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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • davis2davis2 Posts: 1
    I am really interested in the 05 mazda6 wagon, but very nervious I just got a new job as a teacher so I'm excited to buy my first car, but really want something that is going to last me a long time. I have a 92 honda accord with over 150,000 miles on it and it's still a wonderful car. my question to you is what do you think about these mazda's I know nothing about cars and want something that is going to last me for over 100,000 again. I have been looking at a chevi malibu hatchback, and the mazda and of course the malibu is much more affordable at around 21,000 after taxes. The price the other dealer quoted me for the Mazda said it was factory invoice at 24,826. with taxes and a rebate it will be 25430. is this good. I'm just very nervious about buying a car, and would love some advice that's not from a dealer :) thank you!
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,017
    For my part, Mazda is a good choice. I have owned two previous Mazdas, a 323 and a 626, both went well over 150,000 miles (the 626 had 167000 on it when I sold it). I have had good luck with my Mazda6 so far -- about 7000 miles and no problems -- but of course, too soon to tell. You can probably negotiate a lower price. Price the car at Edmund's new vehicle site with the options you want, and that will give you a good idea what a good price should be. I think most people are getting under the invoice with the rebates, but those who have looked at '05s recently can give you more up to date information. Drive the Maxx and the Mazda; which do you like better and think you would want to have for a long time?
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  • reechzreechz Posts: 50
    Look at the Mazda6 with the 4 cylinder.
    much cheaper and better on gas.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    It kind of depends on what you are looking for. I have owned both(sort of) a 97 malibu sedan and an 04 mazda wagon.

    The malibu was the first year it was out and had some typical first year problems , mainly steering rack and suspension. It did everything well but nothing great. Decent fuel economy in the v-6 and decent road handling. But certainly no sports car. The best part was the price of $15k back then , which is probably not a whole lot more now.

    That said i like my mazda much more. It has much better road handling and the interior ergonomics are much more sporty. The gas mileage in the wagon , while not great is pretty good for a wagon with 220 horsies.But like you already know this will all cost you a little bit more. For me it would be worth it, but everyone is looking for something different.

    Test drive them both for at least an hour each and see which one fits you the best.
  • mimazda6mimazda6 Posts: 9
    As a reference, I bought a 2004 6s sedan 6 weeks ago, and paid ~$7300 below sticker; that was with $4000 in rebates (and before taxes). Rebates on the 2005 6 were $2000 through yesterday, due to change today and not sure they have been updated yet.

    I like the car a lot; no real problems yet. Minor issues are squeak in the instrument cluster and the titanium trim on the inside is awful for damage resistance (saw a black mark by door handle, thought something was on top of the paint, started rubbing to get it off and realized I was rubbing the titanium paint off the black substrate WITH MY BARE HANDS!; not such a minor issue, now that I think of it again!) :mad:

    Good luck with your decision process.
  • We bought a 2006 6s Wagon for $20,000 out the door. That was with the moonroof, Bose system upgrade and lots of extras plus the dealer threw in the cargo mat and cargo box. They had to sell x amount of cars by the end of the day on 5/31 and the Mazda 6 counted for 2! This did include the trade if of our 1997 Windstar with 136K on it. They gave us $2,550 on that! Only worth about $1200. The list price on the Wagon was $26,855.

    Great deal - IMHO

  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    the Mazda 6 counted for 2 :confuse:

    Is that because it was a 2006 ? I did not know they were out yet, my local dealer is still advertising brand new 2004 wagons
  • Nah, that was a typo :) Allowed one you know. :P
  • It was a 2005 wagon the sport version. Sorry for the typo :D
  • Hi. Edmund's used car pricing doesn't have info for 2005 models, so i'm hoping you guys can help.
    2005 Mazda6 S hatchback, auto transmission, leather, moonroof, 6000 miles, being sold at a Honda dealership. Looks to be in great shape. Sticker price $24,500! With Mazda offering up to $2500 cash back in various forms, I think $24,500 is way too much, but I have no basis to form an offer. Would $20K be too much of a low-ball?
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    What's all this talk about incentives? Edmunds shows no incentives of any kind on the Mazda6. :cry:
  • Regarding the incentives--I found them on the Mazda website. $1500 cash back plus if financing through Mazda, another $1000. There was also a dealer who advertised these offers.

    So--anyone help with my question? (See post 1153)
  • mimazda6mimazda6 Posts: 9
    No, $20K would be perfectly legit. You could buy that car new for $24,500. They'd probably tell you the car is $28K on the sticker, so the price is sensible. With today's competitive environment and rebates, sticker prices are irrelevant on all but the most in demand vehicles.
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    Now when people here talk about buying below invoice are they taking into account the $1500 cash back or not?

    For example, the s Grand Touring I'm interested in has an invoice price of $24,651. Do they mean it can be had below $23,151? If so, any idea of how *much* below?
  • I wondered about that myself. I assume that people are saying that it is possible to get invoice or slightly less then invoice, then tack on the cash back. But someone had mentioned getting a loaded wagon for $20K--That's a crazy deal!

    To Mimazda6: Thanks for your input.
  • jeff74jeff74 Posts: 6 had the incentives posted 4days ago. edmunds still hasn't updated their site.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    $20k seems about all I'd pay. The wagons aren't moving well I guess. They had one locally here with a $4,200 discount coupon they mailed me. Cars all lose value quickly, so spending $25 on a car which in a couple three year will be worth half that much doesn't make too much sense from a dollar invested stand point. Most I would ever pay for any regular car, like a Mazda or Ford, would be $20K. Used cars are so much better a deal, unless you get in on these really big discounts. They have sold Mazda6 cars for as low as $15,999 on close-outs and this current year, I have seen $16,999. They are great cars, but not worth $25K or more, out the door price. If I get a 2005 Mazda6 it will be 4 cylinder and a stick. Plenty of fun and cheaper on gas.
  • retropiaretropia Posts: 41
    I'm familiar with Fitzgerald, who has dealerships in the D.C. area and Florida. They post actual, out-the-door prices, on their website. (Although their Mazda dealer just informed me that they include the $1,000 financing rebate in their prices, which I think is misleading . . . if you're paying cash or don't qualify for M.A.C. financing, then you can't get that particular rebate . . . but that's another story.)

    Can anyone direct me to any other Mazda dealers that list actual, fixed prices on their websites? Location doesn't matter.

  • It's your lucky day! I found the following dealership that actually posted prices!

    Each new car has a web page that shows the MSRP, the pre-rebate selling price, and the post-rebate price. The dealer has a 2005 Mazda6s with everything I want (leather, auto, moonroof) for $24302 after $1500 rebate. Gosh--if I get Mazda financing, that will go down to $23302! But I don't like the color :mad:

    Edit--LOL! Get a free barbecue accessory set "just for stopping by" the dealership! If only the car had an on-board grill . . .
  • cuspclubcuspclub Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if Mazda has any type of Customer Loyalty rebates? And if so, are they stackable?
  • retropiaretropia Posts: 41
    Thanks . . . their pricing appears to be competitive. More shopping to do!
  • brian211brian211 Posts: 69
    I've received a quote on a Mazda6 Sportwagon, with luxury package, moonroof and Bose package. Msrp is 28,295. My price would be 23,500. With 6.9% financing. Is this a good deal? Never had a mazda. Seems steep compared to some other brands like honda or toyota. Does anyone have an opinion, should I counter offer or keep looking? I'm also concerned about the Ford Taurus engine. Kind of old technology. What do you say?
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I'd say you're generalizing a bit too much by saying that the Mazda6 uses a Taurus engine. They both offer an engine based on the same Ford Duratec 3.0 (which evolved from a Porsche engineered design), but has been modified for higher performance by both Mazda and Jaguar in their applications (added VVT, more HP). Furthermore, Duratecs (of which there are several varieties) seem to be generally regarded as well designed, reliable engines and I doubt the 3.0 V6 design which bears that name could be considered as "old technology" since it has only been around for a few years. If you're interested in more details, Wikipedia has a nice writeup on the Duratec:

    At any rate, if you were to drive both a Duratec 3.0 equipped Taurus and Mazda6, you would know right away how different the Mazda6 version of the engine really is, and the differences are good!
  • jeff74jeff74 Posts: 6
    this site is offering mazda 3's more than $1000 under MSRP. I wasn't aware of any special financing rebates on the 3 and best I have got has been about $250 under MSRP. what gives? :confuse: ">
  • yustasyustas Posts: 31
    Just checked price for 2005 Mazda6 4dr Sport Wagon s Grand Touring @ carsdirect. With incentives and destination charge, with roof side rails, rear spoiler, body color sport grill (?), rear bumper step plate and wheel locks the price-$24,200. Why with those options? They round the price to a nice number ;)
  • brian211brian211 Posts: 69
    I think you're saying I can do better. With the 2006's coming soon, I think I can get it lower. Apr not good either. Nissan and toyota and honda all have better aprs.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    when your comparing rates did you take into consideration the $1000 mac cash for financing? If you finance 20K at 3.9% for 60 it's essentially the same at 5.9% @ 60 months with the Mac cash rebate.....what model honda or toyota has 3.9% or better for 60 months????

    2006's are still 2-3 months away..
  • quizguy66quizguy66 Posts: 10
    Just went through a trip to a dealership up here for a new Mazda6 as follows:
    Auto Trans
    Moonroof Package

    This gives a sticker of 26,140 (incl dest fee) and an invoice of 23,941

    After some dickering, they offered just under $22k - with 5.9% rate financing for part of it. My bank offer is 6 3/4%. This number didn't change when I asked if I paid the whole thing cash, which I can do. The loan would be for 3 years, by the way and I'd put about 1/2 down.

    They indicated no problem taking my trade, which has Very high mileage and mechanical issues, sight unseen (it's a 2k ford) - fixing the problems with this car would cost more than the book value of it when fixed.

    Is $22,000 a good deal given the options (6 cyl, moonroof, auto)? Cars direct gives a cost of $22,311 with these option choices.

    Should I try to get a break on an extended warranty, extending from the 4/50? What does a comprehensive 5/100-type plan run?

    Thanks for any answers :) The other car I'm seriously considering is the Pontiac G6 (regular V6 trim), with similar options, which comes in at just over $20k before tax ('05 - with GM deal). They offer 1.9% financing FWIW for 3 years.

  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    I got my 05 S V6 stick shift leather for invoice and a 2100 rebate. I was there on a Wedsneday night. Basically I was given my choice of any mazda6 at invoice minus rebate. They told me its was midweek, slow and they needed to move them.
  • costello1costello1 Posts: 60
    A local dealer has 3 sedans with a "internet" price of $17978. They have the Bose -moonroof ,airbag , auto and convience packages on them . I am assuming the price includes the financing rebate and other rebates . MSRP is $23300 . Looks like a good price , any comments?? Thanks!!
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