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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pnfpnf Posts: 1
    Yes, but what was the invoice price?! Was it one that you got by research or one which the dealer quoted to you? The reason I ask is that it seems as though the invoice quoted on numerous research sites (even this one) is higher than the actual dealer invoice. Furthermore, a local Mazda dealer gave me his "invoice" price, and guess what ... it was higher than those listed on various research Web sites (e.g., Edmunds, NADA guides, etc.). So, what was your invoice price? Thanks.

    I'm looking for a beginning bargaining price on a Mazda 6, 5-speed, no frills wagon. If anyone has actual and recent bargaining experience, I'd love to hear a hard number (if it helps, I'm in New Jersey). Again, many thanks.
  • craiglcraigl Posts: 12
    I just bought an '05 sport wagon. Had a few frills--luxury package, 6-speed AT, roof rails, cassette player, and a couple of other small things. MSRP ended up being somewhere around 27,700. Got it for 8,000 off. I financed through Mazda, so it would have been 7 grand off (20,700) if I'd paid cash or financed through someone else.

    I also got 500 more than blue book for our trade in. That took some negotiating, but getting the big discount on the wagon was relatively easy.

    Looks like the vehicle arrived at the dealership in December, so that could explain the significant discount. The local dealership--I'm in Texas--is one of the biggies, and it looked like they had large inventory of both new and late-model used wagons. That, no doubt, had a lot to do with the nice price.

    One other thing: The finance guy at the dealer told me that Mazda had just today (6/24) bumped up the standard warranty on the 6 wagons (maybe on all Mazdas). In addition to the 4/50 bumper to bumper, you now get a 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

    Bottom line: Huge discounts are there to be had. I wouldn't be surprised to see a sizeable increase in rebates in the upcoming months.

    Best of luck.
  • costello1costello1 Posts: 60
    Is that true about the increase in the warranty?? It is not posted on the website.That would be great . Does anyone know when the 6-06 's come out?? Any ideas on how the rebates will change on the 05's?? I can wait a month or so if they increase significantly!! Lots of 6 sedans sitting on dealers lots!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter wishes to speak with people who have recently purchased a Mazda 6. She would like to discuss your ownership experience and what other cars you considered. If you would like to speak with her please send your name and daytime phone number to Pam Krebs, PR, at by 12 noon Tuesday, June 28. Thank you.


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  • dealneederdealneeder Posts: 19
    My wife and I are considering the '05 6i auto transmission with bose/moonroof and leather packages. That means we'll either get the sports with those options or the GT. In either case the price is about the same. I put out a request to dealers for lease pricing, nothing down (including rolling fees and taxes into the cost of the lease) and got the following, based on NJ taxes, registration, dealer docs fees, etc.:

    36 months w/ 12K - 354 or 358
    36 months w/ 15K - 370 or 374
    48 months w/ 12K - 336 or 339

    I think the differences in prices on the two dealers I've heard from so far is that the more expensive is the Sports (with a slightly higher MSRP when options are included).

    Here are my questions:
    1) Based on NJ tax is 6%, fees, doc prep, [non-permissible content removed]/reg total 385 or so, what is a good price for the above lease scenarios.

    2) One dealer offered 2k in incentives while the other offered 2.5k in incentives (which I know is currently correct). The dealer with the 2k incentives had $740 in taxes versus $1300 in taxes (taxing the full cost of the car). Which taxes are the correct ones - in other words, can I push the 2k incentives dealer without him 'realizing' he screwed up the taxes, if he i wrong, or vice versa?

    3) How likely are the cash incentives going to change? (In other words, what is the history on these incentives and what can be expected and when?)

    4) As well, and as importantly, the lease deals are through the Assured Value program (which sounds like GM's smart buy). I have been told that will change/end July 5. Can anyone tell me what to expect after July 5? We don't need the car for another month, unfortunately.

    5) Are there any other questions I should be asking or any other car makes/models/options I should consider instead?

    Thanks for your patience and understanding!!!!
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    dealneeder, if you like drop me an e-mail, I'd like to possibly compare some notes.
  • dealneederdealneeder Posts: 19
    I'm still new to the board - how do I get your email? Feel free to send one to me at to chat. Thx. (I apologize in advance if posting my email address is a violation - I am really new to these. Thx)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Please share the information on the Forums where all of our members can benefit. Taking discussions privately deprives everyone else of the knowledge shared. Since we spend a lot of money & effort to maintain these boards, we'd appreciate having the information posted here.

    Roving Host


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  • dealneederdealneeder Posts: 19
    I am glad to do so. I don't think I have anything else to add right now on my front (the person who contacted me didn't email me yet).

    For the GT's, I was quoted
    MSRP $24,795
    Invoice price $23,249
    Internet sale price $23,349

    The sports models (leather, bose packages) were quoted at an MSRP of $25283
    Sales price at 23,283. Anyone know how they got $3 at the end?

    I haven't verified invoice yet because different websites have different invoice prices.
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    The ol' paranoia of dealers trolling the board kicking in - might be in the same region as Deal Needer, was curious of his impressions of different dealers.

    FWIW, I'm looking in North and Central Jersey. Some on-line, some not. Hope to close things out in the next couple days.

    Didn't mean to breach protocol.
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    Btw, I got a quote on a 6 5-door, before options, of 21,513. This includes Destination Charge, CE2 Emissions and the dreaded Advertising fee. It does not include the 1,000 off through Mazda financing apparently.

    Moonroof, Leather, Automatic add 2,887 to the total, making the quote 24,400.

    How's that sound?

    I have another quote for a sedan version that was minus the leather. I'd approximate the cost difference at 1,750 or so, wich iwould make the quote on that 22,809 (I'm actually assuming the 1k finance in there, since I think I chose that box).

    A 3rd dealer is supposedly offering "double" rebates - I plan to call over the phone for a quote on these options today.

    On a side note is it really possible for a dealer to double the rebate (in this case to 3k) or is that really just going to come off the back end? i.e. is it possible that a high-volume dealer can make this kind of deal, when other dealers can't.

  • dealneederdealneeder Posts: 19
    The biggest trouble for me right now is figuring out the proper MSRP and invoice on the cars. It seems that the MSRP on the 6 changes for the same car (for example, on the website, the same car was MSRP $200 different at least two or three times at various dealers).

    I am trying to do everything via the web. I don't want to go into the shop until I am ready and have already, in essence, closed a deal via email. Any dealer who can't understand that (like, for example, Manhattan Mazda) won't get my business. I am happy to talk over the phone with folks, but I put my requests in plain English when I contacted them via the web.

    Back to pricing...I am always wary of dealers, so ask for (demand if you have to) the out the door price, including tax, title, registration, docs fees, and anything else (lease factors and residual if leasing) you can get. I am looking in North/Central Jersey as well, but I put out my request to all dealers in Jersey. I've only heard back from Southern Jersey dealers so far. Which dealers have you heard from in North/Central?
  • dealneederdealneeder Posts: 19
    Did they specifically charge you extra for an advertising fee?

    Don't forget the current incentives are 2500 off - 1k through Mazda Finance, 1500 deal cash.
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    That includes the 2500 in incentives.
    One place with destination 23,400. The other 23,450 (I think this has wheelocks which may be the only difference).

    The 2nd one in question apparently is on the showroom floor, actually. Any worries about picking the car that's been poked and prodded? Gotta figure it has less miles than anything on the lot, but should I be considered if that is in fact the one that I get?

    -QG (hehe, keep screwing up my sign name - different IDs on different boards, but always QG here :)
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    Actually I got a quote on the 5-door, auto, moonroof, leather - out the door for $23,418 (incl Tax, tags, everything) with the MAC financing. Is this as good as I can get? Let me know folks :)
  • acap329acap329 Posts: 5
    05 V6 Wagon, automatic, leather, moonroof, bose stereo, roof rails, rear spoiler - MSRP 28,392. Dealer offered 26,495 before rebates. If you include $2k in rebates ($1k mac finance, $1k marketing support), price goes to 24,495 before tax & tags. Prices from a southeastern PA dealer.

    I thought there was $1500 in marketing support? Anyone have thoughts? I think the dealer is sitting on at least $500.
  • craiglcraigl Posts: 12
    The rebate is 1500 here, so there might well be an extra 500 the dealer is not telling you about.

    If I were you, I'd wait till after the 4th. GM is talking like they're going to extend their employee pricing, and Chrysler is hinting that they'll offer the same. That, in addition to it being the end of the model year and 6 wagons not being a hot seller, leads me to believe that you'll see better incentives in the near future.

    Someone asked about the free 5 year/100 k powertrain warranty. According to Mazda's ad in the local paper today, it looks like Mazda gives you that warranty on any 6. Course, that might only be a regional incentive.
  • mitchinpamitchinpa Posts: 40
    Just as a reference for those in PA, (or anywhere else for that matter) picked up the 6i 5 door yesterday. Automatic, moonroof/Bose with all weather mats for 20300 with the MAC financing. No trade involved with the deal.
  • acap329acap329 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the feedback craigl. I am thinking the same as you.
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    So I picked up my new 6 yesterday :shades: I got the 5-door, 6 cylinder, auto trans, moonroof, leather for 22.9k out the door, incl. the $500 coupon rebate (oh and the Lapis Blue I'll add).

    For Dealneeder, I got it from Maxon in Union Twp, I found the internet department very helpful in getting such a good deal :) so if you're still lookin' I'd check 'em out.

    A big 8 miles on the car when I picked it up - a very happy birthday present for myself :)

  • Wow that's a look's like a great deal. I'm actually dealing with the same dealership. Also looking at pretty much the same car as you too but in manual. Who was your sales person?
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    I did the sale through the internet department. That was the way to go.

  • 6buyerv66buyerv6 Posts: 3
    6cyl Hatch w manual transmission luxury package moonroof/bose leather 22150.00 no trade.
  • costello1costello1 Posts: 60
    I have been following a dealers website concerning a $ on a 6 , I saw yesterday that the price has gone up by a $10000 . Has one of the rebates been dropped?? Does anyone know when the new 2006 come out and if so will mazda increase the rebates on the 2005??
  • The new Mazda6 incentive is $2000 rebate, plus $1000 more if financed through MAC. The offer is good through August 1, 2005. I found this info at Mazda's website. IIRC, the previous rebate was $1500, so Mazda raised it a little.

    I heard that the 2006 models will be on the lot in Sep/Oct, but who really knows?! My local dealer already has Mazda5 on display, and those weren't supposed to be out till Aug/Sep?!
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 437
    I couldn't find the old "fantasy prices" forum, but I figured I needed to share this one. I'm interested in the Mazda 6 hatchback, and wanted to look at one with the V6 and 5-speed. Unfortunately my local dealer doesn't have such an animal, but I was able to give a good walkaround to one with the auto, and test drive a sedan with the V6 and manual.

    But get a load of this pricing... the sedan I drove (6s Sport, 5 speed, moonroof/bose, leather) had an MSRP of $26485, but they had a $1495 bump sticker... and then the "employee pricing" yellow tag showing $24147. I was told that included the $2000 factory rebate, and was "the best deal, bar none" because they were "not making any money at these prices, except for the doc fee, and only 30% of that is actually profit."

    Hard to believe that with S-plan, I wouldn't even be able to get out the door for MSRP-rebate, and the dealer still whines he isn't making any money. I don't want a 6 that badly, or even bad enough to search for one now. And of course, I'll get to hear this dealer's commercials here in eastern NC, where a guy that sounds like Ross Perot or Mr. Hainey from Green Acres (depends on who you ask) tells us "If it has our name on it, you have our worrrrrrrd on it!"
  • My friend purchase a mazda 6 from Crystal Auto in Green brook NJ. This is the worst experience. He purchased a car from there about 2 weeks ago and the sales person before they made the deal, the sales person (i don't know if i should give any names of the sales person and the sales manager), the sales agree to put on factory leather seat and factory sunroof on the mazda 6 and the sales claimed that after those things installed the mazda6 that my friend purchased would exactly look like the grand touring verison of mazda 6. The sales also said that every mazda 6 came into the neweak port as a stock and they put everything together when they came into the port. The story now is that the car installed with after market leather seat and sunroof in which in writing in papers that they should install factory leather seat. The sales manager keeps on telling there is no way to put factory leather seat and sunroof. And he told us the sales who make the deal with my friend is on vacation for 2 weeks and he couldn't find him for 3 days. Not only that, they did a sloopy job on installing the leather seat and also the sunroof. The door panel, you could easily taken it out, not only one door but all 4 doors. And the sales manager told us that if u take off the panel of the door and put it back on it is going to be like that. They also make a lot of scretches inside the car. The sales manager forces us to pick up the car like this and write us a due bill saying that they will fix everything, of cos we didn't agree on that after they did a sloopy job on the car and also the story that the sales told us is exactly different and this is the second time we were back there to deal with the issue since the first time, they did an even wrost job on the leather seat The leather seat seems like it is a size bigger. At the end, we are forced to pick up the car since the cops were there. :cry: :cry: . We are now thinking of writing complain letters to Mazda and to the president of the dealership. Anybody in this forum could direct me with these information would be appreciate. What a bad experience dealing this this auto dealership in GreenBrook NJ. People, Please do not go to that dealership since they would say whatever to make the deal.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    That's why i'm not crazy about certain aftermarket add-ons. The leather and sunroof are better off being installed at the factory.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Do you really expect us to believe the dealership got the police to force you to pick up the car?
  • brandnew6brandnew6 Posts: 3
    Picked up my brand new Mazda6s today. I got the V6 sports sedan with the luxury/leather and moonroof/bose packages. Also had the wheel locks, the moonroof wind deflector, and the chrome gas cover. I had two dealers in the area that almost identical cars, so I've been going between the two seeing who could offer the best deal. Sticker was 26920. Three grand off for rebates, 2050 for a trade (96 Jetta GL with 100K+ miles), and they took another 1800 off to beat the other dealership. 20050 before tax, tags, etc, plus they added the extended 7 year/100k mile powertrain warranty. I can't wait to get out on the road tomorrow and just drive! :) I think I got a pretty good deal, but let me know what you think.
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