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  • tjtalberttjtalbert Posts: 4
    Any info about a removable hardtop or coupe for 04?

  • droptopz4droptopz4 Posts: 10
    The optional hardtop is listed in the Z4 accessories catalog. You'll need to contact your BMW center parts dept for availability.
    BTW, I took delivery of my Z4 3.0i on Saturday. It's an awesome machine.
  • sree72sree72 Posts: 1
    Made up my mind to get a Z4 3L.I was going to add the premium package. I was hoping to get advice on the pros and cons of the sports package.
  • droptopz4droptopz4 Posts: 10
    The only items added to the Premium Package for the 3.0i are the power top and power seats. I did without the power seats and ordered the automatic top separately for $750. I did go with the Sport Package so I could take full advantage of the car's handling abilities. The suspension is lower and those big 18"ers pick up every crease in the road but it was worth it for the handling. Depends on your driving style.
  • ronincolronincol Posts: 1
    I completed a two hour test drive of the Z4 3.0 6 speed in the Colorado Mountains and am in awe of the car. Wonderful power, acceleration and handling. If I had any more power, it would be impossible to keep my drivers license and I worry a bit about that with the Z4. Have owned three previous Bimmers and an Audi 2.7T and the Z4 is a monster in comparison. I personally love the bold and innovative styling. I was like a little kid during the test drive!
    Now for the business stuff. What is the best discount anyone has received and by what dealership and where? I am looking at a car that has a $45,000 MSRP.

    Also has anyone seen the Maldives Blue car with beige interior and how does it look? Is the upgraded extended high performance leather worth the money?
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  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I have heard of $1,200 over invoice for an "in stock" 2003 Z4 3.0 in the DC area is possible. It came up when I was discussing 5-series pricing with a dealer.
  • laptopkidlaptopkid Posts: 3
    Hey, Does anyone here have an Urban Green Z4? If not, does anyone know where I can see a real picture of the color? Thanks.
  • domshardomshar Posts: 10
    Christmas holidays, I got a Titanium Silver 3.0 with black leather interior, gray top, premium package, cold weather package, 17" run-flats and more. I had test driven it three times, because I could, and when I saw my wife's face after she test drove it, I knew we were trading in our baby (a 2000 323i). It had been the best car I ever drove. I still miss it. HOWEVER, the Z4 is AWESOME. Yes, it is bad in snow, even when the roads are just starting to cover over ( is what it is....a roadster). My 323i went very well in snow, by the's a matter of how smart you drive, isn't it? The Z4 is supposed to be fast. Well it is, but you'll find that it is surprisingly faster than you might have thought. And looks? EVERYONE turns to look at it when I drive by them. Kids stop playing roundball and stare. People genuinely love its looks. I find the interior very roomy. I am 5' 10'', 210 lbs. Great headroom. Easy to use top (automatic). I have the steptronic (I love this tranny, traffic to/from work makes a manual really impractical). I had to replace one tire (I hope it's the ONLY time...the nail was too close to the edge to repair...lucky me). We find the wind and noise are very tolerable with top down, we did by the wind screen that goes across the back of the rollbars. I get great gas mileage (27 or so hiway), although going 84 miles a day, I wish it had a bigger gas tank. If you are thinking about buying one.....DON'T...don't THINK, that is....get one now! Enjoy what is indeed the Ultimate Driving Experience.
  • domshardomshar Posts: 10
    I need to check with my dealer on this one, but has anyone heard of such a thing for the Z4? My brother has the Volvo XC90 SUV...very nice by the way, but he was unhappy with his reception and a few other things. He got a software upgrade at the dealer's. I have always thought the premium Carver stereo in my Z4 should have better reception, and now I wonder. They already did an upgrade for my steptronic transmission, and it is much improved. Anyone?
  • droptopz4droptopz4 Posts: 10
    Ronincal, I took delivery on June 7th. The MSRP on my Z4 3.0i was $45,000 and I bought it for $41,000 with no trade-in. I had to hunt around a bit but it IS possible to find a very good deal. Yes, I've seen the blue/beige combo and it looks nice - just not my taste. The one thing I noticed (and didn't like) was that even the shifter boot was beige. Good luck!

    Laptopkid, I saw both the green and the burgundy colors on E-Bay Motors. Most Z4s there are 2.5 versions. I'm not sure if they're still there but check it out!

    Domshar, I share your love and excitement for the Z4 3.0i, although mine is a 6-speed. After doing my homework and reading everything I could on the car, it's faster than I thought it would be and handles better too...and photos don't really capture its true presence. Most people stop to tell me how beautiful they think it is. It's a rolling piece of art with high performance!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 56,985
    Host saw a Z4 painted Army Green. Is that a factory color?

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  • mbchickiembchickie Posts: 1
    My husband just took delivery of his SUPER 2.5 Z4 yesterday - WOW! Jet black on beige leather, 5 spd, premium pkg, heated seats, foglights, pwr roof, xenons, OBC. We are now wondering about the HARDTOP option for the winters in the Northeast - anyone bought this add-on? What was the $$$ ?

    The car looks MUCH classier in person (I hadn't seen it at all - he shopped alone for his TOY <smiles>). The swoop of the hood is the beauty of this model - we turned heads everywhere we went yesterday.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I have a Honda S2000 and live in the DC area and briefly considered the hardtop.

    A word of caution: I strongly suggesting drive a car with the hardtop before making a purchase decision. My dealer suggested this and called me when they had one in stock to try. The car was clostrophobic and the interior noise level went up considerably. Granted, that's with a 9,000 rpm S2000, but this has been a general complaint of roadster hardtops.

    One of my friends has a 330cic with the hardtop and swears by it. His brother had a Miata with a hardtop and never used it.

    Also, for what it is worth, in my first winter (2001/2002) with an S2000, I got a lot of top down use in 40-50 degree weather. I wouldn't have wanted to be playing musical chairs with a hardtop during that time.
  • domshardomshar Posts: 10
    I am pretty sure I saw the price of the hardtop at $3000, but it might have been less. I do remember being surprised because the price of one at a Ford dealer for a new T-bird was $5000! And the car is ugly, I think. OK, so the hart top gives you the "port holes" so what, it's NOT a Z4, is it. Anyway, I considered it, but I decided against, and I agree that it's a great idea not to buy one unless you can experience it first. Also, for everyone asking about colors, my dealer has them all. Army way. But white, two kinds of black, green, two blues, a burgundy, the gray, and my favorite, the titanium silver. It sparkles brilliantly in the sun.....very very cool.
  • Your local dealer may not have a hardtop for you to experience but they should have the Z4 accessories catalog. Inside you'll see everything for the Z4 including the hardtop.
  • billymaybillymay Posts: 59
    But it's not going to be the bestseller!

    Wish they'd bring back the Z3.
  • z4suzz4suz Posts: 1
    To ronincol... I am not usually fond of blue cars, but my husband & I test drove a couple of Z4s today, one Maldives blue on beige interior, the other black on beige. Wow... It's a sharp combination. My husband loved it, too. In fact, it appears we are leaning toward the blue. Decisions, decisions... I must say, it got looks from the people we passsed. At one point I thought the color might compare to a Caribbean blue, but it's more "grown up" than that.

    We're wondering about the extended leather also. Anyone have the scoop?
  • It's a Bright Red with Black interior. I special ordered it from Sandia BMW in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has all three packages, wood accent, heated seat AND most importantly, 6-speed manual transmission. I insisted on the latter. I wanted a Jet Black one but upon seeing it, I didn't think that the color does the body's styling justice. I also looked at one decked out with extended leather option and decided against that as well. The hard plastic/rubber matterial that's on the dash and doors are very nice, functional and unique.

    So far I like everything about the car. Of course, I'd wish for more horsepower and torque, but then who doesn't? Hehe.

    The car press was ambivalent about the Z4's "controversial" styling, but the masses aren't. I've received so many compliments on its look from both enthusiasts and neophytes. Many thought that it was a Ferrari or Maserati, or some sort of Italian exotica. I suppose that's a compliment because BMW isn't exactly known for its avant garde styling.

    I don't see a lot of Z4s right now, but the ones I usually pass by are in Titanium color. That is a very beautiful and elegant color. Alas, it's not my taste. As an old soldier, I like the Urban Green (OD Green to me), but it's not what I'd think should go on a car like this. Maldive Blue is simply elegance in extremis. Merlot is a rather bad color for this car. I am surprised that there isn't a yellow color for this car.

    I chose Bright Red because I am partial to red and for a bit of flamboyance.
  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    My initial impression of the Z4 was less than favorable. Then, a local dealer brought a bright red one to our club driving school last spring. It was the first time I "got" what Bangle was trying to do (I'm still not entirely sure he suceeded). Except for being a cop magnet, it's a great color for that car.
  • I didn't and don't care much for the aluminum-lookalike finish on the plastic inlays at the door handles. I also don't like the same plastic contraption for the steering wheel spokes. The same goes for the coverings for the rollover protection behind the seats.

    I am planning on replacing the steering wheel with the wooden spoke accessory wheel. That's gonna be costly but I think it's worth it as far as aesthetics concerned. I am going to put the wind screen deflector back on so that it would cover up the ugly aluminum-looking plastics for the rollover protections. Alas, I think that I am screwed with the door handles.
  • kidevo1kidevo1 Posts: 31
    I'd be curious as to exactly how much more costly a steering wheel would be to replace with airbag?
  • In the USA's Z4 accessories book, the wooden spoken steering wheel costs almost $500, PLUS $180-something for wooden cover (required - whatever that means). So, the parts alone to replace the plastic bespoked steering wheel with a wooden spoke steering wheel is about $700 US Dollars alone. I sure hope that for that much, they'd better not charge me labor!
  • domshardomshar Posts: 10
    I have seen just about all the colors. The first one i ever laid eyes on was that Maldavian Blue, Tan Interior, woodgrain trim. Very very nice indeed. The Black metallic with tan interior is also stunning. While in the showroom for two hours agonizing over what to do, i turned and saw her.....Titanium Silver, Black interior. I understand we all have different tastes, it's what makes the world go 'round, but I feel the Titanium trim in this car looks much better than the wood. I had the wood trim in my white 323i, black interior, and it was beautiful, but not in the Z4. Today, I saw a white Z4 with the red interior (is THAT the extended leather??). Let's face it folks, we all have gorgeous cars that almost everyone envies. When strangers come up to you in the car or make comments or smile at a traffic light, the car's got something. Even the driver of a beautiful black M5 honked on his way by in another lane the other day.
  • Do you have to replace the original tires with Run Flat Tires? Has anyone experience with wear & tear on the 16 inche tires on the 2.5 liter?
  • I am not sure if you have to replace run-flats with run-flats. I have them (17"). I DO know that low-profile tires have special wheels, so you have to keep using low profile tires or get new wheels too. The only thing outside of calling your dealer, is to sign up for Owners Circle on the website, and in there you can ask technical questions. I have done it and have gotten good answers in a short amount of time.
    Also, I know that you'll only get about 20000 miles out of your low-profile tires, run-flats or not. Unfortunately, I also know that the cost of a tire is 300 bucks and the cost of my 17" wheels is 340 bucks. I hit a pot hole on the NJ turnpike and bent both right side wheels......ouch!
  • All you need are conventional tires that match the same sizes as your original run flat tires. I am planning on putting on conventional tires (probably Pirelli P Zeros) on my Z4 once the original tires wear out. I'll just throw in the trunk a couple cans of foam fix-it-flat sprayers. The run flat tires' sidewalls are simply too stiff for riding on the street.
  • I know there is a $3500 dealer-money pkg. available as a discount now, but several posts here have mentioned that $3k-$4k discounts were available much earlier, too.

    I'd planned to buy in late winter .... whaddya think? The depreciation hit on an '03 may wipe out the discount? Or not?

    TIA. JW
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I bought a 2002 S2000 in late November 2001 and got the best of both worlds: a discount over what the 2001 model was selling for the previous summer AND a one year newer model with numerous improvements. I could have gotten an even graeter discount on a leftover 2001, but it would have only been another $1,000 less, not in my 1st color choice, and without the glass rear window, better stereo and other upgrades of the 2002.

    If I were you, I'd look at buying a 2004 at a hefty discount this winter unless you can save an additional $1,500 - $2,000+ on a leftover 2003. By my estimates, on a $40k car, a newer model year is probably worth at least an additional 5% in resale. That may not matter if you plan on keeping the car for 6+ years, but it would if you plan on selling/trading in 3-4 or less.
  • I took delivery of my Z4 on August 28th, and got BMW's special lease rate and a straight, no haggle $1,000 over invoice. This turned out to be approximately $2,000 off sticker.

    2.5, Merlot Red with beige leather, fog lights, automatic and the Premium Package.

    The standard stereo is quite good--I've been surprised, and I'm somewhat of a sound guy. I would like to have a multi-play CD Changer, tho.
  • When I ordered my 3.0i back in April, Bright Red wasn't available. I'd really like to see this color! Not that I would have bought it but I'm partial to red - I did go with the red leather interior which I love; red leather comes with a light grey cockpit and the combination is stunning. Most of the Z4's I've seen have been Titanium. I ordered Sterling Grey just because I thought it showed-off the contours better. I'm still super happy with this car.
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