Buy accessories aftermarket or dealer install on a lease?

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I am looking to lease an RDX AWD w/Tech this weekend and have received some reasonable quotes ($36.5K) for the vehicle, but the accessories I want seem crazy expensive!

1st quote
Body side moldings- $339 (MSRP: $259)
Trailer hitch w/inst. - $759 (MSRP: $519 hitch+attachment)
All season protection package II- $496 (MSRP: $353)

2nd quote
Trailer hitch w/inst. - $834 (MSRP: $370 hitch + $149 attachment)
Cargo tray - $135 (MSRP: $135)
Rear seat cover - $336.50 (MSRP: $249)
Floor mats - $160
Cargo cover - $152

I have seen people buying Weathertec or OEM mats online and self installing but if I am going to lease car for 3 years, isn't it better to roll in accessory cost into lease, perhaps get a discount and only pay for depreciation?

I can live without body side moldings but definitely would like back seat cover, mats, tray and hitch. Can I negotiate all four within say, $700-800?



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    I believe you should further analyze WHY you are leasing? If you want to customize a car, in my opinion, you should buy it.
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    You aren't going to get any sort of discount on those items, and they won't be added to the MSRP, so you won't benefit from residualizing them, either.

    So, get them wherever is the cheapest..

    You might ask the dealer if they can residualize the trailer hitch.. It won't be nearly as much as the cost, if they can, but it might save you a little bit.

    (no one puts body side moldings on, still.. do they?)

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    Probably a little late to be weighing in ... the original post was from March. OP has probably made his/her decision already


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