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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,108
    The rules vary in different states according to my son who was a GMAC customer service rep. In Ohio, for example, you don't get the title until you pay off the loan.
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  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    "I'm in Ontario, Canada and looking at a 04 sport wagon GT V6, AUTO, leather, moonroof, GFX package ... quote I was given by a dealer ... msrp 34,560 discount (2,205)"

    Considering that the car is a year old and thus has depreciated at least 10% and likely closer to 20%, the 7% discount the dealer is offering is paltry. Ask the dealer what the exact build date for your vehicle is (there's a label on the driver side doorway) and remind the salesman that this is an older model. Why not check online for your area and the rest of Ontario for prices of low mileage used Mazda 04 sport wagons to get an idea what the price is now that it has depreciated in value? Also, you seem to have picked a model that is well equipped (due to good taste, no doubt). According to Consumer Reports, Kelly Blue Book and other sources well optioned versions usually depreciate faster than their base models; in other words, the top of the line used vehicle usually loses the most value. So, you may want to consider the price of the base model as well as your model in your searches. Additionally, you can always remind the dealer that he has some excellent competition from Toyota and Honda. Finally, everyone has to make a living, so don't be surprised if the salesman does not agree with your counter offer.

    Let us know how you make out.
  • That's pretty much what I did when I was researching my new purchase. It really helps, because if gives you the confidence when talking to the dealer. That's probably what helped me the most now that I think about it, I would have had abosuletly no problem moving into a used Mazda6, even had a print out of the one i was gonna get. Lets the dealer know that you don't HAVE TO buy a new one.

    I took the difference between a new and used, and evaulated if that was enough to pay for a full warranty, and no miles. Turns out it was!!!
  • redmazdaredmazda Posts: 1
    Can anyone help me in determining what I should pay for a new 2004 Mazda6 5dr.,manual hatch with the security package and the Bose/moonroof package with cloth. There are only two 2004s in my area (CT). Both are Volcanic red. There is $3000 incentive from Mazda, plus another $1,000 from Mazda credit if financing at approx. 6.5% for 60 months. I am at $18,300 plus tax, title, insurance, and a $299 conveyance fee. The invoice is approx $21,800. Should I be below invoice plus the incentives or is 22,300 - 4000 incentives good ( 18,300)?
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    18,300 is way high.

    This car is nearly two model years old.

    I'd offer 17,000 at the most, plus they waive the conveyance fee, whatever that is.
  • cliveeclivee Posts: 7
    Sound advice.

    Looks like the vehicle I quoted was sold.
    I've found a few more 04's in the area that are definitely cheaper, though they have 7-10k on the clock rather than the 53km the sold one had.

    Fortunately no rush for me, so I'll proceed with Due Diligence.

  • With invoice prices of around 24-25K the dealers in my area want around 20K plus tax . There must be at least 10 2004 wagons in my area but none seem to be willing to sell for less than 20K after the 6,000 in rebates . What puts me off even more is that I just realized what about the mileage and the first dealer said 500 miles on his new wagon ouch . What do you think a fiar price is on the wagons that have a msrp of around 26-27K .
    thanks JM .
  • denali856denali856 Posts: 118
    I thought about trying to find a leftover 'new' '04, or even buying a new '05, but there's a dealer in my area (Maple Shade Mazda, Maple Shade, NJ) who only sells used Certified Pre-Owned Mazdas, and with a certified pre-owned car you get a lot of extra warranty protection. I made a deal on an '04 6S ATX sedan with 13k miles on it for the 'Internet price' of a bit over $18 and was out the door for under $20.

    The car is going to be my wife's driver and she puts about 30k/year on the odometer because of her long commute, so when I thought about it, it seemed like actually a better deal than buying new (because she will blow through the remainder of the 4yr/50k bumper-to-bumper in a little over a year).
  • `This Mazda 6 wagon was the Parts manager's demo
    it has 4920 miles on it. `

    It wonders me how dealers fail to mention small descripiances like this when they quote new car prices !!!!!
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Clive said: "I've found a few more 04's in the area that are definitely cheaper, though they have 7-10k on the clock rather than the 53km the sold one had. Fortunately no rush for me, so I'll proceed with Due Diligence."

    You're wise not to rush, Clive. That is one of the biggest advantages, I believe, we consumers have in the madness called car buying.

    My Mazda dealer uses as one source for used car pricing.

    Visiting various dealerships may be helpful in determining with whom you would like to deal once you're ready.
  • Hi everyone. I have been reading the forums for a while now to see if I should purchase a loaded 2005 Mazda6 sedan. I was wondering if anyone knows about any rebates that will be available in April here in New York or rather the United States, since the rebates currently available are set to expire on March 31st. Thanks everyone
  • dans6dans6 Posts: 3
    I just bought a '05 Mazda6. I had the S-plan plus all the rebates. Financed thru Mazda and asked the dealer about going thru my credit union, and the finance person at the dealer said I had to wait 4 months to transfer it to my credit union!!
    Is that true?
  • skb123skb123 Posts: 13
    Congrtulations. Will you pl tell us the dealership you bought from. thanks
  • msmith4msmith4 Posts: 2
    I did buy an O4 Wagon (auto, sport package) in Edmonton back in late Feb. OTD price (including GST) was $25,990.00. It took a lot of negotiating (and I think I left a few hundred bucks on the table anyway) but was happy with the price and am really, really happy with the car. Your dealers quote sounds pretty high to me. My advice is not to let the dealers break down all the seperate costs (they do this to confuse buyers I think). I just kept coming back to a what I thought was a total fair price (even including the gst).
    Good luck
  • emilehanemilehan Posts: 5
    firstly, Im looking for a loaded mazda3, but when I saw mazda 6, I can't resist it. The problem is that my budget is under 20k. So my only choice is i model.
    Im in Ohio, the price Im getting now is:
    2005 mazda6 i sport sedan 4 door sports model.
    MSRP: 22905
    Out of door (include all the fee): 19461.15
    And my target is reducing the OTD to 18500, is it possible?

    BTW: I also wanna know if there is any rebates for April? Im struggling between low APR or 1000 MAC, which one is better?

    Any suggestion will be very appreciated, Thanks:)
  • jlam2jlam2 Posts: 21
    If you want to save money, then go for the 2004 6s 5 door(sports package is already included in this model). It's the exact same car as a 2005 except you get a 5 speed instead of a 6 speed auto, if that's what you want. Same good looks and the same V6 engine. The 2004 is also priced around $900 cheaper than a 2005. If you go to the web site and click on inventory, they will search for you in Ohio. So far, I see their is seven 2004 models left. 6 of them at Mazda Direct in Columbus. Fortunately, 5 of them are silver(same as mine). If you get one for MSRP $25000 and with a $6500 automatic rebate(w/ autoshow discount) you are looking at around $18500 or less for a Mazda 6s with a V6 engine.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Msmith4 said "I did buy an O4 Wagon (auto, sport package) in Edmonton back in late Feb. OTD price (including GST) was $25,990.00"

    Sounds like an excellent price. A few questions:
    - Did you buy the GS V6?

    - How many kilometres at the time of purchase? Was this a demo by any chance?

    - Was there any PST along with the GST?

    - Do you remember the Freight/PDI charges?
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,108
    The price sounds pretty good, may be hard to get lower on an '05. I bought my Mazda from Mazda Direct in Columbus in October; had one bad experience in the middle of negotiations but otherwise positive; they have a lot of inventory to choose from.
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  • emilehanemilehan Posts: 5
    thanks jlam2
    unfortunately, Im in cleveland area. There's few 04 model left and the color is also good. so maybe the only choice is 05.

    And Im just waiting for the incentive April, see what will show up
  • emilehanemilehan Posts: 5
    oh,what kind of bad experience? on finance? this is what Im concerning
  • akumazakumaz Posts: 65
    I'm on the fence on whether to spring for a 2004 6i 5-door (Volcanic Red). A dealership nearby has one loaded (Bose, Moonroof, Security Package, Leather) for just over $25K. After negotiation, I'm guessing $18-20K would be a good range.

    HOWEVER, the car has a stickshift- which I've always wanted to drive. But with the rebates ending today (and so tempting), and moving cross-country in a few weeks, I'm wondering whether to spring for it.

    If I knew the rebates would stay the same- or get better- next month, and I had another couple of days to think, I'd feel better considering it. After all, I've been wanting a 6 for the past 3 years- and the Volcanic Red (I believe)was on the Tokyo Auto Show Atenza I saw back in 2002 that began my love for this car- and this one has everything I would want.

    So should I do it today, or will the rebates continue?
  • akumazakumaz Posts: 65
    About the stickshift, I should elaborate. I've learned about 2 years ago, but I quit out of frustration (with myself, my mom teaching me, and fear of ruining her BMW) although I was starting to get the hang of it. So this would be my first stickshift, and I wonder if I could get the hang of a Mazda stick- especially before making a 1700 mile trip.
  • cliveeclivee Posts: 7
    Sounds like you got an excellent deal to me.

  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,108
    No, not on financing at all. The sales guy has been great, but one of the managers really tried to pressure me to buy THAT DAY OR ELSE. When I wouldn't budge and walked out, another sales manager called me at home and apologized and said the deal was still good. I told them up front I didn't want any extended warranties, rustproofing, etc. and the finance guy just wrote up the straight ticket. So it all ended up very positive.
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  • cliveeclivee Posts: 7
    I'm looking at this private sale of a hatch version below.
    The guy bought the car 2 months ago for $32,000 - there's $31k left to pay.
    I can take over the 0% payments, but still to me the cars not worth that much - mind you in taking over the payments I don't pay GST apparently.

    I feel like offering him no more than 26k but then he'll have to pitch in 5k out of his pocket, which I can't see him being too happy about.

    I think it was you who mentioned the madness of car buying - what a circus! :0)

    Year: 2004
    Make: MAZDA
    Model: MAZDA 6
    Model Detail:
    Price: $29,999
    Mileage: 22,000 km
    Date: 4/1/2005
    Ad Type: Private

    0% INT, NO GST
    Comment: Auto, 4 dr, 3.0, 6 cyl., grey ext., bl. int., GFX pck, fully loaded without leather, 7 yrs of extra warranty, added remote start and tints. Best offer or take over the payments at 0% int with small downpayment. 22,000 km, $29,999.
  • escortownerescortowner Posts: 132
    if you can find an 04 out there, you could get an S for under 20 k.....I got mine for under 18 k otd - no sunroof or bose system, or leather, but it still has a lot of nice features. the S is much more fun to if you can find an 04 it may be worth it.
  • emilehanemilehan Posts: 5
    that's really cool, but few 04 here, that's the problem. :(
  • emilehanemilehan Posts: 5
    The only thing I can find on
    Better or Worse?
    3.9% APR for 60 Months (1)(2) OR up to $2,000 Customer Cash (3)(4)
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Clive said: The guy bought the car 2 months ago ... Mileage: 22,000 km

    Wow! That's a lot of driving if you consider the average is 20K per year. I would check for paperwork regarding original purchase and subsequent maintenance work performed; he would have had to have had at least 2 oil changes. Then, I would ask how he would feel about an independent garage performing a vehicle inspection as a condition of sale; if this does not suit him, I would move to the next prospect. As a sign of good faith you may want to say that if you don't buy the car the inspection would be paid by you; if you do buy the car it comes out of your offer.

    Considering the mileage the car would be treated as a year old; depreciation would be about 20% so you're right to offer $26K as a start and possibly accept $27K. I am assuming you meant the price before GST. With GST the price works out to approximately $28K (which seems okay) to $29K (which seems high). And yes that will be a tough pill to swallow for him. I would not offer him $30K or anything close to that.

    p.s. I must be missing something because if he owes $31K and is selling it for $30K it sounds like he will owe you money to take over the payments.
  • cliveeclivee Posts: 7
    He bought the car from a dealership with km's already on the clock.

    Yes, in this situation he will have to pay me or the dealership monies for me to take over the payments. Apparently I won't have to pay any GST to do this.
    For your entertainment, below follows our communication to date - thanks again for the advice:

    That is lower than I have expected, however due to certain circumstance

    I have to sell the vehicle within the next 2 weeks.

    I will keep your offer in mind just in case…….

    Thank you.

    To: 'Radzio'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .

    My advice is to stay in there for the long run.

    The most I would be willing to pay for the vehicle is $26k


    To: 'Walltec (80) Inc.'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .


    The car is in perfect condition and it still has 7 years warranty on it.

    I am willing to let it go for reasonable price.

    I only drove the car for the last past two months.

    How much money am I willing to lose? The less the better.

    I believe 28-29 is a reasonable price for the vehicle.

    Make me an offer if you’re interested.

    To: 'Radzio'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .


    I understand what you are saying.

    The unfortunate thing about cars is nobody makes money on them. The car looks very nice but because it has done 22,000km it is worth allot less than you are asking.

    The question is; how much money are you willing to lose?


    To: 'Walltec (80) Inc.'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .

    Hello There,

    I don’t want to make any money on the car. All I want to do is sell it or give the car to good hands.

    The vehicle has extra remote starter, tint installed after the purchase.

    It comes with 7 years full warranty and Mazda road assistance program.

    Attached you will find more pictures for your convince.

    Thank you

    To: 'Radzio'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .

    What’s left to pay?


    To: 'Walltec (80) Inc.'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .

    Sorry that offer is simply not acceptable.

    I bought the car 2 months ago and paid 32,000$

    The car has 7 yrs warranty on it (which was purchased extra for 2000.00)

    The car’s payments can be taken over at 0% finicing.


    Subject: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .


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