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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • exit123exit123 Member Posts: 136
    You got it, man! Of course, you are in the business so you know all that. :)

    Yes, you CAN negogiate the new car price with the dealer knowing you have a trade, but in that case you must have really good pricing info and preferably pricing from multiple dealers.

    In my case, the new car price was agreed to with the trade-in transaction TBD when they looked at the trade-in, as it was out-of-town. In the end I decided to sell my old car on my own.

    Of course, entire books have been written on this stuff, so there's no need to repeat all that here.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    Of course, entire books have been written on this stuff, so there's no need to repeat all that here.

    Correct. They were all written by people who could not hack it in the car business. :shades:

    I went to PC Richard and Son yesterday to buy a TV and I hated the salesman I had. Ugh, they can be so tacky. It's funny, I hate shopping for anything that involves a salesman and yet I do it for a living.
  • des5des5 Member Posts: 88
    Another irony is that salesmen are usually easy touches for other salesmen. Something to do with the Kool-Aid, perhaps?

    But I digress. Buying the CX-7 was the closest I came to trading a vehicle in. Sold the trade on my own with two days to spare. It ended up being a wash for me, as I got the dealer offer plus the sales tax break. At least the buyer saved by avoiding the dealer markup.

    Also a good strategy is drive the car until there's nothing left of it. That way you won't be insulted when the scrapper gives you $25.
  • karyakartakaryakarta Member Posts: 17

    Did you trade in a MAZDA6 too? What was the condition like and may I ask how much was your offer?

    To everyone else - Thank you to all those who have responded. Including the sales tax break, I calculated that my trade-in is worth roughly $5,200 ($4,900 + $300 in sales tax savings).
  • feifangongzifeifangongzi Member Posts: 11
    My price quota is:

    1. $22637.00 +TTL with 0% financing
    2. $21137.00 +TT&L without 0% financing.

    Is it good enough? I am in Houston, TX. I prefer 0$ financing and what bottom price might be?

  • mrchuck1mrchuck1 Member Posts: 21
    1500 dollars increase for 0% financing seems like a lot of money just for this.
    The 21,137 price seems a-ok.
    Remember last year that I bought my 2010 Mazda 6i GT in the last week of August,so the 2011 models may be out in a month or so.
  • feifangongzifeifangongzi Member Posts: 11
    I have the same feeling. I think the difference at most 750$. I will fight with them.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    The "0%" offer would result in payment of $377 per month for 60 months. According to calculator, $21,137 would have about the same monthly payment at an interest rate of 2.8%.

    So that is what your 0% really is... 2.8% 60 month financing, assuming no down payment is required.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    2011 models may be out in a month or so.

    Not that soon. Dealers still have no info on the 2011 Mazda6's. No order guides, changed features or prices.

    It looks like September/October for the 2011's.
  • feifangongzifeifangongzi Member Posts: 11
    Thank you for your useful information. Could you tell me where to get auto loan which rate can be lower than 2.8%?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    Obviously you can not, so if the buyer is planning to finance, the 0% seems like the better deal. OTOH, if the buyer has cash sitting in the bank earning 1.5% and less, like me, then financing at an effective rate of 2.8% may not be the better option.
  • clendoncooksclendoncooks Member Posts: 1
    I was just offered a new 2010 Mazda6i Sport (AT) for $18299 plus tax, title $33.50 and documentation $250 with 0% financing for 60 months. Is that a good deal?

    Should I look around for something better?
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    Since the 2011 Mazda 6 isn't' supposed to be ready for sale until Spring 2011, you have a good deal.
    My own 2010 Mazda 6i GT was purchased almost 1 year ago, has 10,000 perfect miles on it , and has been flawless. A defect free car.
    Best air conditioning system for this Texas heat!
  • ibtiteibtite Member Posts: 1
    One dealer has quoted a price of $23, 381 PLUS $449 processing fee. Options on this car are: rear deck spoiler, remote engine start, and moonroof wind deflector. They are telling me the car would be $2000 less if I don't take the 0% 60 month financing. I am getting $500 off the quoted price since I am a current Mazda owner. Total price with dealer fees and rebate but without tax, title, and licensing is $23,330 MSRP is $25,345

    Another dealer has quoted a price of $23, 148 PLUS $299 processing fee and $44 dealers business tax fee (who dreams this stuff up?) No options on this car. They are also subtracting $500 (Mazda loyalty) and $500 (apr cash?) from the quoted price. This dealership is telling me the price would go down $1500 without the 0% 60 month financing. Total price with dealer fees and rebate(s) is $22,492. MSRP is $24,650.

    All negotiating has been done via the internet...and getting prices and info is like pulling teeth...but, when I walk in I would rather have a printout of their quotes rather than prices that I've written on paper after talking on the phone. I hate car dealing with car dealers. Do these seem like good prices or should I try to get them down lower? I may ditch the Mazda financing, take the extra discounts and finance for 36 months at 2.99% which I'm already approved for.
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    Internet quoting will always be higher than a "one on one" negotiation for a new car.
    Go to a Costco store or a Sam's Club store and use their listed car dealers who will get a great price for you. Mazda dealers like to do this too, as it keeps the "flakes" out of transactions.
    Or check with with my dealer in Tyler, TX where I bought mine. Mike Pile Mazda. Google them, ask for Randy Hudspeth.
  • berlinnonoberlinnono Member Posts: 1
    i got my car at Aug 2 2010, MSRP 27,300. dealer additional markup 1,995 ( full tank of fuel, 1st maintenance & oil change free), total is $29,295 but i dont care about their additional markup, so i still use 27300 to negotiation the price.

    The final price is 23588 + 322 (title fee and license fee), $23910, because Oregon no taxs. 0% apr which is the main reason i bought this car and i like the V6.

    If i do not take 0% dealer will take $2000 off agian. and my credit score is 760.

    what do you guys think? Good deal or not?
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    Charging the extra 2000 dollars for their advertised 0%, I guess 60 months, is a total bummer.
    Why, well this is their advertising all over the TV.
    I would tell them about this! Contact the factory!
    Otherwise, your car as stated IS a good deal!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    edited August 2010
    Discount financing always has a cost. Sometimes there is a rebate alternative and others (like Mazda) there is a dealer incentive. At least the dealer is giving the real options..."0%" or $1500 off.
  • pedro45pedro45 PhiladelphiaMember Posts: 17
    I was told the new 2011 Mazda 6 would be out in October or November of this year. Anybody else have any credible information confirming this or not?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    Sounds about right. No 2011's have been ordered yet and there is about a 2 month turn around from order to dealer lots.
  • brainfertilizebrainfertilize Member Posts: 46
    edited September 2010
    It looks like they accidentally included the floor mats...wasn't on the window sticker, but they are in the car...

    Price was $18788 + TTL = $20,234 (I'm hazy on the last two digits...) with 0% financing for 60 months, and 90 days no payment at all. Plus, no trade-in, no Mazda loyalty bonus.

    I think I did well, but probably not a record low. Purchased from Bankston Mazda in Ft Worth, TX on 27 Aug 2010.

    Follow on:
    - I got the interior/exterior appearance protection for $500. I figure all it takes is one bad spill/stain inside or a few chips on the outside and I got my money's worth. I recognize it is a gamble, but it doesn't seem overly stacked against me.
    - I also got the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty for $2150. My usual way of thinking is that they wouldn't sell it to you if they lost money on the deal, so it is a gamble you will most likely lose.
    This time, however, they introduced it as Mazda splitting the cost of the extended warranty because it gives them more data on long-term maintenance/repair trends. The addition of road hazard insurance, and the fact that it allows me to drop my roadside assistance insurance also defrays the cost to me to a certain extent.

    In both cases, what clinched the deal for me is that I play to keep the car for 10 years, and want to keep the car in the absolute best condition possible for those 10 years, so I see both choices as a slight gamble to preserve the condition of the car.

  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    Enjoy your new car!!
    Get your self a little log book to put in your glove box, or that nice "zippered book" that comes with your Mazda6iATSport.
    Keep an accurate log on mileage/gas.
    Sit back and enjoy the comforts and smell of your new car.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Member Posts: 283
    Would like some feedback/opinions/help from you all. I am in Northern CA.

    I want to know if its possible to get a new 2010 Mazda6 i sport automatic for around $17-18K OTD? Thanks.
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    Probably not. A few weeks ago , one was sold 19k+ TTL.
    Keep bugging them, selling is slow, so do deal!!
  • titletowntitletown Member Posts: 7
    Today I received an on-line quote for an auto 6i sport for 17,400 and change before destination and TTL The MSRP was 21,400 and something. The dealer is located in MD - suburban Wash. DC though, with a limited inventory in that trim. The dealer said the 0% financing also applies with that price but I need to verify that further.
  • titletowntitletown Member Posts: 7
    I recieved more on-line qoutes from dealers in the Wash. DC area for Mazda 6 i sports (MSRP around 21350). The lowest is $16,500 with rebates ($2000 rebate) and before destination, ttl. With 0% financing, the price is $17,734.

    These prices seem very competitive and unlikely to go lower, even late in the 2010 model year. (When do the 2011 models come out?). Any thoughts?
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    My dealer in Tyler, TX say they have ordered their 2011's, but not there yet.
    So, probably in December is my guess.
    Your price for that 2010 is very attractive.
    I just did a West Coast round trip, over 4000 miles, and never got less than 30 mpg. One tank of gas got 34 mpg. Mileage with Calif. mix gas always is less that the other states I passed thru.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    I already have a few 2011's im my inventory. I got them last week.
  • kaliforniakkaliforniak Member Posts: 51
    I'm guessing they have the freshed exterior and interior?

    My local dealer is suppose to have a 2011 S GT (listed as a 2011 on their website) but when I saw the front end it looked exactly the same as the 2010. I emailed Mazda's customer service rep and they did confirm all the changes such as the new look, steering wheel, piano trim and so on.

    In any case, what's the MSRP on a 2011 6 S GT with Nav and Tech? My choices probably comes down to a fully loaded Sonata Ltd Turbo or a fully loaded 6 S GT. Going by the 2010 prices the 6 will come out about 3K higher on the sticker and shorter warranty. But I do love the way it drives and th growl from its V6

    Oh choices....
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Member Posts: 1,230
    edited November 2010
    Why not save $2K and not get the nav? Portable GPS systems are more convenient and much less expensive than the in-car systems, offer real-time traffic as well, and can be used in your other vehicle(s)...

    And yeah, the growl of a V6 beats any force-fed I4... :)
  • kaliforniakkaliforniak Member Posts: 51
    I gotta thank you for making putting some sense into me greyghost. I drove the 6 again and I was just as pleased as the first time, unlike the Sonata where I was disappointed the second time I drove it.

    My local dealer is very low on used cars so they are very aggressive with their trade in offers. I'm also looking to see if I can get a S Plan from a friend' father who works for Mazda. If all goes well, I will be yet another happy Mazda6 owner :)
  • sa_fanssa_fans Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a 6MT i Sports (MSRP $20,300 ish) for $14,785 - Drive out $16,000. :shades:

    I didn't get the Mazda owner loyalty rebate of $500, otherwise I could have it for $14,299 as it advertised in the paper.

    This week, a local dealer advertises the same car for $14,199 during the local Auto Shows, and with additional Mazda owner loyalty rebate bring it down to $13,699. (I hope that it's not one and only).. :cry:
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    You got over almost $6k off MSRP on a base model? That's wild. What dealer and where?
  • icepick127001icepick127001 Member Posts: 2
    Is this with automatic or manual transmission? What dealer and what city? Thanks.
  • kaliforniakkaliforniak Member Posts: 51
    So now that I finally figured out what I want there isn't one available around my area. I'm looking for a 2011 model, S Grand Touring in Sangria Red, black leather, Tech and Nav. My local dealers have looked, but nobody came up with what I am looking for. Mazda's website hasn't been updated so I can only search for the 2011 model.

    One of the dealers suggested that I order one but it could take up to 2-3 month which is an awfully long time to wait. What do you guys suggest that I do and what price should I be shooting for? Truecar is showing me about 28,800 for S Grand Touring with Nav, Tech, Wing Spoiler and California emissions. If you guys can share some quotes that you received it would be helpful.
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    Have you used the official Mazda website to search? That is what I used to find mine when the dealers did not know.
    It worked for me. Try it.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Member Posts: 1,230
    edited November 2010
    Um, he did.

    Mazda's website hasn't been updated so I can only search for the 2010 model.

    If you're really set on the color and features, I'd seriously consider ordering one then. The '11 production is just hitting dealerships now, and I'm sure it'll be more i models than s, let alone the GT w/Nav, in dealer stock, so even getting your specific color/options within 200 miles of your location may take 2-3 months anyway, let alone at the price you're willing to pay.

    Speaking of which, $28.8K is a good price for a rare-optioned (read: hard to find), loaded s GT. They may bite on $28.5K, but probably not much lower than that (if any).

    Is there one without Nav in your area? Personally, I'd skip the Nav and save a few $$$ in the process...
  • ericmatthew7ericmatthew7 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone I just purchased a 2010 6i Sport Manual with a spoiler as the only option for 14,849 with the total OTD for 15,800 after fees and MA Sales Tax at Wellesey Mazda. I also traded my 2008 Mazda 6i SVE with 61k KBB Good value was 8100. I received 8500 acv. Does this sound like a great deal? Additionally, in the paper today I see an additional 500 (autoshow) rebate being advertised that I didn't recieve. Since I haven't taken delivery, but completed the paperwork could I utilize this rebate to perhaps get an accessory I wanted like fog lights that retail at 325 and call it even? Thanks for the feedback!
  • mrchuckmrchuck Member Posts: 21
    Sounds like you got what you wanted at a very affordable price. Go show the dealer what they did not give you as advertised.
    Take it back in parts for your new car.
  • hlfan32hlfan32 Member Posts: 6
    Hi All,

    I'm hoping everyone will help me by telling me whether this is a good deal based on your experiences:

    2010 iTouring Plus
    Base Price = $24,028
    -$3,000 (cash rebate)
    +$500 for heated seats
    +$1,499 rear dvd system
    +400 rear spoiler
    $25,041.12 Out the Door Price

    I was thinking of seeing if I could talk them down to an out the door price of $21,000, am I dreaming or is that fair for what I'd be getting in the 2010?

    This is all prior to discussing...I have a 2009 toyota Camry Hybrid that my lease is up in March 2011, I've got 3 monthly payments left of $217per month, I plan on paying the one for December on 12/15/10. The Camry only has 13,300 miles on it after having it for 3 years.
    I have not yet taken the Camry to the Mazda dealership yet for them to look it over, but I think they would love to get their hands on it considering the few miles it has on it. What do you think I should expect for the Camry?

    Any and all comments would be welcome and thank you all in advance.
  • amms1000amms1000 Member Posts: 5
    edited December 2010
    Dec, 2010
    Any of you know a good dealer to lease a Mazda 6 I sport or Touring in Michigan (48104 area ~35 miles)
    the best price I got so far for isport 36 months 2011 is

    $245/m for 35 months tax included
    $0 down and first month (I pay nothing in the first month)

    is it a good deal ???????
    what do you guys think
    any better offer
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaMember Posts: 801
    If your 2009 Camry Hybrid is leased, how do you intend to use it as a trade-in? Technically, you don't own the car and have no equity in the vehicle.

    As for the best price on a 2010 Mazda6 i Touring Plus, the best deal varies somewhat depending on your geographic location. In the Southeast, a good deal with the Rear Spoiler is around $19,600 (sticker price of $25,075). On the West Coast (L.A. area), it can be had for around $18,300 or a little less (according to

    The car you specify has two aftermarket features- Heated Seats and Rear DVD System. The pricing for those is a bit on the high side, in my opinion...especially the DVD system. I would double check the installation, function and warranty of both items before discussing anything else! If they were genuine Mazda accessories, I wouldn't be nearly as apprehensive...but aftermarket accessories like these can be a headache. They can even interfere with the factory warranty and add little if anything to resale value (or even hurt resale value if they aren't functioning properly). Just beware...
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • hlfan32hlfan32 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks to igozoomzoom for your reply.

    Sorry I didn't post my location previously. I'm in a Philadelphia suburb, so Northeast.
    As far as the Camry, I just figured that a car that only has 13500 miles on it would be desirable to any Mazda dealership so they could resell it but yes that is assuming they want to buy it from Toyota first.

    As far as the initial offer I got, I called a few different Mazda dealers and both offers beat the original offer. Best out the door price I got was $23,239.44.

    You are right about the DVD system, I was thinking of getting it for my 3 year old on long trips, but I might decide against it.

    I can't wait to talk to the original salesman because I'm a returning customer and he still didn't give me a good deal from the beginning.
  • icepick127001icepick127001 Member Posts: 2
    MSRP: 22,900
    My offer: 18,000 + tax (1,120) + DMV fees = $19,220 out the door
  • emerthoremerthor Member Posts: 9
    Could have bought an I Touring for 17900 + ttl, but after seeing the small tweaks to the 2011, especially, the non-striped seats, I'm going to wait till later this year.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaMember Posts: 801
    Could have bought an I Touring for 17900 + ttl, but after seeing the small tweaks to the 2011, especially, the non-striped seats, I'm going to wait till later this year.

    Have you actually seen the new seat fabric in any photos or even in person? I'd be interested to hear a description and opinion on it compared to what was in the 2010.

    I was very tempted by several too good to be true deals that were actually legit- in mid-December I found a new 2010 Mazda6 i Touring PLUS 4-door for $19,999 and I would get another $500 off for the Mazda Loyalty Reward, so it would have been $19,499! That is more than $5100 off MSRP! It was even my favorite color- Kona Blue! But the deal breaker was when I discovered that it had GRAY interior rather than BLACK! =( I'm still sick over that one....I don't care for Gray interiors as a general rule, but the there is something about the Gray Mazda6 interior that I especially despise!!! Thank God, Mazda finally dropped it for the 2011 models- Kona Blue, Ingot Silver and Comet Gray models have BLACK interior standard; Sangria Red, Techno White Pearl, Ebony Black and Black Cherry are available with a choice of BLACK or BEIGE...but GRAY is GONE!!! woo hoo!

    The 17" wheel design on the 2009-2010 models were the only design element that never grew on me...I still think they look strange and detract from the car's gorgeous shape! It's amazing how much different the s Grand Touring looks with its sexy 18" wheels. It's a shame that they don't offer those 18-inchers as an option/upgrade on a few other trim levels. In Canada, the GT I-4 and GT V6 both get the 18" wheels...the i Grand Touring should at least offer them, IMO.

    Anyway, the new-for-2011 17" wheel design does wonders for the car! It's amazing how much better the car looks with just a new style of wheel and restyled headlights and fog lights! I'm really pulling for Mazda to increase the sales of the MZ6 in the next year. They only sold 35,662 examples of the Mazda6 in 2010; barely topping the 2009 sales figure of 34,866. Both represent a massive drop from the 2008 total of 52,590, but 2008 was the final year of the 1st generation MZ6.

    The Toyota Camry sold 327,804 units in 2010...almost 10 times the number of Mazda6 sold....what a sad world we live in...
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  • emerthoremerthor Member Posts: 9
    Yes, I saw them side by side at the lot. Stepping back, I MUCH PREFERRED the 2011. I totally agree with you on the wheels, headlights, and fogs. I was willing to live with striped seats on the 10 because I liked the car so much. Pleasantly surprised to see stripeless and what seemed to be somewhat better material.

    In short, I liked every single difference I noticed in the 2011. Kudos to Mazda as they really seem to be on top of their game with the 6! I'm ready to pounce on a black/black when the price is right. There was no way I could buy the 2010 after seeing the 2011 side by side. Looking forward to a great deal later this year. Like you, I hope people begin to recognize the 6 much more.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    If your sales figures are correct, it looks like Mazda failed with this redesign. The 2008 Camry sales were 436,617, so 2010 was down 25%, while the Mazda6 is down 32% from their 2008 sales.
  • emerthoremerthor Member Posts: 9
    The redesign is NOT a fail. Mazda is failing in their ad/marketing campaign.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Member Posts: 1,230
    The redesign is NOT a fail. Mazda is failing in their ad/marketing campaign.
    ... Or a lack of one, in this case.

    I've lost count of the amount of people that ask what model of Audi or Acura that I drive, only to be blown away that it's "only" a Mazda6! If Mazda spent only 10% of the $$$$ that Toyota dumps into Camry commercials, you'd be seeing one on every block, and Mazda having trouble keeping them on dealer lots.
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