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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • what state and dealer did u get that deal from?
  • what state and dealership did u get ure mazda6 from?
  • brandnew6brandnew6 Posts: 3
    Sorry. I made the purchase at Champion Mazda in Hanover, PA. The other dealership was in Harrisburg. Their best offer was $500 more, and they couldn't do the extended rebate.
  • brandnew6brandnew6 Posts: 3
    The extended warranty, that is.
  • A local dealer in seattle is offering me Mazda 6i HB for 21183 + Tax and licensing - 3000(rebates). This is 500 less than the cars direct quote. The price includes destination charge too. No hidden fee. Is this a good deal?
  • so thats about 22700 out the door! there's 4people on this site that got the 6s 6cyl moonroof leather bose out the door with all rebates for 22900-23700. ure dealer can do better. especially if they have alot on the lot. the 06's r right around the corner!
  • sorry 20grand out the door. sounds great if u got the bose/moonroof and auto for that!
  • 6buyerv66buyerv6 Posts: 3
    The 22150 deal fell through at the last second. Very bad Finance officer so we walked out. That afternoon emailed another dealer and made the deal for 22K and picked it up the next morning.

    v6 Manual with leather/auto dim mirror/bose/all the airbags.... etc... 22K even.

    Holiday Mazda in Fond du lac WI

    I can't say enough of how easy they were to deal with after the bad experience...Sales guy and finance officer were extremely nice. No games. Well worth the extra trip.

    The car is very nice IMO.
  • 6buyerv66buyerv6 Posts: 3
    Now we got a tin box with chocolate chip cookies from them as another "thank you".

    That's service. Nice dealership.
  • This week I bought a new 6i base model (4CYC, 4 -door, non-hatchback) with a couple of options: 4 speed AT, Curtain Airbags, $650 apearance pacakage, $100 CA emissions. MSRP $21,600. I paid $16,695 plus $299 doc fee, plus tax, plus reg. This price includes the $2000 rebate and $1000 Mazda finacing rebate. Did I overpay? I probably could have gotten $300-$500 less by playing one dealer over another. I wanted this exact car because: 1) it was one of the few base models with the airbags, 2) it was in my color, 3) it had a build date of 06/05, meaning it was built last month! So it has not been sitting on the dealer lot for 6-9 months ... plus I was the first to test drive it. I was planning to wait 3-6 months, but figured the airbags in the 4-cyc model would be long gone by then, for sure in my color.

    I took it for a 14 mile test drive before buying it (the dealer was OK with this once he knew I was serious). Only have driven it one day since I picked it up, so far so good! Try to get a "fully loaded" 4 door sedan with all of the airbags for $17K from another vendor ... good luck. For 2005 the other choice I considered was a near-base model Accord (20K). For 2006 the new Sonata will be 18K - 19K. What did I overlook? To get airbags from most vendors, you are into the upper trim lines, or not offered at all. Even if offered in the base model, the domestic mfgs don't seem to have any on the lot (the dealers seem not to order it that way).
  • bought a 6s hatch in florida.didn't use the mac 1000 dollars.i used my credit union because the rate was 2.41 lower and the gap insurance was 360less at my credit union. i did however get the 500 gerber rebate taking off. thats 2500 without the mac. go to mazda and sign up for the gerber rebate. then sign up at gerber,and request a mazda mailer. they will send it to u within a week.bring the gerber ad,and the confrimation code u receive from mazda to the dealership!
  • I'm starting my search for a blue 6s Hatchback with all the bells and whistles. I'm in Houston, but can fly for free for the best price. Any suggestions on what I should pay & how to get the best deal? I must have blue, leather seats; all air bags, and moonroof. I've search the Mazda website and the way it's set up by zip code or city, have only found 2 cars in the Dallas area. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,006
    It can be hard to locate ones with leather. If you drop that from your search you may be able to find ones with the other features you want, and add leather aftermarket as part of the negotiated price. That's what I did and it looks great!
    '14 Buick Encore Convenience
    '17 Chevy Volt Premiere
  • craiglcraigl Posts: 12
    I've heard that Roger Beasley South and Roger Beasley North in Austin are two of the biggest Mazda dealerships in the country. Seems strange to me, given that Austin isn't nearly as big as Houston or Dallas.

    Wouldn't hurt to give them a call or check their inventory online.

    They had some big discounts on 6 wagons and sedans last month. I'm not sure about hatchbacks. Even when factoring in the rebate, we got our wagon for well below invoice with little haggling. Best of luck.
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    Hi zoomer, I actually bought the exact car you mentioned 6s, hatch, lapis blue, leather, moonroof, auto trans (which you didn't specify), wheel locks at the end of June. With Gerber, I got it out the door for $22.9k here in New Jersey (incl. $1k MAC cash)- Maxon Mazda through their internet department. I don't know if they have another one, but they I do know that they do give quotes via the net. Mine happened to have been made in Nov '04, so they are out there to be had (though to be honest, 2 other dealers did not have one with these exact specs, I really lucked out that way I guess). Seeing as I have the exact same car, I'd say excellent choice :shades:
  • What is the "Gerber" deal? Test drove the car today and found the blue w/beige leather in Denton, TX (N. of Dallas) but someone else has a deposit on it. The price quoted from my local dealer and also Denton was the same; $3,000 off MSRP using Mazda financing; right at $23,000. Is that as good as it gets? This is my first new car purchase.
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    Dunno if it's bad form to name other boards, but see the mazda6club for info about the so-called "Gerber" rebate. Basically there is a coupon/ad available through Gerber that is good for a $500 rebate on a new Mazda. I also got $1000 off for financing part through Mazda Auto Credit (though you can actually pay off all of the loan as soon as you get your payment book without any penalty). The $22.9k out the door I got is the best I've seen - I've seen Sedan's in the same trim at $22.2k out the door - but $750 is basically the invoice difference b/w hatch and sedan. Again, the deal I got was with tax and tags included. Of course things might be different in Texas.

    Have you tried getting quotes via the internet? I did the "walk in" at a large dealer and did a test drive but couldn't get near the deal I did getting quotes from dealers here through the Edmunds site. Some (if not most) dealers have a dedicated internet department. Essentially, they realize internet shoppers have done all the homework on invoice prices as well as the actual prices people are paying (by checking sites like - which currently lists the price at $23,534 with the options like mine - I still think better is possible like the deal I got). Essentially they know 2 things: an internet shopper is more likely to buy and that they know the best deal they can get - it really cuts out the games and b/s if you ask me. I would at least give the on-line quote hunting a shot. If you want a larger variety dealers, pick another area that's out of range of the first list of dealers and check with them too.

    I assume the $23k quote you got was before tax and tags? Guestimating 6% tax for lack of a guide, that puts the out the door price probably around $24.5 or so. Dunno if you can do better in TX, but I think you might be able to.

    Hope this helps.
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    We almost bought a 6 wagon from them a couple months ago. Nice people, and they offered us a good, but not great, deal. We passed and bought a new Xterra instead, but I would deal with them if the price was right.
  • craiglcraigl Posts: 12
    That's weird. Our other vehicle is an '02 supercharged Xterra, which I like a good bit. Even with the supercharger, ours has barely enough power. With the '05 redesign, I'm guessing that yours zips along nicely. When ours conks out, I'll probably get another one. I don't think I would say that about any other vehicle I've owned.

    I'm not certain how we got such a good deal on our wagon. Maybe because it was the end of a slow month at the end of the model year for a low-demand vehicle. We were actually about to buy an Outback, but the 6 wagon ended up a good bit less with a more powerful engine, more features (like leather instead of cloth seats), and a better warranty.
  • jfk111jfk111 Posts: 1
    Hey everyone, is this a good deal on a Mazda 6i Sedan?

    The lease is for 47 months, at $189/month, with a $2900 down payment. This comes to a total payment of $8883 + 2900. The final payment to buy at the end is a bit high at $7385.

    The car has automatic transmission, side airbags, power everything, keyless, ABS, cruise control, etc. The deal is better than the one listed on the Mazdausa site. I know the '06 is coming out, so I'd expect a reduced price, but this seems like a fantastic offer. You can also buy it for $16,499, which includes $2000 customer cash rebate and $1000 MAC Finance rebate. MSRP is $19,154.
  • gregski80gregski80 Posts: 4
    Is the price of a Mazda6s for $24,249 - (2000 Rebate) = $22,249 [pre tax] a good deal? I keep going back and forth on the car and that is the current deal they offered me.

    (Sport w/ Moonroof and Bose Audio, Automatic)

  • jlam2jlam2 Posts: 21
    I replaced my 2004 Mazda 6s that was totaled in a wreck. Went to the Cincinnati area and found 5 Lapis Blue Sedan. One Lapis Blue 5 door fully loaded in Cleveland, Ohio. Either way, I would have driven 150 miles to see one. The Cincinnati one has the better deal. So I drove there and took a look. Looks fantastic inside the dealership. But once it was outside in the full sun, the car looks purple. The salesperson said most people either likes it alot or hates it. I like it alot inside or at night but a purple car makes it look like a Barney. So I went with the Grey Metallic color instead.

    Price I got was $6250 off MSRP off any car on the lot plus $500 Gerber rebate. $20930 plus tax and $100 doc fee. Title another $25. MSRP=$27,680. My 6s has the V6, 6 Speed Auto, Leather, and Bose Package. I added the Autodimming Compass with Homelink.

    The place is Kings Automall at I-71. They are trying to make the numbers by this Sunday so give them a call or the internet. I also notice their cars has no "stupid" options like wheels locks and cargo nets most dealer put in them to jack up sticker prices, If you want options then pay for them in the deal. They also have no dealer stickers or badges on their cars also.

    I also had my 1st problem. I found a peice of dry tree sap or bird dropping on the car after paying for it and drove off. Half hour later, back to the dealer. The plastic peice where you can get a optional chrome finiher that surround the keyhole on the trunk had a 2 inch long "bubble" and the paint came off. The paint on this plastic is extremely thin since Mazda thinks most people will scatch it anyway so when picking out a car make sure there are nothing there. Dealer service immediately declared it a Mazda fault and will have that fix on Monday. So I will have to drive back home and bring the car back 150 miles each way. But well worth it with the deal and the service I got from them.

    A word of advice. Most people think they can get a lower price and yes it is possible to do so. But When I got the 2004 at $6000 off MSRP without dickering with the dealers, there was only one color left(silver). So if you want a specific color or option, it doesn't hurt to pay a little more. And make sure to see the color of the car before paying for it.
  • monty617monty617 Posts: 3
    I just recently purchased a fairly stripped down Mazda 6i 5-speed. It pretty much has everything that I need (Power package, keyless entry, CD/AM/FM 6 speaker stereo, etc.). The wagon and hatch are nice and all, but considering the price difference not really worth it. The trunk space in the sports sedan is plenty spacious and with the 60/40 flip down seats I cant image anyone needing more space (otherwise get a truck). I was originally looking at the Mazda 3, but I got a steal on the 6 with the cash back insentives, and personally think it is a much better car (considering safety alone). The best deal I could get on a Mazda 3 was 13750 and that was a stripped model with nothing (no power pack, keyless entry, etc.). I ended up getting my 6i for 14700 before taxes (about $5000 below sticker). I obviously got a decent deal, but all things considered there really isn’t any other car that can touch the 6i in that price range. I hope this helps people looking for a car in this class, and also to show what the low end price of these cars are. Never thought I would find myself using the corny cliché, but after driving this car - ZOOM ZOOM! :shades:
  • mm2000mm2000 Posts: 1
    I just purchased my Mazda6 i(4 cyl) for $15,150 before taxes (using all rebates and $500 Gerber coupon). My only two options were an automatic transmission and side air bags. I agree with the post above--no other car can touch the 6 at the 15k price point. I shopped a similarly equipped Accord and couldn't negotiate it below $19,300.

    My advice when shopping Mazdas is to find a dealership in your area (or in a neighboring state) that has no-haggle pricing (I went to Polar Chevrolet Mazda in Minnesota). I took their best price and then called around to local dealerships and asked them to beat it. Explain to them why simply matching a previous offer won't cut it--they have to beat it. I told them that Polar had spent time showing me the car and for that reason they would have to beat Polar's price by at least $200 to win my business. The beat it by exactly $200.

    As for the previous commentor's questions on the Gerber coupon, I have no idea who the offer was intended for, but I signed up on the website and received it by email 3 days later. The coupon requires you to present the dealership with both the coupon AND the original offer. I didn't have the original offer, but I think most dealerships will still accept the coupon if it means they can sell you a car. Search through this forum topic and you should find an html link to sing up for a Gerber coupon.

    This forum helped me with my shopping experiences. I hope my post will help others.
  • jlam2jlam2 Posts: 21
    Yeah, My Finance official said I have to make 3 payments too. She also said I have to borrow $12000 instead of the $8000 that I wanted to init. I guess the dealership wants some money back since I got them with a such sweet deal. Since the contract states I have to make 3 payments, any kind of payoff before payment number 4 could mean I defaulted on the spirit of the loan and It could kinda make my credit history a problem in the future. So I will make my 1st payment with a check for $11750. I like to see what kind of commission that loan officer will get now with my $250 loan over 48 months. Ha. Ha.
    She could have made some money with my original $8000 loan but nooo, she had be a black widow who tried to suck money outta my pocket.
  • jlam2jlam2 Posts: 21
    I think Mazda will add another $1000 rebate next month. The local newspaper(Saturday Columbus Dispatch, Ohio) had Mazdadirect giving $6000 off MSRP. They seems to have many Mazda 6s left but not too many choices on color or options on 6s(mostly Silver). Alot of 6i are still sitting on their lots with better choices. I tried to deal with them last month before getting my Cincinatti deal for $6750 with the Gerber rebate and they won't even budge anything over $5000 off. Two days left on the month and they are willing to go $1000 more. Still not the best deal but if anyone is near the Columbus, Ohio and want a Mazda 6, Mazdadirect salesman are STARVING. Go there and take them for every penny you can get.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Congratulations on your purchase and I hope you have many good years of enjoyment with the car.It is great.

    However, have you considered that for only $200 you have penalized Polar with a lost sale? If you appreciate a dealership that makes car buying simple and easy, then support it by purchasing there.This is why there are so few no-haggle pricing dealerships.It's hard to stay in business because everyone shops their price.
  • I apologize if I'm repeating anything which has been mentioned before, but this is my first post. I have 2 quick questions:

    #1--Could anyone please explain the process of obtaining a Gerber rebate?

    #2--Does anyone have any price expereince with the Mazda6 s Sports Sedan with the bose/moonroof package?

    Thanks for your patience.
  • I cannot for the life of me find anywhere in the contract stating this 3 payment requirement! Did they use a standard Mazda form for your contract, and if they did, could you tell me where in the "small" print this can be found?Otherwise, I'm making my first and last payment in 2 weeks.
  • I just got a car this weekend and it says clearly "NO PRE PAYMENT PENALTY" but the finance guy said, oh that isnt right, you need to make three payments. I don't know where he was getting that from, my contract says it times. I didnt use a Mazda Finance form, it was from the dealership. I already have my line of credit all setup to refinance.

    (Mazda6 Sport S with Bose & Moonroof was 21,249 without the gerber rebate, I didn't know how to get that)
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