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    Do you guys have anything to back up your claims that the car is a failure due to marketing?

    I think it is a failure because they tried a "me too" strategy, creating a car that is more similar to the competition than the version it replaced. This (unsurprisingly, IMO) did not work.

    From the time when it was new, here is a story that mentions this "me too" strategy:

    Mazda marketing types feel confident the new Mazda6 will appeal to a broader and even more upscale buyer base when sales begin in August. A key part of their goal to push North American volumes into the six-figure zone involves winning converts from the ranks of Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, and Chevy Malibu owners.

    Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/sedans/112_0808_2009_mazda6_drive/specificat- ions.html#ixzz1AGTkK46p

    Here is another that indicates they were increasing the marketing budget...Mazda also said today that it will boost its marketing budget.
    http://www.autospies.com/news/Mazda6-will-be-unveiled-in-April-hybrid-is-not-on-- the-agenda-yet-26646/
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    Nice homework! I think it actually may be some of both. I have the '07 and was looking forward to the redesign but was dissappointed. It's still a great looking car and handles good but it just lost that uniqueness IMO within the midsized class. Plus the advertising, as others have said, has left a lot to be desired but I did see a lot of ads when the '09 first hit the streets.
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    If your sales figures are correct, it looks like Mazda failed with this redesign. The 2008 Camry sales were 436,617, so 2010 was down 25%, while the Mazda6 is down 32% from their 2008 sales.

    Keep in mind, Mazda has drastically reduced their fleet service vehicles. According to Mazda, they are putting almost 20% less cars into fleet. There were an abundace of 1st gen Mazda6's sold into fleet service.

    Fleet reduction has increased residual value helping lease terms and increased resale.

    Regardless, 35,000 units sold of the "flag ship" car for Mazda is just piss poor. Mazda was targeting 80,000 + with the new design.
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    I feel if mazda would spend just as much time and money....if not more in the mazda6 like they do the mazda3 which isn't their flagship...they might get some decent sale numbers
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    Greyghost, I hear ya on that. My husband initially suggested by the Accord or Altima until I got him to take a look at the 6 and have a test drive. He drives an Infiniti coupe so I have to be the more practical one. Anyway, he was surprised by the sporty look of the 6 compared to the other choices and also the roomy feel and how large the trunk is. For our purposes trunk size is somewhat important. I pointed one out to my sister the other day and she was guessing it was an Acura before I filled her in.

    Jeffy, Personally, I don't care for the prior version and would never buy one. I'll take the larger room and more refined look of the 2009 vs the prior model all day long. To each his own.

    m6, Glad you enjoy your 07. I respectfully disagree and MUCH prefer the current model.

    nc, I agree wholeheartedly

    Having test driven the Altima and Accord, it was a very easy decision for me. I think the 6 is absolutely under-appreciated.
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    You miss my point, I'm sure the vast majority of Americans, if given a choice between the prior version and the new version would buy the new one, primarily because it is bigger. But unlike the previous version, which was somewhat unique, the new one is pretty much just another typical midsize sedan, so for most people there is little reason to choose it over the Camry, Accord, Altima, Malibu, Fusion, etc.

    Meanwhile, those buyers, like myself, that bought the old version for its somewhat unique size and sportiness also have no reason to prefer the Mazda6 over several other choices.
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    I do understand what you're saying. However, I reiterate that Mazda has sucked at their ad/marketing of the 6. While different than your version, it's still more sporty than the Altima, Accord, Camry, etc. in my opinion.

    It's funny, 2 of my co-workers drive an Altima and one drives a Camry. When we were discussing vehicles at lunch awhile back, none of them knew anything about the 6 or even remotely what it looked like. Showed them pics and they all liked it. The Camry owner even went with me to the dealer to check it out as she's going to replace her car in the near future. She loved it and is planning on getting a red one herself soon.

    Again I say, Mazda is severly lacking in EFFECTIVE advertising
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    again...mazda spend more time on the mazda3 than the mazda6....how many commericals have you seen on tv on the mazda6...none as of now.....wow a 2011 mazda3 commercial is playing on CNN now.
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    I've got a quote on this 2010 i Grand Touring Mazda 6 auto from Quirk Mazda in Boston:

    Brilliant Silver w/Black Interior

    Tech. Pkg. and Nav.

    Remote Engine Start

    Rear Wing Spoiler

    MSRP $31690 - $7000 off = $24690 + TTL

    What do you guys think? Is it a good deal?

    They also have another one (White on Beige) without the Nav. system and spoiler for $22999 (MSRP $29265, that is $6765 off), which I think is a pretty sweet deal as well.

    I was thinking about cross shopping the 2011 Kia Optima w/ Premium Pkg. (no Nav.) from Quirk Kia as well. It's one good looking car the new Optima - actually think it's better looking than the Mazda 6. But it's still a Kia nevertheless. Any comments would be appreciated!
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    Well, you do get a 5/10 year warranty with Kia. I think/hope they have come a long way since the days of the Sephia, etc. I drove an Optima from 2 generations back, as a rental car for a week once and it was terrible.

    Agree with you on the looks. Kia is making some nice looking (to me) cars. Both the Optima and Forte look good and better to me than the Mazda3 and Mazda6. I guess they would be described as having European styling, while Mazda has gone to more Japanese styling in this generation after having had European looks in the 2003-2008 Mazda6.
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    The poor sales of the Mazda6 has been the subject of extensive discussion on a Mazda3 Owner/Enthusiast site that I visit regularly. There have been a lot of reasons suggested and some make more sense than others. But before I get into those, here are a few links to stories praising the Mazda6 and also pondering why it isn't selling-


    http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2010/09/mazda-celebrates-building-2000000-maz- da6-cars.html

    Popular Mechanics did a comparison test of all the major players (Camry, Accord, Altima, Malibu, Fusion, Subaru Legacy, Mazda6) and the Suzuki Kizashi was also included, but hardly a major player by any stretch. The Mazda6 came out on top of all the others!

    Here's what they had to say about it-

    "It's rare when exceptional cars remain largely undiscovered. But that's the case with the Mazda6. And it's astounding considering that this is the best all-around sedan."

    All reviews of the car by major automotive media sources have praised the car with few, if any, misgivings. Consumer Reports gave it their "GOOD BET" seal of approval. The only complaint most of them could muster is that the fuel economy isn't quite as good as the class leaders. CR's real-world fuel economy testing shows that the i Sport 5AT averaged 24mpg overall in real-world conditions, which puts it 2mpg behind Camry and Altima and 3mpg behind the Sonata. But the Ford Fusion with the same engine and 6AT matches the Mazda6 at 24mpg, despite having an extra gear and slower acceleration (the latter due to 'economy' gearing). The 2009 Accord LX-P 5AT was at the back of the pack, only getting 23mpg under the same conditions!

    For 2011, the Mazda6 fuel economy ratings have been increased by 1mpg for all three engine/transmission combos for both city and highway ratings. The only exception is the V6 s models, which get a 2mpg boost on the highway to 27mpg. Maybe this will put an end to any complaints about fuel economy vs. the competition.

    With all the accolades from so many respected sources, the Mazda6 should be selling at triple the current rate (around 100k per year, instead of the current 35k). 2009 sales didn't reach the 35k mark, with 34,866 sold. What gives?

    1) Marketing- it's already been mentioned that Mazda hasn't done nearly enough to make the Mazda6 visible and put it in front of potential buyers who don't even know it exists! There has been some discussion about whether the single-numeral nomenclature only adds to the anonymity problem....would an actual name boost brand/model recognition at all? In Japan, the Mazda6 is known as the Mazda Atenza and the Mazda3 is the Mazda Axela....there may be some truth to that, but it's is hardly one of primary factors in the car's poor sales...

    2) Dealership Network- Mazda has one of the most limited dealer networks in the country. There are also significant mid-size cities (500k+ population) where every brand of car is sold except Mazda (and Suzuki, but that hardly counts). Chattanooga, TN is one such market, with a population of 550k+ in the metro are. Montgomery, AL is another example with a population of just over 500k. The nearest Mazda dealer is 80 miles away in Birmingham! Incidentally, Montgomery is also where the Hyundai Sonata is manufactured. Here in the Atlanta area, we have six Mazda dealers serving a metro population exceeding SIX MILLION! We have just as many Mitsubishi dealers and KIA has several more than Mazda.

    With such limited visibility and inadequate coverage of all geographic areas, the low sales figures aren't so surprising. The Mazda6 isn't on the radar of most mid-size sedan shoppers and the vast majority don't even know that it exists! Among those who are familiar with the Mazda6, how many choose another brand because there is no Mazda dealership nearby in case they need warranty repairs or service???

    3) Quality of Dealership- Simply stated, most Mazda dealers SUCK!!! The number of complaints and horror stories from customers (and lost customers) are significantly disproportionate to others based on the limited number of dealerships. Every Mazda enthusiast site that I've seen is full of customer accounts of horrible sales practices, pathetic service after the sale and warranty claims that turned into mortal combat before they were finally paid! The Mazda6 ranks lower than most competitors in Consumer Reports' Owner Satisfaction rating, but the car itself isn't the problem at all. The vast majority of dissatisfied customers noted a poor sales experience, lack of customer service and/or difficulty with warranty repairs as the problem- not the vehicle!

    As the owner of a Mazda3 for the last five years, I have had several unpleasant experiences with Mazda dealers, each with a different one. It started when I was trying to buy my car at a local Atlanta dealership and it turned into the one of worst experiences of my life! The salesman put his 4-square worksheet in front of me with a price only $200 below sticker. My response was, "I'm not interested in buying the car unless we can get the price quite a bit lower". His response blew me away, "Well, then you need to go somewhere else!" I think the black marks are still on the parking lot where I smoke the tires of my Grand Cherokee to make it clear how angry I was. Within two minutes, the sales manager called and said he wanted to find a way to salvage the sale. I told him that I would drop dead before I'd ever give them my business. Suddenly, he started hurling insults at me because of a six year old bankruptcy on my credit report (despite the fact that I had worked my way back to a FICO score in the 720s at that time). It devolved from there but I spent the next six months filing complaints at every consumer organization and website to share my hellish experience!

    I ended up soliciting quotes from every dealer with 250 miles with the specific car I wanted in stock. Mazda Knoxville, in Knoxville, TN, gave me the best quote and I traveled over 200 miles each way to pick it up. In stark contrast to the horrible earlier experience I had in Atlanta, Mazda Knoxville made the entire process very easy, quick and painless! When I buy my next Mazda, they will be the first call I make. =)

    My car never had to return to a dealer during the first two years and almost 50k miles. Even my previous Hondas had minor warranty repairs needed in the first year or so, but not my Mazda. Then at 49,200 miles, the engine needed to be replaced due to a bad connecting rod. I provided all my service records which showed oil changes usually done about 6,000 miles apart, but never more than 7,500 miles (the owner's manual specified that oil changes were required every 7,500 miles). But the dealer tried to deny the warranty repair originally, saying I failed to change the oil enough!!! I shoved the o
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    Well, you do get a 5/10 year warranty with Kia. I think/hope they have come a long way since the days of the Sephia, etc. I drove an Optima from 2 generations back, as a rental car for a week once and it was terrible.

    Agree with you on the looks. Kia is making some nice looking (to me) cars. Both the Optima and Forte look good and better to me than the Mazda3 and Mazda6. I guess they would be described as having European styling, while Mazda has gone to more Japanese styling in this generation after having had European looks in the 2003-2008 Mazda6.

    KIA has made massive improvements over the last decade or so. Their transformation into a respectable automaker building high quality, well-designed vehicles is second only to Hyundai's similar growth and success! And Hyundai is largely responsible for the positive changes at KIA.

    They have the product, the quality and the high-value position, the only obstacle remaining is the stigma still attached to the brand from their earlier days in the U.S. A lot of people still perceive them as "cheap" cars and won't even consider them. It's just a matter of time, if they keep turning out good product, they'll lose the 'cheap' stigma just like Hyundai has done! Based on Hyundai's earlier products here, I never would have dreamed that they'd be producing everything from RWD sport coupes to class-leading mid-size sedans, not to mention luxury cars that should have Lexus very concerned!

    I agree that KIA has some great looking cars- the Forte 4-door was the first one to really grab my attention, followed by the new Sorento, Optima and Sportage! The Soul was kinda cool for a little while, but it still looks far better than the Nissan Cube or (dead) Honda Element. Once they redesign/replace the current Rio (and do something about the Sedona minivan, which is homely looking even for a minivan), they will may have more great-looking designs than any other single manufacturer! I must admit that I'm a bit disappointed with the Forte 5-door. I have an '06 Mazda3 5-door and my next vehicle will most likely be another 5-door, probably a Mazda but it's always good to have options. I hope the Hyundai Elantra Touring, due in early 2012, will be more appealing to me than the Forte. They're ditching the wagon style and going for a sportier 5-door hatchback look.

    I think my first generation Mazda3 is a much better design than the current model. I parked my 5-door next to a brand new 5-door a while back and the current model really looked like a step backward...mine has a much more fluid lines and a flowing, graceful yet sporty overall look. I am very anxious to see how the face-lifted 2012 Mazda3 turns out! I mean, it really can't get much worse...but then again, face lifts can go horribly wrong (two words- Joan Rivers)! Even with the crazy-grin, joker-smile front end, I still like the Mazda3 5-door a lot better than the Forte 5-door. I also think the Mazda6 is still the best looking design in the mid-size segment, with Suzuki Kizashi second and new Kia Optima right behind it.

    I really hope the new Optima is the sales success that the Sonata has been. I would love to see a sales increase for the Mazda6, but I doubt the Optima will steal too many of the limited few who buy the Mazda6. Actually, I was very fond of the previous Optima (2006.5-2010), but I'm one of the very few. Somehow, despite the Hyundai Sonata's success during the same years, the Optima was invisible to retail customers with (rental) fleet sales keeping it afloat. My first exposure to it was as a rental car in 2007. I was in Phoenx for work and the Enterprise only had Sebring sedans available when I arrived. I drove it for less than a day before I called back to see if they could swap it out for ANYTHING else...but preferably not a Toyota (yuck). The manager said it would be a downgrade but he had a Kia Optima on the lot. The remaining four days were a pleasure and I was very impressed. I always asked for an Optima, Sonata or Mazda3/6 after that...and NO CHRYSLER vehicles!

    The upside (for used car buyers) of the previous Optima's anonymity and high fleet sales is worst-in-class depreciation. Most who bought a new 2009 are most likely still 'upside down' in their loans, thanks to the car depreciating faster than the payments! So they are dirt cheap as used cars....then again, so is the Mazda6!
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    While this is interesting, this isn't a Kia vs. Mazda thread... and, marketing aside, this discussion exists so members can compare prices.


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    Excellent post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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    Looks like a great deal to me. Actually, it's almost mission impossible to find a 6i GT anywhere. It seems that the bulk of the sales are the base model.
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    My 2010 Mazda 6i GT now has 16, 000 miles on it and is still tight, quiet, and luxurious. You could not find a nicer car anywhere, or I would of bought it.
    I drove them all, could afford any of them, but the 6i still will beat them in any venue you want to compare.
    And it still smells and looks like a new car.
  • azorglubazorglub Member Posts: 43
    with Tech and Navigation package for $23.5k before taxes. I'm happy with the car. It has all the bells and whistles one could ask for. It's comfy, and handles well. The engine is not great, but at least, it'll keep my tendencies in check. :) Gotta say: why can't they make a hatchback. It's so much more practical.
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    We just bought a Mazda 6S Touring Plus from Malloy Mazda in Woodbridge, VA.

    MSRP: $27,995
    Net Cap Cost: $22,649.
    Lease: 42 months
    Money factor: .0014
    Residual: 54%
    10,000 miles/year.
    $1,500 down.
    Monthly payment: 299.

    The people at the dealership treated my three young children with kind tolerance and my husband and me with patience and respect.
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  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    What year?
    What extras missing?
    If loaded total. this is a buy.
  • mjm19mjm19 Member Posts: 6
    2011 Mazda6 S Grand Touring

    0 % financing

    Techno white pearl paint
    Beige leather
    Tech package
    Splash guards
    All weather floor mats
    3 free oil changes
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    Is that $32,500 out the door? OR is it that price plus tax, tag, fees???

    If it's OTD for that price, that's a good deal. If we're talking pre-tax, I priced it over at TrueCar.com for $30,660 in the Philly, PA area.
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    Going to be picking up my car tomorrow - I am too excited! The price seems ok but I wanted to ask the experts!

    2011 Mazda6
    Grand Touring i
    Comet Gray
    $26,7k OTD
    0% financing (gave up $500 incentive but rec'd $500 loyalty for my Protege)
    $500 in gas and dealer gift cards

    Agreed on the hard to find part, mine had to be dealer traded from 200+ miles away!

    Looking forward to your thoughts!
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    You got a great deal. Saved about 6 to 7 thou.
    You will love it. So easy and safe to drive.
    So many features, that it will take you awhile to learn them.
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    are you positive this is the GT i with 4 cylinder or the GT s with 6 cylinder? the price seems high to me for GT i

    in march 2010, I purchased a brand new( leftover) 2009 Mazda6 GT i ( 4 cylinder with 6 speed manual) for 17,900 less docs/tax
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    What was the actual selling price and what was the full MSRP? You say OTD but that includes tax and all states are different. 10% tax in Chicago versus 0 state sales tax in NH. How much was the dealer admin fee? Some states limit to under $100, some states don't limit and dealers charge upwards of $300-$500. As you can see, these factors would make a tremendous difference. Without such data I don't see how anyone can comment on your deal.
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    What is a good price to pay for a Mazda extended warranty? I was quoted a 1100.00
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    Getting my Mazda6 on Saturday. Cannot wait. I received a great price on this brand new car.

    2011 Mazda6 s Grand Touring
    Ebony Black
    Tech Package
    Nav Package
    Remote Engine Start

    $35,000 sticker price
    0% APR
    $3000.00 off the price plus my trade in.

    $25000 total.

    Only problem was it can't come fast enough. Guess there was shipping issues because of Japan but i thought these cars are made in Michigan. Unless it was specific parts.
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    The Mazda 6 IS assembled in Flat Rock, Michigan. Yes correct,,,,but some parts come from Japan. The Tsunami tidal wave has destroyed some infrastructure, thus slowing down some parts from being delivered from Japan.
    You got a super great deal!!!
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    Well, it's a done deal now, so it probably doesn't matter & maybe I don't want to know, but here goes anyway:

    MSRP = $27,910 (included the optional Homelink/compass mirror)
    Price before TTL = $25,010

    Sales Tax = 7.275%
    Doc Admin Fee = $75.00
    Electronic Trsf Fee = $24.00
    Gave up $500 rebate for 0% financing
    Not including trade-in allowance

    OTD = $27,056 (updated to actual)
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    You are going to love the 2.5 liter 4cyl motor. Super gas mileage. long trips 32+ mpg at 70. And this is a huge car with comfort! The trunk holds everything.
  • deals4annettedeals4annette Member Posts: 3
    I LOVE the car so far, had it a whole 10 days! It is SO QUIET and smooth! I traded in my 2000 Protege LX for it; what an upgrade!!! I'm anxious to see what kind of gas mileage I get. Mostly highway driving with a little city. Still haven't filled it up yet :)
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    Where would I start in finding these cars below invoice like I am reading on here? Seems my local dealers are above invoice on all the mazda 6's.

    Its for my wife and we dont need the top of the line Mazda 6 at $30k+. Just looking for something to possibly replace her Mazda 3 hatch given we are going to be having a child soon and I think I would prefer a bit more room. She loves her current mazda so given our experience I am happy to stay with mazda for her again.
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    What I would do is copy these posts and go to your closest Mazda dealer, and discuss with them that you are interested in buying a new Mazda and go from there.
    Not knowing your area in the USA. but all Mazda prices come from one place.
    Go check and discuss with your prospective dealer that you have a lot of people who have bought Mazda's, and are willing to help you get the lowest price they have to stay in business.
    You do the footwork, but let me know what's happening, and maybe I can help,,,, Chuck.
  • snake2715snake2715 Member Posts: 2
    Great I will do that. I realize it may not be the best time of the season to negotiate until later in the year when new model years are rolling out.

    Located in Michigan (near Lansing 48933)and willing to drive a reasonable amount. We do have a Mazda 3 Hach (2006 95,000 miles) that we may consider trading in. I realize they have the loyalty discount as well.

    I will take a look at the posts and go talk to the local Mazda dealer to see what we can get offered.

    Thank you for the reply mrchuck.
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    Well Irota, you got a nearly impossible deal, accentuated even further by a dealer screw up. You can relax now - you got the best deal. I don't think others are likely to duplicate it unless the bottom falls out of the economy.
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    2010 silver Mazda 6i 2.5 Touring Plus 11,600 miles on odometer (CPO - certified by dealer with warranty) purchased in early March 2011: Price $18,795 before license and taxes, gross OTD cost after taxes, was $21,021. Finance rate was 1.99%. I think I saw yesterday that Mazda has lowered CPO finance rates as low as .99%. Purchased at Star Mazda in Glendale. Dealer was courteous/ no high pressure tactics. I was happy with the deal, and feel I was dealt with fairly. I did not, by the way, buy the extended warranty, or the other prep stuff they try to sell you on the way out. (In fact the finance lady was getting nastier and nastier as I declined one extended warranty, auto preparation offer after the other). I guess she gets paid based on what add ons she sells, and very much appeared to take my declining these things very personally.

    I've put 3,000 miles on the car. Experience: steering is firm, like I like it; excellent brakes; confident handling. I love the feature of the warning light that comes on in the mirror and the alarm sound which comes on when your prepared to turn into the next lane and someone is in your blind spot. It's like having a little radar on your car.

    I wish the seats were cushier like my old Buick; however, after good road trip, I felt no back fatigue at all (though I have the added benefit of a good seat back support which I bought for $100). Also, my old Buick Regal only lasted 77,000 miles, and I figure this car will last 2 to 3 times as long. However, with gas prices going up, and talk of a mileage tax on future vehicles, I think the days of the automobile as we know it are numbered.

    I didn't do a lot of shopping. tried the Sonata. I didn't like the seat in the Sonata, or the over rapid acceleration and over sensitivity of the Sonata's gas pedal (I feel I have a lot more control in the Mazda 6). Also the Sonata had a lousy radio in the model I tried (though it can be upgraded), whereas the Touring Plus radio (which is standard, except for a presumably better one on the higher end models) is already kick [non-permissible content removed] - lovely sound. In fact, to be honest, if the car didn't come with a good radio, I wouldn't have even bothered. I won't bother mentioning all of the great additional features on the Touring Plus model (I know the more high end models have even more). Congratulations to Mazda for putting together such an attractive package. Again, if the value wasn't there for what I was paying for, I would have just walked away.

    I have to say I was kind of a weird shopper, stopped at Nissan down the street and didn't like the MSRP prices posted on the cars (the beginning point for bargaining). The day before I bought the car I did some checking on the net - and unless I'm fooling myself - this is a very good car with good pricing. That's not saying that there are not other attractive deals out there, or that everyone has the same preferences.

    Glendale Star Mazda brought the price down considerably right off the bat - I didn't have to do a lost of hard bargaining, which I would have either done if I had to; or wouldn't have bothered and just walked out the door. I think the manager read me right. I did a little baraining at the end - just minor stuff - as the manager would barely budge off the price he gave me, which I felt, rightly or wrongly was reasonable.

    Bottom line - I like the car; am satisfied with the deal. I post as a reference point for others, especially in southern California who are looking for a reference point. If anyone has comments, I'd like to hear them.

    And as for you, Irota, you have number one bragging rights. I don't know that anyone is going to come around with the deal you got for another couple years. If they do, you'll have to be satisfied with being second best.

    Best to you all, and may those of you who like the 6 get deals as good or better than me.
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    Great deal on a super great car. You did everything right in your deal!!
    My 2010 Mazda 6 GTi now has 18k miles, 2 trips to the West Coast, and still is as tight as ever and still feels and looks and smells NEW.
    Mileage is 32 mpg avg on the hwy and high 20's driving around home. WOW!!!
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    Maybe this is a bit late, and you've already bought your car. If not, let me give you a few guidelines I'd use:

    1. Dealers in rural areas may have no competition, and may not be anxious to give you a good price, if you are stuck on buying a car from them. Look for a car in a larger urban area with lots of dealers where competition is stiff.
    2. Use on line quotes and be willing to get these out of state from densely populated urban areas, where many people search for bargains.
    3. Don't be fixated on Mazda 6. There are many other good cars out there. Come up with alternatives and look for the best deal.
    4. If you are fixated on a Mazda, visit a larger urban area, and look on the lot to see if there are any 6's with low mileage on the odometer that are dealer certified pre-owned vehicles. I got a great deal on a used 2010. Don't be ashamed to get a low mileage 2008 to 2010 with the right price. Be sure to get a CARFAX report which will tell you of any accidents, salvage autos, etc.. You are taking a higher risk if you buy one of these vehicles.
    5. Prices on cars should start to move up, given auto and parts shortages as a result of the Japan earthquake - even American cars can use Japanese parts. Therefor don't wait till the market gets too tight (i.e. there are not enough vehicles available to sell, because not enough have been manufactured to fill the existing demand). - prices have already moved up on SOME cars (however, I doubt that has yet happened on the 6's).
    6. Keep in mind that Mazda 6 has a shrinking market and market share - dealers are probably more desperate to sell these; and you may get a better price on a 6 than a 3, since 3's are more popular models. The number of Mazda sold has trended down over the last 3 or 4 years. Therefor, Mazda dealers should generally be hurting for enough customers. This means you ought to be able to find a great deal somewhere.
    7. If you have serious budget constraints, get a used Prius or Ford Fusion hybrid - gas prices are moving up. If gas goes up to $8 in 2 or 3 years, do you really want an inefficient gas engine? If you are willing to take that risk and want to stay with a car like a '6', then realize that you are taking an additional budgetary risk. Honestly, if I had to do it over again, and had been willing to take more time, I would have looked at the Honda Civic, Accord, Prius and Ford Fusion, all o f which are great cars and get terrific mileage - much better than the '6'. I probably would have ended up with a used Prius or Fusion hybrid, assuming I could find one with mileage under 30,000. I have a little bit of buyers remorse with my 6 (and I got a solid deal- see my recent posting). But if the economy caves and or gas prices move up appreciably, I'll probably wish I had made budget a higher priority.
    8. Don't feel overly rushed or impulsive on finding a deal - you are in the drivers seat - you can decline any deal that is not attractive.
    9. Decline any after market warranty that the dealer proposes. These generally pay off, and from what I've read with Mazda specifically, a lot of dealers (and may even the Mazda Corp.) use these as a marketing tool,, and from the complaints I see on the Edmunds Mazda 6 repair forum, a number of dealers are not honoring the warranty when the engines blow up. A number of Mazda buyers who have had engines blow up on the Edmunds forum, have said Mazda [dealers, and maybe the corporation] have NOT HONORED their warranties. Some of the people have apparently had several Mazda over the years, and swear they will never get another one because of bad faith of the dealers. Mazda will not survive if this problem is too widespread and is not fixed. [By the way, it is not a forgone conclusion that Mazda will survive, anymore than GM].
    10. If you have a reliable outside mechanic, or a friend who knows one, talk to the mechanic to get good alternatives to the 6, and find the pricing on these. Even if you won't accept an alternative, find the pricing on these, and you may be able to use this in negotiating with a Mazda dealer. Or if you get too frustrated with finding a deal from a Mazda dealer, you may must decide after all, to buy a different brand.

    Bottom line: don't be over fixated on just getting a Mazda 6, or with the Mazda 6 dealer in you local area. There are probably a lot of better alternatives for finding the bargain you are looking for and the right car for your budget.

    Hope this helps. By the way, I found that by googling any particular dealer by name (in my case, Star Mazda), I came up with a website on yelp with stars and reviews of the dealership (example: http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=&q=star+mazda+glendale&aq=1&aqi- =g10&aql=&oq=star+mazda By reading the reviews, you can tell people's experience with the dealer. I found this out after I bought my car, and sometimes you may conclude that you do not want your car serviced at a particular dealer because of the bad experience of so many reviewers. However, this may not affect your buying decision - since you may get a great deal on buying a car at a dealer who does lousy or even dishonest servicing (according to numerous reviewers). It may also give you an indication of whether you want to buy a particular brand in your area, if the dealer is lousy at servicing, and there are no good independent alternatives at a reasonable price.
  • inspadesinspades Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    Picked up a lightly used (2 years, under 13k miles) 2009 Mazda 6 s GT w/ Nav + Bose + moon roof. Black/black.

    Got it out the door for $20k (cash) w/ 7% sales tax (so I guess around $18,250 + tax + title/reg).

    So far so good. The car drives like a dream. The V6 is gonna hurt w/ the gas mileage but boy is it fun to drive. Love all the bells + whistles. Very happy w/ the purchase so far.

    From what I can tell I got a good deal... what do you think?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaMember Posts: 801
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    "Picked up a lightly used (2 years, under 13k miles) 2009 Mazda 6 s GT w/ Nav + Bose + moon roof. Black/black.

    Got it out the door for $20k (cash) w/ 7% sales tax (so I guess around $18,250 + tax + title/reg)."

    Edmunds TMV is $21,200 Private Party and $23,400 Dealer Retail. KBB puts the Private Party value at $22,675 and Dealer Retail at over $25k.

    So I'd say that you did very well at $18,250 plus TTT ($20k OTD)! =)

    Do you know the original sale date? You are covered by the balance of the 3-year/36k mile Limited Warranty (bumper-to-bumper), but you need to be aware of when you will reach that 3-year mark. Your Roadside Assistance coverage also expires at the same time.

    Better news is that you also have the balance of the 5-year/60k miles Powertrain Warranty! So at least the major stuff is covered for 2-3 more years or 47k miles. =)

    Every time I see a bargain price on a 2009-2010 Mazda6 s Grand Touring (or '09 s Touring, which had the 18" wheels- a must!), I take a closer look! Kona Blue is the color I really want, but every time I think I've found one at a great price, I realize that it has GRAY rather than BLACK interior!? =( Then I understand why it has a discounted price tag. It’s no surprise that Mazda dropped the Gray interior option for the 2011 model….
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • inspadesinspades Member Posts: 2
    Do you know the original sale date? You are covered by the balance of the 3-year/36k mile Limited Warranty (bumper-to-bumper), but you need to be aware of when you will reach that 3-year mark. Your Roadside Assistance coverage also expires at the same time.

    Yeah. That was one of the selling points. The Carfax listed the vehicle sold in early April of 2009. So I figured I have almost a year if anything goes wrong. And another 3 years if anything major goes wrong.

    To be honest I was kind of thinking "what's wrong w/ this vehicle that they want to get rid of it at that price?" but you can say that about any car and you might as well get the best deal you can. The car definitely has some minor defects but I guess that's pretty normal for a 2 year old car no matter how many miles are on it.

    The black interior is really nice. So far very happy w/ the purchase.
  • lovetractorlovetractor Member Posts: 1
    Picked up my ebony black 2011 6 S Touring Plus yesterday. Good buying experience at Rowe Mazda in Auburn, Maine. Got the car for $24,750, plus $1337 sales tax, plus $410 fees, = 26,497. It was the only S model available in northern new england. Probably could have done better but wasn't really in the mood.

    What to say about the car except that it is terrific. I really don't understand why people don't give the 6 a try, but that's already been the subject of extensive debate. I was in the market for a CPO BMW, Infiniti, Acura, and test drove every family midsize hauler (sonata, optima, accord, camry, legacy, altimat). None of the family midsizers in the competition were even close to the 6. As in, not even in the ballpark. And after sitting in some of the luxury brand CPO's, they all felt dingy and I felt like I was sitting in someone else's dingy car.

    Anyway, great car, really happy with the vehicle.
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    Great post. I felt the same way when I got mine.
    Today, after 1 year and 10 months, my 2010 Mazda 6i GT is as tight and economical as ever.
    Still learning all the features.
  • benny24benny24 Member Posts: 5
    Hello, I just wanted to see what your opinions were on this quote I got. Live in Pittsburgh, PA.

    2011 Mazda 6 i Sport, base model, 6 speed manual transmission. Last 6 i Sport with Manual on the lot.
    MSRP $20925
    Sale price $20020
    Trade in - $2000
    Mazda rebate -$500
    Total Cost out the door - $17,520 - That's with taxes, fees and destination charge.

    Is this too good to pass up or should I wait until the 2012's are out?

    Any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    Obviously they are giving you very little off due to the fact that you seem to want the manual and they only have one. Supply and demand. These cars usually sell for at least $3k off list and they coming down less than a thousand. IMO I don't think it's a very good deal unless you absolutely have to have a stick and there are no other Mazda dealers close that have any. If you haven't already, check around and see if you can't get a little competition going.
  • benny24benny24 Member Posts: 5
    I contacted another local dealer and they said they could come down a little bit from the $17,520 but not lower than $17,000. They don't have the car on the lot but could locate one.

    Just looking at truecar, the price quoted to me seems to be in tune with the average paid. Am I missing something?

    In your opinion, am I better suited to wait (which I can) until the newer models are out and I can try and get a better deal on this car?
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    I really doubt that other dealers could get this car for you at this price. They may say they can, but it won't happen.
    You have done your homework, found the new car you want at a super price, so go get it now, or it will be gone and you will have spent all your valuable time and effort in finding this Jewell.
    Great everything on your car. Let me know,,,, :)
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
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    Unless your trade is worth a lot less than $2k and they are giving you a break on it, they are giving you $900 off MSRP and the $500 rebate which is from Mazda, not the dealer. I'm sorry but $900 off MSRP at this time of year is really not good. I drive a 6 also but I got over $5k off MSRP without a trade. Granted that was 4 years ago but car sales aren't as good now as they were then. In general and in comparison, the 6 is not selling that well and you should be able to cut a pretty good deal. They are coming out with some new high tech engines in the 2012s which will make the value of the 2011s go down in comparison. Actually, if you don't mind paying that close to MSSRP, why not wait for the 2012?

    Where I live truecar is saying best price is $18250 WITHOUT TRADE IN. That's about $2000 less than your deal.

    Or am I completely missing something???
  • benny24benny24 Member Posts: 5
    5k off the MSRP? Nice.
    Did you wait until the end of the model year, how did you get that?

    Any idea when the 2012s hit?

    IYO - what is a reasonable deal to talk them down to - I mean, price off of MSRP?
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