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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cellneuroncellneuron Posts: 22
    Does anybody know something about the college student discount? how much is it and what't the terms and conditions?

  • I checked into the recent college grad discount and found out that Mazda does not currently offer that program.
  • jazacmomjazacmom Posts: 5
    Okay, so I get a quote for an OTD price on a Mazda6 i hatch with automatic for $21,559 (including TTT and fees). They said the invoice is $22,104 minus the $2500 rebate. We had not talked trade at that point.

    Today, they call my husband and say that with the trade, the price will be $17990 OTD. He thought it sounded great. I said wait a minute.

    Okay, so here is the breakdown with the trade. We owe $12,200 on the trade and they want to give us $14,800, making a $2600 difference. If I add that $2600 onto the NEW PRICE of $17990 I still come up with $21,550 (a difference of $9). Meanwhile, they are now factoring in the trade, which drops the "selling" price making the tax more than half the amount of before...Right? This actually makes them make more money on the deal.

    LMK if my thinking is correct, and they are trying to pull a fast one with the number game.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    If I add that $2600 onto the NEW PRICE of $17990

    The payoff doesnt quite work that need to add back in the entire payoff. here is an example assuming a $7500 payoff

    selling price 20,000
    trade (10000)
    cash diff 10,000
    sales tax 600
    fees 200
    payoff 7500

    total amount due $18,300

    Hope this helps.
  • tsungtsung Posts: 2
    Have a deal for the 2004 Mazda 6 s Hatchback with 16k mileage, 6 speed AT, Bose, Alloy wheels, moonroof, power seat, heated seat,leather interior, ABS, Airbag and in excellent condition. KBB price is around $16k to $18k. The guy asks for $17k. I checked a lot websites for used cars and couldnt find a price like this (most of the used mazda 6 2004 i/s models' prices range from $15k to $18k) Hope someone can give me ideas about how this deal is. Should I take? Thanks!
  • chawposerchawposer Posts: 1
    I've been talking with dealerships near to me (SF Bay Area) about leasing a Mazda 6s Sport, with 6sp Auto Transmission and the Bose Audio/Moonroof Package. I am working on a 36 month, 15k mile a year lease, and was quote previously for either ~$360/month for 48 months, or ~$380/month for 36 months, but at 12k a year. Does this seem pretty high/crazy to anyone else?

    I plan to use the $3000 in rebates as my down payment /GAP cost reduction / etc. Also, does anyone know what the residual value, and base interest are on Mazda 6's these days? I know I've seen quite a few more Mazda 3's on the roads and off the lots recently, and figuring dealerships would want to try and move the Mazda 6's they might have offered a better price per month that I received.

    Thank You for any help and advice. :)
  • Conventional finance rebates are not always the same offered on lease/balloon scenarios.

    The 2006 Mazda6 has a $2,500 factory rebate and a $500 MAC Bonus(only if financed conventionally through Mazda American Credit). This accounts for the $3,000 you speak of.


    The 2006 Mazda6 has a $1,500 MAC Lease/AVP rebate and an additional $500 MAC Lease/AVP Bonus(only if you enter into a Special MAC Lease/AVP). This means you only of receive a total of $2,000 for lease/balloon scenarios.

    Always ask questions regarding different programs.

  • mikekrmikekr Posts: 2
    Just thought I'd share my information. Yesterday we bought a new Mazda 6, sedan, s Grand Touring, with navi and a few other minor accessories. The price was $24,831 (before TTL), which is 3,000 below invoice. I took the invoice numbers from Edmunds, and they matched the dealer's invoice to a dollar (he showed it to me).
    The discount comes from $2,000 rebate for consumer, $500 dealer incentive and $500 MAC bonus, if financed through Mazda (you can refinance it if you can get better rate - that's what I'll do). By the way, the rate for me is 8.1%.

    The dealership is Faulkner Mazda in Philadelphia. Overall, the experience was very positive. The salesrep was good and clearly knew his stuff. They didn't try to push any rustproofing, paintsealing, striping, or anything like that. I would definitely recommend the place, and especially the sales guy. He was very upfront with everything.

    We also checked out Nissan (Altima and Maxima), Subaru (Legacy and Outback), Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Acura (TL and TSX). We wanted 6 cyl and leather, so we were only testing the upper trims. Not surprisingly, Acuras were the most appealing cars in this list. TSX is a bit underpowered, but TL is great. Unfortunately it is also quite expensive.
    I would have bought Subaru Legacy, but my wife wanted something different this time (we already have one Subie).
    And Mazda was the best of the rest overall, in our opinion.

    So if you are thinking of buying Mazda 6, the time is now - I think that 3K below invoice is a given, and they probably could potentially go even lower. I now wish I'd started lower.
    But the rebates expire on July 5th.
  • Mazda6 i + AT + SAB + incidentals (mirror, compass, wheel locks)

    $16,499 + dealership fee $300 + Tax and tags

    Financed through them.

  • guydoguydo Posts: 3
    Used this forum a lot, so thought I would add this after my purchase...

    Mazda 6i, base trim, plus:

    * Automatic gear
    * Convenience package
    * Curtain airbags
    * Wheel locks

    MSRP - $22,210
    Got a price that reflects $500 dealer reduction (not taxed) and $2000 rebate (taxed) and Manhattan 8.375% tax = $19,463
    Paid OTD = $19463 + $210 DMV, title = $19,673

    Paid cash, so there was no extra profit from lease, finance, etc.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    4 cylinder i Sport, with Bose and Sunroof, Auto tranny
    $23,600 less $3,000 in rebates = $20,600/ MSRP $24,945

    not including Tax, Title, tags, etc.

    Other option was an i with the convenience package, $17,600
  • ctchiefctchief Posts: 2
    $300 dealer fee? Not a bad deal other than this dealer fee.
  • ctchiefctchief Posts: 2
    $15,495 OTD. Dealer tried to trick me with a "Secure Etch Silent Alarm Theft Deterrent System" which actually is, allegedly, the VIN etched into all the windows and a $2500 policy if car is ever stolen and not recovered (30 days). They almost got away with it having me believing I was getting an alarm system. Car would have been $16,090 had I paid for that nonsense.

    Anyone else heard of this?

    Dealership - Puente Hills Mazda, Industry, Ca.
  • What would be a good starting point for talking price with a salesperson on a Mazda6 i, 5-Door Sport Model (Manual Tranmission) with the Bose Audio/Moonroof Pkg?

    We will be starting our negotiations with our salesperson tomorrow morning intending to get things wrapped up as quickly as possible to take advantage of the rebates and didn't want to start off "too high."

    The price I come up with considering invoice and rebates is $19,191, but this seems too high based on what other people on the board have said. Any advice anyone out there could offer would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    we received a price is $20,600 for the same vehicle, but with automatic. that's $19,700 without the automatic.

    i thought the price would be a bit lower too, but we got quotes from 2 dealers in the CT area and that was the best they could do. basically, on a $24,900 MSRP the dealer knocked of about $1,300 and then $3000 in rebates.

    on a $25k car, dealer taking off about 5% seems right though.
  • harbourharbour Posts: 3

    this is a dealer ads in madison wisconsin. it is so cheap!!!
    is there anyone knows about if there is a secret incentive?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The 6 in that ad is about $400 below invoice after rebate.

    There was a special regional incentive, but only for the speed6, mentioned in that forum.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Hello all, I found one of few leftover 2005 Mazda 6i (4 cylinder) hatchback at the local delaership. The original MSRP is at $26,700 or so with sunroof, 2-tone leather, Bose audio with six CD cahngers and automatic. They are asking $19,700 for the car. Car does not have title, so it is brand new car with about 2300 miles on the odometer.
    It's also a rare royal blue, which I really like.

    Personally I think I can do much better. I was thinking about offering $18,500, but would love to hear from everyone here.

    Thank you. :shades:
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Look up the wholesale price or edmunds used appraiser for a 05 hatch with 2800 miles. I'm guessing its $16000-17000. If this is the case paying $19700 would be uncool as the car will be worth 5000-6000(or worse) less in a year. You could probably work a better deal on an 06 getting competitive bids from 10 or so dealerships. In any event try to hit them at the end of the month and get wholesale + 500-1500 (if you just gotta have it) as it is essentially a used car (as well as yesterdays news 10 months ago) with 2800 mi off the warranty.

    Old Demos like this are frequently sucker bait, as they are old already and have a new sticker (never been titled) and they can give some uninitiated clown a mediocre offer on an 06 and knock off another 1500 for the 05 demo and get him/her to bite.

    rotsa ruck


    Hello all, I found one of few leftover 2005 Mazda 6i (4 cylinder) hatchback at the local delaership. The original MSRP is at $26,700 or so with sunroof, 2-tone leather, Bose audio with six CD cahngers and automatic. They are asking $19,700 for the car. Car does not have title, so it is brand new car with about 2300 miles on the odometer.
    It's also a rare royal blue, which I really like.

    Personally I think I can do much better. I was thinking about offering $18,500, but would love to hear from everyone here.

    Thank you.
  • Hey all,

    From CarMax - 2005 Mazda 6

    27,000 mileage. AC/power steering/air bags/power windows/power seats/alloy wheels/ABS brakes/AMFM CD system/power locks/power mirrors/cruise control/auto. transmission/color is green. 100% OK by AutoCheck.

    no haggle price of $15,998.

    Kelly Blue Book said this car is worth 17k+ but thats assuming its in "excellent" condition.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Is this a V6?

    Is the 17K wholesale or the fantasy 3k +wholesale (retail) price nada and KBB publish?

    If it wholesales 14K (check nada too) in excellent condition I would pass or get more off.

  • its a V4, its the base i 4d sedan.

    anyways, edmunds/kelley/nada all showed the price to be over 16k and plus, carmax has "no haggle" prices = you cant negotiate.
  • I live in the Seattle area and after a lotta searching and talking with the dealers the best I can get is 18400 OTD. Any advice? Of anyone in the area get similar or better prices?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I get a used price for a base 05 6i auto at 13200 on edmunds wholesale outstanding (which means 12800 practically)

    Base 06 6i auto sedan (21000 MSRP?) has ads for 5000 -6000 off msrp on (may have 500 off of that financing with mazda credit)

    15000 to 16000 purchase price will have Us eating 2000-3000 depreciation (13000 wholesale in 1st year) which is acceptable this late in 06 on mazda6 base.

    May want to try mazda3 as it is lighter and not as underpowered with bigger engine. Have seen numerous ads for 1000-1500 under invoice on mazda3 hatch -- dealers seem willing to make good deals on the hatch.

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    That would be an I4, not V4. But anyway you can get a new 2006 I4, with automatic and convenience package (which sounds like it would be comparably equipped) for about $16,800 based on invoice minus $3000 in rebates. This assumes you can still find one equipped like this, of course.

    Note that the 2006 would have 5 speed ATX, rather than the 4 speed that is in the 2005. The mpg ratings are better on the 2006. I also found the seats to be much more comfortable in the 2006 and it had less engine and road noise.

    $16K sounds like far too high a price for the used 2005 to me.
  • brand new 06 6i w/ 5 speed sport automatic transmission and side and side curtain airbags, i offered 16k out the door. invoice is 19.4k on the car, minus the 2.5 rebate = 16.9k, and i took another 9k off.

    sound good/bad, can i go lower, squeeze more options in there, etc.?
  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    I was looking for the basic 2006 Mazda6 S v-6 manual. MSRP is $23,570. I would have loved to get the blue, but no manuals. A couple of automatics in blue, but not interested.

    Many places were offering invoice price-$3500. I offered $17671, knowing they would want to add the "dealer service fee" of $129. So essentially $17,800, plus tax, title, license. They accepted it. I went for the glacier silver over the tungsten gray, which were the two cars they had at that price. Black cloth interior. I would have preferred a lighter color interior, but at least in this area, all I was seeing was black interiors.

    Invoice is $21,808. Minus the $3,500 is 18,308. So $17,800 is $508 below invoice. I was very satisfied with this price.

    I suppose it is possible I could have waited another week, and squeezed one or two hundred more dollars off, or maybe even now if I had pushed harder as they accepted my offer right away without haggling. But I got the car I wanted in a color I liked.

    I have to wait a month, and then I can pay off the Mazda Credit loan in its entirety with a lower interest rate loan. The Mazda Credit loan was 8% for 48 months.

    I hope this helps as I hadn't seen any recent pricing posted.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    is it just me or are the 07's cheaper than 06?
    i was looking at an 06 sport - cloth, with bose and moonroof package and the prcie was close to 25k
    in 2007, a grand touring, heated seats, etc, is about the same?
    am i missing something?
  • I'm seeing some really low prices listed here, stuff I would gladly pay for my car, but there don't seem to be deals like that on '06s in my area. Did this 3500 rebate expire?, no dealers have mentioned it to me.

    I'm looking for a 5 door 2006 V6 with cloth and the bose system. Preferably red, black, or blue. Anyone seen one at their local dealer?
  • Lobe, can you please tell me where you saw 2006 mazda6 V6 automatics in blue? This is the exact car i'm searching for.
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