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The z4 has been out for almost a month now, or maybe two. Any complaints rollbacks or any other problem that people should know about? failing breaks etc.

and no, problems with its looks are not counted :P


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    I bought mine the week they came out and I have no complaints whatsoever. It is fun to drive and a really solid car. Everything is well laid out and I am looking forward to Summer!
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    This forum seems a bit dead. The only discussion in the other thread seems more like a S2000 owner forum. Anyone want to talk about the Z4? Impressions from owners? (details please)

    Hellooooo... (cricket, cricket)
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    I'll tweak the title of the topic a bit and perhaps you could post an interesting link now and then and we can get the topic rolling.
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    ...I'm a current Z3 owner and test drove the Z4. (2.5, manual transmission)

    It appears larger on the outside than the Z3, but the interior dimensions are pretty much the same. The interior quality seems to have improved compared to the Z3. However, it still wasn't quite where I wanted it to be. Some plastic interior pieces had same cheap feel found in the Z3. (And boy, does the Z3's rattling interior give GM a run for its money.) The brushed metal on the dashboard sometimes creates unpleasant glare while driving with the top down. (I believe it is an option, so I would probably order the vehicle without it.)

    Driving the car redeemed it in my eyes. Maybe I'm used to driving this kind of vehicle, but I immediately 'felt at home'. Shift points were exactly where I thought it would be, and the car never surprised me during my (somewhat aggressive) testdrive.
    Where the Z3's rear suspension can be a little of a challenge sometimes, giving the car somewhat of a darty feel on bad road conditions or load changes, the Z4 stays nicely planted.
    The only negative impression was the very light clutch, which felt really odd. Engagement was very precise, and the car was very easy to drive.The brakes were typcial BMW: simply excellent.
    The proven 2.5L I6 feel gives the car just the right amount of power, from my point of view. No surprises here. It doesn't have the aggressive snarl of the 3.0, but I don't necessarily need that.

    I have mixed feelings about the exterior. The rear styling looks absolutely great, and the front has a nice aggressive look. (Only the shark teeth are missing.)
    The Z-line on the side of the vehicle is something else, as it breaks the otherwise clean lines of the car.

    So, you may ask why I still haven't bought it ?

    a) I'm on a still on a twelve-step program to cure my automotive addiction.
    b) The interior hasn't convinced me yet.
    c) My wife likes the looks of the Z3 better than the Z4. (veto)
    d) I have experience the mid-engine handling of the Porsche Boxter. (Also vetoed by wife due to interior space constraints.)

    Other than that, I think it is actually a decent amount of car for the money. The dealer was immediately willing to negotiate price, something I haven't seen at BMW for a long time.

    I may still come back to it...
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    Every car I have owned has been practical. Now in my 50's, I decided I deserved a fun car. I went to a BMW dealer to see the Z4. The dealer had a blue Z4 sitting on a three foot stand under bright sunshine. I think that Z4 was one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. I went into the show room where there was a black and a silver Z4. Neither looked so impressive in the show room. I sat in the Z4 and could not find a comfortable seating position. I'm close to 200 pounds and was wearing a winter jacket, but the large center console was pressing against my right. The irregular shaped door was close to my left leg. There wasn't enough room for my feet. I almost felt claustrophobia. Are all roadsters like this? Or am I just to big? Or is it just a matter of getting used to it?
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    Getting close to purchasing something but am leaning toward the Z4. I like the MB SLK 320 (year old) for the same price, a two yr old Boxster S or a great deal on an Audi TT roadster as sales continue to fall.

    All are fun, about the same price, completely impractical except for the midlife crisis value.

    What would you by?
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    must mean that the z4 is better built than the z3 as no one is complaining yet and its been a good 3 months since its release
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    Just orderd a Z-4, 2.5 Sterling grey,Beige Soft top,PP, Conv.P, Heated seats and Fog lights. I plan on keeping my Olds intrigue as a winter car but I was wondering how the Z-4 would be in snow? Also any advice on keeping the top clean?

    Thank you
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    Check the Z4 out. They had a Silver/Black/black 3.0. I thought the car was absolutely beautiful. I decided to start saving my pennies for a 2004 as a weekend car to be babied.
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    I would imagine that the car, like most bimmers, suck in the snow. The fact that the car is lower to the ground will only add to the fun factor. I would keep the car garaged (or at least covered) in the event of snow.
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    I am 6 foot tall and weigh 225 and I bought a Z4. I think it is a very comfortable roadster. They are all a bit tight, it is the way roadsters are made. It has more interior room than a Z3. In particular, I'm glad they added more headroom. It needed it.
    Think twice about the MB. It is about $5k more and they are coming out with a new body style next year. Until this year, the Boxster had a plexiglass rear windshield. The Audi's 4 cylinder is no match for the BMW 3.0i.
    I bought my Z4 in November the first week it was available. I have driven all of the other roadsters and the Porsche Boxster was the only one that measured up. But since it was $8K more comparably equipped, I couldn't justify that. I've put about 3000 miles on my Z4 already and I love it more each time I drive it. Good luck all.
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    Does anyone know what the dealer programmable options for the 2.5 consist of?
    Thank you
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    I have owned the Z4 for about 3 months and have 4800 miles on it. I got the Sterling Gray/black 3.0, auto, with premiuem/convenience/sports pkg.

    The look: originally I was going for the Titanium Silver, but after seeing the Sterling Gray I felt it's a much better looking color. The Sports Pkg comes with 18" wheels, which looks very good in my opinion. So far I have received nothing but compliments on the look of the car. You need to see the car in person to appreciate it. So many strangers just walked to me to compliment on my car.

    Ride and handling
    The ride could be harsh on bad pavements, and I have heard that it's partially due to the run-flat tires of Z4. The handling is very good, the brake excellent. As for acceleration, Z4 moves. With the sports button that comes with the Sports Pkg, it alters the acceleration curve and turns Z4 into a different animal.

    I have been very happy with Z4 so far, except the problem I just ran into with the drive-by-wire mechanism. See this thread for details: &page=1

    Basically it could be a faulty throttle or shorted wiring, which I heard is quite common on BMW cars. Of course, it's surprising to see this on a brand new car.
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    Have seen both the Z4 with and without Sports Pkg. If you are worried about looks, please get the sports package (and do not get maroon!!). With the bigger wheels, it gives the car a muscular and agressive look. With the base wheels, the car looks funny, IMHO.
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    There aren't many Z4s here in NYC. I've only seen one, but it is a gorgeous car. I was never a fan of the previous Z3, but with its looks coupled with the dynamics of the E46 Chassis the car has got to be great. Congrats to all of you who own one of these beautiful cars. I liked it in the photos in the magazines and even more that I see the car in person.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2022 Highlander XLE AWD, 2022 Wrangler Sahara 4Xe, 2023 Toyota Tacoma SR 4WD

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    i have a quick question - i currently have a deposit on a titanium silver z4. the closest color that i could get to white since it didn't seem like it comes in white. however, now, I'm seeing "alpine white" as an option in several different websites (like edmunds). can anyone confirm that the Z4 will indeed be available in more colors anytime soon? if so- i'm going to take back my deposit and wait.... does anyone know?
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    Clogozm, according to BMW's site, it doesn't come in white. Unless things have changed, and they haven't updated the site, it most likely doesn't come in white.
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    I have heard that beginning with April production, several new colors, including Alpine White, will be available. Check with your dealer, or send BMW an e-mail through their site.
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    thanks for the feedback 72tii. i called BMW today and they said that they are infact coming out with 3 new colors - Toledo Blue, Alpine White, and Bright Red, in the April production. Which means they probably won't be available til a few months after April.... and that is waaaay too long for me to wait so I'm going to go ahead and buy my titanium silver Z4 and join the rest of the happy Z4 owners!
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    I am planning to purchase a BMW Z4 2.5, but would like to know if anyone has had any luck negotiating a price? I am planning to purchase the convenience and premium packages. I notice that some of you have ordered the sports package as well. What are your thoughts on the sports package for a 2.5? I look forward to hearing replies regarding my 2 questions.
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    I'm in VA and there are plenty Z4's to go around the world twice! I am looking too, dealer seems ready to deal, but have not popped the question. There was a discussion in here around Christmas re: slow sales and it disappeared within days! Not sure why? Maybe BMW ownes Edmunds? Personally, with all the inventory, I was wondering if invoice was not fair? Cash incentives have been paid to the dealer with the 3 series a few years back. Not crazy about the car, but would like a fun car for a change. At MSRP, I would have to go with the 325 CiC. Most Z4s come with PP & CP; not too many stripped ones at the dealers in DC area. I am curious to know too! Good Luck! Scott
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    got a quote Saturday on a 2.5 z-4 with PP, heated seats and metallic paint - $35,600, and the salesman had us understand that was MSRP and he might be able to beat that by $500, MAYBE.

    But checking Edmunds today that appears to be about $1,600 UNDER MSRP! Has there been a recent (like in the last few days) price increase?? He did write that number down for us so I'm tempted to take that slip of paper back tonight or tomorrow night and hold him to it.

    We LOVED the test drive, though I'm a bit put off by the lack of a spare - those run-flat tires are $200 apiece, you know! But the wife wants one, and we agree that it looks great too -I know a lot of people hate the styling changes, but I suspect they're Z-3 owners, or would like to be - I find the Z-3 just a bit 'cute' myself, and prefer the more modern, aggressive styling of the new car.

    As for the sport package, I doubt its worth the dough unless you like to REALLY flog it around the twisties. I prefer the styling of the stock 16" wheels vs. 17s anyway, and tires for the 17s are going to be even more expensive.

    I'd like to hear what you all think of the price I was offered!?
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    I'm not currently in the market - bought a Honda S2000 in 2001 that I am very pleased with. But a buddy of mine from Atlanta has been shopping for a roadster and, according to him, has been offered significnat discounts on the Z4, Boxster and S2000. Was indicating that $1,000 - 1,200 over invoice for the Z4 is possible. Not sure how that compares to the price you were quoted.

    P.S. If I was in the market again today, I might give consideration to a 325ci or 330ci convertible. Not quite a roadster drive, but with extra versitility and by going the European Delivery route, about the same price as the Z4's.
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    Thanks for the pricing information. I am going to check around to see how much play exists in the quotes that I am given. Seems as though the price is negotiable for a 203 Z4. I will let you know how things turn out. I plan to close the deal on a Z4 by the end of this month. I do have a low mileage 2000 Z3 that I plan to sell on my own before pursuing a trade. I appreciate all of your comments. They have been helpful.
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    You're giving up a barely 3 yr old Z3? You like the Z4 that much better?
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    this is to johnw12 - I bought my Z4 last month. I tried to find a stripped down one, but it's pretty much impossible especially if you're picky about interior/exterior color like me. So i ended up getting a 2.5 Z4 with sports, convenience, and premium packages, and heated seats. I got all of this for $38K even (MSRP=$40,220). I went through Edmunds which went through I cold called other bmw dealers in my area trying to get a better deal, and they all told me i was getting the run around because there's no way anyone would sell it to me for that low. Well guess what? I got it for that low! Plus free mats, free keychain, and all ready to go. And I am really glad i got all of the packages that i did. i don't know how i'd do without them now!
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    An Autonation dealer in the San Jose Area was offering $2,000 off MSRP on a phone quote earlier this year. Another local dealer was offering 5% off MSRP no haggle. I really like the Z4, but it's not practical as an only car. I just can't afford it.
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    dave000k, which dealer is offering 5%? thx.
  • dave000kdave000k Member Posts: 13
    I met with the Internet manager at Stevens Creek BMW. He looked in a book labeled "Costco". He quoted a price that he said was his best price. The price was 5% off MSRP. Hope this helps, yanor.
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    I've been eyeing the Z4 since August 2002 when Automobile featured the car on its cover. Through a series of recent happenings, I was put in touch with two BMW dealers. One couldn't help but the other, a BMW/Ferrari/Maserati outfit, immediately got down to business, asked what I wanted and gave me a great below-MSRP quote right over the phone. I called back the next day to order a new 6-speed 2003 Z4 3.0i in Sterling Gray Metallic with high performance red leather seats and aluminum trim, a black power top and Sport Package. Estimated production date is June 6th and I'm tracking its progress online. I'm losing sleep!
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    Any info about a removable hardtop or coupe for 04?

  • droptopz4droptopz4 Member Posts: 10
    The optional hardtop is listed in the Z4 accessories catalog. You'll need to contact your BMW center parts dept for availability.
    BTW, I took delivery of my Z4 3.0i on Saturday. It's an awesome machine.
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    Made up my mind to get a Z4 3L.I was going to add the premium package. I was hoping to get advice on the pros and cons of the sports package.
  • droptopz4droptopz4 Member Posts: 10
    The only items added to the Premium Package for the 3.0i are the power top and power seats. I did without the power seats and ordered the automatic top separately for $750. I did go with the Sport Package so I could take full advantage of the car's handling abilities. The suspension is lower and those big 18"ers pick up every crease in the road but it was worth it for the handling. Depends on your driving style.
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    I completed a two hour test drive of the Z4 3.0 6 speed in the Colorado Mountains and am in awe of the car. Wonderful power, acceleration and handling. If I had any more power, it would be impossible to keep my drivers license and I worry a bit about that with the Z4. Have owned three previous Bimmers and an Audi 2.7T and the Z4 is a monster in comparison. I personally love the bold and innovative styling. I was like a little kid during the test drive!
    Now for the business stuff. What is the best discount anyone has received and by what dealership and where? I am looking at a car that has a $45,000 MSRP.

    Also has anyone seen the Maldives Blue car with beige interior and how does it look? Is the upgraded extended high performance leather worth the money?
    ------------------------------------------------------------------ -------
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    I have heard of $1,200 over invoice for an "in stock" 2003 Z4 3.0 in the DC area is possible. It came up when I was discussing 5-series pricing with a dealer.
  • laptopkidlaptopkid Member Posts: 3
    Hey, Does anyone here have an Urban Green Z4? If not, does anyone know where I can see a real picture of the color? Thanks.
  • domshardomshar Member Posts: 10
    Christmas holidays, I got a Titanium Silver 3.0 with black leather interior, gray top, premium package, cold weather package, 17" run-flats and more. I had test driven it three times, because I could, and when I saw my wife's face after she test drove it, I knew we were trading in our baby (a 2000 323i). It had been the best car I ever drove. I still miss it. HOWEVER, the Z4 is AWESOME. Yes, it is bad in snow, even when the roads are just starting to cover over ( is what it is....a roadster). My 323i went very well in snow, by the's a matter of how smart you drive, isn't it? The Z4 is supposed to be fast. Well it is, but you'll find that it is surprisingly faster than you might have thought. And looks? EVERYONE turns to look at it when I drive by them. Kids stop playing roundball and stare. People genuinely love its looks. I find the interior very roomy. I am 5' 10'', 210 lbs. Great headroom. Easy to use top (automatic). I have the steptronic (I love this tranny, traffic to/from work makes a manual really impractical). I had to replace one tire (I hope it's the ONLY time...the nail was too close to the edge to repair...lucky me). We find the wind and noise are very tolerable with top down, we did by the wind screen that goes across the back of the rollbars. I get great gas mileage (27 or so hiway), although going 84 miles a day, I wish it had a bigger gas tank. If you are thinking about buying one.....DON'T...don't THINK, that is....get one now! Enjoy what is indeed the Ultimate Driving Experience.
  • domshardomshar Member Posts: 10
    I need to check with my dealer on this one, but has anyone heard of such a thing for the Z4? My brother has the Volvo XC90 SUV...very nice by the way, but he was unhappy with his reception and a few other things. He got a software upgrade at the dealer's. I have always thought the premium Carver stereo in my Z4 should have better reception, and now I wonder. They already did an upgrade for my steptronic transmission, and it is much improved. Anyone?
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    Ronincal, I took delivery on June 7th. The MSRP on my Z4 3.0i was $45,000 and I bought it for $41,000 with no trade-in. I had to hunt around a bit but it IS possible to find a very good deal. Yes, I've seen the blue/beige combo and it looks nice - just not my taste. The one thing I noticed (and didn't like) was that even the shifter boot was beige. Good luck!

    Laptopkid, I saw both the green and the burgundy colors on E-Bay Motors. Most Z4s there are 2.5 versions. I'm not sure if they're still there but check it out!

    Domshar, I share your love and excitement for the Z4 3.0i, although mine is a 6-speed. After doing my homework and reading everything I could on the car, it's faster than I thought it would be and handles better too...and photos don't really capture its true presence. Most people stop to tell me how beautiful they think it is. It's a rolling piece of art with high performance!
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    Host saw a Z4 painted Army Green. Is that a factory color?
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    My husband just took delivery of his SUPER 2.5 Z4 yesterday - WOW! Jet black on beige leather, 5 spd, premium pkg, heated seats, foglights, pwr roof, xenons, OBC. We are now wondering about the HARDTOP option for the winters in the Northeast - anyone bought this add-on? What was the $$$ ?

    The car looks MUCH classier in person (I hadn't seen it at all - he shopped alone for his TOY <smiles>). The swoop of the hood is the beauty of this model - we turned heads everywhere we went yesterday.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    I have a Honda S2000 and live in the DC area and briefly considered the hardtop.

    A word of caution: I strongly suggesting drive a car with the hardtop before making a purchase decision. My dealer suggested this and called me when they had one in stock to try. The car was clostrophobic and the interior noise level went up considerably. Granted, that's with a 9,000 rpm S2000, but this has been a general complaint of roadster hardtops.

    One of my friends has a 330cic with the hardtop and swears by it. His brother had a Miata with a hardtop and never used it.

    Also, for what it is worth, in my first winter (2001/2002) with an S2000, I got a lot of top down use in 40-50 degree weather. I wouldn't have wanted to be playing musical chairs with a hardtop during that time.
  • domshardomshar Member Posts: 10
    I am pretty sure I saw the price of the hardtop at $3000, but it might have been less. I do remember being surprised because the price of one at a Ford dealer for a new T-bird was $5000! And the car is ugly, I think. OK, so the hart top gives you the "port holes" so what, it's NOT a Z4, is it. Anyway, I considered it, but I decided against, and I agree that it's a great idea not to buy one unless you can experience it first. Also, for everyone asking about colors, my dealer has them all. Army way. But white, two kinds of black, green, two blues, a burgundy, the gray, and my favorite, the titanium silver. It sparkles brilliantly in the sun.....very very cool.
  • droptopz4droptopz4 Member Posts: 10
    Your local dealer may not have a hardtop for you to experience but they should have the Z4 accessories catalog. Inside you'll see everything for the Z4 including the hardtop.
  • billymaybillymay Member Posts: 59
    But it's not going to be the bestseller!

    Wish they'd bring back the Z3.
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    To ronincol... I am not usually fond of blue cars, but my husband & I test drove a couple of Z4s today, one Maldives blue on beige interior, the other black on beige. Wow... It's a sharp combination. My husband loved it, too. In fact, it appears we are leaning toward the blue. Decisions, decisions... I must say, it got looks from the people we passsed. At one point I thought the color might compare to a Caribbean blue, but it's more "grown up" than that.

    We're wondering about the extended leather also. Anyone have the scoop?
  • fnfalmanfnfalman Member Posts: 7
    It's a Bright Red with Black interior. I special ordered it from Sandia BMW in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has all three packages, wood accent, heated seat AND most importantly, 6-speed manual transmission. I insisted on the latter. I wanted a Jet Black one but upon seeing it, I didn't think that the color does the body's styling justice. I also looked at one decked out with extended leather option and decided against that as well. The hard plastic/rubber matterial that's on the dash and doors are very nice, functional and unique.

    So far I like everything about the car. Of course, I'd wish for more horsepower and torque, but then who doesn't? Hehe.

    The car press was ambivalent about the Z4's "controversial" styling, but the masses aren't. I've received so many compliments on its look from both enthusiasts and neophytes. Many thought that it was a Ferrari or Maserati, or some sort of Italian exotica. I suppose that's a compliment because BMW isn't exactly known for its avant garde styling.

    I don't see a lot of Z4s right now, but the ones I usually pass by are in Titanium color. That is a very beautiful and elegant color. Alas, it's not my taste. As an old soldier, I like the Urban Green (OD Green to me), but it's not what I'd think should go on a car like this. Maldive Blue is simply elegance in extremis. Merlot is a rather bad color for this car. I am surprised that there isn't a yellow color for this car.

    I chose Bright Red because I am partial to red and for a bit of flamboyance.
  • ajvdhajvdh Member Posts: 223
    My initial impression of the Z4 was less than favorable. Then, a local dealer brought a bright red one to our club driving school last spring. It was the first time I "got" what Bangle was trying to do (I'm still not entirely sure he suceeded). Except for being a cop magnet, it's a great color for that car.
  • fnfalmanfnfalman Member Posts: 7
    I didn't and don't care much for the aluminum-lookalike finish on the plastic inlays at the door handles. I also don't like the same plastic contraption for the steering wheel spokes. The same goes for the coverings for the rollover protection behind the seats.

    I am planning on replacing the steering wheel with the wooden spoke accessory wheel. That's gonna be costly but I think it's worth it as far as aesthetics concerned. I am going to put the wind screen deflector back on so that it would cover up the ugly aluminum-looking plastics for the rollover protections. Alas, I think that I am screwed with the door handles.
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