2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • benny24benny24 Member Posts: 5
    One other thing:

    You said you got over 5K off the MRSP, when you factored in taxes and destination fee, what was the net savings?

    I only ask because all the fees/taxes were included in my original offer.

  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    Mine was a cash deal, no trade in. The MSRP was about $21500 if I recall and I paid $16500 plus TTL. Total was around $18000. Not knowing what taxes you're paying or doc fee, title fee, etc it is hard to give you good advice. Sales taxes can make a huge difference. 10% in Chicago, 0% in NH. That would make the "out the door" price a little different wouldn't you say?

    I really don't know when the 2012s will be out but I would expect them in Sept or Oct. Because they are coming out with some new advanced engines it's possible they may be even later. I'm guessing based on when Mazdas have usually came out in the past and from what I've read.

    What was the actual sales price of the vehicle they were quoting you, not including TTL, but after deducting for your trade and the rebate?

    Whenever there is a trade involved it's hard to pin down the exact deal you're getting because they can give you more than you think your trade may be worth but less off on the new car or vice versa, lower price on the new car....screw you on the trade. If you have a good idea of what your trade is worth and they are giving you that, it makes it a lot easier.
  • benny24benny24 Member Posts: 5
    The sale price they quoted me was $20020. Minus $2500 for trade and rebate = $17520. They told me that included taxes, fees and destination charge.

    The original quote they gave me a week ago included $1463.95 in taxes and fees. This new quote I just got already includes all those fees. So I'm looking at $17520 out the door.

    I feel my trade value is on par with the going rate.
  • poodog13poodog13 Member Posts: 320
    As far as what a good price might be, I'd go no higher than invoice + $500 and only after I was convinced I cou;nd't do better. Any higher than that and I'd walk away entirely.

    Just bought a car last night at invoice using Zag.com/Overstock. Try there.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    As best as I can figure you're getting about $3000 off MSRP. That seems to be a decent deal and is below invoice after the rebate is applied. If you like the car, especially since there are few sticks available, I would go for it.
  • poodog13poodog13 Member Posts: 320
    I think you missed some details there, the $3000 below MSRP includes the trade in from what I can tell.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    He says it's $17520 out the door and TTL was $1464. Trade was $2000.

    17520 OTD
    -1464 ttl
    +2000 trade
    =$18056 paid for car

    MSRP was $20950 or thereabouts. So the $18056 is about $3000 under list.
  • knight_ruknight_ru Member Posts: 10
    truecar.com says (in my area) I could get a 2011 Mazda 6 i GT with the technology package for:

    25,246 (the sticker is 29,400 and the dealer cost is 25,900).

    Could this be true or is truecar over estimating the best deal?
  • des5des5 Member Posts: 88
    Sales of the 6 have been very slow lately. According to Edmunds, the invoice-sticker spread is 2389 and total cash spiffs are $1500 on the 2011. So 2389+1500=3889 off sticker or 25511. The difference may be due to -500 loyalty +200 profit, which would bring the price to 25211. Close enough.

    Now this was back in 2005 and 2008, but both times I bought Mazdas (6 and CX-7) for $5500 under sticker in the Sept/Oct timeframe.
  • sunshinelemonsunshinelemon Member Posts: 2
    Hi Gurus,
    Just got my CPO 09 6i Touring, 2.5L, auto, 15K miles, white/black, Bose, Sunroof, keyless start, aluminum wheels, for $18,000+TTL. How was the deal?
  • sargon123sargon123 Member Posts: 9
    You did just fine. Nice deal. You definitely didn't get screwed. The changes between 2009 and 2012 are minimal and insignificant. Mileage is low, ad yu got really great features tossed in for a good price. You can breathe easy. The only thing I suggest is make sure you have the vehicle history report to assure yourself it wasn't salvaged, or had heavy repairs, and so you know the maintenance record. In many states, if you bought it from a dealer, they are required to give it to you with/ before the purchase. Make sure you have it, even if you have to spend a few dollars to get it yourself.
  • knight_ruknight_ru Member Posts: 10
    Better time to buy, the last few days of August or Labor Day weekend? Will Mazda continue its summer sales event after 8/31?
  • sunshinelemonsunshinelemon Member Posts: 2
    I checked both autocheck and carfax. Carfax was clean and autocheck score is above the range. But the thing is that the vehicle was registered in Oct 2008, so there is only 2 month original warranty left, although the CPO does have another 12month dealer warranty. What I'm concerned is that this almost 3 yr old Mazda 6 probably would get de-valued very much soon. I plan to trade it in after ~2 yrs.
  • sargon123sargon123 Member Posts: 9
    Well I wouldn't be too quick to make plans about whether to sell in 2 years, but that's just my opinion. You really don't know how the economy is gong to go. Currenltly, the price you paid is pretty cost justified. As to the warranty, I have questions whether Mazda is particularly good standing behind the warranty anyway - it's probably okay on some smaller stuff. What I would do, however, is check dealers around you toby googling them. When you google them, you will find the number of stars, and if you click on the stars, you will find out what opeople think of the dealers. What I find is that there are very few good/ honest dealers, and a lot of complaints about dealers for repairs. A better way to go is to search yelp.com for a good independent mechanic, even more so because you have almost no warranty to protect. Your better off finding a good shop than worrying about the warranty. Another thing I would do is go to http://www.truedelta.com/reliability.php You can join free, if you submit periodic maintenance reports to truedelta, which is a noncommercial site, you have access by year to reliability records for every model cars, as well as information on repair cost by car and model. Definitely worth doing. And you can compare the reliability of the 2009 Mazda 6 with the 2010's, 2011's, Hondas, Fords, etc..
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    I am looking at a new 2011 Mazda 6 after considering Fusions and Sonatas both new and used. We have a Fusion that we love, but they have gone up quite a bit in price and the Mazda 6 has the same exact engine so we think it will be a good purchase. The zero pecent financing is very appealing as well. We found a 2011 Mazda 6 iSport for $19,550. I think it's a basic package. What do you think of this price? (We're in northenr Cal.)
  • mrchuck1mrchuck1 Member Posts: 21
    Good Deal! My experience with Mazda is great. They stand behind it. Solid warranty.
    My 2010 Mazda 6iGT is outstanding, as is my dealer in Tyler, TX.
  • sargon123sargon123 Member Posts: 9
    My sense is the deal sucks. I haven't looked it up for you - you can do the footwork, but I'll tell you were to do your research. www.trucar.com and autotrader.com Without doing research on those sites you won't have a clue as to whether you are anywhere in the ball park. Trucar is an especially good site, and you should not settle for getting just an average mediocre deal. My view is there is no excuse to get a really great deal unless you have money to through away. I even believe you can do better than at trucar -there best numbers, but at least that will give you some measure of what is a successful purchase.
  • ziggysmomziggysmom Member Posts: 1
    I'm hoping to get some speedy feedback because I need to make a decision by tomorrow.

    The car: 2011 Mazda 6 s Touring (3.7 6 cyl engine) with sun roof and cloth seats. (Location of dealer - central New Jersey)

    MSRP $27,795

    I pay: $25,000 inclusive of 7 % sales tax, delivery charge, 4 year registration and documentation fees. This works out to a net price before taxes and charges of $22,698.

    In addition, the dealer will add on a spoiler for $ 200 and if I trade in my 2002 toyota corolla with 185,000 miles on it they will deduct another $400.

    Is this a good deal? They showed me an invoice which showed the car costing the dealer $26,250, but I don't know what kind of incentive or rebates the dealer received.

    By way of background, we were practically set to buy a 2008 Mazda 6 3.0 6 cylinder car for $16,900 (exclusive of sales tax and other fees) from another dealer, until we learned that the 2008 cars have ford engines. THe new car dealer told us that the 6 cyl engines in the cars before 2009 had problems, but I don't know how true that is.

    I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  • des5des5 Member Posts: 88
    Going by your numbers, that's 5097 off sticker, near as good as it gets. If you qualify for Mazda loyalty or (get them to spoof it for you), that's another $500.

    Regarding the "bad" engines, consider this: if he said the engines were fine, would be more or less inclined to buy the new one, or from this dealer? You get the new one if you want the size, features, warranty etc and are OK with the deal. The rest is sales propaganda.
  • knight_ruknight_ru Member Posts: 10
    Got a price quote as follows:

    '11 mazda 6i GT w/ Technology Pkg. (Red Mica)

    Sticker: 29,800

    Offering 26,795 (they are willing to find the color I want, which is why the deal is not better). 0% financing and free oil changes/loaner cars for life and 8 yr/ 100k powertrain.

  • mrchuck1mrchuck1 Member Posts: 21
    LOVE the red mica paint. That is what I have on my 2012 Mazda 6i GT.
    That is a good deal. Keep the red and get it cheaper!!
  • ik92ik92 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought my first Mazda and first car under my name. I'm pretty excited, but I also wanted to make sure I got a good price. Maybe it's normal for people to think they could have done something different to get a lower price because that's exactly how I'm feeling.

    But I'm not too hung over about it since the price worked for my budget.

    Anyways I can't get into specifics right now because I don't have the paperwork with me, but the total price of the car after a $2000 down payment was around $20,500.

    The car is standard and I didn't really get anything extra as I wasn't really interested in what they were offering. Power driver seat and windows, bluetooth, aux input; pretty standard.

    What do you guys think? Could I have done better? Did I get "screwed"? Any kind of input would be great.

  • mrchuck1mrchuck1 Member Posts: 21
    For a new car of this size and quality, you got a super great deal.
    Your mileage will be absolutely terrific while the luxury and quality just exudes.
    Safest out there in any weather.
    The a/c is absolutely the best, bar none.
    Best of all, it will drive just like a new car for 10 years +.
  • unitedwayunitedway Member Posts: 1
    Dealers don't lose money on a sale but there are times when they will decide to make less money on a deal, e.g., educated buyer, rebates, incentives, holdback, etc. About the dollar amount and things not adding up I don't have a really good answer for that... but in my case, one could ask, "Why would a dealer sell me a 2012 Toyota Corolla at $256.15 below dealer invoice?" My answer would be that I did my homework, the dealership knew it, and we both knew they stood to pocket $1,493.85 of my $750 rebate and $1,000 incentive plus a base holdback of $339 and an option holdback of $10.90. While dealers are accustom to making $2,500 to $3,000 profit routinely, you can see how depending on circumstance a dealer might be willing to accept less. The difference on deal struck for less profit will be built into the car purchase made by a less educated buyer.
  • nhatduongchinhatduongchi Member Posts: 1
    I'm currently looking to buy a used Mazda6 and the search came up with one with 21k miles with dealer price at $22,390. This is my first Mazda (I owned Camry and Accord before), what is a good price for this car? What should I look out for 2011 sGT model when I test drive it.

    Thank you all for your information.
  • hutch7hutch7 Member Posts: 88
    Just bought a 2012 I Sport base with no options except the Fireglow red for 16,504 plus tax/tag/title& $499 doc fees. There were only 2 manuals in the entire state and both were red.
  • flyp52flyp52 Member Posts: 1
    Mazda is currently offering 0% 60 mo financing on 2012 Mazda6 and a $1500 manufacturer to dealer incentive. I'm being told that the policy is that I can have either the 0% financing or a $1500 discount. Is that really a Mazda policy? Or simply that the dealer doesn't want to share all or a portion of the incentive? Thanks.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    Pretty sure it's just the dealer doesn't want to share.
  • msmbmsmb Member Posts: 41
    Am in the market for a new Mazda 6, S automatic. Bet prices so far are around $17,800 to $18400 on a new vehicle (not including tax and tags). How does this compare to current prices or previous prices paid? All the equipment will be standard?

    Does anyone know when the body style will change?

    Also a little concerned about fuel economy. How has your real world experience been. The ratings on the vehicle suggest it is at the bottom of its class (Accord, Camry, etc.), but it is also a little less expensive than what I am finding in the other cars. Can you let me how you have done with it. thanks.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    edited August 2012
    The Mazda6 is due for a major redesign and also powertrain changes to the 2014 model which is due in dealerships in the spring to the best of my knowledge. The first public showing of it will at the Russia auto show the end of this month. Since the model you are looking at is at the end of it's run you should expect major discounts. And you're right about it being behind in MPG compared to the rest of the class. At first it was just the V6 that wasn't very competitive but now even the I4 is about lowest in class. That will all change drastically with the redesign which from prelim pics seems to be very nice looking and the new Skyactiv system should put it right at the top of the field MPG wise. Downside.....you will be paying probably $4 more for it, at least.

    So, the car you are looking at is still a great car but it is a little behind in mpg and tech and the styling is getting old. It hasn't sold all that well over the 5 years it's been out so you should be able to cut a very, very good deal on one. I have a Mazda6 that is now exactly 5 years old and I just had the first unexpected repair......a brake light bulb. Yes, that is the only repair that this car has needed in it's 83k miles. So if you're looking for a solid car for a very decent price it may be a good time for one.
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    It will be 3 years on Aug 29th that I have owned my Mazda 6i GT.
    I get 32 miles per gallon at interstate speeds and 26 mpg in town.
    Approaching 30,000 miles.
    Nothing has broken or even a hint of a defect.
    Love it.
    My only complaint would be the Michelin tires are noisy on our coarse Texas asphalt roads.
    Quiet on the concrete Interstates.
    This car is a really BIG car. Like a big Caddy or a Buick!!!
    Trunk space is awesome.
    Engine performance of the 2.4 is flawless, and it does have fast acceleration.
    The paint color is candy apple red with metal flake in it,
    The tan leather is supple.
    The air conditioning in Texas heat is flawless and you can sit and wait idling in Park as my wife is in a store shopping and there is no de-gradation of temp!
    Flawless super cold.
    I use Mobil 1 oil, and never a drop used.
    We will keep this car for another 3 years, at least.
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Member Posts: 231
    I am shocked to z that there aren't any posts since August, wow. I had an offer for a 2013 Mazda 6 for $16, 860. Sport automatic in Easton PA. Also fitzmall in MD would give it for that price.
  • mrchuck1mrchuck1 Member Posts: 21
    That is an unbelievable low price. If it is legit,, then it is because this is the last year Mazda will build the "6".
    Mazda will keep the 3,5, 7,9.
    Mazda makes a superior car.
    I just completed a 4500 mile trip in 3 weeks in my 2010 Mazda 6GTi(4cyl) and got 34 mpg overall!!!
    And I drove FAST!!!!!
    37,000 miles, and still like a tight new car! WOW !!!!!!!!
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLMember Posts: 6,517
    I just saw a pic of the new '13 Mazda 6 in one of my car rags, so it is coming sometime during the spring. It's a whole new model and looks like other new Mazda's from the front. I like the looks but I don't think Honda or Toyota will have much to worry about here as the 6 doesn't sell in the numbers the others do. Still, Mazda does make a very comfortable and reliable car...we'd have no problem buying another one. Out 3s is at just over 115k and going strong after we had to put some $ into it these last few months. I think we had to spend around $700 last year and we should be good for another 2 + years which will put us at about 150k - 160k the way my wife drives it.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • brainfertilizebrainfertilize Member Posts: 46
    No, they are just clearing out the 2013s because it is the last year of this generation.
    They have already announced that the 2014s (out very soon...Feb? Mar? of 2013) are going to be SkyActiv models, and get MPG in the high 30s.
    Europe is going to have a Diesel SkyActiv, and it is possible the US may get them, too.

    But if memory serves, the 6 will come with either a 2.0l Skyactiv engine that performs like the current 2.5l, but with better mpg, or a 2.5l SkyActiv that performs like a 6cyl, but with better mpg.

    This can all be found/verified/corrected with Google searches.
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    Some dealers already have the 2014 Mazda6, limited numbers for now....The US will get the diesel later in the model year. The 2.5 skyactiv is the standard engine for the US market.
  • mrchuck1mrchuck1 Member Posts: 21
    Thanks for the news that the Mazda 6 will still be made!!!! Thia is great news.
    Love my 2010 Mazda 6GTi and will drive it for a long, long time.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    Don't know how you missed the news on the 2014s. They have been driven and reviewed by all the car mags and was just announced that the 2.5L gas skyactiv version is rated at 27city/38hwy AND without a CVT!
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Member Posts: 231
    It's a legit price, that's why I decided to share w this forum. I had been looking for the accord, but I was searching through the Fitzmall website and bumped into the Mazda 6 price of like $17, 111 and it said email for better price, so I did. They came back with OTD. Of $17, 652 I live in PA so 6% tax. Then I went to test drive to young Mazda in Easton pa. I kind of had a bad experience test driving it as the one we picked made some crazy clank clank noise for the first 1000 feet but went away completely after that. But it wasn't fun to hear that. Anyway, I showed the. My quote and matched it. We signed a precontratc and they were going to locate my car and Bring it from ny or somewhere in pa. I backed from the deal the following day because I felt uncomfortable after readind a decent amount of engine/transmission failures in Edmunds plus other bad reviews. Besides I had a Mazda 626 that kept overheating and failing oxygen sensors plus othe annoying stuffs.
    So a day after I backed off, the dealer from MD fitzmall email me offering for $16, 860 OTD. then it drove me crazy such a low offer. I haven't asked my local dealer to match it, but I am sure they would.

    It's a huge savings, but undecided still. I would have loved go have more time to decide but there are only a few reds w black interior which is the only color I would buy.
    What shocks me is that they have the 2014 out and at these price they still have a significant amount of 2013 leftovers in other colors. Not sure why more people don't buy them. I barely see them around here.

    Also the last Mazda 6 that was built in the us was in August 24th 2012??? And they still have them.... go figure. They will build the new one from Japan. So if anyone is interested in the leftovers I would suggest doing it now and do as I did if u live close to MD Fitzmall and have your local dealer matching it.
  • mrchuck1mrchuck1 Member Posts: 21
    Mine was made in Flat Rock Michigan.
    They only assembled Mustangs and Mazda 6.
    Wonderful to slide under it and look at all the smoothness, and ni-cad and chrome bolts.
    That is why the wind co-efficiency is 0.31.
    Just beautifully put together, and so easy access to change oil and filter!
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Member Posts: 231
    i am glad is working for you and i wish i was a handy man as that would save me hundreds if not thousands in the long run.

    perhaps if i was that good at stuff i wouldn't fear to buy the Mazda 6 as i could perhaps know what could be wrong.

    I will see and let you all know. I figured i would post my experiece, so that others may benefit, specially if considering mazdas.

    Also to confirm, they had a 2014 and were test driving it already as of wednesday, so i figure that they are getting more. Many dealers have at least 3-5 of them.

    With the Mazda 6 florida plant, i read it in cars.com, but, may be they have something else, again, is a nice looking car even the 2013, specially in red, but i still don't know why not more would go for it.

    i know the reliability, resale value and fuel economy play a big part, but i am sure with the extra heavy discounts they should come still cheaper.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    I have a 2007 Mazda6 that just turned over 91k and it total repairs == 0$. Both minor items were fixed by the dealer during oil changes with no charge. Just a talipipe hanger and a visor screw. Car has been perfect. I will be looking at the 2014s to replace as we want to keep it another year but if I was going to replace right now I would be looking at a sweet deal on a 2013. Check Consumer Reports...the newer Mazda6 has very good reliablility ratings if I remember correctly.

    One thing I've also noticed about Mazda is that you don't usually have any problem achieving the estimated MPG numbers. Not so with some other cars.
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Member Posts: 231
    I am sure, there are many cars hat are just as good. what doesn't help me is prior experiences. by the way the manager from the easton, pa mazda just called me to try to "earn my business" i mentioned to him that i had the offer from the MD dealer and they said no problem will match it. I am going crazy, i do want the accord, that's the only car i wanted (at some point the altima, but was ruled out in a couple of months), but now the dilemma, because is obvious that a Mazda 6 will be cheaper and perhaps, just as good, or so i hope for the first 90k.
  • sysadb420sysadb420 Member Posts: 12
    I drove the 2014 Grand Touring Mazda6 the other day. Summary: Handling was good but not razor-sharp; Ride was better than expected, especially given the 19" wheels; Acceleration was better than expected; Noise suppression was excellent; Rear-seat and trunk room was generous. Steering felt good. In short, I didn't see any weaknesses but a lot of strengths. I'm using competitors such as Camry, Altima, Accord, Sonata and Fusion 4-cyls for comparison.

    Since it was a test drive I didn't try many of the tech features, nor could I measure milage, obviously. The car didn't have a price sticker yet and wasn't for sale. Prices have now been posted online here and elsewhere.
  • mrchuck1mrchuck1 Member Posts: 21
    Go buy the Honda Accord that you have always wanted!!!!
    No other car, even if built by angels, will be good enough for you, PERIOD.
    Go by the ACCORD,,,,and bye,,,,
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Member Posts: 210
    Does anyone know if the new mazda 6 will be imported from Japan or still made in Michigan?
    I have the 2009 mazda6 GTI bought in 2008. Zero problems to date. I am enjoying the fact that all of the maintenance parts so far are shared with Ford because that makes them cheap and readily available. Will the new mazda 6 have shared components like that or is mazda going back to pure japanese parts? Will the new mazda6 cost us more to maintain?
  • otis12otis12 Member Posts: 171
    The 2014 Mazda6 is being imported from Japan. Since I want all the goodies, such as xenons, the Grand Touring would be the Mazda6 for me. But $30,000 MSRP??!! For roughly the same money, I could get a fully loaded Nissan Altima SL with the V6 engine.
  • brainfertilizebrainfertilize Member Posts: 46
    Yes, for roughly the same money you could get a loaded Altima sl with the v6 engine. But that would mean you have a loaded Altima sl w/ a v6 engine. Maybe you consider that superior to a loaded Mazda6; I don't.
    I would prefer to have the better handling, larger, more fun to drive car that gets better gas mileage (due to Skyactiv tech), but maybe that's just me.
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Member Posts: 231
    I will, I test drove the Accord and made my decision so much easier. I will stick w my original decision. Again my solely dessire was to share with this forum so that those who were looking for this specific car would have an idea in pricing when looking for the 2013 model. Again it was $16, 857 OTD For the 2013 isport model automatic in red. Either the fitzmall in MD or the one in Easton PA would go for this price. And since is such a great car, people will be lining up to the street to get it...
  • otis12otis12 Member Posts: 171
    edited January 2013
    I don't consider either car to be superior to the other, nor have I previously owned a Mazda or Nissan. I'm cross-shopping the Mazda6 Grand Touring and Altima SL. I consider the Altima's V6 an advantage over the 4 in the Mazda 6, and its CVT to be a detriment compared to the Mazda 6's automaric. Any other insight is welcomed. Is the Mazda 6 larger than the Altima?
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