nd is always 'N'
    with the armada, the 1st is always '5' for mississippi/alabama. (honda pilots and odysseys arte 5 also)
  • thanks for the breakdown Bowke. My 11th character is the letter "N"....when you say it equates to the "model run" I'm not sure I follow what that means. Could you clarify that a little for me. *To me*, model run means year of I incorrect in my thinking?
  • Been there done what with a burb? Done what exactly? You must be referring to Blackfins post about the 6.0L feeling more powerful than the 5.6L correct? As I stated I believe the 5.6L has more torque than the 6.0L and at a lower power band. The Suburban 6.0L may have higher hp but it's also a bigger (heavier) vehicle than the Armada. So you wouldn't necessarily think 20hp more would make that much of a difference. Personally his observation surprised me but I doubt I'll buy another GM product. You know the old saying. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.
  • Have had my SE with sunroof for a few weeks. Have driven the truck upto 95mph on freeway and have not had any resonance issues to date. I do know that it is a real problem as I had driven an SE without sunroof and it did have a resonance issue around 60mph.

    For those looking for a base LE, might want to consider the SE with Journey and tow package. You pick up a sunroof (SE with Journey+tow) while giving up heated seats, all chrome grill, fog lights, puddle lamps, power rear flip out windows, footwell lights, memory seats and driver's side entry/exit system. The invoice on the SE+Journey and tow is $37,460 vs $37,562 for base LE. So the price is about the same and you get a sunroof instead of all the other "minor" options that come with the LE. A good trade off in my opinion!! Below is link to Nissan site comparing the SE and LE.,,30846||,- 00.html?displayAll#topOfPage
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    post or email your VIN to me, and i will decode as much as i can for you.
  • Many LE Armadas I see are base Matter of fact Many of the models I;ve looked at have been base in all 3 trims.
  • Someone found a link for me that breaks the VIN out. Its a little out dated as it doesn't include info for Nissan automobiles made after 2003. Here is the url.

    I appreciate your willingness to help me!!
  • I was told by a Nissan dealer that the Armada's coming off the line after February 1st would have the resonance issue corrected? Has anyone else been told this?

    As far as the squeaks and rattles, when did they start for you guys and is it isolated in one area or in many different spots?
  • Having convinced Ford to buy back my '03 Expedition (more about that in another post) I am considering an Armada. I couldn't motivate my local dealer(s) enough to get the scoop on when sat radio will be available for order so I tried a few random e-mails to other dealers across the country. An Atlanta dealer responded that they were able specify sat radio for March production Armadas. Hurray! - one obstacle out of the way - if it is indeed the norm in my area. Now if only I could get the same informative info regarding roof resonance as wilson32 in post 1711 or scott 174 in post 1698.
  • wilson, i didn't have a resonance issue but i did have a rattle that i got resolved yesterday. I pinpointed a rattle that was coming from the second row passenger seat on the drivers side. It would do it only when that seat was in the upright position. I took it to the dealer and they found that after repeated lifting and lowering of the seat, the latch thats attached to the seat bottom, had cut through the "tubing or coating" thats applied to one of the metal hooks on the floor. The metal to metal contact from the latch and the newly exposed metal hook is what was causing the rattle.
    To "fix" it, they put a 1/2 inch rubber tubing around the hooks. I say "fix" because the service guy told me that with repeated lifting and lowering of the seat, the new tubing was probably gonna wear out and the rattle may come back. he said something more durable and harder than the tubing is needed to withstand the "Up/Down" removal of the seat latch onto the hook. He said he looked to see if perhaps there was a TSB out for it, but found none. He also said he would continue to look for something more durable than the tubing he used to resolve the rattle and when he did he would let me know. The guy has a great reputation for working with folks to solve their problems, so i do believe him when i he said he'll continue researching for a better solution.
    The rattle which was a little annoying is now gone, so I'm happy from that stand point. Once I get I permanent fix I'll be 100% happy.
    That has been the ONLY squeek/rattle that I've heard in the 600 miles i've had the PFA.
    Whew...sorry for the long post.
  • Hi Armada people
    Sorry if this is a repeat issue of somewhere amidst 1700+ we were programming our Armada NAV system, the 'PREV' button stuck in the depressed position. Has anyone had this problem and how can we fix it ourselves without violating any warranty issue. Or, are we destined to consume the time and energy involved in dealing with dealership service for a little button-pop? And while we haven't had the 'resonance problem' as described to be painful to the ears/head, we have had the shaking headliner problem. BTW, we are loving this beast! These are the ONLY problems with it to date and we've put nearly 500 miles on it, highway and city, rough roads included.
    This is a terrific resource, thanks!
  • Drove another 2oo miles (total now 1000 or so) on the highway. Resonance issue came up about 60 miles or so into the trip and then would go away and then come back. I cannot figure out what may cause it to start or stop. However, below 55 MPH I never hear it. Once as a test, when I heard the resonance start, I accelerated. At 90mph and above (straight, dry, daylight interstate) it stopped and was quiet, but when I dropped back down to 80s and below it started back up. Still love my truck, but the resonance is definitely awful. I hope a real fix, that is verified and known is available soon!
  • VIN #, How to Read it.

    1st digit is where vehicle is built, 1,4,5=USA, 2=Canada, 3=Mexico, Puerto Rico or Costa Rico, 6=Australia, 9=Brazil, J=Japan, K=South Korea, L=Tawain, S=United Kingdom, V=France or Yugoslavia, W=Germany, Y=Sweeden, Z=Italy.

    2nd and 3rd characters indicate specific manufacturer.

    4th through 8th characters are a portrait of the specific vehicle, Brand, Body Style, Engine Size & Type, etc.

    9th character is a security code that identifies the VIN as being authorized by the manufacturer. Law enforcement can determine if a VIN is authentic or not from this character on a specific vehicle.

    10th character is the model year of the car. 1980=A, H=1987, J=1988, N=1992, P=1993, T=1996, V=1997, through Y=2000. Then 1 = 2001 and so on. There are no I, O, U, or Z years.

    11th character is the specific plant which assembled the vehicle. Each manufacturer uses different codes to identify their plants.

    12th-17th characters are the serial number of the specific vehicle. Not all companies start at #000001, practices vary among manufacturers.
  • Waynebruce, thanks for suggesting that rather than look for a base LE someone could purchase an SE with the Journey and Tow package for the roughly the same price. The trade offs would be a puddle lamp and some chrome vs. a free sun roof in the SE. Looks like a no brainer. But lets check the catalog.

    The PA catalog is impossible to read because it is poorly written, illogical options are bundled together and it wasn't proof read. Examples: I liked the above idea of the free sunroof with the base SE but I wanted to look at the Tow Package I would have to order to
    ensure compatible pricing with the base LE.

    OK, they discuss the tow package and mention a "lower final gear ratio" of 3.357 X 1. Thinking that this isn't really a "lower" ratio, indeed most low ratios are 4:1 and lower, I looked for what the standard final ratio is. Sorry, sports fan, no where in the catalog does it list a standard ratio. If the trailer tow ratio is "lower" at 3.357:1 , what can the standard ratio be? A very unsatisfactory 3:1?

    Leather. One thing waynebruce didn't mention was that to a match up an SE with a base LE you have to add leather. No problem. Lets look for leather on the option list. If I want to put my 59 year old butt on leather, Nissan expects me to order the SE "leather package" which includes leather, 6 way power passenger seat, side impact bags and, get this, a Bose sterio for my middle age ears! All for leather.

    Wait! I found an error in the above! The SE "Sunroof" package includes ALL of the above, leather, passenger seat, bags, Bose, AND a sunroof. So, just to get a roof, a customer has to take two other packages: the Leather/air bag/adjustable seat package and the Bose package. IBM could take a lesson from Nissan on bundling.

    OK, wayenbruce IS right. But the darn catalog doesn't make for concise reading. In Nissan's case this may be more important than you might think. After their years in the wilderness, Nissan dealers lack the dedicated sales staff with lots of experience under their belts that the other lines have. Sure, Nissan is now red hot, but the dealer org hasn't kept up. In New England, it is hard to think of any Nissan dealer with a physical plant that is comparable to competitive dealers.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Standard final drive ratio = 2.937

    Manufacturers try to bundle options into packages in order to
    (1) reduce inventory (less garden variety)
    (2) simplify production line
    (3) reduce product cost due to (2)
    Honda is very good at this. Nissan is not there yet. Not that I like it, but it may be less scary for majority of people shopping for their vehicles.
  • I have just bought an LE 4x4, no sunroof - after lots of soul searching regarding resonance. I think I have a good one - no resonance yet. The car is great - the powertrain is just so smooth, and I just love the character of the car. You either love it or hate it, but it least it doesn't just fade into the background in mediocrity.

    I am considering getting a pre-paid service plan - probably schedule 2 - the lowest cost. Has anybody signed up for this, and what did it cost? I am trying to find out out if there are discounts available from different dealers. I know there were for my Jeep, but don't know if Nissan are the same.

    Many thanks
  • Blockislandguy: I agree that the catalog is confusing. I posted the link to nissan site to see the differences between above two choices, and even that was not the easiest to read!! I must admit that i stumbled into the SE w/Journey and was the only truck that my dealer had in the color combo I wanted. After checking the site I realized that it was indeed a good combo, as I really didn't care for all the other little options offered in the LE and the sunroof would be nice. Also, I remember reading that any resonance issue was much more likely in Armada's WITHOUT the sunroof, so this also made me want the sunroof more, as I really did not want the dealer to have tear down the liner to fix the problem. So for those considering an Armada, I think that this combo makes sense.

    As to final drive ratio, others may know more but I do believe the higher the ratio (ie 4:1 vs 3:1) the more "oomph" the car has when initially launching. This "oomph" is not free though, as it results in higher revs at highway speed and worse gas mileage. That said, the Armada does about 1600 rpm at I really don't think that the final gear ratio in the tow package trucks is too much to worry about!!

    And finally an update on my Armada SE: while I've only put about 500 miles on it, two things are bugging me. First, there are a few rattles in the truck...will be taking it in to dealer next week to fix them. The other issue is the is noisy in the medium setting on the passenger if something is fluttering in the vents. If you turn it all the way up, the fluttering noise goes away. Will ask dealer about this too.

    Besides that, truck has been amazing!! Can't beat this powertrain...smooth as silk and "push you back in the seat" acceleration!! This is first year model, so I expected some rattles and other small glitches, but for now they nailed the most important things: powertrain and ride. Can't believe how much like a car it drives. Can fling it into a turn I don't get that sensation of a high center of gravity. Took her to the Lowes to return a large closet and really appreciated the size. Closet was 84 inches long and just fit with rear hatch shut. Can also fold down the passenger seat, so should be able to fit at least another couple of feet for long items. For all those on the fence, go drive one, and if you value driveability and powertrain, can't beat an Armada. And one last thing: let her warm up fully before judging the engine noise...she's gets much quieter when warm as opposed to cold!!!
  • well got back my armada from the dealership yesterday and having waited almost 2 weeks for them to get done with the TSB nissan sent them about the resonance issue sadly the problem is still there, so i dont know how many of you are sending your armada's to get fix but it doesnt work, im very upset that not only do i still have the ear popping resonance but the inside is very badly damaged were they had to take apart the headliner and trim parts, just wanted to give feedback about my situation, sorry just had to vent because it sickens me to the core of what im now going through, ill let you guys know what the dealership and nissan will do next
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Does Nissan have an 800 # for customer service? If so, call and register a complaint. Keep very good records.

    Hopefully you won't need them but if you do, you'll be prepared.

  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    If I were you I would start the legal process and either get a new one or look to a different make.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Most states require 3-4 visits for it to legally be considered a lemon. And it can take 2 years fighting in court to win.

    Call it in, document the problem nicely, I think if you are patient and let them try to fix it, you're making a stronger case for yourself.

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